Alternate constipation and diarrhoea especially of old people; difficult hard stool, feces too large, childrens stools white, dry, with hard lumps of curd. Watery diarrhoea with cutting in bowels. Continuous discharge of mucus from the rectum. Diarrhoea after acids, sour wine, baths, overeating; slimy, flatulent stools. Hard lumps mixed with watery stool. Stools composed entirely of mucus. Mucus piles, continued oozing of mucus.

Case Report

Some would have started the case with Kali-s, because of yellowish tongue, aggravation during later half of the night, no symptoms are alike suppressed eruptions, etc. But relief by discharge, sleeps into aggravation, better in sea climate, etc. These were the prominent symptoms for me. Fathers rheumatism helped me to prescribe Medo.

Rheumatism – 1

Alternate redness and paleness of face. Pale face with sunken eyes. Puffiness of the cheek and nose. Lower lip cracked in the middle. Frequently licks the dry lips. Yellow or white tongue, dry mouth without thirst. Much sweet saliva. Food tastes bitter. Desire for tonics. Greasy taste. Dysentery with pain in back. Diarrhoea at night. Sexual desire too strong in man.

What Can Stop Us From Research And The Use Of The Homoeopathic Remedy

Hahnemann graduated from the college of medicine at Leipzig and was ready to practice at the age of 22 Hahnemann supported himself by making translations. He found much in the writing of the ancients that he considered were facts and applied to the sick of his day. He was ever searching for a key to unlock the door which would lead him to the way that would heal the sick.

Homoeopathys Dynamic Role In Conquest Of Disease

In a limited field this method has its own utility, for example, in regard to investigations on food, vitamins, hormones, etc. But the claims of the experimental pharmacologist that out of the results of these experimental methods an objective materia medica can be built up which can be utilised on objective indications for the control and treatment of diseased conditions, are far too excessive.


In the morning; Ameliorate. Difficult: after drinking; After eating; Ineffectual and incomplete. Paroxysmal; On rising up; After sweets; Empty; of food. Testing like food; of large quantities of wind; Loud; Sour Ineffectual efforts to eructate, causing strangulation,which is finally relieved by loud belching; the paroxysm is preceded by yawning and followed by exhaustion and deep sleep.

Editorial – Origin Of Diseases

Disease occurs from numerous causes. Diarrhoea is excited by imprudence in diet, by dirty condition of utensils, by defective tinning of certain kinds of food, etc. Cholera is caused by contamination of water used for drinking purposes with the dejections of persons suffering from the complaint. Cholera evacuations constitute the principal channel of contagion.

Experimental Proving Of Histamine Hydrochloride

Sensation as if a forceps was compressing root of nose from the outside. Sensation of nasal mucosae being swollen. Sneezings. Dryness in throat. Hoarseness. Red throat, Sensation of ball in throat. Pain in throat and larynx. Arthralgiae. Numbness in part of limbs. Superficial burning in various parts. Superficial burning picking. Itching in various parts. Belly swollen, tense and painful.


Every perceptibly progressive and strikingly increasing amelioration in a transient (acute) or persistent (chronic) disease, is a condition which, as long as it lasts, completely precludes every repetition of the administration of any medicine whatsoever, because all the good the medicine taken continues to effect is now hastening towards its completion. Every new dose of any medicine whatsoever, even of the one last administered, that has hitherto shown itself to be salutary, would in this case disturb the work of amelioration; Organon.

Hahnemanns Prevision Of Bacteriology A Misconception

This remark was made by Hahnemann here only because he had bitter experience in trying to explain how cholera spreads or affects persons with a probable i.e. doubtful theory which unhappily our friend has utilised for honouring Hahnemann really perhaps trying to honour himself by way of, as he thought a wonderful or intelligent discovery. To call Hahnemann father of Bacteriology is only to do him dishonour to our minds, as said before.

Headache Repertory

Aco, Am-c, Am-m, Arn, Ars, Bell, Bism, Bry, Caps, Cocc, Dros, Hep, Hyos, Ign, Kali-s, Lac-c, Laur, Merc, Nat-a, Nat-c, Nat-m, Nux-v, Phos, Puls, Sil, Spig, Stann, Sulph. Agar; Aloe; Ant-c; Arn; Arg-m; Aur; Calc; Cal-p; Carb-v; Caust; Ced; Chel; Chin; Coloc; Cycl; Dulc; Gels; Glon; Graph; Ip; Iris; Lach; Lyco; Mag-c; Mag-m; Med; Meny; Meli; Naja; Nux-m; Phyt; Plat; Plumb; Psor; Rhus-t; Sarsa; Sel; Sep; Syph; Tarent; Ther; Thuja; Valer; Etc.


Great thirst or no thirst, upper lip drawn up. Thick, white, pasty coat on tongue. Tongue very red or red in streaks, tongue dry down the middle. Bitter taste. Tongue white with red edges. Craving for apples, fruits, acids, cold drinks, and other cool and refreshing things. Aversion to milk. Intense thirst but drinks often and little at a time. Great relief from Continuous anxious nausea with great effort to vomit and perspiration on forehead.


These anomalies appear as convergence in – sufficiency, Divergence – in – sufficiency and Hyperphoria. Symptoms commonly noticed besides pain in the eyes, conjunctival irritation, headache – specially located in supra – orbital, orbital, temporal, and occipital regions. Spasms of the facial muscles are also noticed in some cases. A distinguishing feature of the asthenopic muscularis is that they disappear if one eye is closed.

Case Of Retinal Haemorrhage

A young unmarried girl suffering from pain at the time of menses came to my clinic for treatment. The pain was intolerable and she used to cry bitterly. While examining her pulse, noticed a small nodular growth on the right wrist. This reminded me of Asafoetida. My belief was confirmed when I saw her tongue, for Asafoetida tongue is thick and on protrusion it folds like a tube.

Case Report

Aggravation: – early hours of the morning, after sunset, serious on a cloudy day and during rainfall. Nux-v., Carbo-veg., Causticum, Arsenicum, Ipecacuanha, Bryonia, Lycopodium, Sulphur failed to give any marked relief. Natrum Sulphuricum;- 200, three doses every 4 hours for three days brought most satisfactory results. Natr. Sulf. 1000 removed all his troubles.

Correct Selection Of Remedies

Intuitive knowledge was known to Indian Yogis long ago. It is the real knowledge (Sahan Gyan) as laid down in the Gita. According to the modern psychologists, knowledge is of two kinds: Logical and Intuitive. Logical knowledge is derived from the study of books, observation and reflection; while Intuitive knowledge is the result of self-purification.

Editorial – Mental Causes Of Diseases

Asthma is of frequent occurrences following suppressions of skin eruptions. Many chronic diseases arise from suppression of grief and are not easily amenable to treatment. Grief melts into tears and eases the burden of the mind and thus saves lives. But when this does not occur mind is overwhelmed with grief and death or disease of pernicious character makes its appearance.