Essential Symptoms

Patient is compelled to sit up. Bronchitis, pneumonia, emphysema, etc. In some forms of asthma one has to sit in a chair and lean his head on a table. In some forms of pneumonia so great is the prostration that the patient is constantly slipping down in bed. Symptoms better from sitting erect and from eructation.


(1) Pains like bee-stings, stinging pains.

(2) Lets things fall from the hands from inadvertency.

(3) Shrill sudden, piercing screams, sleeping or waking.

(4) Vertigo on closing the eyes or when the sight is obscured.

(5) Sensation as if could not breathe again.

(6) Boils and swellings of all descriptions with stinging pains.

(7) Cerebro-spinal meningitis, stiff neck and back, shrill, sudden piercing screams; apoplexia, hydrocephalus and other disorders of the brain. Bending head back and boring the head into the pillow; inability to hold it erect.

8. Cannot bear to be left alone.

9. Absence of thirst, scanty urine.

10. Upper lids swell and hang like little sacks over the eyes. OEdematous and bag-like under the lower lids.

11. Sleeps with the eyes wide open.

12. Paralysis of right side of the face with right eye closed.

13. Fistula lachrymalis. Polypus of nose.

14. Red fiery appearance of the buccal cavity.

15. Cant protrude the tongue, it trembles and catches on the teeth. Tongue hangs from the mouth.

16. Cancer of tongue.

17. Hypertrophied tonsils when very red.

18. Soreness of the bowels or abdominal walls when touched or pressed. Ileo-caecal region very sensitive on pressure.

19. Ascites anasarca, hernia, erysipelas, painless dysentery, dropsy.

20. Ovarian affection with inverted nipples; stinging burning pains.

21. Great sensitiveness to touch.

22. Great dyspnoea, as if every breath would be the last, wants to be fanned. Asthma worse in cold weather, suffocation, throws the coller wide open, could bear nothing about the throat.

23. Hurried and difficult respiration with fever and headache.

24. Beginning or threatening of a felon.

25. Numbness of the limb same side on which ovary is affected.

26. Numbness of the hands or fingers esp. tips; burning like fire. Numbness and coldness of feet.

27. Dreams of making long journeys, flying through air, hot stones, walking over hot floors, walking over wet roads.

28. Surface of body very sensitive to touch.

29. Dark haemorrhages.

30. Swelling or puffing up of parts, oedema, red rosy hue, stinging pains, soreness, intolerance of heat and touch, afternoon aggravation, extreme sensitiveness to touch and soreness, sensation of constriction.

31. Symptoms worse heat or heated room.

32. Symptoms better cold bathing, open air. ANTIM TART

(1) Respiratory diseases, rattling of mucus with little expectoration, drowsiness well marked, great debility, profuse sweat, incessant quivering of chin and lower jaw, sweat on forehead esp. with cough; bronchial tubes overloaded with mucus, cough and dyspnoea better lying on right side; coughing and gaping consecutively; dyspnoea relived by eructation. Worse in damp cold weather. In pneumonia when the edges of the lids are covered with mucus. Diarrhoea in pneumonia. Rapid, short, difficult, anxious respiration, hot and sweaty head. Cough excited by eating. Pains from chest to shoulder.

Sputa blood- streaked, rust-coloured, adhering like glue to the vessel. Muscular twitchings. Blue lips. Great rattling of mucus as if the child would suffocate, always relieved by spitting or vomiting of mucus. Patient is compelled to sit up. Bronchitis, pneumonia, emphysema, etc. In some forms of asthma one has to sit in a chair and lean his head on a table. In some forms of pneumonia so great is the prostration that the patient is constantly slipping down in bed. Symptoms better from sitting erect and from eructation.

Face is pale or cyanotic and breathing stertorous. Warm drink causes cough. Worse lying on side affected. Lies with head back (Lung affections). Cough worse 4 a.m. better eructations. Fan- like motions of wings of nose in pneumonia.

2. Intense nausea relieved by vomiting. Nausea, vomiting, loose stools, prostration, cold sweat, stupor, drowsiness, cholera.

3. Great relief from eructations (stomach).

4. Continuous anxious nausea with great effort to vomit, and sweat on forehead.

5. Craves apples, fruits, acids, cold drinks and other cool and refreshing substances.

6. Aversion to milk.

7. Pitiful whining and crying. Child wants to be carried and cries if any one touches it. Child will not be touched without whining.

8. Irresistible inclination to sleep with nearly all complaints.

9. Smallpox, pustular eruptions, great drowsiness; variola, when the eruption does not appear, backache, headache, crushing weight on chest, often diarrhoea. Sometimes convulsions.

10. Leprosy, small ulcers on tips of fingers and toes spreading livid edges. Distortion of fingers! Spots of a deep yellow on fingers. Finger ends dead, dry and hard.

11. Cold and moist hands and icy tips of the fingers.

12. Rheumatic ophthalmia or from gonorrhoea.

13. Fanning of wings of nose (Chelid, Lyc, Phos) in pneumonia or bronchial catarrh.

14. Convulsive twitching in almost every muscle of face.

15. After checked gonorrhoea pain in testes

16. Sensation of a heavy weight at the coccyx.

17. Child at birth pale, breathless, gasping.

18. Puerperal convulsions after the child is born.

19. Trembling of hands. Trembling of whole body. Long-continued trembling of the head and hands after every exertion or motions.

20. Child coughs when angry.

21. Worse lying on the side affected.

22. Warts at the back of glans penis.

23. Sweat on the parts affected.

24. Itching round inveterate ulcers.

25. Much talking during sleeping; cries during sleep.

26. Parched and cracked lips.


1. Collar seems too tight and wishes to loosen it (Lach).

2. Flushing of the face, face red and hot. The slightest emotion causes the face to flush deeply. Flushes of heat in climacteric years.

3. Angina pectoris particularly with the flushings and facial symptoms of this remedy. Pain extends to right arm.

4. After an extensive burn, trismus, with horrid tetanic grin, opisthotonos (inhalation).

5. Yawning during coma.

6. Chorea, every muscle in the body seems in motion.

7. Convulsions especially in children. The hands of children in convulsions tremble and grasp at imaginary objects; piercing shrieks; unconsciousness with inability to swallow; protruding, staring, look as if glazed. Convulsions after parturition with red face.

8. Hiccough. Climacteric headache. Throbbings.


1. Fear of examination in students. Brain fag.

2. Dyspepsia relieved by food. Swallows food and drinks hastily. Nausea of pregnancy better by eating or while eating.

3. Sensation of plug in head, eyes, ears, abdomen, rectum. Sensation of a band.

4. Impaired memory.

5. When walking feels as if some one were pursuing. Thinks that a stranger is constantly by his side. Laughs where he should be sober.

6. Chilliness. Warts on palms.

7. Headache worse mental exertion, better by eating; better by lying down.

8. Tendency to suicide by shooting (Ant-cr.)

9. Cough better by eating.

10. Aggravation of symptoms two hours after eating; ameliorated by eating.


1. Tetanus, traumatic, or otherwise when there is spasmodic twitching or jerking of the muscles; worse touch, by drinking, noise.

2. Trismus, with lips drawn back, showing the teeth. Trismus neonatorum.

3. Catalepsy, body bent backward.

4. Paralysis of legs imminent with trembling of the feet.

5. Cough every P.M. at 3 oclock.

6. Irresistible desire to drink coffee.

7. Cracking in all the joints. Pain in knees.

8. Patient oversensitive. Coldness of fingers.

9. Caries of long bones; tearing, better cold application.

10. Belching with cough (Ambra).

11. Wasting of soft parts.

12. Palpitation better by sitting up.


1. White coated tongue.

2. Children are peevish, fretful; dislike to be looked at or touched or to be washed in cool water.

3. Inclination to shoot himself when walking in moon-light.

4. Headache after bathing in running water; after suppressed eruptions.

5. Chronic sore eyes of children; otorrhoea.

6. Nostrils sore, cracked, crusty, stoppage of nostrils, cracks or painful sores in the corners of the month, lips dry.

7. Pain in decayed teeth; severe bleeding about teeth.

8. Desire for acids and pickles.

9. Heart-burn with good appetite, gastric catarrh with white tongue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea.

10. Watery stools with little hard lumps or containing undigested food. Diarrhoea from acids, overeating, over-heating, cold bathing.

11. Nausea, vomiting diarrhoea during pregnancy.

12. Solid lumps in watery leucorrhoea.

13. Horny growth under nail; crushed finger nails grow in splits with horny spots. Large horny places on the soles; soles very tender to walk upon. Corn. Horny excrescences on skin.

14. Smooth warts, which are often soft.

15. Tendency to grow fat.

16. After severe illness if appetite does not return.

17. Cannot bear the heat of sun; exhausted.

18. Chronic affections traceable to suppressed eruptions; better from cool air.

19. Symptoms worse cold bathing, washing, wet poultices.

20. Sensitive to cold air.

21. Children throw sour milk, refuses to nurse again.

22. Symptoms worse heat; ascending. Hot weather.

23. Effects of disappointed love, and suppressed eruptions.

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