Pains in both sides of chest going to back. Pain in left side. Sticking in side. Chest pain at night. Sticking pains in lungs, in left side, pains between scapulae. Sticking in chest worse morning and afternoon and when laughing, with cough and palpitation; pains in subclavicular region with cough. Cough with sticking pains in lungs. Cough with pain in right side of chest.


Type: Lobar Pneumonia: neglected Pleurisy; chronic neglected Pneumonia.

Stage: Third stage. Suppurative stage.

Location: Both lungs.

Causes: Stone-cutters; when the weather changes. From getting feet wet. Worm troubles; uncovering head. Imperfect assimilation; suppressed foot sweat. Exposing head or back to any slight draft of air. Bad effects of vaccination.

Expectoration: “Sputa profuse, fetid, green and purulent; blood or purulent, often taste greasy. Only during the day. Viscid, milky, acrid mucus, at times pale frothy blood. Thick, yellow, green, fetid sputa (Phthisis). Copious expectoration. Yellowish-green pus. Muco-purulent, of pus globules. Makes the water turbid. Little granulus like shot. Smell offensive when broken.”

Cough: Deep, exhausting cough. Frequent dry hacking cough causing soreness in chest. Cough from tickling in throat pit. Cough with hoarseness; cough with rawness in larynx and chest. Hoarse, hollow spasmodic cough; cough in the evening on lying down. Suffocative cough at night; cough with expectoration in day, bloody or purulent. Cough at first dry, later loose; worse cold drink, motion. Speaking, lying, lying down, night; hot drinks and food relieves cough.

Respiration: Shortness of breath worse exercise, lying on the back, oppressed, unable to take a long breath, frequent deep sighing. Arrested breathing when lying on back; or when coughing or when lifting. Deep sighing-breathing; shortness of breath and panting. Dyspnoea when at rest, when lying on the back.

Pains: Stitches in the chest and sides of the chest, through the back. Pulsation in sternum; weakness in chest. Lungs feel sore. Excruciating deep-seated pains in lungs.

Pulse: Pulse small, hard and rapid; frequently irregular and then slow.

Conditions: Slow recovery after Pneumonia. Inflammation of the lungs with suppuration; later stages of Pneumonia and the old chronic complaints following Pneumonia. Slow recovery after Pneumonia (Lyc., Sulph., Phos., Sil., Calc-c.) with flushes, rattling in chest. Pulmonary affections in stone-cutters. Want of animal heat; always chilly. Sense of hair on the tongue; better in warmth; suppressed foot sweat. Tendency to suppurations and cavities in the lungs. Dyspnoea when lying on back or coughing.

Accompaniments: Obstinate and head strong children. Yielding, faint-hearted, anxious. Sensitive to all impressions. Thinks only of pins, fears them, searches them and counts them. Melancholy, tired of life. Headache from fasting. Vertigo from looking up. Open fontanelles, the head is too large and the rest of the body in emaciation, with pale wax color of the face, hot swollen abdomen and fetid stools. Profuse sour sweat on head. Tendency to take cold in the head. Aversion to light: sensitive to noise; sense of a hair on tongue; painful dryness of nose. Pale face; white or burning red spots on the face or on the cheeks. Skin of the face cracks. Dry mouth; aversion to warm cooked food, desire for cold things.

Disgust for meat. Stool comes down with difficulty, when partly expelled, recedes, again. Icy cold and sweaty feet; offensive sweat on feet; soles sore. White spots on nails; yellow, crippled brittle finger nails. Emaciation; fainting when lying on the side. Takes cold easily especially when uncovering the head and feet. Sleepiness during a thunderstorm. Snoring during sleep. Awakens with erections and urging to urinate; debility; weakness of joints especially of the ankle-joints. Light haired people; Psoric persons; nervous and irritable persons; persons of light complexion. Fine dry skin; pale face; scrofulous rachitic children with large heads; distended abdomen. Restless, fidgety, starts at least noise; always chilly; headsweat; carrion-like odor of feet.

Aggravation: Winter; cold; cold drinks; uncovering motion; sleeping; lying down; during new moon; Night; In open air. From

getting wet; when lying on painful side. Wine; pressure; during sleep; new and full moon. Change of weather; washing; lying on left side. When single parts are cold; stone-cutters; in the room.

Amelioration: From wrapping the head up in the room. From warmth; in wet or humid weather; summer; hot drinks; hot food; heat.

Remedies following: Hep-s, Lach, Lyc, Sulph, Ars. A., Calc- c, Rhus T.


Type: Lobar Pneumonia. Broncho Pneumonia. Pleurisy. Abscess in lungs.

Stages: Second stage. Third stage.

Location: Apex of lungs, oftenest left.

Causes: Change of weather especially to cold, and to damp weather. Warm damp weather. Rainy weather. Before a storm. Cold damp weather. Electric changes in the weather. Exposure to cold.

Expectoration: Thick, yellow, yellowish-green. Expectoration of blood. Sweet. Yellow, green, purulent; fetid, profuse and rapidly prostrating. Thick, easy. Muco-purulent in morning. Viscid mucus. Expectoration diminished. Copious watery expectoration. Non-viscid, easy thick phlegm. Blood-tinged sputa.

Cough: All kinds of cough. In the first stage dry. Later loose, very loose with profuse expectoration. Irritating cough worse night. Severe cough in evening with pains below mamma on right side. Inclination to cough. Severe cough (muco-purulent sputa) cough prevents sleeping in evening. Cough with sticking pains in lungs Dry cough at night. Cough with viscid mucus. Slight tedious hacking cough. Hard, dry cough; hard dry cough shaking patient, more during sleep without waking him. Dry hacking cough.

Respiration: Marked feeling of suffocation. Increased difficulty of breathing. Extreme rapidity of respirations, without dyspnoea, 60 to 90 in the minute. Obliged to take deep inspirations, dyspnoea. Shortness of breath. Suffocation even with plenty of fresh air. Longs for cold air.

Suffocation in a warm room. Easy breathing in cold doors and windows open (Sulph).

Pain: Feeling of pressure in chest; heat in chest. Sticking pain in chest worse apex of left lung. Constriction in precordial region. Pains in both sides of chest going to back. Pain in left side. Sticking in side. Chest pain at night. Sticking pains in lungs, in left side, pains between scapulae. Sticking in chest worse morning and afternoon and when laughing, with cough and palpitation; pains in subclavicular region with cough. Cough with sticking pains in lungs. Cough with pain in right side of chest.

Pulse: Rapid pulse in evening.

Patient: Light-complexioned, narrow-chested subjects. Lax fiber, recuperative powers, susceptible to changes of weather. Always tired, motion causes intense fatigue. Wants constant changes. Mental and physical sensitiveness. Mentally deficient, children. Constant tendency to take cold. Emaciation; symptoms changeable especially pains. Blue eyes. Blonde in preference to brunette. Tall, slim, arrow-chested. Tubercular diathesis (family history of tubercular affections).

Fever: Cold feet in bed. High temperature. Fever worse afternoon and evening. Cold sweat on palms of hands. Longs for open cold air. Worse in warm room. Changeableness of symptoms. Tongue dry, lips dry, mouth dry, no thirst or thirst for small quantities of water. OEdematous pale face. Nervous, weak, irritable, melancholy, fretful peevish. Intense restlessness. Sensitive to music. Stool hard, dry.

Conditions: Every movement causes sticking in chest and back. Sticking pain in lungs with cough and palpitation. Pain on left side going to back. Longs for the open air. Wants doors and windows open. Family history of tubercular affections and best selected remedies fail to help when Psor or Sulph has failed. Rapid and pronounced emaciation. Erratic pains. Very loose cough with profuse expectoration. Rales all over chest. Profuse sweating. Hard hacking cough. Chilliness between shoulders or up the back.

Broncho-pneumonia of children. General chilliness. Symptoms better in open air and worse in a close warm room. Craving for cold milk. Aversion to meat. Thirst for large quantities of cold water. Face red, even purple. Screams in sleep. Consumptiveness, debilitated, anaemic persons with inherited Phthisis. Persons with a history of repeated attacks of intermittent fevers (relapsing and of most stubborn character and with ever changing symptoms).

Accompaniments: Irritable especially when awaking. Fears dogs, animals especially. Depressed; melancholy; anxiety; indifferent; forgetful; sensitive to music. Desire to lie down all the time. Sleepiness and weariness, with relaxed muscular system. Everything in the room seems strange as if he is in a strange place. Intense restlessness Whines and complains. Easily frightened, especially by dogs.

Great physical weakness, does not like to be disturbed; soporous; coma; stupor and stertorous breathing. Viscid yellow- green mucus from nose. Thick tenacious gray-colored mucus from nose. Tongue, mouth, lips dry. Salty taste; offensive breath; tongue coated white at back and through the centre; tongue sore at tip; dryness of mouth wakes him frequently at night. Dry throat; sensation of mucus in throat. Mouth, lips and tongue dry and parched great thirst for large quantities or for small quantities.

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