Quo Vadis

Research is a very expensive luxury meant for the rich only. Till the country rose to a more prosperous financial condition, we could have kept going by utilising the researches going on in other countries. After all, what percentage of population suffers from Cancer or Chest diseases as compared with those who are afflicted with general disease?

Editorial – Homoeopathic Dose

One drop of medicine can moisten three hundred small globules of the size of poppy seeds and one such globule imbibed with the medicine will make a medicinal dose. One such globule should be put dry on the tongue in order to effect a gentle cure. In case of very sensitive patients one single olfaction of such a small globule will produce most rapid result.

Essential Symptoms – 3

Desire to walk very fast; desire to jump over when crossing bridge, diarrhoea before going to church, wants cold air, cold drinks, cold things, wants ice, ice cream, wants head in cold air. Suffocates in a warm room (Puls), wants doors and windows open, suffocates if other people are in the room.

Headache Repertory

Sensation as if both sides of head were pressed toward each other after walking in open air: Bov. Sensation as if brain beat against skull, in waves: China. Sensation as if brain move while standing: Rheum. Sensation as if brain were being torn: Arn., Am-m., Coff. Sensation as if brain were expanding: Glon. Sensation as if brain was in motion when he leaned against something: Cycl. Sensation as if brain was rent asunder: Ferr-ac.

Pneumonia -11

Scanty expectoration of glairy transparent mucus mixed with blood, which when loosened, must be swallowed; cough producing a feeling in ribs as if all of them were bruised, with stitches in side of chest. “Breath fetid short and panting from obstruction and infiltration of lungs followed by decomposition of blood and offensive, green, purulent blood-streaked sputa which must be swallowed.”