Experimental Proving Of Histamine Hydrochloride

Sensation as if a forceps was compressing root of nose from the outside. Sensation of nasal mucosae being swollen. Sneezings. Dryness in throat. Hoarseness. Red throat, Sensation of ball in throat. Pain in throat and larynx. Arthralgiae. Numbness in part of limbs. Superficial burning in various parts. Superficial burning picking. Itching in various parts. Belly swollen, tense and painful.


Lack of air; impression of having right side of chest obstructed.

Lack of air, feeling of anxiety and of something obstructed that prevents passage of air.

Deep incomplete inspiration.

Lack of air, improving when making deep inspirations.

Lack of air, weakness and generalised perspiration.

Sighing breathing with desires to make deep inspiration, with insomnia and anxiety.

Difficulty to breathe, anxiety and restlessness.

Difficulty to breathe caused by obstacle in chest, hoarseness and dry cough.

Anxiety in chest obliging to breathe deeply and under pressure.

Cough with tickling in throat.

Suffocating cough with tickling in throat that prevents from speaking.

Cough with tickling in throat when talking.

Dry cough.

Dry and painful cough in larynx.

Dry cough with irritation in trachea and bronchi.

Continuous violent dry cough, with short periods of relief, that seems to come from suprasternal fossa.

Painful cough in chest.

Suffocating cough with pain in chest, as if it was going to burst.

Cough with expectoration.

Yellow expectoration; white yellowish; green yellowish; uncoloured.

Sticky gelatinous expectoration.

Expectoration of bitter taste.

Sputum with cheesy taste.

Concomitants: Sensation of discomfort and weariness. Generalised perspiration. Tiredness. Feverish, as by grippe. Pains in bones. Chills. Burning occipital headache. Occipital throbbings. Heat in face. Headache and neuralgic pain in jaw. Pain in testicle. Dizziness. Pain in ear. Ears obstructed. Compression at mastoid regions. Pain in the eye. Contusive pain on nose. Sensation of nasal cavities being dry.

Sensation as if a forceps was compressing root of nose from the outside. Sensation of nasal mucosae being swollen. Sneezings. Dryness in throat. Hoarseness. Red throat, Sensation of ball in throat. Pain in throat and larynx. Arthralgiae. Numbness in part of limbs. Superficial burning in various parts. Superficial burning picking. Itching in various parts. Belly swollen, tense and painful. Hypogastric distress. Insomnia. Anxiety. Bad humour. Restlessness.

Modalities: Better when breathing in deeply; by pressing against thorax; worse in closed premises, by movement.


Stitching pains in heart region.

Stitching pains, more intensive when breathing deeply, obliging to withhold breath.

As if a pin had been driven into cardiac region, with occasional stitches increasing when walking.

Feeling of something having been inserted into the heart, stitches and lack of air when walking with a simultaneous sensation of loose teeth.

Alternating of precordial pains with dental symptoms.

“Queer” sensations at the height of the heart.

As if drops of ice water would drip on the heart, with oppression, lack of air and stitches when breathing deeply.

As if the heart was hanging from something, feeling an urge to hold it up with the hands.

As if heart was big.

Pressing constrictive, dull pains in cardiac region.

Oppressive pains with lack of air.

Constriction at left nipple, feeling of general distress and sensation of tickling and stitching at the same place.

Precordial oppression, propagating to left upper limb, that feels heavy, with simultaneous dull pain in teeth and feeling of general distress.

Oppression with palpitations and suffocations.

Cardiac pain on account of trifles.

Painful “knot” at the height of left nipple.

Tickling in cardiac region, anxiety and fainting sensation.


Palpitations on account of emotions and fugitive sensation of precordial “knot.”

Palpitations on account of emotions and noises, with dull pain at left nipple and lack of air.

Palpitations with stitches at left nipple.

Extrasystolic arrythymia with compensating pauses.

Concomitants: Weariness, general asthenia. Weakness in legs, especially in knees. Fine tremor of hands. Feet swollen. Dizziness. Sleeping with agitation. Pain in ears. Compression at mastoid region. Odontalgia. Sensation of loose teeth. Burning sensations in various parts. Tickling at lids. Pain in throat. Contusive pain at root of nose. Sensation of nose being pinched at its root. Myalgiae and arthralgiae. Itching in various parts. Nausea.

Modalities: Better by pressure; worse by movements, deep breathings, emotions.



Spontaneous pain of sternocleidomastoid muscles, also provoked by palpitation.

Painful drawing in one half of neck and back.

Stiffness by deep pain in lateral cervical muscles and of scapulovertebral region, painful at the least movement.

Pain in neck and back, as if trapezius was contracted.

Painful drawing in muscles of neck.

Pain in dorsal muscles and of scapular region and shoulder.

Pain in muscles of waist.

Dull, tensive pain in girdle around waist and abdomen.

Pain in girdle as that produced by having kept a bent forward position for a long time.

Pains, drawing: dull; stitching; contusive; compressive; as after violent physical exercise.

Tearing pain in sacroiliac fossa.

Sacral region aching.

Superficial burning sensation in one half of neck and back of the same side.

Burning in back, as if staying near to something hot.

Burning at right half of back.

Burning pricking on right half of neck.




Heaviness, difficulty to walk quickly and climb steps on account of legs feeling like they were of lead when flexing knee joint.

Weakness in lower limbs apparently concentrating at knees propagating from there to legs.

Increased tiredness with sensation of weight in calves.

Tiredness with dull pain and crawlings in lower limbs.

Weakness, especially in knees.

Difficulty to walk quickly.

Tiring soon when walking.

Muscular weariness and pain in calves, as after excessive walking.

Insecurity at walking.

Tiredness in arms, when lifting them up.

Sensation of numbness, crawling, tickling, succeeding one the other or simultaneously, in sections of limbs or small parts of these limbs.

Numbness in one hand, afterwards sensation of heat in it.

Numbness in forearm and corresponding hand, especially in little and ring fingers, that impress upon increase of sensation as if internal side was afire.

Tips of little and ring finger of one hand numbed, as if they were slightly burned.

Hot hands, as if they were swollen.

Heat in one hand, just after a moderate burn.

Fingertips of an intensive red colour.

Thumb and ring finger of one hand hot, as if they were swollen, with stitchings in fingers.

Toes red, hot, as if they were swollen.

Coldness of right thumb, little and ring finger of the same hand.

Small limited zones of hyperesthesia, like from a burn on anterior side of left forearm and internal side of left thigh.

Fugitive circles or burnings at ankles and knees.

Sensation of ankles being touched by a small cold surface.

Sensation of burning, pricking, burning, picking, in some sections of limbs or small parts of these sections.

Sensation of electricity.

Sensation of electricity elbow down to hand, especially in little and ring finger, with numbness.

Sensation of electricity in one arm; in hands; in two fingers of one hand; in little and ring fingers of both hands.

Sensation of electricity in thumb and forefinger of one hand with simultaneous numbness in little and ring finger of the opposite hand, and crawling in exterior toes of one foot.

Cramps in fingers of one hand; in both feet and calves; down from waist to feet.

Involuntary muscular jerks and contractions.

Involuntary jerks in middle part of right arm; at anterior side of right thigh.

Involuntary adduction movements of left forefinger, separating from middle finger.

Fine tremor in hands.

Sensation of belt, bandage or cuff, compressing small zones.

Sensation of belt compressing both legs in their middle part disturbing all movements.

Sensation of cuff, of 10 cm. width, compressing left arm beneath deltoid insertion.

Soft painless oedema at feet and ankles.

Pink coloured, painless oedema at both ankles.

Itching in various parts of limbs.


Pains, stitching; dull; tensive; contusive; tearing; throbbing; drawing.

Sciatic pain that seems to sketch tract of the nerve.

Synovial cyst on the back of one hand.

Concomitants: Restlessness. Headache. Burning occipital headache. Lateral compression of head. Erythema with sensation of face scorched, Partial numbness in face and lips. Jerks of muscles of periorbital region and face. Pain in throat. Sensation of foreign body in the eye. Pain in eyes. Tension in eyes. Odontalgia. Burning and dryness of nasal cavities. Sensation of nasal cavities being wide open. Sensation of a forceps pinching from outside root of nose. Compression of mastoid region. Sneezings.

Dryness and burning in rinopharynx. Ears obstructed. Pain in ears. Neuralgic pain in ear irradiating to maxillary. Bruised feeling of sterno – costal wall. Oppression of chest and lack of air. Cough with tickling in throat. Precordial pain. Palpitations and suffocations. Abdominal discomfort. Pain in right hypochondrium. Burning in stomach. Belching. Nausea. Constipation. Scarce menstruation. Testicular pain. Pain as from ureteral colic. Chills. Superficial sensation of itching, burning, pricking in the body as from thousands of fine needles.


Burning, tearing, stitching pains in testicle.

Burning pain in testicle with simultaneous burning occipital pain; upon increase of testicular pain, occipital pain decreasing and vice – versa.

Pain jumping from one testicle to the other.

Pain in left ovarian region.

Pain in left ovarian region propagating to hypochondrium and left lower limb.

Menstruation diminished in quantity.

Menstruation late.

Early Menstruation.

Fetid Menstruation.

Leucorrhoea with smell like from burned blood.

Concomitants: General weariness. Weakness in lower limbs when walking. Myalgiae and arthralgiae. Pain in right hypochondrium. Pain in stomach. Headache. Dizziness with insecure walking. Stitching pain in ear. Stitching pain in throat. Stitches in precordial region. Difficulty to breathe.

Itching in various parts.


Sleepiness during daytime.

Insomnia till 2 or 3 a.m.

Insomnia till 2 a.m. with lack of air and pain at left nipple.

Insomnia, mind full of thoughts.

Disturbed sleep, waking various times a night.

Waking with arms completely numbed, turned upwards.

Sleeping in rigid position, waking benumbed on account of having kept the same position for a long time.

Sleeping on the back, with elbows resting against sides, hands upwards, forearms, little and ring fingers benumbed.

Dreaming with insects.


Generalised tremor, especially in hands and knees, followed by much heat and for some seconds by cold, as when struck by cold current; then generalised perspirations set in, and afterwards both ears are obstructed.

Generalised shiverings alternating with heat in face.

Shiverings all over the body.

Chills followed by heat in hands and on head.

Shiverings with simultaneous sensation of electricity from elbow down to right hand.

Generalised heat with perspiration and weakness, dizziness, and lack of air.

Waves of heat ascending to and ending at face.

Waves of heat from chest to head.

Heat in the face.

Heat in the face with cold body, desires to hold something cool on the head.

Intensive heat on face and forehead, without perspiration; afterwards copious sweating without a sensation of heat.

Hot, dry skin, without shiverings.

Concomitants: Prostration. Weariness. Lack of appetite. Belchings tasting like eggs. Vomiting. Diarrhoea. Dryness of conjunctivae. Pain when moving eyes. Ears obstructed. Nasal obstruction and itching. Coryza. Headache. Odontalgia. Lacunar amigdalitis. Lack of air. Cough.


Itching without eruption appearing successive or simultaneously at different parts of the body.

Itching with oedema in the place of scratching.

Small zones of burning, of cutaneous hyperesthesia with sensation of burning, pricking and burning picking.

Fugitive burning circles on skin, jumping rapidly from one part of the body to another.

Sensation of being touched by a small cold surface.

Sensation of thousands of needles stinging the skin, after a bath.

Contact – eczema on fingers.

Maculo – erythematous eruption, itching, in upper part of sternal region.

Erythema like that produced by sunburn.

Localized oedematous infiltration by exposure to sun.

Generalised eruption of pink papules of the size of small beans, not very itching.

Concomitants: Oppression on chest with difficulty to breathe. Insomnia. Numbness in different parts of limbs. Myalgiae and arthralgiae. Pain in ears. Ears obstructed. Headache. cough with tickling in throat. Dizziness. Jerks of periorbital muscles. Burning pricking in nose. Sensation of wet nose. Sneezings.

Modalities: Better by scratching; worse by water; bath.

Jacob Gringauz