What We Must Not Do In Homoeopathy – 1

The first part of the book is purely a translation of the article of Dr. Bernoville mentioned in the References. The second part of this book is a summary of ideas about the diagnosis of the patient by the help of morphology so long put forth in different journals of France by the French homoeopathic doctors and specially by Dr. Leon Vannier in his books referred in the References.


Tightness, burning and soreness in chest; sharp pains in chest from before backwards; chest very sensitive to touch, percussion or pressure; stitches in chest and sides of the chest when moving; on deep inspiration, leaning against the painful side; sensitiveness and soreness in the chest on deep breathing or by touch; stitches in chest when lying on the affected side; darting from the left into the right lung; whole chest painful to touch; fleeting chest pains.

Valuable Hints For Homoeopaths

Whooping cough immunization for young infants is of doubtful value, and often productive of illness and weakness lasting for some time, interfering with growth and development. Pertussin, Carbo veg and Cuprum met in potency are the big three here, selected according to the type of epidemic and the symptoms present in the individual cases. These remedies afford splendid protection, as well as antidoting the bad effects from the whooping cough vaccine.

Headache Repertory

Sulph; Thuja. Before mid-night: Lach; Puls; Rhus-t; Sep. About mid-night. Kali-c; Ars; Sep; Puls. After mid-night. Ars; Sil; Thuja. Day time. Bry; Calc; Caust; Lyco; Nat-m; Sep. Every day at noon. Arg Returning every evening: Dulc. Evening till morning. Colch. Begins with the warm weather and lasts all summer. Glon; Nat- carb. Every day at same hour. Ars; Cimic; Gels; Kali-bi; Spig. At regular hour. Aran. Alternate days at certain hours. Nat-carb.

Editorial – Meatless Diet

An exclusive meat diet does not prolong life, but causes intestinal putrefaction and bring degenerative changes in heart, liver, kidneys and blood vessels. It is maintained that free use of meat in America and in all highly civilized countries is responsible for the high and ever increasing mortality from heart and kidney diseases.


Indications. Craving for meat, pickles, and other coarse food. Gnawing, hungry, faint feeling at the epigastrium. Tendency to eat far beyond capacity for digestion. Pain in right shoulder blade, constipation, burning in rectum; distention of stomach and abdomen, rumbling in bowels, dryness of mouth.

Natrum Sulphuricum

Put on your rain coat and rubbers. Here comes Glaubers Salt (Sal Mirable). A shorter word for Nat. s. is wet. So much so that one needing it may be upset even by eating plants which thrive near water. he is also disturbed by residence in damp cellars, on marshy ground, from spring weather or change from dry to wet weather. It leads all others in Von Grauvogls hydrogenoid constitution, meaning too much fluid in the blood and tissues.

Essential Symptoms – 1

Asiatic cholera, extreme prostration, chilliness; cold sweat, hippocratic face; cold tongue; violent thirst, frequent bilious vomiting; incessant cramps in stomach. Hard tense abdomen; frequent whitish watery stools or bilions, bloody stools, urine suppressed; voice hoarse; pulse hardly perceptible. Cold extremities; cramps in legs, feet and calves; convulsions. Vertigo on rising up, respirations short.