Pneumonia -11

Scanty expectoration of glairy transparent mucus mixed with blood, which when loosened, must be swallowed; cough producing a feeling in ribs as if all of them were bruised, with stitches in side of chest. “Breath fetid short and panting from obstruction and infiltration of lungs followed by decomposition of blood and offensive, green, purulent blood-streaked sputa which must be swallowed.”


Pulse. Pulse accelerated, especially in evening.

Patient: Scrofulous and venous constitutions; old people; anaemic broken down constitutions. “Elderly persons with marked venous plethora, blue cheeks, blue lips and great debility” Cyanosis.

Conditions: Cold feeling in chest; cannot lie on right side; green purulent offensive expectoration in last stage of pneumonia; burning in chest; cough worse lying on right side; as soon as the patient closes his eyes he feels as if he were something; suffocating hoarse cough producing shaking of the brain as though the brain were loose in the head; debility, worse lying on side.

Accompaniments: Stitches in the small of the back when drawing a long breath; constipation, unsuccessful desire for stool, he passes only very offensive flatus; oozings from rectum and perineum; aversion to greasy food; dry mouth and tongue; lips cracked; heat of the face and head in the afternoon; red tip of nose; sensation as if eyes were lying loose in their sockets; vertigo followed by nose-bleed; offensiveness of discharges; stitches remaining after pleurisy Pleurisy of typhoid character; red spotted face; has to hold the head to keep it from falling to pieces especially in damp weather.


Type: Lober Pneumonia; broncho-pneumonia; asthenic pneumonia.

Stages: Third stage.

Location: Left side of chest.

Expectoration: Bloody mucus; spitting bright red blood. Thin foamy sputa; copious expectoration; expectoration of pure blood.

Cough: Constant cough with copious expectoration; cough with stitches in small of back; cough with spitting of blood with previous sweet taste and with great dyspnoea; cough at night, every morning at 3oclock, dry from tickling in the throat, as of dust; bloody taste followed by cough and spitting bright red blood with burning in chest; cough with bloody sputa; cough at night.

Respiration: Dyspnoea; much oppression of breathing; worse in warm room and motion; slow labored stertorous breathing, bubbling sound.

Pain: Stitches in the left side of the chest worse when lying on it; heaviness on the chest; burning and heat in the chest; chest feels tired; rattling in chest when standing, sensation as if lungs were drawn; many stitches in chest; angina pectoris.

Pulse: Hard, tense and frequent.

Patient: Aged persons, stout women who readily take cold in winter; children who dislike washing; fat patients with weak heart; right side more affected.

Conditions: Violent cough at night especially at three or four in the morning, with expectoration of bloody mucus; much rattling as of large bubbling in the chest; chest feels faint; bloody taste followed by cough; thin foamy sputa; adynamia.

Accompaniments: Ill humor during wet stormy weather; nose stops at night, can breathe through mouth (long continued coryza); pale bloated face; corners of mouth and lips sore, cracked and burn; mouth and throat dry; craving for sugar; hard, knotty difficult stool; the skin peels off from the palms of the hand; cramps in calf, soles; desquamation of skin; very sensitive to cold air; heaviness in all organs; nose bleeds when washing the hands or face in the morning; white spots on face scale off continually; white sandy, urine, bloody; skin desquamates easily, exanthema continually peels off leaving a skin which sticks to the clothes; tired and weary all day; great dislike to bathing in children; sensitiveness to open air.

Aggravation: Cold wet weather; wet poultices; from washing; in the evening; on bending down; wet stormy weather.

Amelioration: Lying on the stomach; lying on right side; lying on painful side; in dry weather; by external pressure; in the room; from warmth.


Type: Traumatic pneumonia; pleurisy; rheumatic pleurisy.

Stages: First stage, second stage.

Location: Right lung. “Middle of left chest (stitches)”.

Causes: Mechanical injury, amp cold weather; charcoal vapors.

Expectoration: Bloody expectoration”. Difficult; frothy, greenish, lumpy, mucous, bloody mucous. Fetid, offensive; purulent; rusty. Must swallow what has been loosened; bitter, flat; putrid (taste); transparent; white. “Tough bloody sputa.”

Cough: Cough provoked by weeping and lamenting; dry cough from tickling low down in trachea; violent spasmodic cough with facial herpes, child cries before coughing; cough at night, during sleep, exercise; dry short cough caused by titillation in larynx; cough at night during sleep; cough with blood-shot eyes or nose bleed; yawning causes cough; cough with expectoration of blood, the blood is clear. frothy, mixed with coagulated masses and mucous; even without cough there is expectoration of black coagulated blood; inability to eject mucous, must swallow what is detached; on coughing pain in head and chest; cough worse evening till midnight, from motion; in warm room and after drinking.

Respiration: Short, panting, difficult and anxious; rattling in chest, oppression of chest with difficulty of breathing; respiration frequently slow and deep; breathing fetid, short and panting, excessive difficulty of breathing.

Pain: Burning or rawness in the chest, soreness of the ribs; stitches in the chest, left side, worse from a dry cough with oppression of breathing, worse from motion, better from external pressure; bruised sore feeling of the chest.

Pulse: Very variable, mostly hard, full and quick. Full hard or weak and slow.

Patient: Hydrogenoid constitutions; persons with dark hair, rigid muscles; plethoric, red face; nervous.

Fever: Slightest lifting of bed clothes or even moving in bed makes him chilly; cold hands and feet; uncovers but uncovering makes him chilly. Upper part of body warm lower part cold; soreness and bruised feeling; bruised, sore weary; great weakness and must lie down in consequence, bed feels too hard, frequent change of position. During fever head and upper parts are hot and body is cool; coldness of parts lain on; aversion to uncover.

Conditions: “Pneumonia of the right lung with bruised sore feeling and bloody expectoration”. Guernsey.

“Traumatic pneumonia”. Raw.

“Where the disease is caused by mechanical injury and where in plethoric persons pneumonic inflammation shows a tendency to haemorrhage; dry cough, shaking the whole body, with tough bloody sputa”. -Lilienthal.

“Pneumonia; approaching paralysis”. – Boericke.

Scanty expectoration of glairy transparent mucus mixed with blood, which when loosened, must be swallowed; cough producing a feeling in ribs as if all of them were bruised, with stitches in side of chest. “Breath fetid short and panting from obstruction and infiltration of lungs followed by decomposition of blood and offensive, green, purulent blood-streaked sputa which must be swallowed.”

Head hot with body cool; head is hot when he awakens at night; hot spots on top of head; black and blue spots on body; putrid phenomena; bed feels too hard; ecchymosis; sore lame bruised feeling; says there is nothing the matter with him; wants to be left alone; dizzy on closing eyes; sunken red face; fetid vomiting; distaste for milk and meat; must lie down after every stool; great fear of being touched or approached.

Accompaniments: Absence of mind; depressed spirit. Anxiety and restlessness; great sensitiveness of mind; quarrelsome; hopeless, peevish; sensitive; great desire to scratch, wall, bed, head etc. Heat of the face, the body being cool; sunken, pale face; redness of one cheek; burning hot cracked lips; mouth dry with thirst; white tongue; bitter taste in morning; colic with strangury; bloody urine. Oversensitiveness of the whole body; drowsiness with delirium.

Aggravation: In the night, from concussion; from physical exertion; after surgical operation; damp cold weather; charcoal vapours; falls; least touch; rest; wine; motion; lying on left side; coughing; external pressing.

Amelioration: Contact; motion, from noise; lying down or with head low.

Remedies following: Aco; Asr-A; Bry; Ipec; Rhus-T.


Type: Pneumonia; pleurisy.

Stages: First stage; second stage.

Location: Right side; left chest near middle of sternum.

Causes: Cold weather; acute exanthema imperfectly developed or suppressed.

Sequel of eruptive diseases.

Expectoration: Scanty or none at all; more rarely profuse, transparent albuminous in frothy bloody mucus; no expectoration or sweetish or tasteless.

Cough: Cough with ringing sound; irritating cough caused by pressure on larynx; cough which loosens with difficulty, rouses from sleep before midnight and ceases as soon as the least particle is loosened which is swallowed; cough after lying down or sleeping, cough with pain in head and chest; cough with inability to retain urine; cough from 9 P.M. to 4 A.M. Cough ceases as soon as least sputa is loosened; cough dry ringing, spasmodic; dry cough with gagging; short dry cough.

Respiration: Respiration hurried and difficult; dyspnoea, especially difficult inspiration; oppression of chest worse in a warm room, better in open air; worse lying down.

Pain: Sensation of coldness in chest or sensation of heat on chest; dull aching pain in left chest, near middle of sternum; fullness, constriction, or suffocation in chest; Sharp stitches in left chest; soreness in chest; stitches in left side of chest and through back; burning stinging pain through entire front of chest.

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