Lebinitz tried to solve this riddle by postulating that mind and brain did not interact, but kept time like two perfectly synchronised clocks. He asserted that it was because they had been wound up and set going at exactly the same moment with the result that each tick in one synchronised with each tick in the other.

Headache Repertory

Morning on waking: Bryo; Graph; Lach; Nat-m; Nit-ac; Nux-vom; Tarent; Thuja; Sep; Sulph; Psor; Phos; Ph-ac; Lyco; Kali-c; Argn-n. Forenoon: Aur; Bar-c; Calc; Con; Kali-c; Nat-c; Nat-m; Sep. Afternoon: Bell; Sel; Aco; Agar; Alum; Am-c; Bad; Carbo-veg; Graph; Lyco; Nat-c; Nit-ac; Plat; Ph-ac; Sil; Sulph; Zinc. Evening: All-c; Bell; Kali-s; Mez; Puls; Sulph; Anac; Carb-veg; Caust; Dulc; Kali-c; Lyco; Mag-c; Mag-m; Nat-a; Nat-c; Nat-m; Nit-ac; Nat-a; Ph-ac; Phos; Plat; Sep; Sil; Stann; Thuja; Zinc.


Symptoms ever changing, they invade one organ, leave it and proceed to another, takes cold easily. Losing flesh while eating well; eczema over entire body; pains travel, worse from cold and from cold damp weather. Formication in skin, worse becoming cold; wants to be covered in all stages of fever. Heat with chilliness; complaints worse standing, keeping still, must move, better by motion.

Headache Repertory

Mental exertion: Ars, Cal-s, Ign, Nat-m, Psor. Motion: Agar, Ars, Caps, Iris, Lyc, Nux-m, Puls, Rhod, Rhus-t, Valer. Violent motion: Sep. Moving head: Agar, Chin. Pressure: Am-c, Bell, Bry, Calc, Chin, Coloc, Ferr, Glon, Kali- bi, Lac-d, Lach, Lyc, Mag-m, Mag-p, Nat-m, Nux-v, Puls, Stann. Cold hand: Calc. Hard pressure: Chin, Mag-p, Bell, Mag-m, Sang, Zinc. Rain: Cham. Raising head: Ang, Carb-v, Ign, Kali-c, Mag-c, Nat-m, Rhus-tox, Spig. Riding in a carriage: Brom, Graph, Nit-ac, Sanic.


Stitches in left chest better lying on the right side. Oppression of chest, must sit up in bed, when coughing or expectorating anxiety and pressure of chest. Heaviness of the chest as if a weight were lying on it. Great tightness across the chest; Burning and piercing soreness and constriction in chest: Chest is sore, bruised, with great weight and tightness over chest; Burning, rawness and dryness of the air passages of upper chest.

Headache Repertory

Agar; Anac; apis; Arg-m; Arn; Ars; Asaf; Asar; Bar-c; Bell; Bism; Bov; Bry; Bufo; Cact; Calc; Cal-p; Canth; Caps; Cham; Chel; Chin; Cic; Coloc; Ferr; Gels; Glon; Graph; Ign; Kali-bi; Kali-s; Lac-d; Lach; Laur; Merc; Mez; Nux-vom; Phos; Phyt; Psor; Rust-t; Rob; Sang; Sep; Sil; Sulph; Syph; Thuja; Verat. Aco; Am-c; Am-m; Ant-c; Aur; Cann-i; Cann-s; Carb-v; Caust; Cina; Cycl; Dulc; Ip; Iris; Kalm; Kreos; Led; Mag-c; Mag-m; Meny; Nat-m; Selen; Stann, Etc.


Correct astrological calculations has often given this kind of information to the expectant mother. The Ayurvedic physicians of old India who gained legendary reputation in the culture of the science of Pulse Reading, could inform the pregnant woman by an examination of her pulse that she was going to deliver a male or female baby at a particular time of a particular month of the year.


Superficial knowledge of Materia Medica can never aid a cure; on the other hand, it brings Homoeopathy into disrepute. It is not true that the advent of certain new drugs of the Old School has crippled our therapeutic activities especially, in the field of acute diseases. We must admit that our frequent failures to give satisfaction to our clients have brought us to this state of uselessness.


Cough with excessive lachrymation has been cured with this drug. All diseases with watery symptoms from eyes or mouth or from other orifices of the body, should always invite our attention to this great drug. Watery discharges from any part of the body should always guide us to the selection of Natrum Muriaticum. All skin diseases with watery exudation or watery vesicles are likely to be cured with Natrum mur.


Now these evidences of nervous excitement are accompanied by excessive prostration; the back and limbs ache; the back feels stiff; the patient feels tired and bruised all over; he complains of the bed feeling too hard; this makes him restless, and he tosses about the bed to find a softer spot. Weakness develops, progressing so far that he becomes unable to walk: he suffers from an indescribable weak faint feeling with or without vertigo.


Morning. Morning in bed. Morning on awaking. Noon. Afternoon. Evening. Night. Coition. Taking cold. During eating. Lifting. Looking upward. Lying on side. Lying on painful side. Before menses. At the commencement of menses. During menses. Mental Exertion. Motion. Moving head. Abuse of narcotics. Noise. Strong odors. Riding in carriage, lying. During sleep. In a small spot. Summer. Turning body. Turning head.


Epilepsy in young persons at the age of puberty, from fright, from being chilled or exposed to some great change in the weather. Useful to the physician in assisting him to cure are the particulars of the most probable exciting cause of the acute disease. The highest ideal of cure is rapid gentle and permanent restoration of the health.The worst kinds of chronic diseases are those produced by the unskilfulness of allopathic physicians.


Headache with flatulence; involuntary shaking of head. Migraine, headache preceded by unusual excitement with loquacity, dull heavy throbbing pain, through the head with a sensation like a heavy blow on back of head and neck; better by passing flatus, up or downward; by coffee. Heavy pressure on the brain forcing him to stoop. Violent shocks pass through the brain. Dull, drawing pain in forehead, especially over eyes. Throbbing aching pain, especially in forehead.


Epileptic convulsion when the thumbs are bent inward, face red, eye turned down (which is peculiar, as in epilepsy they are usually turned up), pupils dilated and immovable, white, milky froth before the mouth, teeth set, pulse usually small, temperature of the skin natural. The convulsions are very violent; violence seeming to be characteristic: Aethusa.


Sleepiness during day and sleeplessness at night from heat, he feels as if hot water were pored over him. Feeling of a heavy weight on back part of head, shooting forward to temples, and vertex with sensation as if the top of head were opening and shutting, laterally, begins on waking, lasts all day; worse from noise, flatulency. Great pain in small of back worse during scanty menses. Sensation as if a drop of cold water falls on this or that spot of the skull; sleeplessness from general heat. Headache as if there were a stone pressing upon it. Sensation as if a heavy weight upon vertex.


The most important symptoms are the mentals, which show more clearly than any other kind the patients individuality, upon which we seek to prescribe. The patients loves and hates, strange ideas, attitude towards life or towards other persons, etc, etc– if any of these have recently changed, they form the most useful basis for prescription.


Besides the Homoeopathic physicians, the Homoeopathic chemists, manufacturing or dispensing, are responsible for the rise or fall of Homoeopathy, as the purity of drug is indispensably necessary for the therapeutic success. These persons should remember that on their honesty and integrity depend the life of dying patients and also the future of Homoeopathy. Unfortunately the the present generation of Homoeopathic chemists do not deserve our praise.


Headache of school boys and girls, now and then increased to violent attacks particularly after mental or bodily exertion, sometimes most severe near the sutures with diarrhoea. Headache, with gastric symptoms, with uterine ailments or following other sensations, in peevish or forgetful children, worse from change of weather, extending from forehead to nose or from temples to jaw with some rheumatic ache from clavicles to wrists.


Three remedies are remarkable for sleepiness, viz.: Opium, Tartar emetic and Nux moschata, but aside from this one symptom they are not alike. Owing to the rapidity with which Sulphur, Silicea and Hep. have always effected the cure of panaritium in my hands, I have never found it necessary to try other remedies. Ricinus is one of our greatest acquisition in the Homoeopathic treatment of cholera.


The consideration of the totality of symptoms is of immense value and it is a distinguishing peculiarity of Homoeopathy. His very method of approach to the disease is different. The symptoms or signs are the representation of the disease. The symptoms are, in other words, the very voice of the disease. Homoeopaths recognize the disease through symptoms.


Pressive headache in right side and occiput. Pain in lowest part of occiput when yawning often preventing its completion. Headache in fresh air as if brain were held in a vise from ear to ear. Transient dizziness from occiput forward, when head is bent forward, when writing. Brainfag. Dull frontal headache which vanished at sunset. Followed by mental exhilaration.


Muscular and articular rheumatism with stitching pains, dark red urine, and hot, perspiring skin: Asclepias Tub. I have used a good deal in obstinate skin diseases, notably in barbers itch, for which it is almost a specific. I prescribe the 3c trituration internally and the cerate rubbed in night and morning. The cerate should be made of the strength of one or two grains of the Iodide to an ounce of cosmoline or some other vehicle: Iodide of Sulphur.


Asthma, oppression of breathing, alternating with convulsions; weight on chest. Shortness of breath when walking and cough as soon as one stands still: Ignatia. Asthma, old asthmatics; feeling of emptiness after coughing, white expectoration: Illicium. Asthma, can scarcely breathe, accompanied by bloating in epigastric region: Lac. Vacc. Def. Asthma, straitened respiration, lower chest feels too narrow, arouses from sleep, must sit up, weight on chest, better by yawning and stretching; must double up the body when seated, better on throwing back the shoulders: Lactuca.


Pulsating throbbing headache; throbbing headache worse from music, brainfag from mental overwork and constant strain of eyes, sudden shooting pains in head especially vertex, worse walking fast, when lying down, better open air, crampy pain on whole left side of head. Weight and throbbing on walking in forehead, worse stooping, better cold washing.


In acute diseases the diet should be according to the nature of the disease. Solid or liquid diet is to be allowed according to circumstances. The rules of diet given in all books on practice of medicine should be our guide. Here common sense plays an important part. Some patients cannot tolerate milk. In such a case a milk diet will only aggravate the symptoms.


I treated him with Calcarea Carb, Cina, and Merc. sol. with relief but a dose of Sulph 1000 won the laurel for Homoeopathy. Inspite of such brilliant cures our brothers in the old school fail to find truth in Homoeopathy.


Homoeopathic medicines, if carefully employed in the treatment of leprosy, will doubtless perform wonders. I have used Graphites, Calcarea carb, Anacardium, Arsenic Alb and Sulphur in the treatment of this disease with excellent results. As it is a constitutional disease of a chronic character with numerous general and local symptoms it would not be very difficult for a careful observer and a diligent student of Homoeopathy to cure lepra.


Homoeopathic physicians do not give a small dose but a potentized remedy. A remedy in which the dynamic power of the substance has been unlocked by the process of trituration and attenuation. The Homoeopathic high potency stands out as one of the great scientific discoveries of the age and yet the scientific world does not recognize it nor even do they know of its existence.


Coition is injurious. Dals or pulse like Mussoor, urad are to be avoided. Regular bath in the Ganges, daily application of the mud from the bed of the Ganges and drinking of Ganges water are advisable. Bland and nutritious diet is recommended. Measures are to be taken to improve the general condition of the patient. A different climate and improved modes of life often ameliorate the disease.


In old incurable cases when we give a remedy that fits the whole condition, the result is one of three things: first, aggravation of the symptoms with advance of the disease; second, no action, and third Euthanasia. Unless the inner nature of the remedy corresponds with the inner nature of the disease the remedy will not cure the disease but simply remove the symptoms which it: covers; that is, suppress them.


In his opinion the time for the treatment was long delayed and the doctors felt the immediate need for vigorous treatment. The patients father had faith in Homoeopathic treatment and his financial conditions also was not so sound and therefore he decided in favour of Homoeopathic treatment. The patient was placed under my care and I prescribed for him the following medicines.


Headache of school children and young ladies, diarrhoea. Dreadful pain on top of head as though the brain were crushed, after long continued grief; for youths who grow very fast and slender. Headache, crushing weight on vertex, from long lasting grief, or exhausted nerves; in occiput and nape usually from behind; worse motion, noise, music, better lying.


Camphor is therefore eminently homoeopathic to a certain variety of cholera known as cholera sicca, or dry cholera; so called because the disease runs its course without serous transudation, in other words without vomiting and purging. The expectoration of Pulsatilla, which is thick, green and bland, tastes bitter, while that of Stannum is sweet, and that of kali hydro and Sepia salty.


Patient is to be isolated. Absolute rest in bed should be enforced. Do not allow the patient to lie on the back all of the time. The paralyzed parts are to be kept warm. All bedding, clothing and utensils used by the patient should be sterilized. All discharges used by the patient should be sterilized. All discharges particularly the nose and throat discharges must be destroyed.


As a result of heroic treatment in the Hospital with countless injections and bitter mixtures his health was almost ruined. Boils began to appear (1934) on his body, especially on his back. Twice, after 1934, he had inflammation of the knee- joint for which he had to apply to surgeons for help. Inspite of two surgical operations his knee remained defective.


Headache accompanied by fretfulness. Pressive frontal headache very much increased by stooping. Heat of head with dark red face, with coldness of rest of body, with thirst and pain in limbs when moving. Pain like a heaviness which pressed upon sore spot, in morning when lying on back, extending to shoulders. Scalp very sensitive to touch, even of hat. Pain beginning in occiput or finally become seated there associated with dryness of mouth, thirst and coated tongue. Headache after washing in cold water when face is perspiring, increased by opening eyes.


Howbeit, the whole code of regulations would be only futile if these are not rigidly implemented and carefully and frequently and personally investigated as to their devout observance, or their clandestine escape. Periodical publication of reports of the results of inspection of the affiliated institutions will certainly serve to enlist public confidence in the Homoeopathic system of treatment.


The homoeopathic system of medicine develops for its special use, to a hitherto unheard – of degree, the inner medicinal powers of the crude substances by means of a process peculiar to it and which has hitherto never been tried, whereby only they all become immeasurably and penetratingly efficacious and remedial, even those that in the crude state give no evidence of the slightest medicinal power on the human body.


In biological organisations there comes a question of individuality i.e., every organism is unique and uniqueness is manifested by the peculiarity of its reaction to environmental factors. Through individuality the organism maintains its separative existence. Whence comes this individual aspect of an organism? “Unity in diversity” seems to be the plan of creation.


From this time on he lost control over his tongue and pen and started to admonish them with the zeal of a sadist and a tyrant thus: “The converted are only hybrids, amphibious, who are most of them still creeping about in the mud of the allopathic marsh and who only rarely venture to raise their head in freedom towards the ethereal truth.” It is a truism that habit and preconceived notions die hard.


Usually it is something in the vital, sometimes it is a small formation in the physical mind which does not agree to follow. Sometimes it is simply an element in the body, an inertia which has no intention of moving, which remains as it is and asks things to remain as they are. This it is that holds back, separates itself and stands behind willfully and, it seems, naturally.


Homoeopathy was discovered in the latter part of the 18th century. In Europe, there was chaos and confusion in every sphere of life. Allopathy was in its infant state and had not developed properly. The Art of medicine was in the hands of lay and untrained practitioners and there were no basic principles of medical therapy in those days. It was time when charlatans flourished.


The stage was get for mighty happenings. Heroes from every field of human activity trotted over the Western continent. Alas! what about the followers of AEsculapeus? The old Galen, the Roman, seemed to rule the medical section of the arena. Eighteenth century medicine was dominated by theories and systems, by cults and creeds of diverse sorts.

Dr Sarkars speech

Hitherto biological sciences, in common with physical sciences, are following quantitative – analytic – experimental methods in investigation of biological truths; but might it not be that qualitative – synthetic – experimental methods are more relevant and direct approaches to the problem? It is the bounden duty of us, homoeopaths, to educate the people in the matter and try to change their old stereotyped views to the effect that we need specific drugs for individual patients and not for specific diseases.

Food & Diet in Health & Disease from Homoeopathic Standpoint

The Science of Therapeutics and Hygiene and Medicine may have their independent spheres with their distinctive laws or each of them might be a part of a still broader generalisation with a synthetic law covering all of them. It is only our Indian Ayurvedic System of Medicine that has succeeded in laying down such a synthetic and integral law which guides its Medicine, Therapeutic and Hygienic practices. With this preamble we will confine ourselves to the problem of diet and regimen as discussed by Hahnemann and his followers like Boenninghausen etc.


Reverting to the provisions of the Bill, the Minister pointed out that the president of the Medical council was also appointed by Government. Government thought that this provision should also be incorporated in the Homoeopathic law to protect the Board from party politics. Besides he added, good doctors did not like to embroil themselves in party politics and elections.


In this connection we request our readers to go through two memorable books of G.B. Shaw, viz., Doctors Dilemma and Doctors Delusions. On perusal of those writings it will be easily evident that the claim of reducing the mortality and preventing incidence of Small – pox infection, solely by the introduction and use of cow – lymph, is wholly unwarranted and certainly debatable.

Editorial – Struggle For The Recognition Of Homoeopathy

The Committee was of the view that utilisation of homoeopathic graduates, who have completed training for degree course, should be considered for employment in health services. However, those who have received training only of diploma course in recognised institutions, may be considered for employment only after they have had further training for one year in clinical subjects and in preventive medicines.

Editorial – Homoeopathic Dose

One drop of medicine can moisten three hundred small globules of the size of poppy seeds and one such globule imbibed with the medicine will make a medicinal dose. One such globule should be put dry on the tongue in order to effect a gentle cure. In case of very sensitive patients one single olfaction of such a small globule will produce most rapid result.

Essential Symptoms – 3

Desire to walk very fast; desire to jump over when crossing bridge, diarrhoea before going to church, wants cold air, cold drinks, cold things, wants ice, ice cream, wants head in cold air. Suffocates in a warm room (Puls), wants doors and windows open, suffocates if other people are in the room.

Headache Repertory

Sensation as if both sides of head were pressed toward each other after walking in open air: Bov. Sensation as if brain beat against skull, in waves: China. Sensation as if brain move while standing: Rheum. Sensation as if brain were being torn: Arn., Am-m., Coff. Sensation as if brain were expanding: Glon. Sensation as if brain was in motion when he leaned against something: Cycl. Sensation as if brain was rent asunder: Ferr-ac.

Pneumonia -11

Scanty expectoration of glairy transparent mucus mixed with blood, which when loosened, must be swallowed; cough producing a feeling in ribs as if all of them were bruised, with stitches in side of chest. “Breath fetid short and panting from obstruction and infiltration of lungs followed by decomposition of blood and offensive, green, purulent blood-streaked sputa which must be swallowed.”


Tightness, burning and soreness in chest; sharp pains in chest from before backwards; chest very sensitive to touch, percussion or pressure; stitches in chest and sides of the chest when moving; on deep inspiration, leaning against the painful side; sensitiveness and soreness in the chest on deep breathing or by touch; stitches in chest when lying on the affected side; darting from the left into the right lung; whole chest painful to touch; fleeting chest pains.

Valuable Hints For Homoeopaths

Whooping cough immunization for young infants is of doubtful value, and often productive of illness and weakness lasting for some time, interfering with growth and development. Pertussin, Carbo veg and Cuprum met in potency are the big three here, selected according to the type of epidemic and the symptoms present in the individual cases. These remedies afford splendid protection, as well as antidoting the bad effects from the whooping cough vaccine.

Editorial – Obstacles To The Spread Of Homoeopathy

The so-called Allopathy still occupies the dominant place in any country, even in the land of birth of Homoeopathy. It is no wonder that Homoeopathy, being a discovery of merely a century and a half still lags behind its rival school. But it is a wonder of wonders that Homoeopathy has already encompassed the whole world with in such a short period since it was ushered into existence by Samuel Hahnemann.

Remedies Indicated in Coryza

Pulsatilla. Indicated in coryza with fluid discharge which soon changes to stopped up nose with loss of appetite and smell; discharge thick-yellow or greenish or foetid odor. (Hering.). The patient with fluid coryza feels best in open air, worse entering warm room; evenings the nose is stopped up. When the inflammatory stage of coryza is passed and frequent mucous discharge has set in, Pulsatilla often relieves in a few hours.

Editorial – Medical Conference And Homoeopathy

Our business year closes with the March issue of this journal. We extend our earnest greetings and best wishes to all our readers and supporters and we beg to be pardoned for all our omissions or commissions made in the past. It makes us very happy to think that our journal has rendered splendid services to the cause of homoeopathy even in the face of adverse circumstances which often impeded our activities.

Headache Repertory

Sulph; Thuja. Before mid-night: Lach; Puls; Rhus-t; Sep. About mid-night. Kali-c; Ars; Sep; Puls. After mid-night. Ars; Sil; Thuja. Day time. Bry; Calc; Caust; Lyco; Nat-m; Sep. Every day at noon. Arg Returning every evening: Dulc. Evening till morning. Colch. Begins with the warm weather and lasts all summer. Glon; Nat- carb. Every day at same hour. Ars; Cimic; Gels; Kali-bi; Spig. At regular hour. Aran. Alternate days at certain hours. Nat-carb.

Pneumonia -6

Stitches deep in the chest while walking. Stitches in the left side of the upper chest when sitting bent. Stitches in the middle of the sternum, extending to back. Sharp stitches through right lung from nipple. Violent stitches in mid sternum extending to shoulders. Stitches deep in the middle chest. Pains in the chest as if cut to pieces. Stitches pain through-lungs, worse motion.

What Gandhiji Thought Of homoeopathy

In conclusion it is humbly stated that we owe a debt of gratitude to the benign Government of Bengal who kindly sanctioned the inauguration of the Faculty of Homoeopathic Medicine in Bengal. The object of this innovation is to stimulate a systematic study of the Homoeopathic system of medicine and to differentiate trained Homoeopathic practitioners from the untrained ones.

Editorial – Meatless Diet

An exclusive meat diet does not prolong life, but causes intestinal putrefaction and bring degenerative changes in heart, liver, kidneys and blood vessels. It is maintained that free use of meat in America and in all highly civilized countries is responsible for the high and ever increasing mortality from heart and kidney diseases.


Indications. Craving for meat, pickles, and other coarse food. Gnawing, hungry, faint feeling at the epigastrium. Tendency to eat far beyond capacity for digestion. Pain in right shoulder blade, constipation, burning in rectum; distention of stomach and abdomen, rumbling in bowels, dryness of mouth.


Pains in both sides of chest going to back. Pain in left side. Sticking in side. Chest pain at night. Sticking pains in lungs, in left side, pains between scapulae. Sticking in chest worse morning and afternoon and when laughing, with cough and palpitation; pains in subclavicular region with cough. Cough with sticking pains in lungs. Cough with pain in right side of chest.

Editorial – Homoeopathic Injections And Patients

It is to be regretted that some Homoeopaths have commenced to use Homoeo injections and Homoeo patent medicines. In Homoeopathic Philosophy and in Homoeopathic literature we do not find any mention of Homoeo patents or of Homoeo injections. Homoeopathic medicines are to be prescribed on the strength of the totality of the symptoms.

Essential Symptoms – 2

Patient improves for a time, then relapses; worse on alternate days; faint and tired, must lie or sit down; brittle nails; itching when heated from any cause; troubles from spinal affections; skin of face feels tense, as if white of an egg or glue had dried upon it; red nose, point of nose cracked; heat and redness of the ear; sad thoughts, everything viewed in a sad light; changeable mood; time passes too slowly; can evacuate bowels only when standing.

Headache Repertory

Thinking of pain: Agar, Cic. Smoking Tobacco: Arn, Am-c, Cal-p, Carb-ac, Naja. Touch: Calc, Mang, Phos. Urination: Gels, Aco, Ferr-p, Ign, Kalm, Meli, Sang, Sil, Ter, Verat. Vomiting: Lach, Sang, Sep, Sil. While walking: Lyc, Phos, Rhod, Rhus-tox, Thuja. While walking in open air: Ant-c, Apis, Ars, Kali-s, Lyc, Phos, Puls, Rhod, Sulph. Rapid walking: Puls, Sep. Warm room: Chin, Mang, Sulph. Washing head cold: Ars, Bry, Glon, Phos.


Pneumonia, sputa raised with difficulty. Expectoration makes the breathing easy. Sputa of blood mixed with clots during day. Pulse intermits. Typhoid pneumonia, with rattling in chest, inability to expectorate or when he can expectorate, the sputa is brown and bloody, urine smells like that of horse. Nose bleed. Face anxious, haggard, sickly. Dark rings about eyes, mouth, nose.

Editorial – Mental Health

Influence of emotions: Sudden financial ruin has often caused grave forms of mental derangements. Disappointed love or great grief or suppressed grief should be considered responsible for many cases of insanity. Certain persons cannot bear insults and become insane when they get insulted. Disappointment in anything for which the person had the greatest craving becomes a powerful cause of insanity.

Essential Symptoms – 1

Asiatic cholera, extreme prostration, chilliness; cold sweat, hippocratic face; cold tongue; violent thirst, frequent bilious vomiting; incessant cramps in stomach. Hard tense abdomen; frequent whitish watery stools or bilions, bloody stools, urine suppressed; voice hoarse; pulse hardly perceptible. Cold extremities; cramps in legs, feet and calves; convulsions. Vertigo on rising up, respirations short.

Wonders Of Homoeopathy

Pressure on the middle of thigh caused a heavy flow of bloody pus. The inflammation was extending upward into the thigh. The part of the leg below the knee became very thin and emaciated. The whole knee-joint was swollen and painful, the pain was unbearable during and about the EKADASI DAYS (11th day of the moon phase). The pain was so intense that he had to cry day and night.

Clinical Uses Of Calcarea Hypophosphorosa

Incipient phthisis, hacking cough, hectic fever, night sweats, menses scanty and delayed, great nervous prostration, tenderness of outer thorax, rawness in chest, haemorrhage from lungs at the time the menses should appear, cold hands and feet, quick pulse (1st, 2nd or 3rd triturations) scrofulous manifestations (Calc-C) cough, haemoptysis; pulmonary consumption, pain in the chest of consumptive patients.

Editorial – How to Avoid Diseases

Disease is to a considerable degree the product of civilization. Divorce of Nature has made human organism susceptible to inroads of Diseases of diverse names. The world is the residence of man and animal but unfortunately the former is a constant prey to the ravages of numberless Diseases while the latter, when of course in a state of nature, enjoys almost complete immunity from diseases. Man knows that health is wealth and he tries hard to obtain this supreme fountain of joy with the help of his intellectual gifts.

Editorial – General Sources Of Diseases

Beggar is also a great source of diseases. He often receives alms from houses where communicable diseases prevail and the articles which he gets as alms are very often sold in the market. In this way he is responsible for the spread of diseases. Sometimes lepers sit on road-side and passers-by throw coins into their hands. The lepers pass these coins into circulation among the people who thereby get infected with the germs of leprosy.

Essential Symptoms

Patient is compelled to sit up. Bronchitis, pneumonia, emphysema, etc. In some forms of asthma one has to sit in a chair and lean his head on a table. In some forms of pneumonia so great is the prostration that the patient is constantly slipping down in bed. Symptoms better from sitting erect and from eructation.

Food Adulteration

The chemicals, especially phosphoric acid, used in soft drinks, should not be used. The Naval Medical Research Institute (U.S.A.) discovered that a human tooth put in soft drinks containing this chemical lost its enamel in 24 hours! Soft drinks, including so-called “fruit drinks”, ate increasingly advertized and sold, they are not free from dangerous chemicals.


Every part of our body that possesses the sense of touch is also capable of receiving the influence of medicines, and of propagating their power to all other parts. Intermittents after abuse of quinine, living in damp regions or near newly turned ground. Sensation as if something in the chest prevented exhalation when talking and coughing, coldness of hands. Intussusception of the bowels, with singultus, violent colic, stercoraceous vomiting and great agony.

Headache Repertory

Alum. Alumn. Anac. Bufo. Cal-p. Cann-s. Carb-s. Carb-v. Caust. Chel. Chin. Cinnab. Con. Crot-h. Cupr. Ferr. Ferr-p. Gels. Hep. Hydr. Hyper. Lach. Lycop. Meny. Merc. Mez. Nat-c. Nat-ac. Nux-m. Nux-v. Ph-ac. Phos. Phyt. Ran-b. Sep. Sil. Spig. Thuja. Zinc. Aco. Am-c. Ant-c. Arn. ARs. Bell. Bryo. Calc. Cedr. Cham. Cocc. Coff. Colch. Glon. Graph. Iris. Kali-bi. Kalm. Kreos. Nat- m. Pic-ac. Puls. Sag. Stann. Syph. Ther. etc.


The cough sounds as if the chest were dry and the chest feels as if dry inside. Larynx painful while coughing or speaking. Sweetish taste while coughing. Hard, dry, tight, racking cough: pain in throat on coughing; Violent pain in chest with coughing, the patient is compelled to hold the chest with the hand; Tearing pains in the sternum with the cough.

Rheumatism – 2

In the lower limbs bruised pain and heaviness. Muscles of the thighs, painful while sitting down. Drawing tearing pains in thighs. Pain in left thigh better rubbing. Rigidity and stiffness in the knees. Tension of knees. Tendons feel too short. Shooting pain in knees. Bruised feeling in the limbs. Drawing tearing pains in the limbs better external warmth, worse cold.

Clinical Proving Of Asterias Rubens

Moist sores on the scrotum. Itching and burning in the vagina. Pimples on the nut and in the constricted portion of the penis. Itching of the prepuce. Leucorrhoea after menses. Catches cold before menses. Palpitation during heat. Cough in October. The face becomes red with the cough. Does not like to drink. Vomit everything either solid or liquid. Pain at the end of sternum.

Editorial – Negligence Of Laws Of Health As A Source Of Disease

Injuries to body or to mind often causes serious diseases. Injuries to head may cause various mental symptoms or even insanity. Injury often causes rheumatic diseases or re-excites old rheumatism that remains inactive in the system. Injury to lung tissue has caused pleurisy, pneumonia, phthisis. Tumours often form as a consequence of injuries, orchitis and other affections of the testicles follow injury to the part.

Editorial – Samuel Hahnemann

Hahnemanns discovery of the universal therapeutic law, Similia Similibus Curantur, is undoubtedly a great blessing for mankind. Hahnemann, the founder of Homoeopathy, has given us a law of cure which is true and useful in all ages and in all climes. Hahnemann was a very learned man and very highly educated physician.

Headache Repertory

Abuse of drugs.; Nux. vom. Excitement of emotions.; Aco; Arg-n; Bell; Cact; Chin-a; Coff; Gels; Lach; Lyco; Nat-m; Nux-v; Puls; Pho-ac; Staph. Sad news.; Cocc; Ign; Nux-v; Staph. Physical exertion.; Calc; Cal-p. Nat-m; Valer; Sil; Kali-p; Arn. Fasting.; Cist; Kali-c; Lyc; Phos; Sang; Sil; Sulph. Fat Food.; Carbo-veg; Puls; Colch; Ipec; Nat-m; Sang; Sep; Thuja. Fright.; Aco; Ign; Puls; Coff; Nux-v; Plat; Op.


Neglected pneumonia with spasmodic cough, bluish face, offensive expectoration. Neglected pneumonia, with expectoration of a dirty yellow color and smelling badly. Old badly treated cases of pneumonia, with remaining bronchitis, weakness of chest when coughing; pneumonia third stage with fetid sputa, cold breath, cold sweat, desire to be fanned; threatened paralysis of lungs.


The creation of Atom Bomb is not the last thing that science has done. It will create more deadly poisons and more deadly weapons which will bring a dreadful state in which the whole creation of God will perish in a moment. Violent poisons which are employed for the protection of human life will one day be the cause of death by their continued employment and reckless use.

Rheumatism – 1

Alternate redness and paleness of face. Pale face with sunken eyes. Puffiness of the cheek and nose. Lower lip cracked in the middle. Frequently licks the dry lips. Yellow or white tongue, dry mouth without thirst. Much sweet saliva. Food tastes bitter. Desire for tonics. Greasy taste. Dysentery with pain in back. Diarrhoea at night. Sexual desire too strong in man.

Headache Repertory

Aco; Ambr; Arac; Ant-c; Arg-n; Ars; Aur; Bor; Bufo; Calc-p; Calc-s; Camph; Cann-s; Canth; Carb-an; Cedr; Cham; Chin; Cimic; Cinnab; Cocc; Coff; Con; Croc; Cycl; Dulc; Ferr-p; Graph; Grat; Hyos; Iod; Kali-bi; Laur; Mag-c; Mag; Merc; Nat-c; Nat-m; Nat-s; Nit-ac; Nux-v; Op; Ph-ac; Pic-ac; Plb; Psor; Puls; Ran-b; Rhus-t; Sep; Sil; Spong; Stram; Tab; Verat; Zinc.


Burning in soles and palms. Aversion to butter. Unquenchable thirst. Nausea with salivation. Anxiety preceding vomiting. Vertigo, looking upward. Craving for piquant food. Urging to stool in the forenoon but only discharge of flatus. Diarrhoea, bilious, liquid, gushing stool. Undigested stool. Haemorrhoids. Awakens in a fright as if he would fall.


Drawing up and down the back in the forenoon, must lie down with drawing pain between the scapulae; better by eructation. Stiffness of the nape of the neck as if bruised or from overlifting. Distortion of the cervical muscles. Drawing pains in the arms. Tearing in the arms particularly in the elbow and wrist, at night in bed. Drawing pain in wrists worse evening. Pain in finger joints on motion.

Editorial – Mental Causes Of Diseases

Asthma is of frequent occurrences following suppressions of skin eruptions. Many chronic diseases arise from suppression of grief and are not easily amenable to treatment. Grief melts into tears and eases the burden of the mind and thus saves lives. But when this does not occur mind is overwhelmed with grief and death or disease of pernicious character makes its appearance.