Rheumatism – 2

In the lower limbs bruised pain and heaviness. Muscles of the thighs, painful while sitting down. Drawing tearing pains in thighs. Pain in left thigh better rubbing. Rigidity and stiffness in the knees. Tension of knees. Tendons feel too short. Shooting pain in knees. Bruised feeling in the limbs. Drawing tearing pains in the limbs better external warmth, worse cold.


Type: Acute articular rheumatism. Lumbago. Gout in incipient stage. Torticollis. Sciatica.

Location: Large muscles of trunk, chest, and back. Large joints. Lumbar muscles. Cervical muscles. Knee joint. Nape of neck. Right-side generally. Left-side of chest. Back. Small of the back. Axillary joint. Hip. Hip-joint, Knee. Tarsal joint. Toe- joints. Fore-arm. Hand, fingers, thigh, legs, calves. Feet. Dorsa of feet. Great toe.

Pain: Violent pain. Tension. Burning. Pressing. Stitches. Pain as if bruised. Soreness. Drawing. Numbness. Stiffness. Tension. Over-sensitive to pain. Sticking. Aching. Burning. Cutting. Tearing.

Character: Pain in the back worse in the morning, at night, 4 a.m. (driving him out of bed), in cold air, every draft of air; when breathing; from lifting, while lying, motion; sexual excesses; while sitting.

Rheumatic pain on cervical region. Pain on scapulae. Pain between scapulae. Pain on lumbar region especially in the morning and from lifting, worse motion. Aching pain in lumbar region in the morning, must sit up to turn over in bed. Pain in Sacrum. Burning pain in back, scapulae, between scapulae, in lumbar region. Drawing pain in back cervical region, scapulae, between scapulae, lumbar region, sacral region, Labor-like pain in small of back with urging to stool. Lameness in back, lumbar region (after difficult parturition).

Pressing pain between scapulae. Pressing in lumbar region, in sacral region, Sore bruised pain in back worse 3 to 4 a.m. Sore pain in cervical region on stooping. Sore pain in lumbar region worse 3 a.m. bending backward, motion, stooping. Sore pain in sacral region, Shooting pain in back on turning the body. Shooting between scapulae when breathing, on motion, stitching in lumbar region on turning body, Tearing in back, cervical region, worse evening. Tearing in lumbar region better while lying. Worse walking.

Pain in the extremities worse in the morning in bed, at night, on becoming cold, during fever, on motion, in cold weather, better by warmth of bed, Pain in joints of the extremities especially in the morning in bed better warmth, worse on side not lain on. Pain on upper limbs after mid- night worse motion, warmth, yawning, upper limbs painful, as if tired. Pain on the shoulder, particularly on becoming cold, better after turning over in bed.

Pain in lower limbs at night particularly after midnight (Ars. A.), on becoming cold, motion. Sciatica, worse afternoon, night, worse cold application (Ars. A., Bry., Nux V., Phos., Rhus. T.), motion, with numbness; worse standing, when pressing at stool, better warmth, warmth of bed; extends downward and upwards. Pain in knees in the morning, rising from a seat. Pain in legs, during cough, on motion. Pain in calf, on coughing, worse walking better warmth of bed.

Pain in foot extends upwards to hips; from toe the pain extends to hip. Drawing pain in the limbs, thigh, knee, legs, calf, foot. Sore bruised pain of limbs, joints, upper limbs shoulder; lower limbs, thigh, knee. Stitching in shoulder; thigh, leg, foot, toes. Tearing in the extremities, joints, upper limbs, shoulder. “Nux-Vom is called for in rheumatism of the back when the patient is unable to turn over the bed without first sitting up.” Rheumatism of larger joints and muscles especially the rheumatism of the trunk.

Pale swelling of joints. Morning aggravation is characteristic. Stiff neck from cold. Shock, fright, worse morning. Lumbago with sensitiveness to cold, worse morning in bed, must sit up to turn in bed. Tension between the shoulder-blades. Burning pressing and stitches between the shoulder-blades. Heaviness and stiffness in neck. Pain as if bruised in the small of the back, cannot move.

Soreness in the shoulder-joint. Drawing in the arms, from shoulder to fingers. Painful swelling of knee-joint. Rheumatic pains especially during windy, stormy weather. Cracking in knee- joints during motion. Rheumatism of the back where the patient cannot turn over. Staggering when walking. Rheumatism worse from least jar or from cold. During hard stool violent pain in affected part. Torticollis, head drawn to left side. Bruised pain in small of back preventing motion, worse 3 or 4 Oclock in morning. Pain as if from foreign body in lumbar region. Bruised pain in back worse pressure. Pain in nape of neck as if carrying a load. Feeling as if tendons were too short in bend of knees on rising.

Causes: Suppressed catarrh. Cold air. Dry weather. Drunkards. Intoxication. Cold food. Cold water. Wine. Clear fine weather. Wind. Storm.

Debauchees. Sedentary habits. Loss of sleep. Sitting on cold stones, especially in warm weather. Injury, lifting. Sexual excesses. Night watching. Getting wet.

Conditions: Aversion to open air. Chilly. Ineffectual efforts to pass stool, after stool feeling as if not finished.

Large muscles and large joints are particularly affected. Pale tensive swellings, numbness or twitching. Over sensitiveness to pain and suffering. Perspiration relieves. Must sit up to turn over in bed. Fever with chilliness, cannot uncover his body, redness of face.

Aggravation: 4 a.m. In morning, after mid-night, in open air, in cold air, dry weather, while coughing, from drinking, in drunkards, lying on the back, from noise, brandy, coffee, cold food, cold water, wine, pressure of clothes, in clear fine weather, in the wind, when yawning, on waking in the night, mental exertion, motion, slight touch, after eating, getting wet, music.

Amelioration: Evening, Rest, Lying, Damp wet weather, Lying on side, Loosening the garments, In the room, warmth, Hot things, On getting warm, warmth of bed, after discharging wind, while lying in bed, sleep, strong pressure, open air (flatulence, asthma) Rubbing, after stool.

Similar remedies: Ars. A. Bry, Caust, Colds, Kali-bi, Kali-c, Kali-p, Lyc, Mag-p, Rhus-t, Sil, Sulph, Aur, Pug.

Attending Symptoms: Irritability of a sullen cast, no desire to hold conversation with any one, gives surely answers; does not wish to be touched. Lack of desire to do or say anything; wants to be alone, quiet and sullen, scolds severely. Abusive. Malicious, unsteady, wavering condition of mind. Fiery excited temperament. Inclined to find fault and scold, over-sensitiveness to external impressions. Time passes too slowly, loud sounds are painful and anger him. Nose stuffed up at night especially. Epistaxis with dark blood, yellowness around mouth and nose or around eyes. Pale face, Red face, Painful peeling off of the lips.

Crusts on lips, Heavy white coating on tongue. Tongue black, dark red, cracked on edges, tastelessness of all food. Sour taste, in the morning or after eating and drinking. Putrid taste in morning, wants to vomit but cannot, loves fats and tolerates them well. First half of tongue is clean. Bruised soreness of abdominal walls, colic with desire for stool. Ineffectual efforts at stool. Insufficient stool with feeling as if not finished. Stool relives many troubles. Bad effects of sexual excesses. Strong sexual desire. Menses too early, too profuse, dark, black blood. Cough lying on back. Cold sweatly hands with cold nose. Wakes at 3 a.m. and lies awake till break of day, again falls asleep, wakes late, feeling tired.

Heat with aversion to uncover, chilliness from uncovering. Heat with redness of face. Sweat of one side of body or only of upper part of body. Cold sweat on face; when perspiring wants to throw off the covers. Sensation of roughness in inner parts. Disposition to catch cold.


Type: Acute articular rheumatism. Chronic articular rheumatism. Subacute rheumatism complication towards the end of an acute attack. Pleurisy, Pneumonia, Arthritis deformans. Gonorrhoeal rheumatism, Podagra (Arthritis, Gout).

Location: Left side. Back. Small of back. Lumbar region. Upper extremities in general. Lower extremities in general.

Cervical region. Dorsal region. Scapulae. Sacral region. Joints. Shoulder. Upper arm. Elbow. Forearm. Wrist. Hand. Fingers. Finger joints. Hips. Thigh. Knee. Leg. Foot. Heel. Toes. Toe-joints. Muscles and joints. Tendons. Ligaments.

Pain: Aching; burning; cutting; drawing; pressing; shooting; sore, bruised; sprained; stitching; tearing; erratic pains; heat relieves the pains; stiffness; gnawing.

Character: Rheumatism which shift about. (Kali-s, Kali-bi, Bry, Colch. Kalmia. Puls). Jerking of the limbs in falling off to sleep during a course of acute rheumatism. Acute and chronic rheumatism when the inflammatory swellings commence in the feet and extend up the body. Tension of the feet as if the tendons are shortened.

Stiffness in the neck. Drawing in the back. Pain in the small of the back on rising from a seat. Gnawing pain in the small of the back. Pain as if sprained or as if bruised in the left shoulder. Stitches in the shoulder blades. Pain in the small of the back, cannot stand erect. Tearing in the joints of the arms, hands and fingers. Rheumatic pain in the shoulders, especially left. Swelling of knee, white or shining. Stiffness of knee and ankle- joint. Arthritic smelling and heat. Tearing in the limbs, in the muscles and joints from above downwards. Inflammatory swelling of the affected parts. Sprained pains in the joints.

Tension of joints. Rheumatic gout with itching. Rheumatic affections with great stiffness of joints. Tightness of tendons of rheumatic and gouty character. Synovitis when exudation has taken place (knee). Rheumatism with erratic pains (Kali bi, Bry.). Pain in the sacrum, cannot stand up straight, walks stooping. Tearing on left loin on motion. Pain above sacrum while walking. Sacrum; bruised pain, drawing painful stiffness. Pain in back when stooping. Stiffness in back. Burning pain between scapulae. Stiffness of neck. Stitches in nape when stooping. Rheumatic pain in the top of left shoulder.

Pressure as from a load on top of shoulder. Tearing in shoulder joint during rest, better on moving. Hard hot swelling on left upper arm with shooting pain. Bruised pain in elbow joint. Drawing in elbow joint. Drawing from elbow to wrist. Tearing in wrist joint. Pain in wrist joint as if sprained. Stiffness of the wrists. Tearing pains in the fingers. Sprained pain in the thumb. Severe pain in right hip-joint as if dislocated worse motion and touch. Bruised pain in right hip. Drawing pain in left hip.

In the lower limbs bruised pain and heaviness. Muscles of the thighs, painful while sitting down. Drawing tearing pains in thighs. Pain in left thigh better rubbing. Rigidity and stiffness in the knees. Tension of knees. Tendons feel too short. Shooting pain in knees. Bruised feeling in the limbs. Drawing tearing pains in the limbs better external warmth, worse cold.

Causes: Suppressed perspiration. Suppressed eruptions. From wet poultices. Abuse of mercury, from water and washing, from cold, dampness, from working in water. Bathing, changeable weather. Abuse of china.

Conditions: When proper medicines fail to produce a favourable effects in acute diseases. Pains are relieved by heat, Erratic pains. Pains worse at night and in bed. Inflammatory swellings ascend. Uncovering of burning feet. Rheumatism with or without swelling. Hot head and cold feet. Often indicated after Bryonia. Bright redness of lips, urgent morning diarrhoea, fetid stool, smell follows him. Hungry at 11 A.M.

Aggravation: Suppressed eruptions. Suppressed menses. Suppressed sweat. On walking. After eating. From exertion of body. Standing. From leaning against anything. From taking milk. During sweat. From wet poultices, on rising, quick motion. During sleep, after long sleep. During stool, on stretching the limbs, particularly the affected limbs. From water and washing. Warmth of bed. 11 a.m. Night. Morning. Bathing. Rest. Evening, after mid-night. During full moon, from touching the affected parts. Changeable weather. Pressure. Stooping. Moving arms. Every step. Ascending. Open air. Raw air. Cold damp weather. After sleep. Before storm. Sweets. Alcohol.

Amelioration: Lying on painful side, Lying on right side. Motion (Hip, knee) cold water (whitlow) warm food. From drawing up the limbs. During motion. By heat. In dry weather, after rising.

Similar remedies: Ars. A., Caust, Nux-V, Rhus. T, Bry, Colch, Kali-bi, Kali-c, Lyc, Mg-p, Sil, Kali-s, Puls, Carb-v, Acon-nap, Tab.

Attending Symptoms: Peevish. Irritable. Restless. Indifference to the welfare of others. Melancholy, difficulties of thinking, selfish, very forgetful. Bad effects of suppression of otorrhoea. Sensation of emptiness in the back part of head. Dryness of hair. Roots of hair painful. Lachrymation in open air. Burning of eyes. Blood comes from the nose whenever blowing it. Nose-bleed at 2 P.M. Dryness of nose. Face pale. Red spots on cheeks. Red, roughness of face. Sunken eyes with blue margins. Red lips. Lips dry, rough, cracked. Cold sweat on face. Sour taste, eats little, drinks much. Salty taste of food. Milk disagrees.

Aversion to meat. Ineffectual efforts at stools. Hard knotty stool. Insufficient stool. Diarrhoea drives him out of bed, too quick discharge of semen during coition. Impotence, penis cold, weak sexual power. Menses too late, short, scanty, acrid blood. Nose- bleed during menses. Sterility: Too early and profuse menses. Coldness of throat during inspiration. Fetid sweat in arm-pit. Sweat of palms and hands. Cold trembling hands. Cold sweat of feet. Burning of soles, wants cool place, Cold feet and hands. Cold soles of feet. Has to lie on back during sleep. Eyes half- open during sleep. Poor sleep. Aversion to washing.

Cold nose, hands and feet, sweat of one side of body, on the back part of body. Skin cold, dry. Follows Pulsatilla. Burning between Scapulae (Lyc., Phos.). Formication of hand. Sweaty hands. Peeling off of the fingers. Restlessness in lower limbs. Coldness and cold feeling of the legs in the evening. Cramps in soles and calves. Calves are very painful when going up-stairs, external warmth diminishes pains and coldness increases them. Formication of skin of body. Great restlessness. Chilly in open air. Restless nights, frequent walkings. Sweat all over abdomen at night. At night he puts his lower limbs outside of bed because of tearing pain in them. Snoring in sleep.

N C Das
N C Das