Epileptic convulsion when the thumbs are bent inward, face red, eye turned down (which is peculiar, as in epilepsy they are usually turned up), pupils dilated and immovable, white, milky froth before the mouth, teeth set, pulse usually small, temperature of the skin natural. The convulsions are very violent; violence seeming to be characteristic: Aethusa.

Makes grimaces and foams at the mouth in epilepsy. Absinthinum.

Bites his tongue in epilepsy. Absinthinum.

Minor epilepsy where consciousness is not entirely lost. Absinthinum.

The convulsions (epilepsy) are preceded by trembling; the patient makes grimaces; bites tongue; foams, Absinthinum.

Epileptoid attacks of hysterical character and opisthotonos. Absinthinum.

Insensible with the convulsions (epilepsy). Absinthinum.

Epilepsy, falls down, very cold feet, unconscious, distortion of features, spasms of the body and limbs, bloody foam at mouth, biting of tongue, opisthotonos. Absinthinum.

Stupidity and loss of memory after an attack of epilepsy. Absinthinum.

Epilepsy in which the aura was a waving sensation in the brain. Cimicifuga Rase.

Hysterical or epileptical spasms at time of menses. Cimicifuga Race.

Epilepsy, clenched thumbs, red face, eyes turned downwards; dilated, staring, immovable pupils, foams at the mouth, teeth set. Aethusa.

Epilepsy, Cold limbs and body convulsed. Aethusa.

Epilepsy, spasms with stupor and delirium. Aethusa.

Epilepsy with great exertions of strength. Agar. M.

Epilepsy when the aura begins with a fainting or suffocating sensation at epigastrium, rising up both sides of sternum to throat. Ammonium Brom.

Catalepsy with the body bent backwards. Angustura.

Epilepsy with partial unilateral twitching, contraction of muscles, chattering of teeth, jactitation. Antipyrinum.

Epileptic attacks worse at night or in morning on rising: Argen- nit.

Epileptic attacks caused by fright or during menstruation. Arg- n.

Epileptic fits, preceded by burning in the stomach, pressure and heat in the back, extending to the nape of the neck, and to the brain with dizziness: Ars-a.

Patient is excitable and irritable before attack of epilepsy: Artemisia Vul.

Epilepsy after fright or grief: Artemisia Vul.

Epilepsy after a blow on head: Artemisia Vul.

Epilepsy with menstrual disturbances: Artemisia Vul.

Epilepsy with teething: Artemisia Vul.

Epilepsy, attacks accompanied or followed by profuse offensive sweat: Artemisia Vul.

Epilepsy followed or accompanied by seminal ejaculations: Artemisia Vul.

Irregular or deficient menstruation with epileptic convulsions. Artemisia Vul.

Epileptic spasms after cooling off while overheated from dancing: Artemisia Vul.

Epilepsy from menstrual disturbances: Artemisia Vul.

Nightly epilepsy with violent trismus injuring teeth: Artemisia Vul.

During Epileptic attacks violent sweat of offensive odor: Artemisia Vul.

Long and deep sleep after a fit (epilepsy) : Artemisia Vul.

Bites tongue in spasms: (Epilepsy) Artemisia Vul.

Spasms, passes, faeces and urine, bites tongue, seminal ejaculations, rattling breathing: Artemisia Vul.

Epilepsy when the attacks occur during sleep at night: Bufo.

Epileptic symptoms are worse in warm room, also great sensitiveness to cold air and wind: Bufo.

Epileptic attacks, ushered in by a cry: Bufo.

Face livid in epilepsy : Bufo.

Epilepsy followed by sleep: Bufo.

Epilepsy occurs at midnight: Bufo

Epilepsy at time of menses: Bufo.

Epilepsy result of sexual excitement: Bufo.

Rush of blood to head before an epileptic attacks: Calc-ars.

Epilepsy with heart disease: Calc-ars

Epilepsy, aura of mouse running up arm: Calc-c. (Sulph first, then Calc-c.).

Epileptic convulsions, also at night with cries: Calc-c.

Epilepsy during full moon: Calc-c.

Epilepsy with hallooing and shouting: Calc-c.

Attacks of epilepsy, with rattling in throat: Camphor.

Epilepsy with face red and puffed: Camphor.

Epilepsy, convulsive movements of the limbs, of tongue, eyes, muscles of face, hot and viscid perspiration on scalp and forehead: Camphor.

Epilepsy, comatose drowsiness after the fit: Camphor.

Epilepsy when fit occurs in sleep and urine escapes: Causticum.

Epileptic convulsions with cries; violent movement of limbs, grinding of teeth, smiles or tears, eyes half closed, fixed look, involuntary urine, re-produced by cold water, preceded by pain in abdomen and in head, tears, after fit eyes are closed: Causticum.

Epileptiform convulsions during Catamenia; menstrual epilepsy : Cedron.

Epilepsy, foaming at mouth, loss of memory after attack: Chenopod. Anthe.

Fits of epilepsy, with cries, paleness or yellow colour of the face, pressing together of the jaws, numbness and distortion of the limbs, suspension of respiration, foam at the mouth: Cic.

Epilepsy, after the fit the body remains insensible, and as it were dead: Cic.

Epilepsy, state of insensibility and immobility, with loss of consciousness and of strength: Cic.

Epilepsy, twitching spasmodic jerks bending the head backward, violent spasms, moans and howls, great agitation, makes odd motions, head turned or twisted to one side: Cic.

Epilepsy, utter prostration follows the convulsive attacks: Cic.

Epilepsy, sudden rigidity, then jerks and violent distortions, then prostration: Cic.

Epilepsy, jerking of the left arm all day: Cic.

Epilepsy, tremor when touched: Cic.

Epilepsy, face bluish, froths at mouth, jaws locked, bites tongue: Cic.

Epilepsy, convulsions followed by complete exhaustion: Cic.

Epilepsy, inability to move the tongue: Cic.

Epilepsy, slightest touch renews the spasms: Cic.

Attacks of epilepsy, face red, puffed and hot: Cocculus.

In epilepsy aura begins in knees, ascending till it reaches hypogastric region, when unconsciousness ensues, foaming at the mouth, and falling down convulsed: Cupr. ac.

Epilepsy, position on the back with the head thrown backwards: great agitation and frequent cries: Cupr. ac.

Epilepsy begins suddenly towards morning, with chewing motion of lower jaw, gnashing of teeth, becomes upright and rigid in bed, shrieks, limbs convulsed, anger, arms and legs thrown outwards and trunk arched upwards: Cup. m.

Epilepsy, pressive headache preceded the attacks, ascending from nape to forehead; then profuse salivation, head turned to left, eyes closed, tongue in active motion in open mouth, trunk arched upwards, after attack dullness of head and feeling in body as if beaten: Cupr. m.

Epileptic attacks, at night, followed by headache: Cupr-m.

Epilepsy, loss of consciousness, turning of the head backwards, redness of the eyes, salivation, frequent emission of urine: Cupr. m.

Epilepsy, convulsions with piercing cries: Cupr. m.

Epilepsy, convulsions on weeping with want of breath and retraction of the thighs: Cupr. m.

Epilepsy involuntary movements of the limbs, redness of the face, distortion of the eyes, of face, of body, tears and anxiety, desire to hide oneself: Cupr. m.

Epilepsy, convulsions begin mostly in the fingers and toes: Cupr.


Epilepsy, violent convulsions with great display of strength: Cupr. m.

Epileptiform convulsions at menstrual period: Gels.

Epilepsy, head sweats before the fits: sleepy: Helleb. Vir.

Epileptic fits sometimes with bluish colour and puffing of the face, involuntary emission of urine, foaming at the mouth, drawing back of the thumbs, sensation of hunger and of gnawing at the pit of the stomach, eyes prominent, cries, grinding of teeth: Hyosc.

Epilepsy, convulsions with cries, great anguish, oppression of chest and loss of consciousness: Hyosc.

Epilepsy, after the attacks profound sleep with snoring: Hyosc.

Epileptic convulsions, with foam at the mouth, frequent yawning, convulsed eyes, retraction of the thumbs, face red, or alternately red and pale. Ignatia.

Epilepsy, convulsive twitchings, especially after fright and grief. Ignatia.

Epilepsy, after the convulsions profound sighs or drowsy sleep. Ignatia.

Epilepsy, throwing of the head backwards during spasms. Ignatia.

Epilepsy, oppressed breathing, alternating with convulsion: Ign.

Epilepsy arising from the presence of worms. Indigo.

Epilepsy, great melancholy which the patient has sought to hide, spending many nights crying alone. Indigo.

Epilepsy, furious excitable disposition before the attacks and mild and timid after. Indigo.

Epilepsy, induced by cold or fright: Indigo.

Epilepsy, sudden attacks, apparently originating in the solar plexus, from which flushes of heat arise to the head. Indigo.

Epilepsy with an undulating sensation in the brain and obscured vision: Indigo (Act. r.).

Epilepsy with a flow of tough, stringy fluid from the mouth during the attacks: Kali-Bich.

Epilepsy, associated with sexual excesses or abuse in men: Kali Brom.

Epilepsy in women, fits occurring during or near the menstrual period: Kali-Brom.

Epilepsy occurring at the new moon: Kali-Brom.

Epilepsy when headache follows the fit: Kali Brom.

Spasms (Epilepsy ?) from fright, anger or emotional disturbances: Kali Brom.

Epilepsy from ovarian irritation: Kali – Brom.

Menstrual epilepsy : Kali-Brom.

Epileptic attacks at or near menstrual periods: Kali-Brom.

Epilepsy : Kali Cyanatum.

Epilepsy, fingers stretched out and spasmodically contracted, deep inspirations, slow breathing, loss of consciousness and vision. Strong tetanic convulsions. Head drawn backwards. Eyes fixed. Eyelids open and shut alternately. Eyelids closed with convulsive motion of eyeballs. Double vision when sight returns. Blue face, white lips. Reddish froth covered mouth and nose. Jaws tightly closed, it is impossible to open mouth, face distorted. Convulsion after swallowing. LImbs rigid and convulsed. Kali Cyanatum.

Epilepsy especially if occurring with or after suppression of eczema or other eruptions: Kali Mur.

Epileptic fits, with screaming, movements of limbs, falling down without consciousness, eyes convulsed, foaming in mouth, fists clenched; before the attack cold feet, eructations, paleness of face, vertigo, head heavy and painful, palpitation of heart, inflation of abdomen, after the attacks sleep: Lach.

Epileptic convulsions, with foaming at the mouth, which is tightly closed. Lauroc.

Epilepsy: Lithium Brom.

Epilepsy worse at full moon. Silic. (Luna.).

Epilepsy, attacks sometimes with cries, foam at mouth, with great anguish of heart. Loss of consciousness, throws arms and limbs about: Lycopod.

Epilepsy (with redness of face) Melilotus.

Epileptic spasms of from suppressed menstruation: Millefolium.

Epileptic fits with rigor or chilliness or shuddering as though the patient was very cold: Moschus.

Epilepsy (Full moon ?) : Nat-m.

Epilepsy. (Hydrogenoid constitution): Nat. s.

Epilepsy with (Salivation); Nat-m, Nat-s.

Epilepsy, aura in upper jaw: Nicotinum.

Epilepsy, (head drawn back with rigidity of muscles of neck and back: Nicotinum.

Epileptic attacks after midnight, beginning like a mouse moving up and down left side, then loss of consciousness: Nitric acid.

Epilepsy: (headache after return of consciousness; protruding eyeballs; pupils first dilated, then contracted. Face livid; blue lips, ears, face; jaws firmly clenched. Point of tongue thrust between teeth.) Nitrogenum Oxygenatum.

Epileptic convulsion with consciousness. Creeping sensations down the limbs. Nux Mos.

Epilepsy with vomiting: Tympanitis; or Semi-priapism, OEnanthe croc.

Epilepsy arising from disorders of sexual sphere: OEnanthe croc.

Epilepsy with non-appearance of menses, attacks at the time when menses should have come: OEnanthe croc.

Epileptiform convulsions: OEnanthe croc.

Epilepsy, terrible convulsions followed by coma or deep sleep: OEnanthe croc.

Epilepsy, biting of tongue, livid face, bloody froth from mouth and nostrils, convulsive respirations, insensibility, worse from water, unconsciousness: OEnanthe croc.

Epilepsy, aura seems to spread over the head from the occiput, makes frightful grimaces but does not scream out, becomes unconscious, turns death like and blue in face and falls down. After attacks violent headache giddiness and wakeful nights. Onos. (in single doses at rare intervals: Clarke).

Epileptic attacks occurring during sleep: Op.

Epilepsy, screaming before and during a spasms; sleep follows the convulsions: Op.

Epileptic convulsions at night or in morning, with fits of suffocation, loss of consciousness and sensibility and violent movements if limbs. Sleep after every convulsive attack; convulsions with sudden loud cries; convulsions with foam at the mouth: Op.

Epilepsy aura was a tight feeling in chest worse at menstrual period. Passif (O gtt. vi six times a day.).

Epileptic fits: Petroleum.

Epilepsy with consciousness: Phos.

Epilepsy with rigor; tonic spasms: Platinum.

Epileptic fits without consciousness: Plumbum.

Epilepsy (in a large company): Plumbum.

Epilepsy – Polygonum.

Epilepsy with absence or irregularity of menses: Puls.

Epileptic convulsions with violent movements of limbs, followed by weakness, eructations, and inclinations to vomit: Puls.

Epileptic fits: Ranunculus Bulb.

Epilepsy and sleepwalking worse at new and full moon: Silica.

Epilepsy with retraction of thumbs and tossing about of body; or else with throwing back of head, paleness of face, convulsive movements of hands and eyes and loss of consciousness: Stannum.

Onanism causing epilepsy: Stramonium.

Convulsions as in epilepsy but without loss of consciousness; Stramonium.

Epilepsy, inveterate cases with overexcitability of the cortical substance: Sulfonal.

Epilepsy convulsions; excited by a fright or by running, and sometimes with cries, rigidity of limbs, clenching of the teeth, and sensation as if a mouse were running over the back or arms: Sulph.

Epilepsy, fits with falling forward: Sumbul.

Epilepsy, falls forward, foaming at mouth: Sumbul.

Putrid taste in mouth before epileptic fit: Syphilinum.

Epileptic convulsions after menses: Syphilinum.

Epileptiform convulsions, head firmly drawn back, with rigidity of muscles at back of neck: Tabacum.

Epilepsy, bites tongue in convulsions: Tanacetum.

Epilepsy, he felt a glow that rose up from the feet to the head, it seemed as if he were on fire: Viscum Alb.

Epilepsy, Zinc. cynatum. Zinc. Val.

Epilepsy, without aura: Zinc. Val.

Epilepsy, convulsions; surface of body sensitive to touch: one cheek red the other pale: Zizia.

Epileptiform convulsions preceded by trembling, unconscious, falls, bites tongue, foams, etc. Absinthinum.

Epileptic convulsion when the thumbs are bent inward, face red, eye turned down (which is peculiar, as in epilepsy they are usually turned up), pupils dilated and immovable, white, milky froth before the mouth, teeth set, pulse usually small, temperature of the skin natural. The convulsions are very violent; violence seeming to be characteristic: Aethusa.

Epilepsy, convulsions preceded by great restlessness: Arg-nit.

Epilepsy without consciousness: Calc-c.

Epilepsy with excessively violent convulsions: Cic.

Epilepsy with consciousness: Cina.

Epilepsy, spasms begin in the fingers and toes, then spread all over body: Cupr.

Epilepsy without consciousness, every muscle in the body twitches, from the eyes to the toes: Hyosc.

Epilepsy with convulsive motion : Ipec.

Epilepsy with rigor: Platina.

Epilepsy without consciousness, convulsions with jerking: Plumb.

Makes grimaces in epilepsy : Absinthinum.

Foams at mouth in epilepsy : Absinthinum.

Bites his tongue in epilepsy : Absinthinum.

Epilepsy, before the attack, trembling; during, loss of consciousness, he falls; after, obtuse, dazed, weak, even general paralysis: Absinthinum.

Epileptic attacks occurring in rapid succession: Absinthinum.

Limbs thrown about in epilepsy : Absinthinum.

Epileptic attacks followed by delirious rage, jumping about, striking those near: Arg-met.

Epilepsy from fright, during menstruation, at night: pupils always dilated for a day two before: also vertiginous epilepsy, loss of vision: Arg-nit.

Epileptic convulsions: tetanic spasms, convulsions with opisthotonos; foam at the mouth: Ars-a.

Epilepsy; convulsions commence in arm: Bell.

Epilepsy; before the attack sense of something running in the arm, or from pit of stomach down through abdomen into feet. Causes: fright; protracted intermittent; suppression of chronic eruption; worse during solstice and full moon: Calc-carb.

Epileptic attacks during time of puberty also worse during new moon: Caust.

Epileptic attacks, with swelling of stomach as from violent spasms of the diaphragm; hiccough; piercing cries; redness of the face; trismus; loss of consciousness and distortions of limbs; involuntary urination: Cic.

Epilepsy with rigidity and full consciousness: Cina.

Epileptic spasm far apart; deathly pallor, relaxation of muscles: China.

Epilepsy in the morning on rising from bed, fever afterwards: Cocculus.

Epileptic convulsions, trembling, tottering, and falling unconscious, without a scream; preceded by drawing in left arm; aura epileptica; with froth at the mouth, opisthotonos, followed by headache, during sleep at night; each new moon; after spasms, turns and twists until another comes: Cup. m.

Epilepsy with consciousness, followed by deep sleep: Helleb.

Epilepsy, before the attack, vertigo, sparks before eyes, ringing in ears, hungry gnawing. During attack: face purple, eyes projecting, shrieks, grinding of teeth; urination. After attack sopor, snoring: Hyosc.

Epileptiform spasms after knocking the body against anything (convulsions after every slight hurt or concussion): Hypericum.

Epileptiform spasm, with shrieks; opisthotonos; face pale; puffed; gastric derangements: Ipec.

Epilepsy comes on during sleep, from jealousy, onanism, loss of fluids: Lach.

Epileptic attacks; while standing or walking he frequently falls down suddenly, with consciousness: Mag. carb.

Epilepsy with consciousness: Nux-mos.

Epilepsy with consciousness : Phos.

Epilepsy, chronic forms: before the spells legs heavy and numb, tongue swollen; afterwards long lasting, stupid feeling in the head: Plb.

Epileptic convulsions, violent tossing of limbs, followed by relaxation, disposition to vomit, eructations; from suppressed menses: Puls.

Epilepsy, spasms spread from solar plexus to brain; come at night, or during new moon; attacks preceded by coldness of left side, shaking and twisting of left arm: Silicea.

Epilepsy, with tossing of limbs, clenching thumbs, opisthotonos; unconsciousness; with sexual complications; during dentition with symptoms of worms; Stann.

Epilepsy from fright, attacks sudden, with screams, afterwards drowsy; aching in stomach; periodical. Gives warning of approach by premonitory symptoms: Stramo.

Epilepsy with stiffness; sensation like from a mouse running up arms to back, before the fit: Sulph.

Epilepsy, falling down, unconscious, with distortion of features, spasms of the limbs, bloody foam at mouth and biting of the tongue (Cic); very weak afterwards: Epileptic attacks occurring in rapid succession: Absinthinum.

Epilepsy, particularly if it results from the constitutional cachexia or brought about by fright or suppression of some chronic eruption: Calc-c.

Epileptiform spasms at puberty: Cauloph.

Epileptic attacks during time of puberty, also worse during new moon (Sil): Caust.

Epilepsy, bloody froth from the mouth, (spasms relieved by touch, jar, or loud noise); consciousness is lost: Cic.

Epilepsy at the time of menses: Cimicif.

Epilepsy with rigidity and full consciousness: Cina.

Falling down unconscious, with convulsions and frothing at mouth, after alternations of palpitations and congestion of head: Glonoine.

Epileptiform spasms, starting, distortion of eyes, twitching of lips, lolling of tongue, stretching and distortion of head and limbs: Sil.

Epilepsy, with well marked aura starting from the solar plexus: Sil.

Epilepsy, nervous tremors precede attack: Absinthinum.

Epilepsy without aura: Artemisia Vul., Zinc. Val.

Epilepsy after fright and other violent emotions: Artemisia Vul.

Epilepsy after masturbation, several convulsions close together: Artemisia Vul.

Epilepsy at time of menses: Bufo.

Epilepsy with rush of blood to the head before attack; aura felt in region of heart: flying sensation : Calc-ars.

In epilepsy aura begins at knees, ascends to hypogastrium, then unconsciousness, foaming and falling: Cupr. m.

Epilepsy: Ferrum cyanatum.

Epileptic attacks ending in deep sleep: Hyosc.

Vomiting, epileptiform convulsions with biting of tongue: Illicium.

Epilepsy with great sadness: Indigo.

Epilepsy from blow on head; Melilotus.

Epileptiform convulsions, worse during menstruation, and pregnancy: Oenanthe croc.

Epileptiform spasms; with clenched thumb, red face, eyes turned downwards, pupils fixed, dilated, foam at the mouth, jaws locked, small, hard and quick pulse: Aethusa cyan. (Lippe).

Epilepsy with great exertions of strength: Agar.

Epileptic attacks caused by fright or during menstruation (at night or in the morning when rising): Arg-nit.

Epileptic spasms, renewal of the spasms by the least contact or from the glare of light: Bell.

Epileptic after fright: Bufo. (Lippe).

Epileptic attacks, at night; during the full moon; with hallooing and shouting: Calc-carb.

Epileptic and convulsive attacks, he falls down insensible; Camphor.

Epileptic spasms at night during sleep: Caust.

Epileptic attacks, especially at night, with or without consciousness, lying on the back; violent screams and violent jerks of the hands and feet: Cina.

Epileptic attacks (at night) followed by headache: Cupr. m.

Epileptic attacks, with twitching of limbs; after the attack, haemoptysis and sleep: Drosera Rot.

Epileptic attacks ending with deep, heavy sleep: Hyosc.

Epileptic convulsions, with foam before the tightly closed mouth: Laurocerasus.

Epileptic spasms, with screaming, foam at the mouth, loss of consciousness, throws the arms and limbs about, great anguish about the heart, and imagines he would have to die: Lycop.

Epileptic attacks; while standing or walking he frequently falls down suddenly with consciousness: Mag. carb.

Epilepsy, with swelling of the stomach as from violent spasms of the diaphragm; screaming; red or bluish face; lock-jaw, loss of consciousness and distortion of the limbs; frequent during the night; recurring, first at short, then at long intervals: Cic.

Epilepsy: aura begins in knees and ascends; worse at night during sleep (Bufo); about new moon, at regular intervals; from getting wet; Cupr-m.

Bad effects of unfortunate love, often followed by epilepsy : Hyosc.

Epilepsy: congenital, syphilitic, tubercular; usually a day or two before menses; at new moon; headache follows attack: Kali- Brom.

Epilepsy, comes on during sleep (Bufo); from loss of vital fluids; onanism, jealousy: Lach.

Epileptic spasms from suppressed menstruation: Millefolium.

Epileptic attacks: Nitric acid.

Epileptic convulsions particularly at night or towards morning, with suffocative paroxysms: Op.

Epileptic attacks; convulsions: Plb.

Epileptic attacks (after suppression of menstruation), with violent beating of the limbs; later they become relaxed, with nausea and eructations: Puls.

Epileptic attacks: Ranunculus Bulb.

Epileptic attacks at night, during new moon: Sil.

Epileptic attacks; in the evening, in children during dentition: Stann.

Epilepsy (it comes running from the arms and out of the back like a mouse): Sulph. (Lippe).

Spasms hysterical or epileptic, reflex from uterine disease; worse during menses: Actaea Racemosa (Allen).

Epilepsy from suppressed eruptions: Agar-m. (Psor. Sulph).

Epilepsy, twitching over the whole body four or five days before the attack: Asterias Rub.

Epilepsies from valvular diseases of the heart: Calc-ars.

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