Essential Symptoms – 2

Patient improves for a time, then relapses; worse on alternate days; faint and tired, must lie or sit down; brittle nails; itching when heated from any cause; troubles from spinal affections; skin of face feels tense, as if white of an egg or glue had dried upon it; red nose, point of nose cracked; heat and redness of the ear; sad thoughts, everything viewed in a sad light; changeable mood; time passes too slowly; can evacuate bowels only when standing.



1. Coryza, nasal discharge acrid, eye secretion bland, worse in warm room and better in open air, worse in damp cold weather; excoriation of nose and upper lip; increased secretion of urine; thirst; heat; rumbling in abdomen.

2. Cough when inhaling cold air. Bad effects from wet feet. Cough worse in warm room and better in open air.

3. Toothache better cold air and cold washing.

4. Thread-like pains; desire for raw onions.

5. Facial paralysis, left side; effects of damp cold wind and weather; effects of eating spoiled fish; pains after surgical operation. Neuralgia from old injuries.

6. Panaritium; painful affections of fingers about nails; ulcers on heels.


1. Cough when smoking; cough giving rise to most fetid breath; cough worse bending head, after eating, by open air.

2. Sensation of a hair on tongue or throat.

3. Pulmonary tuberculosis; haemoptysis; high lives who eat a great deal of meat; sweetish saliva; rattling of mucus in bronchi; sensitive to cold air; chest complaints worse after eating; skin peels off the hands; legs do not grow as rapidly as the rest of the body.


1. Diarrhoea or dysentery with sense of insecurity in rectum when passing flatus or urine. Involuntary stool when passing wind or urine; urgent, drives out of bed in morning; desire for stool after each meal or after drinking or when standing or when walking. Rumbling in abdomen.

2. Haemorrhoids better cold application.

3. Headache, worse heat, better cold application; heaviness in eyes, must close them.

4. Hard stool falls out without being noticed.

5. Feeling as of a plug wedged in between pelvish and coccyx.


1. Diarrhoea from bad water and malaria; painless, water stools, soon after eating; stool contains undigested food. 2. After exhausting fevers (debility).


1. Obstinate constipation, no desire for stools. Stools as hard as stones; long-lasting pain in rectum after stool.

2. Haemorrhage from bowels in typhoid (large clots); haemoptysis with great weakness of chest.

3. Vertigo better lying on right side; better opening eyes.

4. Headache better drinking cold water.

5. Palpitation worse lying on right side.

6. Bleeding after tooth extraction.

7. Prolapse of iris after cataract operation.

8. Nasal polypus, rough skin all over face and body.


1. No desire for stool for days, great straining to evacuate even a soft stool; must strain at stool in order to urinate; stool hard, dry, knotty; constipation, worse in infants and old people.

2. Suicidal tendency when seeing knife or blood.

3. Potatoes disagree, aversion to meat; craving for chalk, charcoal, dry food, starch, slate, white rags, dry rice, tea grounds and other indigestible things.

4. Leucorrhoea, profuse, excoriating all the adjacent parts, sometimes running down limbs, making walking difficult, relieved by cold water.

5. Dry hacking cough from elongated uvula.

6. Patient improves for a time, then relapses; worse on alternate days; faint and tired, must lie or sit down; brittle nails; itching when heated from any cause; troubles from spinal affections; skin of face feels tense, as if white of an egg or glue had dried upon it; red nose, point of nose cracked; heat and redness of the ear; sad thoughts, everything viewed in a sad light; changeable mood; time passes too slowly; can evacuate bowels only when standing (Caust).

7. Dim sight, wipes her eyes constantly; left upper eyelid hangs down as if paralyzed.

8. Vertigo on closing eyes.

9. Fish-bone sensation in throat.

10. Hairs falls out all over body.

11. Burning pains in back.

12. Symptoms worse at new or full moon, morning on waking, after coitus; in cold air; in dry weather; better cold washing, by moistening the part; worse from salt.

13. Green stool in summer complaints.

14. Sweat on perinaeum at the beginning of erection or during coition; pains in the perinaeum, during coition and while the erection continues.

15. Colic better external heat.

16. Protrusion and incarceration of inguinal hernia.


1. Music aggravates symptoms; cough worse music.

2. Patient embarrassed in company, bashful, cough worse when many people are present; cough followed by belching; cannot pass stool in the presence of others; lean, delicate, sickly-looking persons.

3. Apt to drop what one is carrying.

4. Cough worse from talking or reading aloud.

5. Asthma in lean and delicate old people and of children.

6. Heart-burn from drinking milk; sour eructations; eructations and cough; abdomen feels cold; sour urine.

7. Menses too early and too profuse, discharge of blood at every little accident or unusual physical exertion.

8. Itching of inside of soles, finger nails brittle in old people; cramps in calves at night, itching of palms of hands.

9. Numbness of various parts; hot lips; thirstlessness, plug sensation in throat.

10. Nose-bleed in morning; long continued dryness in nose.

11. Sour taste after talking milk.

12. Worse from warm drinks especially from warm milk; better after eating.

13. Coldness of one side of abdomen.

14. Sour smelling urine with whooping cough.

15. Lying down aggravates the uterine symptoms.

16. Long-lasting icy-coldness of hands.

17. Tips of fingers are shrivelled; cold feet; gouty pain in ball of great toe.

18. Soreness of a wart on the finger.

19. Lifting a heavy weight aggravates cough.

20. Sensation as if a few drops passed through the urethra.


1. Bronchial affections in old people brought on by cold weather. Constant motion of alae nasi. Mucus tough and hard; coarse rattling of chest in old people. Difficult breathing.

2. Appendicitis, stitches in the Caecum at 7 P.M. alternating with pains elsewhere.

3. Dim sight from a blow on the head; from reading.

4. Hydrocele.

5. Gurgling in left ear on scratching the occiput.

6. Sensation of a foreign body in throat which incites efforts to swallow it.


1. Gout with deposits in joints; gout with fluid in great toe- joint.

2. Urinary incontinence in the aged.


1. Chronic laryngeal catarrh of speakers.

2. Sudden desire to cough causing strangling; cough at 3 a.m.; stringy mucus. Cough on lying down at night; whooping cough on lying down.

3. Pharyngeal catarrh, tickling in throat, burning in fauces. Better warmth and warm drinks, worse open air, cold air.

4. Must walk about for fear of suffocation.

5. Irritable feeling under finger nails, better only by biting them.


1. Nose bleeds when washing the hands or face in the morning, after dinner, after breakfast, after washing or wetting the face.

2. At night nose obstructed, has to breathe through mouth; catarrh of nose, cant breathe through nose. Snuffles of childrens childs nose stopped, starts from sleep, strangling for want of breath, because it must breathe through the mouth.

3. Diphtheria when the nose is stopped so the child can breath only through its mouth.

4. Colic with pain between the scapulae.

5. Patient tired and weary all day, sensitive to open air, children dislike to bathe; weary and nervous; disposed to weep, particularly in the evening; listless, lethargic; dejection of mind.

6. Eyes weak and watery after reading or using them at fine work; eye affections from over-straining the eyes.

7. White spots on face, scale off continually.

8. Putrid sore throat, glands of neck enlarged and engorged. Hard swelling of right patroid gland. Hard swelling of chest, also of cervical and patroid glands. Hernia in left groin. Bleeding and painful (Hindering walking) piles.

9. Diabetes; urine white sandy, bloody.

10. Frequent seminal emissions in the male, impotency, great desire but no erection; erections but no sexual desire.

11. Menses blackish, acrid, with Toothache; cholera like symptoms before menses.

12. Violent cough at 3 or 4 A.M. Emphysema; incipient pulmonary phthisis; oppression of breathing worse physical effort, in warm room; spits bright red blood; bloody taste followed by cough; burning in chest; sternum cracks on bending backward; rattling in chest; Asthmatic oppression worse ascending.

13. Right hand becomes very heavy; without strength. Hand looks blue and veins distended after washing in cold water.

14. In the beginning of whitlow.

15. Big toe red, enlarged, painful in bed, whole foot swells. Gout in great toe.

16. Legs contracted, tendons feel too short, feel as if narrowed. Cramps in legs and soles, cannot walk; cracking in joints in walking.

17. Night-mare nearly every night. Starting up in sleep.

18. Skin desquamates; exanthema continually peels off.

19. Erysipelas in old people with cerebral symptoms.

20. Hunger and appetite but, very little satisfies, heart-burn, sour eructations.

21. Great aversion to water; cannot bear to touch it.

22. Heaviness in all organs; fat patients with weak heart feel suffocation.

23. Uncleanness in body habits.

24. Fingers swell when arm is hanging down.

25. Faintly developed eruptions from defective vitality. Chilly patient. Skin peels off from the palms of hands.

26. Aggravation in wet stormy weather; from washing; from wet poultice; stout women who readily take cold in winter; at night; 3 a.m.; during menses; on bending down.

Amelioration: By warmth; lying on stomach, lying on right side; lying on painful side.

27. Useful in Asthma, Bronchitis, cough. Emphysema, enuresis, erysipelas, piles; measles, . Rickets; whitlow, uraemia. Toothache.


1. Cough at night when lying on the back; worse by eating, drinking anything cold.

2. Coldness in the back, especially between the shoulders.

3. Skin peels off between the fingers.

4. Pain in left hip, limping.

5. Coldness of the feet especially evening in bed.

6. Soreness (sensation) in different parts of body.

7. Body large and fat, legs too thin, indolent and sluggish persons. Full of grief but cant weep.

8. Coryza, with obstruction of the nose and loss of smell; discharge acrid, constant but unavailing effort to blow nose.

9. Eruption on face better cold application.

10. Left groin as if sprained, cannot walk erect.

11. Constipation, hard crumbling stools expelled with much difficulty. Hard stool covered with mucus.

12. Diarrhoea and vomiting during menses.

13. Dry cough worse by lying on back; after cold drinks.

14. Asthma from moving the arms with force.

15. Pain in coccyx as from a bruise when sitting or lying.

16. Fatty swelling on nape of neck. Fatty tumours.

17. Pain in heel relieved by rubbing. Feet very cold in evening in bed.

18. Neuralgic pains in Stumps of amputated limbs (Al-cep).

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