Headache with flatulence; involuntary shaking of head. Migraine, headache preceded by unusual excitement with loquacity, dull heavy throbbing pain, through the head with a sensation like a heavy blow on back of head and neck; better by passing flatus, up or downward; by coffee. Heavy pressure on the brain forcing him to stoop. Violent shocks pass through the brain. Dull, drawing pain in forehead, especially over eyes. Throbbing aching pain, especially in forehead.


Epileptic convulsion when the thumbs are bent inward, face red, eye turned down (which is peculiar, as in epilepsy they are usually turned up), pupils dilated and immovable, white, milky froth before the mouth, teeth set, pulse usually small, temperature of the skin natural. The convulsions are very violent; violence seeming to be characteristic: Aethusa.


The diarrhoea ceases in the vicinity of 10 a.m. and the child remains well for the rest of the day. Podophyllum diarrhoea, though begins in the morning, has neither of these features, on the other hand it continues throughout the day though becomes less frequent in the afternoon. It is notorious for gushing diarrhoea, copious in quantity, exhausting the child every time.


Aco. Alum. Am-c. Am-m. Anac. Ant-t. Arg-n. Ars-a. Bar-c. Bell. Brom. Bry. Bufo. Cact. Calc-c. Calc-p. Calc-s. Cann-s. Canth. Carb-s. Carb-v. Caust. Cham. Coc-c. Con. Cupr. Dros. Ferr. Graph. Hep-s. Ign. Ipec. Kali-s. Lach. Lyco. Meg. Merc. Nat-m. Nit-ac. Nux-v. Op. Phos. Psor. Puls. Ruta. Samb. Sang. Sanic. Stann. Staph. Sulph. Syph. Thuj. Tub. Zinc.