Type: Nervous. Neuralgic. Congestive. Cata…


Type: Nervous. Neuralgic. Congestive. Catarrhal. Uterine. Gastric. Rheumatic. Arthritic. Hysterical. Migraine.

Location: Forehead. Occiput. Vertex. Brain. RIGHT SIDE. Left side. Sides of head. Temples. Right temple. Above eyes. Above right eye.

Character of pain: Boring, digging, burning, bursting, crushing, cutting, drawing, jerking, lancinating, pressing, shooting, sore, bruised, stitching, stunning, tearing, pulsating, throbbing, hammering, blinding, intermittent, dull, aching, splitting, distentive, excruciating, stabbing.

Causes: a current of air: Chill; cold; concussion; cutting hair; heat; intellectual labour; abuse of opium; overheating; abuse of spirituous liquors; suppressed catarrh. Abuse of coffee.

Extension: Extends to back, forehead, jaws, occiput, above root of nose, behind eyes, neck, down back of neck, temple to temple.

Aggravation: Morning: morning in bed; noon; afternoon; 3 P.M., 4 P.M. to 3 A.M. evening; from cold air; from draft of cold air; open air; on ascending steps; after bathing; after cold bathing; from beer; while bending head backward; binding up the hairs; blowing nose; clothing about the neck; from coffee; from becoming cold, from getting cold on head; from taking cold; from concussion; from suppressed coryza; on coughing; after cutting hair; during dentition; on descending; after eating; after excitement of emotions; from becoming heated; after mechanical injuries; after intoxication; from jar; from light; working under gas light; from looking upward; while lying; before menses; during menses; from mental exertion; from motion; from noise; every day; from suppressed perspiration; during pregnancy; from external pressure; from lying; from sitting; in school girls; shaking head; after sleep; sneezing; from spirituous liquors; from heavily stepping; from pressing at stool; after pressing at stool; stooping; straining eyes; summer, exposure to sun; while talking; from tobacco; from touch; from walking; while walking; from walking in open air; while walking rapidly; while warm in bed; in warm room; warmth; from washing head; in cold weather; from getting cold; from wetting head; from wine; from bright object.

Amelioration: Open air; while bending head backward; binding head; on closing eyes; cold application; leaning against something; while lying; lying in a dark-room; external pressure; lying; sitting; after sleep; walking in open air; warm room; wrapping up head; lying on painful side with head high. During menses.

Attending Symptoms: Heavy, drooping eyelids, and blindness or flushes of light before eyes.

Flushed face, hot head, sense of burning in the eyeballs. “Intolerance of light and noise.”.

Vertigo, stupefaction, partial loss of sight, redness of face, cold feet, roaring in the ears, partial deafness, dilatation of pupils.

Pulsating carotids, face pale, cold, vomiting, eye itself is often bloodshot and there is much lachrymation..

Takes cold from every draught of air, especially when uncovering the head.

“First blind, then unconscious.” Heat hot, feet, cold.”.

Sleepiness but cannot sleep.

Great restlessness with sudden starting.

Ill humour, with paroxysms of rage with desire to cut or tear things or to stab some-one, “mild temper, blue eyes, blonde hair, delicate skin, and mild complexion.”.

“Women where the menses are early with bright red blood. Pressure as though all the contents of the abdomen would issue through the genital organs, especially felt in morning.”.

Stiff neck, delirium.

Symptoms: Aching in orbital region with redness of eyes and face.

Intense headache, aggravated by light, noise, motion, contact, by moving eyes and when coughing.

Headache relieved if hair hangs loosely, aggravated if it is done up.

Frontal headache, better sitting or lying, returning on rising; but on going into open air forehead seemed pressed in by heavy stone.

Headache worse from draft of air, in open air.

Headache pressing asunder.

Headache relieved by bending head backward.

Pain as if brain were pressing toward forehead, better bending head backward.

Violent throbbing in brain from before backward and toward both sides, this throbbing terminates in painful stitches.

Headaches better from covering.

Headaches better when sitting up.

Frequently obliged to stand still when walking from violent pain in forehead, at every step seemed as if brain rose and fell in forehead, brain relieved by pressing strongly on forehead.

Headache above orbits as though brain were pressed into a smaller space obliging him to close his eyes.

Inflammation of brain and medulla from exposure to sun or after having hair cut.

Pain as if brain would be pressed out above eye preventing opening eyes and obliging him to sit down.

Headache as if skull would burst.

Pain in right temple which on supporting has soon increased to a sensation of burning and extends into right frontal eminence.

Congestion, rush of blood to head, pulsation of cerebral arteries, throbbing of brain. Cold sensation in brain at middle of forehead.

Headache from concussions.

Congestion to head with delirium.

Contractive pain in scalp.

Violent pressive headache as if would burst, worse from stooping, motion, coughing or shaking head.

Crampy pains in frontal eminence extending to zygoma and lower jaw.

Headache accompanied by feeling as if cranium was too small.

Complaints from cutting hair.

Headache from draft of air, or after having hair cut; from heat of sun.

Constant dull headache in one side of head.

Fullness of head increasing during motion.

Sensation of expansion of brain.

Pain in head and eyeballs, eyes felt as if staring from their sockets.

Pressing pain on forehead so severe during motion that it causes him to close his eyes.

Neuralgia in right side of head and face.

Severe headache with dizziness and red hot face.

Fullness and heavy feeling as if every thing would push out of forehead.

Head feels heavy as from intoxication.

Headache especially in forehead. Headache in forehead with sense of pressure, fullness, vertigo, drowsiness, nausea, eyes red, and glistening, head feels large, aggravated by stooping, noise, heat, motion, looking at shining and glistening object; photophobia.

Tension and pressure in left vertex and in forehead. Tensive pressure in left temple and forehead.

Throbbing headache in forehead.

Throbbing in head, in forehead, in temples, in vertex, in occiput, worse when moving, better when sitting still, lying and from pressure.

Cutting in right side of head from forehead to occipital ridge, becoming general, at last settling in left parietal bone.

Fullness and weight in head over eyes.

Pains suddenly commence, gradually increase in severity, till height is reached and then suddenly disappear.

Head so sensitive externally that least contact gives pain.

Constant dull headache in one side of head.

Headache with dizziness aggravated by stooping.

Hysterical headache aggravated by light, noise, motion, contact, and by moving eyes, jerking, extremely violent on walking quickly, or ascending the stairs rapidly, at every step a jolt downward as if a weight were in occiput, relieved if hair hangs loosely, aggravated if it is done up.

Heaviness in head with much restlessness.

Heaviness in scalp.

Nervous attack frequently semilateral especially on right side from four oclock P.M. to three A.M. worse from heat of bed and by lying down.

Headache right side, great sensitiveness to light.

Headache better from hot applications.

Hysterical headache.

Pain as if a stone were pressing fore-head, better laying head down and stooping with dilated pupils and whining ill-humour.

Stabbing in right, side of head as with a two-edged knife, then in front of head, then in vertex, then in occiput, so that she cannot lie on either side.

Headache daily from 4 P.M. to morning.

Pain in right side after rising and moving briskly.

Painful pressure in head especially in lower part of forehead, directly above nose, intolerable on slipping or treading.

Three stabs extending to occiput, whereupon sudden disappearance of all previous attacks.

Pain in forehead on stooping as if every thing would come out.

Lacerating pain in right side of vertex.

Sensation as if skull were as thin as paper.

Pain in head, now here, now there, which occupies each time large area.

Headache relieved in a room.

Headache relieved when leaning on head.

Headache relieved when pressing upon head.

Boring in right side of head.

Sensitiveness of scalp, pressure of hair causes pain.

Drawing, tearing, shooting and semilateral pains especially above eyes and nose.

Sensation as if skull would split open.

Wavering shocks and fluctuation as if water in head with sensation as if cranium were too small.

Headache from heat of sun.

Head swollen double its size.


Type: Anaemic. Catarrhal. Nervous. Neuralgic. Uterine. Gastric. Rheumatic. Arthritic. Congestive. Migraine.

Location: Forehead. Above eyes. Above left eye. Occiput. One side of head. Temples. Vertex. Brain.

Character of pain: Boring, digging, burning, bursting, drawing, jerking, nail-like, pressing, pressing asunder, shooting, sore, bruised, stitching, stunning, stupefying, tearing, dull, throbbing, beating, pulsating.

Causes; A current of air; anger; contradiction; chill; abuse of coffee; cold; abuse of drugs; heat of sun; high living; intellectual labour; malaria. Onanism; abuse of quinine; sexual excesses; abuse of spirituous liquors; prolonged watching; variable weather; tea; brainfag; haemorrhoids.

Extension: Ears, nose, occiput, down back of neck.

Aggravation: Morning; morning in bed; morning on rising; morning on first opening the eyes; morning on waking; afternoon; evening; night; cold air; from draft of air; from anger; from loss of animal fluid; on ascending steps; from too eager attention; binding up the the hair; after breakfast; on closing eyes; from coffee; from becoming cold; from taking cold; while constipated; from having a coryza suppressed; on coughing; after abuse of drugs; before eating; during eating; after eating; after excitement of emotions; fasting; footsteps; after fright; from becoming heated by fire or stove; after intoxication; from jar; lifting; light; looking fixedly at anything; while lying; lying on back; while lying on side; before menses; during menses; mental exertion; motion; on moving head; moving eyes; music; after abuse of narcotics; noise; strong odors; every day; every other day; suppressed perspiration; reading; stooping; running; sexual excesses; excessive pollutions; onanism; shaking head; after sleep; from loss of sleep; night watching; sneezing; spirituous liquors; stepping heavily; pressing at stool; exposure to sun; while talking; smoking; tobacco; vexation; after vomiting; while walking; while walking in open air, after walking in open air; cold weather; damp cold weather; windy, stormy weather; exposure to cold wind; wine.

Amelioration: Morning on rising; evening in bed, from binding head, on closing eyes, while leaning against something; while lying; lying on back; lying on right side; lying on left side; lying on painful side; lying on painless side; external pressure; stooping; warm room; wrapping up head.

Attending Symptoms: Nausea. Vomiting. Sensation of heat in cheeks.

A chilly feeling over the body, or only in hands.

Vomiting of bitter and sour phlegm, giddiness, flushed face.

Constipation. Haemorrhoids. Menses too soon and too copious.

Bitter eructations. Hardness of abdomen.

Face looks pale and haggard. Lachrymation.

Cannot sleep after 3 A.M.; ideas crowd upon so as to keep him awake for hours.

Fetid sweat of one half of the head and face which is cold with anxiety and dread of uncovering the head.

No desire to do any kind of work.

Sweat relieves the pain.

Visual disturbance.

Vertigo. Irritable vehement disposition. Appearance of bright light before vision with lachrymation; dimness of light.

Stoppage of nose.

Palpitation of heart.

Fatigue, lassitude, great need to lie down.

Symptoms: Headache bruised, aching, tearing, extending into nape with sweat.

Headache excited or aggravated by reflection or mental exertion.

Headache in morning immediately after rising with pressing downward from both sides as if skull were forced asunder.

Pain in upper part of head as if it would be forced asunder.

Headache in morning in bed as if head had been beaten with an axe.

Headache worse when in bed, worse by bending head forward.

Scalp sensitive to touch or to wind, better on being warmly covered.

Rush of blood to head, brain feels too large for cranium.

Pressure boring pains in head commencing in morning, worse after eating, with nausea and sour vomiting towards evening and after lying down.

Brain seems to shake when walking or running in open air.

Headache as if brain were bruised or beaten.

Headache as if brain were cleft.

Headache at the time of menses, as from a suppurating ulcer in brain.

Headache, bruised, sensation in brain generally on right side.

Headache in middle of brain on walking in morning.

Headache in morning in bed in middle of brain, felt before opening eyes, as if skull would burst, as if head had been beaten with an axe.

Pain especially in temples with a sensation as if brain were loose with wobbling on motion, as if it struck sides of head.

Pressing pain as if a nail were being driven deeply into side of brain.

Sensation as if a nail were being driven into brain.

Violent jerking or dull stitches in left side of brain from orbit to parietal bone or occiput.

Headache, burning sensation in brain, generally in right side.

Scalp on top of head feels burning when touched.

Burning in forehead.

Head symptoms worse from coffee.

Headache, sick; brought on by wine, coffee, close mental application, sedentary habits, commences in morning, increases during day, growing milder in evening.

Headache with haemorrhoids and constipation.

Headache when coughing or stooping.

Heaviness and pressure in head after dinner, especially after moving eyes.

Headache from irregular habits or dissipation.

Tearing, jerking, burning or pinching pains in head.

Head symptoms worse after eating.

Headache after eating or drinking wine.

Headache stunning and stupefying in morning, after eating and in sunshine.

Deep headache in brain over left eye.

Tension in forehead as if it was pressed in at night and in morning, worse on exposing head to cold air.

Headache accompanied by irritability.

Head feels as large as church.

Head feels too large.

Head feels much larger than body.

Headache when lying on back.

Headache, amelioration when lying on painful side; lying down.

Headache on sitting up from lying.

Intense aching over left eye a week before and also during menses, water-brash with nausea, constipation, leucorrhoea.

Throbbing pain over right eye with vomiting of bile after menses.

Headache intermittent in one half as if a nail were forced downward deeper and deeper into parietal bone.

Headache relieved when walking in open air.

Headache from exposure to sun, as from work under gas light.

Headache from suppression of eruption.

Headache relieved by warm applications.

Warmth relieves headache.

Headache from variable weather.

Headache from lemonade or wine.

Headache from tea or coffee.


Type: Anaemic. Catarrhal. Nervous, Neuralgic. Uterine. Gastric, Rheumatic. Arthritic. Congestive.

Location: Forehead. Over eyes, Over left eye. Occiput. One side of head. Right side of head. Left side of head. Temples. Vertex. Deep in brain.

Character of pain: Boring, digging, burning, bursting, drawing, jerking, pressing, pressing asunder, shooting, sore, bruised, stitching, stunning, stupefying, tearing.

Causes: Chill; cold and dampness; cold; heat; overheating; abuse of spirituous liquors; strain; lifting; prolonged watching; variable weather; constipation; hair cut; ironing; suppressed perspiration; sleeping in damp room; rheumatism.

Extension: Face, forehead, neck, down back of neck, shoulders, teeth.

Aggravation: Day time; morning; morning in bed morning on first motion; morning on rising; morning on; awaking; morning on first opening eyes; forenoon; afternoon; evening from cold air; open air; from anger; on ascending steps; while bending head backward; from coffee; from becoming cold; from taking cold; combing the hair; while constipated; after contradiction; suppressed coryza; on coughing; from drinking; after eating; after excitement of emotions; from becoming heated; after intoxication; from ironing; from any jar; lifting; light; lying on back; before menses; during menses; suppressed menses; after mental exertion; motion; motion of head; motion of eyes; motion of eyelids; noise; after nursing infant; suppressed perspiration; during pregnancy; reading; lying down; standing position; erect position; running; shaking head; sitting; after sleep; stepping heavily; pressing at stool; stooping summer season; exposure to sun; suppressed eruption; while talking; thunder storms; touch; vexation; while walking in open air; while walking rapidly; warm room; from washing head; changes of weather; cold weather; dry cold weather; getting wet; exposure to wind; exposure to cold wind; wrapping up head.

Amelioration; Evening; binding head; closing eyes; cold application, eructations; lying with head high; while lying, lying on back; lying on painful side; external pressure; washing head with cold water; wrapping up head.

Attending Symptoms: Nausea. Vomiting. Loss of memory. Inability to collect the thoughts. Very irritable. Vexed, vehement. Retching and bilious vomiting. Vertigo. Tongue thickly coated. Violent thirst; dry feeling in mouth. Constipation. Diarrhoea in the morning. Red bloated face. Desire to lie down.

Symptoms: Pressing pain above left eye, followed by dull pressive pain in occipital protuberance, thence spreading over whole body; on quick motion and after eating; pain so severe that it seemed a distinct pulsation within head.

Pain in upper part of head as if would be forced asunder.

Sensation in bed as if patient sinking deep down.

Fullness and heaviness in forehead as if brain would press outward with epistaxis, red bloated face, worse opening or moving eyes, worse when stooping and from motion, better when closing eyes.

Head feels as it it would burst with fullness of brain.

Burning in forehead.

Congestive headache as if forehead would burst open with epistaxis.

Headache as if scalp would burst on coughing or moving head or walking.

Rheumatic pains in cold raw wet weather.

Coldness on vertex.

Headache commences in morning not on awaking but on opening eyes.

Confusion and aching as after nights dissipation.

Sensation of expansion or compression in brain.

Confusion in head with drawing in occiput extending into neck before going to sleep.

Gastric, rheumatic, congestive headaches with vertigo, heaviness of head, pressure and rush of blood to head.

Headache with constipation, dull pain in forehead and peculiar pressure sensation in temples.

Headache when stooping as though all contents of head would issue from forehead.

Coughing with headache.

Painful stitches when coughing.

Pressure, slight nausea, followed immediately by stitches in right hypochondrium.

Throbbing from forehead to occiput.

Headache accompanied by fretfulness.

Pressive frontal headache very much increased by stooping.

Heat of head with dark red face, with coldness of rest of body, with thirst and pain in limbs when moving.

Pain like a heaviness which pressed upon sore spot, in morning when lying on back, extending to shoulders.

Scalp very sensitive to touch, even of hat.

Pain beginning in occiput or finally become seated there associated with dryness of mouth, thirst and coated tongue.

Headache after washing in cold water when face is perspiring, increased by opening eyes.

Headache from variable weather.

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