Headache Repertory

Morning on waking: Bryo; Graph; Lach; Nat-m; Nit-ac; Nux-vom; Tarent; Thuja; Sep; Sulph; Psor; Phos; Ph-ac; Lyco; Kali-c; Argn-n. Forenoon: Aur; Bar-c; Calc; Con; Kali-c; Nat-c; Nat-m; Sep. Afternoon: Bell; Sel; Aco; Agar; Alum; Am-c; Bad; Carbo-veg; Graph; Lyco; Nat-c; Nit-ac; Plat; Ph-ac; Sil; Sulph; Zinc. Evening: All-c; Bell; Kali-s; Mez; Puls; Sulph; Anac; Carb-veg; Caust; Dulc; Kali-c; Lyco; Mag-c; Mag-m; Nat-a; Nat-c; Nat-m; Nit-ac; Nat-a; Ph-ac; Phos; Plat; Sep; Sil; Stann; Thuja; Zinc.


Pains in both sides of chest going to back. Pain in left side. Sticking in side. Chest pain at night. Sticking pains in lungs, in left side, pains between scapulae. Sticking in chest worse morning and afternoon and when laughing, with cough and palpitation; pains in subclavicular region with cough. Cough with sticking pains in lungs. Cough with pain in right side of chest.

Case Reports

Pyorrhoea is a very common disease now-a-days. Dental Surgeons advise removal of teeth. The root cause of the disease is not indigestion but anaemia. I shall now cite a case of pyorrhoea cured by Homoeopathic medicine. A Mahomedan gentleman who was suffering from this disease came to me for being treated homoeopathically. Some of his teeth in the lower gum were shaky.

Clinical Proving Of Sanicula

In a closed room, in cold damp weather, at the change of season, after eating, after stool, by taking the hands behind the back or by raising arms, from sudden noise (palpitation) and from bathing. In open air and from monthly flow. It is a very good remedy for many complaints that come after child-birth especially paralysis. Its tongue is peculiar, thick at the base and thin in front and both the ring and pointer fingers are of equal size in the right hand.

Indigestion – 15

Indigestion with chilliness worse every cool change of weather. Nausea accompanies the desire for stool. Chilliness during vomiting. Saliva tenacious, soapy. Dry rough tongue. Vomiting of white tenacious mucus. Aversion to food. Burning thirst for cold drinks. Heart-burn. Bitter taste. Crawling on the tip of the tongue. Cutting pain around the umbilicus.

Death Anniversary Of Late Jitendra Nath Mazumdar

The Government and the Capitalists, on account of their vested interest, will never allow homoeopathy to have a great circulation. So we cannot cherish any hope from that quarter. We shall have to win over the situation by actually establishing the uncommon merits and usefulness of homoeopathy before the public eye. This object can only be obtained by our arduous labour, patient waiting and mutual co-operation.

Editorial – Medical Conference And Homoeopathy

Our business year closes with the March issue of this journal. We extend our earnest greetings and best wishes to all our readers and supporters and we beg to be pardoned for all our omissions or commissions made in the past. It makes us very happy to think that our journal has rendered splendid services to the cause of homoeopathy even in the face of adverse circumstances which often impeded our activities.

Indigestion – 13

Emission of cold flatulence; rumbling and grumbling in abdomen. Sensation of soreness and rawness of the stomach and of the abdomen when walking on the stones. Soreness about the root of the tongue. Terrible nausea, acrid heart-burn, and acid eructations, worse on going to bed. Amelioration from eating and aggravation a few hours after meals; acidity and burning.

Pneumonia -6

Stitches deep in the chest while walking. Stitches in the left side of the upper chest when sitting bent. Stitches in the middle of the sternum, extending to back. Sharp stitches through right lung from nipple. Violent stitches in mid sternum extending to shoulders. Stitches deep in the middle chest. Pains in the chest as if cut to pieces. Stitches pain through-lungs, worse motion.

What Gandhiji Thought Of homoeopathy

In conclusion it is humbly stated that we owe a debt of gratitude to the benign Government of Bengal who kindly sanctioned the inauguration of the Faculty of Homoeopathic Medicine in Bengal. The object of this innovation is to stimulate a systematic study of the Homoeopathic system of medicine and to differentiate trained Homoeopathic practitioners from the untrained ones.