Indigestion – 15

Indigestion with chilliness worse every cool change of weather. Nausea accompanies the desire for stool. Chilliness during vomiting. Saliva tenacious, soapy. Dry rough tongue. Vomiting of white tenacious mucus. Aversion to food. Burning thirst for cold drinks. Heart-burn. Bitter taste. Crawling on the tip of the tongue. Cutting pain around the umbilicus.


Effects of night-watching. Effects of hard study. Dryness of the skin, dark and scanty urine. Aversion to food and loathing when merely looking at it and still more when smelling it; the smell of broth nauseates and that of fish, eggs or fat meat almost makes him faint. The smell of food causes nausea even to fainting, especially fish. Nausea in an erect position, when moving, at table, with inclination to vomit, with constant flow of saliva. Vomiting of bile or mucus, of the ingesta, with trembling, violent gagging, colic, succeeded by bitterness in mouth and throat. Every motion excites or renews the vomiting. Sensitiveness of the region of the stomach, it does not bear contact. The stomach feels icy cold. Pulsation in the abdomen. Burning in the stomach with heavy pain, sensation of gnawing hunger in the stomach. Distention of abdomen with gas, inability to stretch out legs. Cold feelings in the thigh after period (women). Knees strike together, can hardly walk.


Vertigo when lying down and when turning over in bed. Violent ptyalism. Nausea as soon as food is taken. Great desire for coffee, for salt food and acids. After taking milk sensation of inflation of the abdomen. Suppressed eructations with subsequent pain in stomach.

Emission of cold flatulence; rumbling and grumbling in abdomen. Sensation of soreness and rawness of the stomach and of the abdomen when walking on the stones. Soreness about the root of the tongue. Terrible nausea, acrid heart-burn, and acid eructations, worse on going to bed. Amelioration from eating and aggravation a few hours after meals; acidity and burning. Painful spot the lebel of the sternum. Tremulous weakness after every stool. Interrupted flow of urine. Sweat as soon as one sleeps or even when closing eyes. Violent pains in stomach always two or three hours after eating, better in knee-elbow position. Vomiting of black masses like coffee-grounds; sour and acrid. Sour risings from stomach from eating.


Disturbed digestion, with very salty saliva. Salty taste. Hiccough like eructation, worse fat food. Satiety after a few mouthfuls. Disgust for meat, especially pork. Desire for lemonade. No thirst at all. Tongue coated white. Fine stitches in the surface of the tongue. Redness of the tip of the tongue. Burning of the tip of the tongue. Food tastes flat. Aversion to eat bread and butter; less aversion to warm food. Thirst during night. Thirst and hunger with dryness in the throat.

Nausea and accumulation of water in the mouth. Nausea caused by eating and drinking. Vomiting of mucus followed by sleep. Fullness and pressure in the stomacH as if he had eaten too much. Rumbling in the intestines. Pale face. Dry lips. Stitches in stomach, region of liver, navel, abdomen. Nausea after eating fat food. Complete inappetency. Hiccough during and after eating. Pork disagrees.


Dyspepsia, the result of mental over-exertion, anxiety or grief.


After eating a weakness in stomach as if the stomach were sinking away or as if life would vanish. Discomfort after eating even a small quantity of light food. Loss of appetite and clean tongue. Continuous thirst with dry lips. Flat slimy taste, bread tastes bitter. Gulping of an acrid or tasteless fluid. Nausea. Vomiting. Colic. Chilliness previous to stool. Stool gray, ash-colored, white as chalk. Blueness of tongue. White-coated tongue. Pulse full; irregular; slow, very slow. Sweet taste with constant ptyalism. Excessive nausea not relieved by vomiting Copious salivation. Neuralgic pains in stomach.


Dull heavy weary pain in stomach worse after eating, relieved by copious eructation of gas. Sharp pain in epigastrium relieved by standing erect. Mouth dry and bitter in morning, tongue coated, no thirst. Belching of large quantities of offensive gas. Sinking of the pit of stomach. Pyrosis. Eructations bitter, sour wind. Pains suddenly shift to distant parts, appear in remote localities as fingers and toes. Rumbling or emission of much flatus. Colic better walking about.


Aversion to pork. Frequent singultus. Water-brash. Nausea after eating fat food. Colic after eating sour things. Aversion to and bad effects from acids.


Indigestion with chilliness worse every cool change of weather. Nausea accompanies the desire for stool. Chilliness during vomiting. Saliva tenacious, soapy. Dry rough tongue. Vomiting of white tenacious mucus. Aversion to food. Burning thirst for cold drinks. Heart-burn. Bitter taste. Crawling on the tip of the tongue. Cutting pain around the umbilicus.


Hunger and thirst especially for wine. Complaints worse from sweets. Feeling of weight on stomach between meals. Bilious diarrhoea soon after drinking especially warm drinks. Aversion to coffee. Eructation and discharge of flatulency. Nausea, eructation and lassitude. Sensation of emptiness in the region of the navel with desire to draw a deep breath, relieved by bandaging and eating. Perspiration particularly in the face. Sour eructations. Wants fancy dishes. Stomach symptoms relieved by tight clothes. Desire for highly seasoned food. Craves cold water, hungry. Flatus and eructations. Teeth feel warm. Profuse sour offensive perspiration. The nails grow more rapidly.


Suffers from hunger, must eat every few hours, anxious and worried if he does not eat. Feels better while eating or after eating, when stomach is full. Empty eructations from morning to night as if every particle of food was turned into air. Ravenous hunger, eats freely and well, yet loses flesh all the time. Constipation with ineffectual urging, better by drinking cold milk. Weakness.


Nausea and vomiting of watery and extremely sour fluid especially during early morning. Constant and profuse flow of ropy saliva hanging in a string from the mouth to the vessel on the floor. Vomiting of sweetish substances. Bitter, putrid taste. Nausea and empty eructations. Vomiting of food, sour, bilious. Pain in stomach before breakfast and from drinking water. Colic relieved by bending forward relieved by discharge of flatulence. Cutting pain in the lower part of the abdomen. Fetid flatulence. Dry cracked lips. Burning of whole alimentary canal. Diarrhoea with burning at anus.


After several hours the food is thrown up undigested. Cannot bear tight clothing; water tastes bitter. Worse from cold better from warm food. Vomiting of sweetish water in the morning. Feeling of coldness as if ice water in stomach. Bitter taste after a swallow of water. Painful hard spot (stomach). Bitter taste of food when it is swallowed. Eructations sour or empty, after dinner, followed by expectoration of frothy saliva. Vomiting, with cold hands and feet and thirst.


Everything tastes sour. Food becomes violently acid as soon as it reaches the stomach. Eructations. Stomach hard and distended with flatulent colic. Gnawing in stomach relieved by eating, but returning in a few hours as soon as stomach is empty. Desire for wine. Craving for milk and oysters which often disagree. Fruit and acid easily cause diarrhoea. Cannot bear the pressure of clothing around the waist. Hungry, cannot wait for food. Empty swallowing more painful than swallowing solids.

Constant desire to swallow and when swallowing sensation as if he had a foreign body in throat which cannot be moved upward or downward. Stool fetid. Constipation with ineffectual efforts to evacuate. Diarrhoea and constipation in alternation. Stitch in rectum when laughing or sneezing. Throbbing as with little hammers in anus after stool. Much distress after sleep. Tongue cracked at the tip. Tongue dry, red, black, cracked especially on the tip. Paleness, yellowness or lead-like color of the face.


Increased appetite and thirst. Bitter taste in throat, as from bile. Pain in the stomach with retraction of the pit of the stomach, worse on pressing on the part. Icy coldness of stomach and oesophagus. Pains in abdomen are relieved by sitting, bending or by emission of fetid flatulence.


Dryness of mouth. Dry and rough tongue. White and dry tongue. The tongue feels cold or burnt and numb. The drink he takes rolls audibly through the oesophagus and intestines. Violent thirst with dry mouth. Entire loss of appetite with clean tongue. Bitter eructations. Violent Bitter eructations. Violent pain in stomach with loss of speech. Burning in the stomach and abdomen or coldness. Constipation, stool hard, firm. Ineffectual urging to stool with emission of wind only.


Bitter taste in mouth. Nausea and qualmishness when spitting. Pressure in stomach after eating a small quantity. Sensation of fulness in the upper part of the abdomen. Perspiration causes itching. Perspiration in the palms of the hands. Dry skin. The rheumatic pains begin in the lower limbs and ascend. Bad effects of alcoholic drinks.


Hungry. Longs for meat. Thirsty, drinks often and much and before severe symptoms. Early morning urgent stool. Skin rough as a grater, harsh, dry. Fulness in the pit of the stomach, cannot endure the least pressure, he must loosen his clothing. Constant desire to urinate, with some difficulty in urinating and a pressing in cardiac region better by urinating.


Acidity, flatulence, shortness of breath after eating. Heart burn with profuse flow of saliva. Extreme nausea and vomiting. Profuse salivation with good appetite. Cannot bear smell or taste of tobacco. Frequent flatulent eructations with flow of water in the mouth. Frequent gulping up of a burning, sour fluid. Hiccough with abundant flow of saliva in the mouth. Nausea with profuse perspiration and copious vomiting. Heart burn and running of water from the mouth. Vomiting with cold perspiration of the face. Burning in stomach. Feeling of weight in the stomach. Pain in the abdomen worse after eating. Abuse of tea or tobacco. Urine has a deep red color and deposits a copious red sediment.


Acid dyspepsia. Extreme bloatedness of stomach, without eructations or flatulence, or with sour eructations and pyrosis after having eaten cabbage, potatoes and other gross food. Nausea and vertigo when eating, followed by retching, vomiting of a bitter salt water. Little appetite and hunger. No appetite at noon, but it comes while eating. Feels satiated with the first morsel. She does not relish warm food, she only wants butter and bread. Dislike to all green food, she would rather eat meat. Good appetite for vegetables, but loathing of meat. Eating meat gives him dry skin and heat, Inclination for fruit and to acid things.

Prabir Kumar