The creation of Atom Bomb is not the last thing that science has done. It will create more deadly poisons and more deadly weapons which will bring a dreadful state in which the whole creation of God will perish in a moment. Violent poisons which are employed for the protection of human life will one day be the cause of death by their continued employment and reckless use.

The kingdom of God is full of Mysteries. God created man and wanted to keep all knowledge about the Mysteries of His universe hidden from his eyes. In disobedience to the will of God, man, the supreme creation of God, made an attempt with the advice of his female mate, to pry into the secrets of Creation. According to the Biblical legend, this first disobedience of man, arising out of his curiosity to know what the Mighty Creator kept concealed from his eyes, was the cause of his fall which brought for him an eternal trouble in place of an eternal joy, an everlasting curse encased with boundless sorrows and sufferings in place of perpetual fountain of celestial bliss.

Man gained only a small particle of knowledge at the sacrifice of his right to live with God and to move with Him. In other words he lost his advantage of living and moving in association with the Eternal Being Who desired to give him protection from all harm of earthly life. This fall of mankind has brought all the miseries of human life. Knowledge is good, knowledge is power, but Carlyle says knowledge is a curse and ignorance is a bliss. Carlyle is right. The Bible proves it beyond all doubt.

The very possession of knowledge about the Divine Creation brought man on the verge of ruin, on the very border of Hell filled with liquid fire boiling with eternal rage and bright red anger. So long man was ignorant, all happiness was at his door, life was a joy, and world was a beauty to him. With his fall he lost the sacred innocence of life and he inoculated his life with the virus of evil thinking and evil doing. He abandoned virtue and courted vice.

A life of purity was plunged into the hell of impurity. He fell into an unimaginable depth of moral and physical suffering. It is a great and most deplorable fall for the sake of which all future generations of mankind are in everlasting unrest of mind.

This fall of mankind heralded the modern civilization. Man wanted clothes, clothes to hide his shame of guilts. Then he wanted various kinds of food, the food was his ever increasing desire to satisfy his endless wants which multiplied by leaps and bounds. The unsatisfied desires made his life unhappy and foolish abandonment of Nature made his body ill with many diseases which could never come near him while he was in a state of Nature. The first fall of man is the first dawn of civilization which is the mother of diseases. “Civilization is a disease.”

Thus mans search for knowledge, for the hidden facts of Nature, for the things which are unknown to him, has become the cause of his endless trouble. But still he continues his search with indomitable will. His ceaseless search for hidden knowledge, his constant labour for unveiling the Mysteries of Creation continues with unabated zeal and craving. He says science is his God and science will unlock the hidden powers of Nature. Hence he worships his science God with rapt attention. To all superficial thinkers science has made an immense progress for the betterment of economic conditions of man.

H.G. Wells says, time will come when we will live in the air and work in the air and will come down to earth only on Sundays for recreation! Seeing the rate of progress of science one can easily comprehend that the prediction of H.G. Wells will come true one day. But all these remarkable achievements of science have failed to give man that very life of joy and innocence which he enjoyed before his fall. The progress that cannot make life joyful and peaceful is no progress. The medical science, they say, has made an unprecedented progress but unfortunately the number of diseases are steadily on the increase and death rate also has awfully increased.

The introduction of Penicillin and sulpha drugs is no insurance for human health or no guaranty for immunity from diseases. Our daily experience tells us that the modern medical science with improved drug equipment and knowledge of bacteriology has not performed any miracle which is always promises to do. Advancement of knowledge and progress of science are needed for the enhancement of human health and happiness. But neither health nor happiness is secure in the present world. Disease and poverty have made life intolerable inspite of the progress of civilization and science.

Sixty years ago, if we wish to tell the truth, people were happier and more healthy, they enjoyed greater wealth and greater immunity from diseases. Most of the diseases which we suffer from in these days, were unknown or less known to our forefathers. In those days when science made no galloping progress, an old man of 90 could read his Ramayana or Mahabharata without the help of eye glasses, he could chew his food without artificial teeth. Science has no doubt conquered Time and Space but it has entirely failed to increase human health and happiness. With progress of science we discard old ideas and habits and cling to new ones.

Knowledge of Hygiene and a host of new drugs have failed to conquer death and disease. The modern drugs are employed to cure or to palliate or to prevent diseases but no one can say how far they are successful in these directions. Moreover it is the general impression that the very employment of these poisonous drugs created hundred other diseases of unknown names or reexcite old diseases which remained inactive in the body for years. Our future generations will judge how far our assertions regarding progress of science, medical or otherwise, are true.

Further progress of science will cause further increase of death rate and unhappiness because it draws us farther and farther from natural environments to artificial ones. The whole man is gradually becoming artificial with artificial diet and artificial habits, and forgetting all contacts with Nature which can pour on his head abundant stream of true joy and happiness. The situation the modern science is creating is very terrible and it will one day, rain death and disease which will devastate the fair earth which God created for human dwelling.

The creation of Atom Bomb is not the last thing that science has done. It will create more deadly poisons and more deadly weapons which will bring a dreadful state in which the whole creation of God will perish in a moment. Violent poisons which are employed for the protection of human life will one day be the cause of death by their continued employment and reckless use. Caution and care are needed for the use of these poisons which no doubt can save lives when handled by men of wisdom and experience.

The modern medicine or the modern scientific knowledge has become a curse and not a blessing for human beings. The fruit of knowledge contains in it poison which can annihilate life. Throw this fruit away or the world is doomed. A giant was sealed in a copper vase which lay at the bottom of the sea. A fishermans net brought the vase on the ground. The fisherman thought that his luck favoured him and the pitcher might contain hidden gold. He removed the seal and a thick smoke came out of the vase. Gradually the smoke took the shape of a large giant which wanted to kill the fisherman who released him from the copper vase.

The fisherman was in danger and his wit saved his life. He at once said “Sir, kill me if you like but tell me how this big body of yours remained in this small vase.” The giant at once re – entered the vase to satisfy the curiosity of the fisherman who took no time to seal the vase and to throw it into the sea for the protection of his life. Hence the fruit of knowledge should be thrown away for the safety of the universe. The search for the hidden forces of Nature is dangerous. Release of the hidden powers of Nature will only ruin the earth. The ambition for possession of knowledge of the unknown is to be abandoned.

“Ambition is a fire” from which we must keep away. A bell was tied to the tail of a bull and when the bull moved its tail the bell made a sound which terrified the beast that began to run in fear. The more it ran the greater was the sound of the bell. The beast continued to run and at last fell down dead. Therefore the ambition for the search of the unknown is associated with the danger of destruction. The sound of the bell in the example cited above is taken for ambition which allows no rest and ends life in death. The secret powers of Nature when fully released may cause total annihilation of all that we possess.

The distant past was a golden age when people enjoyed long and healthful life, when the land was flowing with milk and honey which made no necessity for taking medicine daily like our daily bread. The present deterioration of our National health is due to our daily or frequent use of poisonous drugs, extreme poverty, constant anxieties and worries of life arising out of a situation created by the modern civilization which is the product of scientific knowledge that constantly knocks at the door of Nature for the release of Her unknown and most powerful forces which man wants to tame and employ in his own service.



Girl, 24, came under my care for her skin symptoms. About 18 days ago she had an extensive red discolouration of skin about her left elbow joint. The whole area was red and painful. The redness was followed by an eruption of vesicular type which caused a good deal of pain and burning. Allopathic treatment with tablets and ointments failed to give her satisfactory relief. Then she desired to try Homoeopathic drugs. I noted to following symptoms.

(1) Patient of fair complexion with dark hair, disposition cheerful.

(2) Eruptions in ulcerated condition.

(3) The entire area with surrounding parts looks black.

(4) Burning, pain, itching, discharge of pus – like matter which is not fetid.

(5) Cold application relieves.

(6) Appetite poor. Thirst not marked.

(7) Stiffness of parts, can bend hand only with difficulty.

(8) Constipation.

(9) Sweat not marked.

(10) Chronic urticaria which puts her to extreme inconvenience every now and then. Eruptions appear with swelling. At present she has no such eruption.

Apis 30, 4 times a day for 4 days cured her completely.



1. Very offensive smell of the perspiration of the axillae


2. Stool with a sensation as if something had stayed behind, and not enough had been discharged.


3. Great dryness of the finger tips in the afternoon.


4. Coldness of the feet in the evening in bed, hindering from going to sleep.


5. Many of the pains, especially those of the pressive – drawing kind, begin gently, slowly increase to a high degree and then decrease just as slowly.


6. Asthma and lack of breath on going upstairs and at the slightest motion.


7. Asthma, as if the clothes were too tight, he has to open them to breath properly.

Stannum. 8. Rumbling in the abdomen, with sensation of emptiness therein.


9. Sweet taste in the mouth, while smoking tobacco.


10. Trembling of the hands in writing, with formication and itching therein.

Ac. Phos

11. A nail grown into the flesh causes inflammation and pain.

Ac. Phos

12. Great restlessness in the legs, with icy cold hands, chiefly in the evening.


13. Constant coldness in the knees, at night in bed. Phos 14. Increased sensation of warmth in paralyzed parts.



17. Has the Allopath anything to compare with the effect of Tuberculinum in the child with the T.B. diathesis with its thin body and hairy back, its blue veins and blue sclerotics. Dr. N.B. Blackie.

18. We must look to past history for back – ground, to the present symptomatology as a stage in progression, and to our homoeopathic materia medica for that power which unlocks the patients vital energy to cure, which is our goal for the patients future. Dr. H.A. Roberts, M.D.

19. Our problem of the present day is suppression – suppression of excretory functions, suppression of natural symptomatic manifestations usually come first, and thus early in life symptoms become masked, if not entirely suppressed, and the guideposts to curative prescribing are destroyed or so misplaced as to be far less valuable. Dr. H.A. Roberts, M.D.

20. The whole science and art of Homoeopathy lies not alone in ones knowledge of the various remedies and how to distinguish between them, but in knowing how to elicit the proper indications from the patient. Dr. A. Paulford, M.D.

21. Objective phenomena, being exempt from self – interpretation and allowing the largest scope to acumen of the examiner, are without the least deceptive and should receive our first and best attention. They teach lessons not to be learnt elsewhere, and by their great utility have contributed much to the brilliant success of homoeopathy, particularly in diseases of children. Nothing should escape the observer, for faulty examinations are the main cause of failure. Dr. C.M. Boger, M.D.

22. With children, lunatics and liars, you have to use your own observation. Dr. D.M. Burnett.

23. Not only is the mother a keen observer of her infant, but she can often give us an account of the family history, and a first hand account of the period of gestation and labour, Dr. D.M. Foubister, B.Sc., M.B.

24. Let nature speak to you. That which aggravates is generally harmful, that which ameliorates and soothes is often beneficial. Especially is this true in dealing with acute diseases and with children. In dealing with chronic patients the voice of nature is often stifled through years of suppression, perversion and prejudice. Dr. E. Underhill, M.D.

25. Family history is often of the greatest importance. Dr. Margaret Tyler.

26. I think you will agree that one has to fully taken the case till one has recorded for every patient vaccinations, especially any bad or unsuccessful ones, as well as any personal or family history of tuberculosis, syphilis or gonorrhoea. Dr. Margaret G. Tyler, M.D.

27. In family history where we find gout, rheumatism, asthma, chronic bronchitis, small pox, etc., or dysmenorrhoea, salpingitis, Oophoritis, endometritis in the mother herself, think of an anti – sycotic remedy. History of ringworm, puerperal diarrhoea, tuberculosis, bleeding piles, fistula in ano in the family should be treated with tubercular remedies.

28. Family history of – cancer, carbuncles, epilepsy, necrosis of the bones, deafness, etc., should suggest anti – syphilitic remedies.

29. Professor Kent gives a good example in his lectures on materia medica. He instances the children of sycotic parents who do not thrive, and look waxy and pale, as though about to go into consumption, although they do not actually develop this disease. They fail to react to well selected remedies. Such children require Medorrhinum in high potency, and after this is administered they react better to other remedies. Heal – Thyself.

30. Example of chronic disease latent for years; luetic mother with no symptoms; her child full of symptoms and four plus. Dr. T.K. Moore, M.D.

31. The vaccinate is one who suffers from vaccinosis. He may not be ill, but he must be in a subdued morbid state. He has been blighted or he is no vaccinate. Dr. Burnett.

32. The use of laxatives of all kinds should be strictly avoided. A sure way to build chronic constipation in the growing child is to give an occasional laxative on the theory that it will help to keep the intestinal tract properly cleansed. It will have no such effect. It will only pervert the digestive secretions and interfere with gastro – intestinal function and efficiency. Dr. Eugene Underhill, M.D.

33. The habitual use of enemas should be condemned. Occasionally in acute illness they may be used in very toxic cases, but if the intake of food is sufficiently restricted and of a nontoxic nature the danger from constipation is negligible. Dr. E. Underhill, M.D.

34. It is also essential that the child be taught regularity of habit and always to respond as promptly as possible to the natural urge for stool. Neglect along these lines will predispose intestinal stasis. Dr. E. Underhill, M.D.

35. Sugar, either as such, or in the form of candy, pastry or bottled beverages will induce dental caries through acid formation in the mouth. Excessive use of sugar containing foods may even rob the teeth and bones of calcium through the production of Calcium sucrate which is excreted by the kidneys. Dr. E. Underhill, M.D.

36. Thorough rinsing of the mouth with plain water immediately after taking anything sweet is important in preventing tooth decay. Dr. E. Underhill, M.D.

37. Sleep is just as important as food in the normal development of the growing child. The lack of it may cause either temporary or permanent derangement of the endocrine system to the detriment of health and happiness, and to ones success in life. Dr. E. Underhill, M.D.

38. Night terrors are often caused through mechanical blockade of the air passage by enlarged tonsils and adenoids. In these circumstances night terrors are obviously not of high value in prescribing. Dr. D.M. Foubister, B.Sc., M.D.

39. The diseases of the baby should be studied carefully and the curative remedies remembered, for it will enable us to bring swift help in later years. Dr. H.C. Allen.

40. Regarding the child eating dirt, I have felt a good many times that it was due to lack of some food element that the child needed. It might be due to some Calcium deficiency, either Calcarea carbonica or one of the other Calciums. Dr. Neiswander.

41. Candy eating children do not develop their muscles, their heart remains weak and small. Dr. F.K. Bellokossy.

42. For prophylaxis is required a less degree of similitude than for curing. Dr. T.K. Moore, M.D.

43. Practically all text books on obsterics condemn the use of alcohol during and immediately after pregnancy suggesting it as a possible cause of sterility, abortions, still births and a high foetal mortality. Dr. D.M. Foubister, B.Sc., M.B.

44. Occasionally some outstanding event of pregnancy or labour is of utmost volume in prescribing. Dr. D.M. Foubister, B.Sc., M.B.

45. Sucklings should never receive medicine, the mother or the wet nurse instead and through their milk it acts on the child very quickly, mildly and beneficially. Hahnemann.

46. In the treatment of the sucklings, mother should be treated constitutionally on the basis of miasmatic history of the parents.

47. It is true that many children suffer form irritability of the brain, convulsions, stomach disorders and vomiting about the time of dentition, but I say dentition should not be a diseased state, it should be normal. If they were in health they would cut teeth without suffering. Kent.

48. And for those who fail to become pregnant, the homoeopathic treatment certainly brings great help.

49. It is an old observation that fresh fish oil is the most active oil in treating rickets and allied diseases. If it is refined, it is less active and still less if old and exposed to light and air. Dr. F.K. Bellokossy, M.D.

50. It has been noticed in child guidance clinics that the “broken home” is a frequent cause of juvenile delinquency. D.M. Foubister, B.Sc., M.B.

51. in infancy the amount and nature of the feeds should be ascertained. The technique of feeding must also be considered carefully. If this is overlooked symptoms arising from mismanagement may easily be mistaken for constitutional ones. Dr. D.M. Foubister, M.B.

52. Naturally a desire for ice – cream or sweets is not accepted unless it is very strong in children. Aversion to sweets is a peculiar symptom. Dr. D.M. Foubister, M.B.

53. Sensitivity to noise is so common in young babies that unless the baby “nearly jumps out of its skin” at slight noises it may safely be disregarded as an individual characteristic. Dr. D.M. Foubister, B.Sc., M.B.

54. It is well to keep in mind that very young children understand much more than we are apt to think. A normal child in its second year understands considerable amount of what is said in simple language. Dr. D.M. Foubister, B.Sc., M.B.

55. In assessing our results in asthma it is important to keep in mind that four out of five asthmatic children recover as they grow older without any treatment. Dr. D.M. Foubister, M.B.

56. Nine tenths of the disease to which flesh is heir is due to the abuse of allopathic medicines in infancy and childhood. Dr. Gilman.


It is in the fitness of things that a National Conference in defence of children is being held in Calcutta to discuss the problem of children in all its aspects. The child hitherto has been the exclusive charge of its parents. These or at least the vast majority of them, do not regard their children as problem either. In our country in particular the child is viewed by its parents as part of the being of them both – as natural and as inseparable as any one of the limbs of the body. The conception is at once beautiful and sublime. But its danger is that the child becomes liable to neglect. How real is this danger is evident, to cite the extreme example, from the children found accompanying their beggar parents as the latter go about begging.

N C Das
N C Das