Tightness, burning and soreness in chest; sharp pains in chest from before backwards; chest very sensitive to touch, percussion or pressure; stitches in chest and sides of the chest when moving; on deep inspiration, leaning against the painful side; sensitiveness and soreness in the chest on deep breathing or by touch; stitches in chest when lying on the affected side; darting from the left into the right lung; whole chest painful to touch; fleeting chest pains.


Accompaniments: Eyes too large for the orbits; glassy, protruded eyes; lower jaw hangs down. Veins of face distended; twitching of the muscles of face; corners of the mouth twitch. Bluish face; red spots on cheek; face dark red, hot; face pale, sunken; dry mouth; black tongue; blood froth at mouth; violent thirst. Round, hard, black balls of stool; stools protrude and recede; frothy offensive black involuntary diarrhoea. Great drowsiness (Bry, Ant-t, Nux. Mos), profound coma; very sleepy with inability to sleep. Hot perspiration over whole body except lower limbs, constant desire to uncover; hot perspiration; blue-black swelling here and there over the body.

Painlessness with all ailments, complaints of nothing and asks for nothing; reappearance and aggravation from becoming heated; all ailments are accompanied by sopor. Blue spots on skin; picking of bed clothes and groaning sleep, distended veins on the hands.

Aggravation: Heat, during and after sleep; from anxiety or fear; from reproaches; with drunkards; after brandy; during respiration; wine; while perspiring.

Amelioration: From cold. Constant walking.

Remedies following: Hyosc., Ant-T.


Type: Lobar Pneumonia. Pleurisy.

Stages: Second stage. Third stage.

Location: Left side. Upper lobe of right side. (Upper third of right lung). Middle and upper R-lobe.

Causes: Working while standing in cold water; working in wet clay; Handling cold things. Defective assimilation imperfect ossification; washing, coition, cold wet weather loss of fluids. Masturbation, wet poultices, sexual excesses stretching the affected part. From washing and water; from getting wet. Suppressed perspiration; stone cutter.

Expectoration: “Expectoration sinks in water, with a trail of tough mucus behind, like a falling star.” “Yellowish expectoration, salty, sweetish, putrid.” “Expectoration thick mucus.” “Gray, yellow, of putrid smell.” “Bloody; purulent; tasting sour.” “Expectoration mucous, purulent, yellow, sour taste, offensive smell.” Expectoration only during day, thick, yellow, sour mucus. “Bloody expectoration with sour sensation in chest. Scanty, salty expectoration. Spitting of blood. Copious expectoration of thick yellow mucus or even pus. Sweetish expectoration. White, yellow, thick. Sputa white, gray, yellow, frothy, gluey, dirty looking, pus-like, blood; tasting flat, sweetish, salty, sour, gray-yellow, of putrid odor; muco- purulent; profuse, copious, albuminous mucus; viscid, loosened with difficulty; pus-like bad smelling.

Cough: Dry, tickling cough at night; cough when sleeping at night; cough loose A.M. Cough worse damp cold air, raw damp winds, wet weather, washing or working in water, talking, morning, evening, after midnight, mental excitement; cough better lying on painful side.

Pain and rawness in chest with cough; vomiting or sweetish matter with cough; rattling of mucus with cough; with cough pressure in chest and stomach; tearing pain in inguinal hernia; cough caused by a sensation of plug which moves up and down in throat; Cough after measles; tickling cough.

Respiration: Shortness of breath on ascending; loud breathing through the nose; difficult breathing, awakes with anxiety; oppressed breathing better by throwing the shoulders back; breathing stops when stooping; dyspnoea with tightness of chest, with stitches in chest; dyspnoea worse cough; arrest of breathing on stooping.

Pain: Tightness, burning and soreness in chest; sharp pains in chest from before backwards; chest very sensitive to touch, percussion or pressure; stitches in chest and sides of the chest when moving; on deep inspiration, leaning against the painful side; sensitiveness and soreness in the chest on deep breathing or by touch; stitches in chest when lying on the affected side; darting from the left into the right lung; whole chest painful to touch; fleeting chest pains.

Pulse: Pulse full, accelerated or tremulous; pulse full and frequent.

Patient: Fat, fair, flabby and perspiring and cold damp and sour; scrofulous persons. Large bellied, and large headed; leuco- phlegmatic temperament. Persons who take cold easily; rachitic conditions. Light-haired people; tendency to obesity in youth; psoric constitutions.

Fever: Heat with inclination to uncover. Worse at 2 P.M. Sweat of single parts; desire for eggs; history of suppressed eruptions.

Conditions: Leucophlegmatic subjects, fair, fat and flabby; coldness. External chest very sensitive to touch and sore. Feeling of damp cold stockings in feet and legs; night sweats, general or local. Sweaty-headed child; expectoration sinks into water like a shooting star.

Accompaniments: Peevishness; easily frightened or offended. Vertigo on ascending; heat in vertex. Icy coldness of head; obstinate, self-willed children. Scratches head on waking; lachrymation in open air; takes cold at every change of weather (Nose). Dryness of nose; pale bloatedness of face, Dryness of tongue at night and when awaking; desire for sweets, salt or wine; for eggs. Aversion to meat, boiled things, fat. Swelling over pit of stomach like a saucer turned bottom up. Constipation, stool at first hard, then pasty; then liquid (Lyc). Sour diarrhoea; white stool; fetid urine; cold damp feet. Cold knees (Carbo V). Sweat of hands and pulse. Sensation of dryness of inner parts. Sensation of coldness of inner parts. Sensitive to moist cold air. Cramps in legs at 3 A.M. Worms, Aversion to open air.

Aggravation: Morning; on washing; on stooping. From suppressed catarrh; after coition; in cold wet weather. Mental exertion; fasting, ascending; milk; wet poultices. Getting wet; lying on side; talking. Suppressed perspiration; cold air; cold water; during full moon.

Amelioration: Dry weather; lying on painful side. Loosening garments; while lying on back; rubbing. Wiping or soothing with the hands; from being touched.

Remedies following well. Lyc, Nat-ac, Puls, Phos, Sulph, Sil.


Type: Lobar Pneumonia. Pleurisy, chronic pneumonia; abscess of lungs.

Stages: Third stage.

Location: Upper parts of chest. Right side of chest. “Small part of lung.”

Causes: Cold air. Cold and dry weather. Clear fine weather. Dry weather, In the east wind. Dry cold air. West or north west winds.

Expectoration: “Expectoration of mucus, bloody or like pus, sour or sweet. Abundant expectoration of tenacious mucus relieves the rattling breathing. Sputa: Scanty, tenacious, muco-purulent; dirty, yellowish, badly smelling; pus-like and bloody; masses of mucus; offensive; bloody, frothy, tuberculous masses; small balls emiting a carrion-like odor when crushed.”

Cough: Dry and hoarse cough. Loose and rattling cough. Choking cough. Wheezing cough. Cough worse uncovering slightest portion of body, eating or drinking anything cold. Towards morning; better wrapping up, keeping warm. Cough worse from evening till midnight. Cough from cold air; when lying in bed, talking. After cough sneezing; crying. During cough burning in chest and stomach. Sneezing during cough.

Respiration: Rattling breathing during sleep; anxious wheezing breathing. Bends head backwards with suffocative attacks. Must get up to relieve dyspnoea. Involuntary deep inspiration.

Pain: Soreness in chest. Stitching pain in right side of chest extending to back.

Pulse: Pulse hard full accelerated, intermitting.

Patient: Extremely sensitive nervous system; psoric. Scrofulous; light hair and complexion. Soft and flabby muscles. Peevish, obstinate, irritable. Chilly, hasty eating and drinking.

Conditions: Wheezing condition, cough worse by the least cold air. Weakness of chest preventing talking. Late stage of pneumonia. Mild suppurative stage.

Accompaniments: Anguish in evening. Quick hasty speech. Over sensitiveness, sad; irritable; sour sweat on head and face with aversion to be uncovered. Tendency to catch cold when uncovering head. Heat and redness of face. Dryness of throat; longing for acids, wine, sour and strong tasting things. Aversion to fat; hard dry stool. Stool expelled with difficulty even when it is not hard. Tenacious mucus in chest. Fetid sweat of axilla. Cold sweat of hands. Rough, dry, grating, cracked skin of hands. Cracked skin of feet. Starts up from sleep with feeling as though he would suffocate. The side on which he lies becomes painful, must turn. Chilliness, hyper-sensitiveness, splinter like pains and craving for sour and strong things; constant offensive exhalations of the body. Tendency to suppuration. Sensitiveness of the affected parts to contact and to cold air.

Aggravation: Cold air; open air. Undressing; uncovering. Touching the parts. Lying on the painful side; night.

Amelioration: From warmth. Covering. Damp wet weather.

Remedies following: Lach, Merc, Nit-ac, Rhus Tox, Sil, Spong, Sulph.


Type: Lobar Pneumonia. Broncho Pneumonia. Pneumonia. Acute suppuration of lungs. Bronchitis.

Stage: Third stage.

Location: Sub-clavicular region in apex of either lung.

Causes: Loss of fluids. Measles. Suppressed menses. Ice, quinine, pregnancy, tape worm; women in confinement. Chill; wetting feet.

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