Rheumatism – 1

Alternate redness and paleness of face. Pale face with sunken eyes. Puffiness of the cheek and nose. Lower lip cracked in the middle. Frequently licks the dry lips. Yellow or white tongue, dry mouth without thirst. Much sweet saliva. Food tastes bitter. Desire for tonics. Greasy taste. Dysentery with pain in back. Diarrhoea at night. Sexual desire too strong in man.

Type: Acute articular rheumatism. Chronic articular rheumatism. Arthritis deformans. Gonorrhoeal. (Caust. Rhus-t.) Sciatica.

Location: Back (Ars-a. Calc-c. Lyc. Rhus-t). cervical region (Calc-c. Caust. Rhus-t.) under scapulae (Calc-c) between scapulae (Calc-c. Ars-a. Rhus-t.). Lumbar region (Rhus-t). Lumbo-sacral region. Sacral region (Calc-c. Lyc.) extremities. Joints. Upper limbs. Shoulder. Upper arm. Elbow. Forearm. Wrist (Puls). Lower limbs. Hip. Knee. Leg. Tibia. Calf. Ankles. Foot. Heel. Toes. Right upper and lower extremity. Small of back. Shoulder-joints. Fingers. Sole of foot. Knee-joint. Rheumatism of joints. All limbs are painful.

Pain: Rheumatism pains flying from one part to another; are now in one portion of body and suddenly flying off to another. Pain, as if bruised in the joints. Sensation of a band around parts. Jerking or darting pains. Pain as if sprained in the joints. Tension or tightness in the outer parts of the joints. Throbbing. Drawing tearing pain frequently shifting from one part of the body to another or attacking only one side.

Stitching pains. (Small of back). Stinging pain. Pain as from subcutaneous ulceration. Burning stinging or tearing pains. Pains better from pressure or when lying on affected side, when moving about slowly and from cold application. Cold application ameliorates the rheumatic pains (Apis. Led. Sec. Thuj); wandering shifting pains (Am-m, Arn. Carb-s. Kali-s. Lac-c. Puls. Kali-bi. Tub. Aur. Hyper).

Character: Pressing heaviness or tearing and drawing in the shoulder joint, extending to the fingers. Swelling of the elbow after a contusion. Hot inflammatory swelling of the knee. Drawing pain in the tibia. Red hot swelling of the knee. Drawing pain in the tibia. Red hot swelling of the feet extending upto the calf, with stinging pain. Rheumatic red-hot swelling with stinging pains. Pains (rheumatic) shifting from one place to another. Rheumatism with swelling and redness; heat in the affected part.

Rheumatism with redness, swelling, and extreme sensitiveness to jars, touch or pressure. Chilliness with the pains. Paleness of face with the pains. Lower extremities feel bruised and beaten. Pain in small of back as if sprained. Chilliness with pains yet wants cool room. Pains accompanied with constant chilliness and the more severe the pain the harder the chill.

Rheumatism of the joints. Gouty, gonorrhoeal and traumatic synovitis. Joint swollen, sharp stinging pains, feeling of soreness or of subcutaneous ulceration about the affected joint; erratic pains, now here and now there. The patient moves the affected part (tearing pains). Pressure relieves. The tearing pains are better by cold. Worse in the evening. Rheumatism with erratic pains (Kali-bich. Sulph. Bryonia). Gouty diathesis. Gout brought on by indigestion (Colchicum follows well). Gonorrhoeal rheumatism (Thuj). Rheumatism, worse on beginning to move but better from slow motion (Lyc, Ferr).

Drawing pain in joins. Labor-like pains in small of back as if constricted by tight band. Nape of neck stiff with rheumatic drawing pains. Sticking pain in nape of neck and back. Aching pain in sacrum. Sticking pain between scapulae during motion preventing breathing. Back painful and stiff as a board. Rheumatic pains change rapidly from one part to another with constant chilliness; worse in evening. Swelling and wrenching pain in elbow, as after contusion. Drawing pains in elbow and in lower arm. Rheumatic gout, swelling and heat of knee, ankle joints and small joints of toes with drawing contractive pains and chilliness.

Drawing and contraction in thighs and legs in evening with great restlessness, sleeplessness and chilliness. Swelling and redness of joints with erratic pains rapidly changing from one part to another. Rheumatism following suppression of catarrh, relieved by catarrhal discharges. One foot cold, other red hot. Red and hot swelling of feet, with contracting burning pains increasing to stitching pain when standing; jerking sore pain from hip-joints to knees while in bed in morning, disappears on walking.

Painless swelling of knee. Swelling of instep (Thuj) swelling of knee with tearing drawing pains. Synovitis: soft, white, shining swelling of knees. Knees inflammed and swollen with shooting pains. Drawing tearing pains in limbs with chilliness. Drawing tearing pains in one leg with chilliness. Tearing, jerking and drawing pains in knees. Tearing pains in knees like jerks. Tearing pains in soles, above knees and in back. Drawing pains at night in the muscles of thigh. Pain in toe as if shoe pinched.

Causes: Getting wet (Rhus-t) especially the feet, protracted wet weather. Loss of fluids. Measles. Suppressed menses. Ice. Quinine. Pregnancy. Tea. Thunderstorm. Indigestion. Gonorrhoea.

Conditions: Mild, gentle yielding disposition, sad, despondent, weeps easily. Sandy hair, blue eyes, pale face. Changeableness of symptoms. Thick bland discharges. Chilliness with the pains. Wandering shifting character of pain. Better in cold air and from cold applications. patient is always worse in a closed warm room.

Pulsatilla wants motion in cold or cool open air (Rhus tox wants motion in warm dry air). Warm applications aggravate (Rhus t. warm applications relieve). The relief from cold and cool open air is very characteristic. Thirstlessness, aversion to fat, butter, meat, bread, and milk. History of suppressed intermittent fever by quinine.

Aggravation: In the evening. In twilight. When rising after sitting long. On beginning to move. From changing the position. When lying on the left or on painless side. When lying with head low. When lying in a warm room. Fruit. Ice-cream. Pork. Pastry. Warm food. Closed warm room. Heat. When allowing feet to hang- down. Coughing. During stool. In the sun. Changes of weather. Alternate evenings. Before thunderstorm. Getting wet. Wind. Meat.

Amelioration: In the open air. Lying on painful side. Cold air. Cold room. Eating or drinking. Cold things. Cold applications, from slow motion, pressure.

Similar Remedies: Sepia, Kali-bich, Sulphur. Rhus-t. Lyc. Ferr. Kali-sulph. Bryo. Colch. Kalm. Led Apis.

Attending Symptoms: Mild, bashful, yielding disposition with inclination to weep. Peevishness with chilliness and thirstlessness. Gloomy, sad. Covetousness. Weeps when talking. Changeable. Contradictory. Weeps easily. Timid. Irresolute. Fears in evening to be alone, dark, ghosts. Likes sympathy. Easily discouraged. Highly emotional. Good natured. Absent-minded. Mistrustful. The patient seeks the open air, always feels better there, even though he is chilly. Discharges thick bland and yellowish green.

Symptoms ever changing. The pains constantly change their location, flying from one part to another, sometimes very severe, sometimes very mild and vice versa. In diarrhoea stools change their character constantly, no two stools alike. Thirstless, peevish and chilly. Wants the head high. Lies with hands above head. Thick, profuse yellow, bland discharge from eyes. Yellow mucus from nose. Yellow expectoration with the cough. Over sensitiveness to light. Hard, black cerumen.

Alternate redness and paleness of face. Pale face with sunken eyes. Puffiness of the cheek and nose. Lower lip cracked in the middle. Frequently licks the dry lips. Yellow or white tongue, dry mouth without thirst. Much sweet saliva. Food tastes bitter. Desire for tonics. Greasy taste. Dysentery with pain in back. Diarrhoea at night. Sexual desire too strong in man. Menses too late, too scanty, of too short duration; blood thick, black clotted or thin and watery. Suppressed menses, from getting feet wet.

Pulsation through the whole body. Great paleness of face. Chilliness with the pains. Sensation of coldness and numbness on one side of the body. Heat of the face or heat of one hand with coldness of the other. Heat of body and coldness of extremities. Perspiration during sleep, soon ceasing when walking. One-sided perspiration. Sweat only on face and scalp. Paleness of skin. Pus copious and yellow. Symptoms are often accompanied by chilliness, thirstlessness and oppression of the chest; urticaria after rich food, worse undressing, calves swollen, red and hot. Sensation of extension in size, as if one part or every part were growing too large. Greenish mucus from nose in the morning.

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