Rheumatism – 2

In the lower limbs bruised pain and heaviness. Muscles of the thighs, painful while sitting down. Drawing tearing pains in thighs. Pain in left thigh better rubbing. Rigidity and stiffness in the knees. Tension of knees. Tendons feel too short. Shooting pain in knees. Bruised feeling in the limbs. Drawing tearing pains in the limbs better external warmth, worse cold.


Type: Acute articular rheumatism. Lumbago. Gout in incipient stage. Torticollis. Sciatica.

Location: Large muscles of trunk, chest, and back. Large joints. Lumbar muscles. Cervical muscles. Knee joint. Nape of neck. Right-side generally. Left-side of chest. Back. Small of the back. Axillary joint. Hip. Hip-joint, Knee. Tarsal joint. Toe- joints. Fore-arm. Hand, fingers, thigh, legs, calves. Feet. Dorsa of feet. Great toe.

Pain: Violent pain. Tension. Burning. Pressing. Stitches. Pain as if bruised. Soreness. Drawing. Numbness. Stiffness. Tension. Over-sensitive to pain. Sticking. Aching. Burning. Cutting. Tearing.

Character: Pain in the back worse in the morning, at night, 4 a.m. (driving him out of bed), in cold air, every draft of air; when breathing; from lifting, while lying, motion; sexual excesses; while sitting.

Rheumatic pain on cervical region. Pain on scapulae. Pain between scapulae. Pain on lumbar region especially in the morning and from lifting, worse motion. Aching pain in lumbar region in the morning, must sit up to turn over in bed. Pain in Sacrum. Burning pain in back, scapulae, between scapulae, in lumbar region. Drawing pain in back cervical region, scapulae, between scapulae, lumbar region, sacral region, Labor-like pain in small of back with urging to stool. Lameness in back, lumbar region (after difficult parturition).

Pressing pain between scapulae. Pressing in lumbar region, in sacral region, Sore bruised pain in back worse 3 to 4 a.m. Sore pain in cervical region on stooping. Sore pain in lumbar region worse 3 a.m. bending backward, motion, stooping. Sore pain in sacral region, Shooting pain in back on turning the body. Shooting between scapulae when breathing, on motion, stitching in lumbar region on turning body, Tearing in back, cervical region, worse evening. Tearing in lumbar region better while lying. Worse walking.

Pain in the extremities worse in the morning in bed, at night, on becoming cold, during fever, on motion, in cold weather, better by warmth of bed, Pain in joints of the extremities especially in the morning in bed better warmth, worse on side not lain on. Pain on upper limbs after mid- night worse motion, warmth, yawning, upper limbs painful, as if tired. Pain on the shoulder, particularly on becoming cold, better after turning over in bed.

Pain in lower limbs at night particularly after midnight (Ars. A.), on becoming cold, motion. Sciatica, worse afternoon, night, worse cold application (Ars. A., Bry., Nux V., Phos., Rhus. T.), motion, with numbness; worse standing, when pressing at stool, better warmth, warmth of bed; extends downward and upwards. Pain in knees in the morning, rising from a seat. Pain in legs, during cough, on motion. Pain in calf, on coughing, worse walking better warmth of bed.

Pain in foot extends upwards to hips; from toe the pain extends to hip. Drawing pain in the limbs, thigh, knee, legs, calf, foot. Sore bruised pain of limbs, joints, upper limbs shoulder; lower limbs, thigh, knee. Stitching in shoulder; thigh, leg, foot, toes. Tearing in the extremities, joints, upper limbs, shoulder. “Nux-Vom is called for in rheumatism of the back when the patient is unable to turn over the bed without first sitting up.” Rheumatism of larger joints and muscles especially the rheumatism of the trunk.

Pale swelling of joints. Morning aggravation is characteristic. Stiff neck from cold. Shock, fright, worse morning. Lumbago with sensitiveness to cold, worse morning in bed, must sit up to turn in bed. Tension between the shoulder-blades. Burning pressing and stitches between the shoulder-blades. Heaviness and stiffness in neck. Pain as if bruised in the small of the back, cannot move.

Soreness in the shoulder-joint. Drawing in the arms, from shoulder to fingers. Painful swelling of knee-joint. Rheumatic pains especially during windy, stormy weather. Cracking in knee- joints during motion. Rheumatism of the back where the patient cannot turn over. Staggering when walking. Rheumatism worse from least jar or from cold. During hard stool violent pain in affected part. Torticollis, head drawn to left side. Bruised pain in small of back preventing motion, worse 3 or 4 Oclock in morning. Pain as if from foreign body in lumbar region. Bruised pain in back worse pressure. Pain in nape of neck as if carrying a load. Feeling as if tendons were too short in bend of knees on rising.

Causes: Suppressed catarrh. Cold air. Dry weather. Drunkards. Intoxication. Cold food. Cold water. Wine. Clear fine weather. Wind. Storm.

N C Das
N C Das