Essential Symptoms – 1

Asiatic cholera, extreme prostration, chilliness; cold sweat, hippocratic face; cold tongue; violent thirst, frequent bilious vomiting; incessant cramps in stomach. Hard tense abdomen; frequent whitish watery stools or bilions, bloody stools, urine suppressed; voice hoarse; pulse hardly perceptible. Cold extremities; cramps in legs, feet and calves; convulsions. Vertigo on rising up, respirations short.



(1) Sensation in the cardiac end of the stomach or in the oesophagus where it enters the stomach, as if a hard body, a hard boiled egg had lodged there.

Painful sensation as if something were lodged in the chest and had to be coughed up.

(2) Pain in stomach always comes on after eating.

(3) Total loss of appetite in the morning but great craving for food at noon and night.

(4) Dyspepsia of the aged, esp. after tea or tobacco.

Low spirited, eructations, dyspnoea after lying down.

Symptoms worse after eating, constipation.

Useful in dyspepsia; cough; lung-disease; constipation.



(1) Marasmus esp. of lower extremities with good appetite.

(2) Metastasis, metastasis of rheumatism from joints to heart, to spine.

(3) Aggravation of haemorrhoids when rheumatism improves. Rheumatism after checked diarrhoea.

(4) Oozing of blood and moisture from navel of newborn.

(5) Hydrocele, epistaxis, emaciation in little boys.

(6) Stomach feels as if swimming in water.

(7) Emaciation, good appetite, food passes undigested, hunger and whining; face wrinkled, old-looking, blue rings round eyes, child cross, depressed, very peevish; comedones on face; abdomen distended, hard lumps in different parts of abdomen.

(8) Pleurisy, after Aco. and Bryonia.

(9) Worms esp. ascarides.

Useful in marasmus, haemorrhoids, hydrocele, indigestion, rheumatism, gout, paralysis, worms, nose-bleed.



(1) Epileptiform convulsions, preceded by trembling; unconscious, falls, bites tongue, foams; jaws fixed, vertigo with tendency to fall backward; wants to lie with head low; opisthotonos.

(2) Otorrhoea esp. after hemicrania.



(1) Incipient phthisis, haemorrhages of the lungs, worse in the morning, blood bright red and not profuse in the morning, dark and clotted in the evening. Dry hard cough followed by haemoptysis. Constant and severe pain in chest. Cough worse nights; very weak in the morning. Progressive emaciation.

(2) Spluttering diarrhoea with forcible expulsion of noisy flatus. Rumbling, distention, rectal haemorrhage.



(1) Large quantities of pale urine, intense thirst, dry hot skin; burning dry skin.

(2) Dropsy, intense thirst, debility, pale waxen skin, oedema of lower extremities, face pale, waxen, emaciated. Profound anaemia.

(3) Chronic diarrhoea of children with great emaciation. Stools often undigested. Diarrhoea with great thirst, drinking large quantities, bloated abdomen, great debility.

(4) Constipation with great thirst and excess of pale urine.

(5) Diabetes with intense burning, unending and unquenchable thirst and great debility.

(6) Pain in back relieved only by lying on the abdomen.

(7) Vomits after every kind of food, salivation, fermentation in stomach. Cancer of stomach with burning.

(8) Anaemia of nursing mothers. Milk impoverished, bluish, transparent, sour, breasts painfully enlarged, distended with milk.

Useful in dropsy, oedema of feet and legs, phthisis, diabetes, warts, nodules (1x solution for application)



(1) Acute, sudden and violent invasion with fever.

(2) Complaints caused by exposure to dry cold weather, draught of cold air, checked sweat, from very hot weather.

(3) Great and uncontrollable anguish, anxiety, great fear, fear of death, predicts the expected day of his death.

(4) Extreme restlessness, tossing about; intense thirst; fear of death; anxiety, worry.

(5) Skin dry, hot. Face very red while lying.

(6) Effects of fright.

(7) Head hot, vertigo on assuming an upright position, great aversion to light or great desire for it, noise and music trouble and worry the patient. Tingling sensations in different parts; everything tastes bitter except water, he drinks, vomits, knows he is going to die.

N C Das
N C Das