Essential Symptoms – 3

Desire to walk very fast; desire to jump over when crossing bridge, diarrhoea before going to church, wants cold air, cold drinks, cold things, wants ice, ice cream, wants head in cold air. Suffocates in a warm room (Puls), wants doors and windows open, suffocates if other people are in the room.


1. Cough at 11 p.m. worse on lying down; after first sleep about midnight and cannot sleep on account of it; has to sit up and cough; caused by tickling in throat or by a feeling of foreign body in the throat.

2. Asthma, hay fever, suffocative catarrh; sense of impending suffocation, increasing dyspnoea, cannot lie down, must sit up, worse about 11 p.m.


1. Hydrogenoid constitution; symptoms worse most in wet weather (Nat. s. Dulc. Nux-mos. Rhus. t. Rhodo).

2. Headache better by smoking, in open air; always worse during rains.

3. Old cases of Asthma, constant chilliness, better by smoking and in open air.

4. Toothache at night immediately after lying down; everyday at same hour.

5. Symptoms worse in damp wet places or in wet weather.

6. Fever due to rheumatic exposure, in cold rainy weather, damp dwellings, cold bathing, sleeping in damp wet rooms; headache ceases entirely in open air; regularity of paroxysm.


1. Vertigo on looking at running water.

2. Diabetes with swelling of ankles, great dryness of mouth.

3. Prolapsus uteri with pains in left ovary.

4. Hoarseness of singers and speakers worse speaking or singing.

5. Headache of businessmen; head feels empty, hollow, scalp tender to touch.

6. Cough from laughing, cough better on lying down; at night.

7. Severe backache must walk bent.

8. Climacteric haemorrhage; pain in left ovary.

9. Epilepsy, delirious rage after attack.

10. Effects of onanism, importance, atrophy of penis, right testis.

11. Businessmen, students, readers and thinkers.

12. Epithelioma scirrhus, all sorts of tumours, enlargement of ovary.

13. Chilly wants to be kept warm, pains better by heat. Palpitation when lying on back.

14. Indisposition to talk in society.

15. Symptoms worse at the same hour at noon.

16. Dimness of vision, loss of vision.

17. Discharge gray, thick, tenacious, gray mucus.

18. Patient sickly, careworn, tired, broken down.

19. Bruised sore feeling in abdomen.

20. Whey like urine, chronic orchitis.

21. Yellowish greenish gonorrhoea of indolent character.


1. Great desire for sweets and symptoms worse after sweets.

2. Walks and stands unsteadily, cannot walk with eyes closed.

3. Aggravation of symptoms by warmth.

4. Amelioration of symptoms by eructation.

5. Epilepsy caused by fright worse at menstrual period. Before attack dilated pupils; after attack restlessness and trembling of hands.

6. Feeling of expansion of parts of body.

7. Splinter like pains in various parts.

8. Backache better standing or walking, worse when rising from seat.

9. Desire to walk very fast; desire to jump over when crossing bridge, diarrhoea before going to church, wants cold air, cold drinks, cold things, wants ice, ice cream, wants head in cold air. Suffocates in a warm room (Puls), wants doors and windows open, suffocates if other people are in the room.

10. Complaint from anxieties; when he is going anywhere, going to wedding or to opera or any unusual event, it is attended with anxiety, fear and diarrhoea.

11. Vertigo on closing eyes; dizzy at the sight of high houses.

12. Red elevations, granulations, enlargement of vessels, purplish aspect upon mucous membranes.

13. Palpitation on lying on sight side, (Alumen, Badiaga, Kalmia, Kali-n, Lil-T., Plat, Spong) throbs from head to foot while lying on right side.

14. Eye symptoms worse warmth, warm room, sitting near fire, better by cold application, cold washing; better in a dark room (Puls. Apis.).

15. Throat, wart-like growths, polypoid growths, feeling of a stick in throat when swallowing. Wants to be in a cold room, wants cold air and swallows cold things (Hep. wants warm drinks and warmths).

Fishbone sensation (Nit-ac. Hep-s., Arg-nit) Condylomata.

16. Ulceration of stomach with vomiting of blood.

17. Locomotor ataxia, staggering gait, vertigo, hands tremble, numbness of finger tips.

18. Angina pectoris, can hardly breathe.

19. Dyspnoea worse in a crowded room.

20. During pregnancy, stomach as if it would burst with wind; head feels expanded.

21. Warm fluids ameliorates and cold aggravates pains in stomach.

22. Headache relieved by tying a handkerchief around the hand.

23. Staggers on stooping, on shutting eyes.


1. All over the body he is sore and bruised as if he had been beaten.

2. Blue spots upon the skin.

3. Fears being struck by those coming towards him.

4. Remedy in injuries, bruises and shocks, injuries of joints, injury of the back with lameness and soreness. Black and blue appearance of sprained joints (Arnica, Rhus-tox, Calcarea-carb). Remove effects of injury.

5. Appendicitis, so sore that cannot be touched. Extreme sensitiveness, soreness or tenderness, sore bruised feeling. Body is cold, the head hot. Dusky spots. Does not want to be touched or approached.

6. Head hot and body cold.

7. Retention of urine from exertions, from overwork, from injury, from some violent accident.

8. Pneumonia, soreness of chest, rusty expectoration, sore bruised feeling all over body, catarrhal state, cough etc. Head hot, body cold. Does not want to be touched or approached.

9. Everything on which he lies seems too hard.

10. Compound fractures and their profuse suppuration.

11. Apoplexy, controls haemorrhage and aids absorption.

12. Tendency to small boils, very sore.

13. Dysentery, long intervals between stools.


1. Acrid discharges. Saliva profuse, acrid.

2. Constant picking at nose until it bleeds. Raw bloody surfaces, picking lips until they bleed.

3. Corners of mouth sore and cracked.

4. Nose obstructed must breathe through mouth. Boring in the nose.


1. Debility, exhaustion especially after slightest exertion.

2. Restlessness, constantly moving, changes place continually.

3. Aggravation at night especially about midnight; also at midday.

4. Unquenchable thirst, drinks often but little at a time.

5. Burning pains better hot applications.

6. Great anxiety, fear of death, thinks it useless to take medicine.

7. Injurious effects of fruits, especially watery fruits, vegetable diet, melons, vinegar acids, ice-cream, ice-water, tobacco, spoiled food, meat; fear. fright. worry. Sea-side compliants.

8. Discharges green, black, white, offensive excoriating, scanty, attended with much prostration.

9. Headache better by cold application.

10. Eye symptoms relieved by heat, excoriating discharges with burning pain, worse midday or at midnight.

11. Nausea and Vomiting, cough after eating or drinking.

12. Body cold as ice.

13. Haemorrhoids relieved by heat.

14. Cough worse midnight, lying on back; after drinking.

15. Haemoptysis with pain between shoulders.

16. Angina pectoris, with pain in neck and occiput.

17. Paralysis with atrophy (lower limbs).


1. Fat, flabby, persons, extremely nervous, extremely sensitive to pain, full of hysteria (Seldom in lean persons). “Phlegmatic, scrofulous and syphilitic persons who have taken much Mercury.

2. Deep ulcerations; caries of bones, especially in syphilitic organism, extreme sensitiveness, terrible throbbing nightly pains. Ulcers turn black on becoming purple. Horribly offensive and ichorous discharges. Old syphilitics. Varicose veins surround the ulcers. Inflammations of bones with blueness all around.

3. Old scars turn pale, threaten to suppurate, becomes painful and turn black.

Ulcers form at the site of old scars in old syphilitic patients, worse rest better slow motion.

4. Discharges watery, horribly offensive, ichorous, watery bloody.

5. Glands hot, throbbing with shooting jerking pains in syphilitic patients.

6. Old syphilitic bone pains, lumps and nodules about head.

7. Eye complaints in old syphilitics, ulcers on the eyeballs, ulcers on cornea iritis; syphilitic iritis with pains worse at night, better in open air. Inflammation of choroid of syphilitic character.

8. Syphilitic conditions of the ears and nose affecting bones. Horribly offensive discharges. Pains worse nights.

9. Syphilitic symptoms in the throat.

10. Offensiveness; sensitiveness to contact, cheeked skin affections; night aggravation.

11. Meteorism of the stomach.

12. Breasts fill up with milk in women who are not pregnant.

13. Asthma worse bodily exertion, coition, very satisfying meal. Dyspnoea after coition (Ambra).

14. Hysteria from suddenly suppressed discharges (fetid) flatulent condition, trouble about throat.

15. Deficient milk with oversensitiveness after confinement.

16. Whitlow, pains worse night. Psoas abscess.


1. Nerves oversensitive, scratching on silk or paper or linen or even thought of it, is unbearable.

2. Imagines he is hovering in the air when walking in the open air.

3. Weak sight worse bright light.

4. Symptoms better cold air and cold washing (eye symptoms). Better in damp wet weather.

5. Chilly persons.

6. Darting pains in eyes after operations on the eyes.

7. Cold Saliva in mouth.

8. Desire for alcoholic drinks.


1. Chest pains relieved by bending forward. Pain in lungs better bending forward, worse 4 A.M. and 4 P.M.

2. Dysentery in autumn, with rheumatic pains all over.

3. Rheumatism, pains diagonal, left upper and right lower or opposite; stitching pains, dark red urine.

4. Snuffles of children.

5. Humid asthma worse after eating; after smoking.


1. Mammary cancer, nightly lancinating pains, worse left breast; cancer pains. Sensation as if left breast were drawn in.

2. Axillary glands swollen, hard and knotted worse nights; damp weather.

3. Epilepsy, twitching over the whole body four or five days before the attack.

4. Apoplexy with red face and full, hard, and frequent pulse.

5. Numbness of hand and fingers of left side.

6. Disposition to pimples at adolescence, fine, black tipped puncta, small red bases. Worse cold damp weather. Heat in hand as if surrounded by hot air.

7. Menstrual troubles relieved by the appearances of the flow.


1. Future looks dark to him, he wants to die.

Profound melancholy, life is a burden, desire to commit suicide. No love of life, absolute loss of enjoyment in every thing. Looks on the dark side of everything.

2. Complaints after grief, fright, anger, disappointed love, contradiction, reserved displeasure.

3. Pain in heart region extending down left arm to fingers.

4. Symptoms worse from sunset to sunrise.

5. Syphilitic and Mercurial patient.

6. Insanity, patient sits silent and says nothing. The causes of insanity are prolonged anxiety, unusual responsibility, syphilis, loss of property; after abuse of mercury; imagines he can not succeed in anything and he does everything wrong. Imagines he sees obstacles everywhere; thinks he has neglected something, has neglected his friends, has neglected his duty; looks on the dark side of everything. thinks he is wholly unfit for this world, he longs to die and seeks methods to commit suicide.

7. Pain makes her desperate; so that she would like to jump out of the window; wants to destroy herself. Pains drive to despair; the pains drive the patients out of bed at night and make him walk; old syphilitic bone pains.

8. Bone diseases in old syphilitics.

9. Affections of glands, chronic enlargement of testes, lumps in mammary glands; tumours in glands.

10. Desire for open air but averse to uncover.

11. Cold water ameliorates pain in eyes.

12. Symptoms better cold washing, wants doors and windows open, wants to be in cool air, wants clothing thrown off.

13. Baldness due to syphilis, the scalp is left shiny, hair will not grow in again.

14. Eyes ameliorated by moon light; protrusion of eyes in exophthalmic goitre with enlargement of heart.

Inflammation of conjunctive, choroid, iris, retina; relieved by cold water.

15. Caries of bones of ears, of nose, fetid discharge, syphilitic necrosis; coryza, thick discharge like white of egg; tip of nose knobby red (Lach) full of grief, wants to die, to commit suicide.

16. Oppression in the region of the heart on walking fast and going upstairs with oedema of the lower limbs.

17. Warts scrofulous, syphilitic, mercurial.

18. Vertigo as if turning in a circle, when stooping, goes off on rising.

19. Hernia, inguinal, umbilical; and in a children.

20. Testes undeveloped, boy pining, depressed, weak.

21. Sterility in syphilitic women.

22. Urine like butter milk.

N C Das
N C Das