What We Must Not Do In Homoeopathy – 2

Alone the homoeopaths who have a very long experience, do not make such an error regarding the dose. We try first of all to avoid a second error which will consist in stopping the medicine very soon. We must know to place ourselves on the borderline of these two dangers. To stop the medicine too soon is to cause the patient to fall back in his diseased condition.

Homoeopathic Treatment Of Cancer

Such are the principle constitutional remedies we ought to review. The dilutions in which they ought to be employed are variable enough. In a general way, the high potencies will be reserved for the precancerous state; the low and middle potencies for the confirmed cancers.


Treatment should consist in the prescription of the constitutional remedy and in the most serious general drainage of the subjects. Results will be excellent most often. It will be impossible, and with truth, to affirm that one has been able to avoid in a patient an always hypothetical cancer; but the general impression is in favor of a favorable prophylactic action of the scourge.


This case illustrates the usefulness of Ignatia in all physical troubles due to sorrow, worry, excitement, especially in town people who lead a life at high tension, and that medicine seems to be particularly suitable for speculators and stockbrokers.

Value and limits

The Value and Limits of Application of the Principle of Similitude in Biology and in Therapeutics. The therapeutics is not yet a science and it cannot become a complete science but only when it will be built up on some laws and general unquestionable principles. …

Principle of similitude

The Principle of Similitude: Its new applications according to the recent biological research in Hormones, Vitamins etc. Thus the action of adrenaline is inversed according to the dose it is injected, thus showing a homeopathic action….

Similitude in therapeutics

The sphere, the possibilities and the actual limits of the principle of similitude in therapeutics. In practice, very few patients do not react according to the principle of similitude, either because they are in a state of a very old disease or very much advanced (some agonies), or for some personal reasons. …

Action of therapeutic agents

Thus the hypophysiological doses of Ipecac are still expectorant, like that of the habitual physiological doses; while smaller doses are antispasmodic and stops expectoration. We will see further on that this fact has been proved by Arndt Schulz….

Law of similars

The law of Arndt Schulz gives a justification to the use of small doses and in the limit of that homoeopathic law and allopathically where small doses join together…

Introduction to Homeopathic Treatment of Cancer

Dr. Fortier Bernoville wrote about the cancer which is considered the most terrible scourge, fatal, pitiless, irremediable as soon as it fixes its signature on the human being. He also advocated the role of homoeopathic treatment ,be it to retard the progression of the cancer, be it to palliate against the pains….

Homeopathic Treatment

Several practical indications of the value of the homeopathic remedies which are habitually employed in high potency in the homeopathy treatment of the precancerous or even cancerous state….


For successful treatment of cancer with homeopathy one should understand the concept of drainage and canalization with remedy. According to Dr. Fortier Bernoville, medicine should act in a centripetal sense in order to retain the mineral salts and prevent malnutrition along with eliminate in a centrifugal sense, the toxins elaborated in the body. …

Isopathy in Cancer

Starting from philosophical and metaphysical ideas, Rudolf Steiner noted that the mistletoe (Viscum album) ought to be a real specific remedy in cancer. That is why the Anthroposophists, including Kaelin, use different kinds of mistletoe for the cancerous….

Conclusion – Homeopathy Cancer Treatment

Cautiously, without too much repetition, the constitutional homeopathic remedies and nosodes should be prescribed as the specified remedies for cancer according to the methods of Nebel, Rubens-Duval, etc….

Homeopathic Remedies for Cancer

The great difficult in advanced cases of cancer is the inability to obtain therapeutic individualization of symptoms. They have the pathology and all the common symptoms that go with it, but they are not sufficient to make a good homoeopathic prescription….

Nosodes & Isopathy

While the classic homoeopathic medicines drawn out of the three kingdoms of nature are used for curing the similar symptoms seen in a patient the nosodes and isopathy, suit not only to the patient himself but also to the morbid states….


Organotherapics or Opotherapy remedies are extracts prepared from glands of animals and humans. The extracts are used to treat various disorders….


Opotherapy. The treatment of illness and disease with extracts made from certain glands of animals, as the thyroid or adrenal glands. Also called organotherapy. …


The use of sarcodes in the treatment of various disorders. They are often used as adjunct to the homeopathic remedy….

Phlyctenular Isopathy

Phlyctenular Therapy is a form of Isopathy where serum from vesicles artificially produced, is used as an internal remedy. Other forms of Isotherapy are also discussed….


The Biotherapics are medicines prepared from products of microbial origin, of secretions or excretions which are pathological or not, of tissues of animals or vegetables and allergens. These include Nosodes and Sarcodes….

Mental disorders

In the Hahnemannian method of treatment that in practice we must carefully interrogate every patient on his character, his sentiments, humors and emotions, sensations and impressions etc. without forgetting his sleep, his dreams that gives precious informations. …


The possibility of Homoeopathy in the treatment of mental diseases with some persons cases of Melancholy, Insanity, Delirium etc….

Mental diseases

In some cases homoeopathy will be but an adjuvant and in some other cases it will take the first place according to well precised indications. Incontestably homoeopathy should cede to other methods, its place if these prove more efficacious. …

Repetition of the Dose

Advice on Repetition of homeopathic medicine by Dr. Fortier Bernoville in his book WHAT WE MUST NOT DO IN HOMOEOPATHY….

Medicine Aggravation

Medicine Aggravation in Homeeopathy explained by Dr. Fortier Bernoville in his book WHAT WE MUST NOT DO IN HOMOEOPATHY….

Errors to Avoid As Regards Patients

How can we avoid Errors in homeopathic practice in regards to dianosis of the patient, of the disease and of the remedy discussed by Dr. Fortier Bernoville in his book WHAT WE MUST NOT DO IN HOMOEOPATHY….

Errors in Homeopathic Practice

Advise on the selection of crude substance for preparation of medicine. Some precautions that to be noted in drug proving….

The Dose

Advise on the repetition of dosage and selection of potency in WHAT WE MUST NOT DO IN HOMOEOPATHY by Dr. Fortier Bernoville …


Preface to Syphilis and Sycosis by Dr. Fotier – bernoville and translated by Raj Kumar Mukarji….

Homoeopathic Treatment of Syphilis -1

While taking up the General Homoeopathic treatment and study of Syphilis, which include the real meaning of this disease and its therapeutics, we must recall to ourselves that our Master Hahnemann considered it as one of the three miasms with Psora and Sycosis….

Syphilis and Sclerosis

We have no treatment against established sclerosis. But in treating a subject homoeopathically as for example by Sulphur, Lycopodium or Thuja and by giving him remedies according to his troubles you can retard the organic sclerosis….

Official Therapeutic Arms

What is interesting to note is that we use Mercury, Gold, Potassium iodide and as helping remedies, Silver, Platinum, Arsenic, some plants also and in a general our best remedies for treatment of Syphilis are the heavy metals in their natural forms….

Homoeopathic Treatment of Syphilis -2

Homeopathic Treatment of Syphilis. Important homeopathic remedies for treatment of various stages of Syphilis. Important remedies include salts of Mercury, Kali-iod, Platina etc….

Conclusion – Syphilis

It may be that the treponema may not exist, but the constitution may be deviated and the subject goes on developing with some troubles which may not be due to treponema….


Syphilinum is to be used like any other remedy of the Materia Medica according to the law of similars, even when syphilis is not a cause and it is in such cases syphilinum will give the best results….

Homoeopathic Treatment of Tabes

The action of Homoeopathic remedies on the motor troubles of tabes is not always very deep. However, the Homoeopathic treatment can help the patient to walk more easily, and can make him more sure of his movements. …

Sycosis and Warts

Thuja is always the leading remedy of sycotic conditions and warts. Thuja should be prescribed after chronic Gonorrhoea or repeated vaccinations and its symptoms are found in the patients….

Tremblings, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis

Senile tremblings have some symptoms very similar to Paralysis agitans or Parkinson’s disease. Theoretically Baryta carbonica is one of the best remedies because it acts in sclerosis accompanied by senility. But we should also think of Phosphorus because of the medullar-cortico degeneration….


Thuja can cause the disappearance of the dermal manifestations of this Miasm Sycosis. It is also a remedy of acute and chronic gonorrhoea. But Hahnemann did not consider that all gonorrhoeas are caused by sycosis….






According to the seriousness of infection, we may have three varieties of benign infectious jaundice. Learn the important homeopathic remedies for Jaundice….


Four principal drainers of the Liver : Solidago, Chelidonium, Taraxacum, Carduus marianus. 2. Six drainers of bile ducts and of the liver : Hydrastis Chionanthus, China, Myrica, Berberies….


A tabular summary of the therapeutics of liver discussed in the earlier chapter. Learn important liver remedies in homeopathy medicine….

1. Introduction

Dr.Bernoville proposed to deal, this year with the drainage of the circulatory apparatus, the drainage of respiratory and genital systems. Last year he studied the generalities of drainage, drainage of the digestive system of the liver, drainage of the urinary apparatuses and of the digestive system….

2. Principles

In chronic states of old persons where the circulatory troubles are more and more important, the vascular drainage, has, on the contrary, an absolutely capital value….

3. Lymphatic

This third lecture of Dr. Bernoville concerning the drainage of the circulatory system includes the study of drainage of the spleen, lymphatic glands and of interstitial spaces….

10. Moist Cough

In the study of the remedies of humid cough we have to deal with remedies of direct drainage on the respiratory mucous, of expectorants, of medicines fluidifying the bronchial secretion such as Antimonium tartaricum, Kali bichromicum, Hydrastis, etc……

11. Topography

Hydrastis and Kali bichromicum have almost similar indications: Thick yellow thready discharge. They may be used together because they reinforced the actions of each other. …

4. Inflammatory Remedies

The fourth lecture will be concentrated to cardiac remedies in relation to the subjective troubles or troubles of inflammatory nature. The fact is to be noted that these remedies are almost exclusively used by the Homoeopaths….

5. Tonicardiacs

In this lecture on the drainage and canalisation on the circulatory system, Dr. Bernoville describes a series of homoeopathic remedies acting specially on the heart, remedies that are used according to the law of similars and physiologically as tonicardiacs….

6. Principal Remedies

These homeopathic medicines are used in ponderable doses. They are used in Homoeopathic doses only when the law of equilibrium becomes related to the law of similars. They are used more to give relief to the patient than to cure….

7. Cough

In the drainage of the respiratory system, the functional remedies cause to disappear the symptoms and the ground remedies are of capital value. It results thus that in the treatment of the diseases of the respiratory system one should act much more deeply than in the case of the diseases of the other organs….

8. Cough Remedies

Remedies of dry cough in the first stage of an acute disease are Aconite, Belladonna, Bryonia, Ferrum Phos, Chamomilla, Veratrum viride, Hepar sulphur….

9. Classification

Spongia and Naja are very important in recurrent cough, nasal voice or loss of voice. But if the trouble seems to arise from the intracardiac nervous system or from cardiac troubles Naja is better than Spongia. …

Hydromineral and Physiotherapic cure

Dr. Fortier Bernoville described in this chapter of his book on chronic Rhematism that sulphur springs and spring of radioactive water is very beneficial along with Homeopathic treatment….


Dr. Fortier bernoville gave an idea of some ground and temperamental remedies important in the cases of chronic rheumatism. Indication of natrum Sulph., causticum, thuja, lycopodium, sulphur, silicea and cimicifuga has been described….

Biochemic remedies, local treatment

Dr. Fortier Bernoville recommended the use of several biochemic remedies according to their diathesis like uric acid, phosphric acid, oxalic acid for the drainage and local effects before any fictional remedy i the cases of chronic rheumatism….

Homoeopathic remedies

Homoeopathic remedies for chronic rhematism with their indications, time- modalities, doses have been suggested by Dr. Fortier Bernoville in his book Chronic rhematism….


best homeopathic remedies found to be effective in the cases of Sciatica described by Dr. Fortier Bernoville….


Dr. Fortier Bernoville gave a breif introduction about chronic rheumatism and homeopathic approach for the same in his book Chronic rheumatism by Dr, Fortier Bernoville….


Aetiology of chronic rheumatism in respect to Homeopathy and the importance of nosodes especially tuberculin in the treatment of ersons suffering from chronic rhematism….

The Metals

The metals used in Homoeopathy are: Aurum and Argentum the two precious metals; Uranium and Vanadium among rare metals; plumbum and Cuprum among the common metals….

Other Minerals.

Homeopathic remedies from Mineral group effective in diabetes mellitus….

The Vegetables

homeopathic remedies from Vegetable group found to be effective in diabetes mellitus….

Animal Products

Homeopathic medicines from Animal source found to be effective in cases of diabetes mellitus….

New Remedies in Course of Experiment

New Remedies in Course of Experiment. New Remedies in Course of Experiment

Homoeopathic arsenal is enriched by new arms of which the utility is something greater. It should be…


Diet in diabetes is important. Learn more about diabetic diet and its role in homeopathy….

Introduction to Diabetes mellitus

Among the classical Homoeopathic remedies some that the used very rarely, such as Chimaphilla, Rhus Aromatica of the vegetable kingdom; Lactic Acid and picric Acid from the mineral kingdom, requires to be mentioned at the top….

The Acids

The Acid group of remedies, like Acetic acid, Phosphoric Acid, Lactic acid etc are very useful in treating Diabetes. …

1. Alcoholism

Homeopathic remedies to antidote the abuse of alcohol, as well as of other toxins or poisons, and medicines to stop persons from drinking alcohol….

2. Antidotes of Medicinal Intoxications

Antidotes of Medicinal Intoxications. The allopathic medicines are abandoned, their use being stopped, it is necessary in many cases to antidote the effects of these substances which have remained partially in the organism….

Diabetes Mellitus

Homeopathic tratment of Diabetes Mellitus by RAJ KUMAR MUKHERJEE