The Clinical Directory

The Clinical Directory. THE Clinical Directory, as it originally appeared, was highly appreciated, and proved to be of effective service; we have, therefore, very c…

THE Clinical Directory, as it originally appeared, was highly appreciated, and proved to be of effective service; we have, therefore, very carefully revised and enlarged it. In its preparation we have to acknowledge the valuable aid of may homoeopathic physicians who have contributed the results of their practical experience. If any errors have crept in, we shall be glad to have them pointed out; we shall also be thankful to receive useful suggestions for future improvement.

It will be at once obvious that a ready and successful use of this Clinical Directory necessitates a previous knowledge of Materia Medica, as well as professional skill in diagnosing disease, and only be of service to refresh the memory. Varied knowledge, observation, and tact are essential in the art of prescribing, the perfection of which lies in the power of discrimination in individual cases, and of bringing into one focus the circumstances of parentage, habits of life, tendencies to diseased action, idiosyncrasies, etc., that may complicate them. To the qualifications just mentioned, must be added that of long practice. The clinical Directory will, however, be found generally useful if consulted in connection with the preceding Materia Medica.

A few abbreviations are used, the chief of which are the following: alt., for alternately, or in alternation with; int. for internally or internal use; ext., for externally or local use; the letter F., with a number attached, refers to the Appendix of Formulae which follows the Directory, as F.28.


Abdomen: DISTENDED – Silicea Sulph., Lycopodium, Arsenicum (in tubercular children); Cin. (from worms);Iodium, Phyto., Ferrum Mur. m. ij. ter die. Calcarea C., Arsenicum Iodium 3x trit., Mercurius Iodium; Baptisia (enteric fever); Digitalis Terebintha, Arsenicum (Dropsy; see Ascites); Coloc., or Nux V.(Tympanitis); Cimic. (pains shooting across); China, Carbo V., Iris.

PAIN IN – see Bowels.

Abscess: THREATENED – Belladonna or Apis., Mercurius Sol. if above fail.

ACUTE – Aconite or Belladonna Hepar sulph.

Arnica (early stage, and from an injury); Mercurius S. Poultices.

CHRONIC. Sil, ChinaO (in 3 to 5 drop doses). Phosphorus, Bary. Carb. Sulph., Hepar S., Calcarea C., Ac. Phosphorus, Silicea, Aurum (from diseased bone); Calendula lotion.

OF LIVER – See Liver.

MAMMARY – See Breast.

TUBERCULAR. Calcarea Iodium, Calcarea C., sil., Sulphur, Aurum, Arsenicum Iodium, Ac. Carbol.

Acidity (Heartburn): Nux V., Bryonia, Puls., Carbo V., Iris V., Anacardium O.; Lycopodium, (in elderly persons); Calcarea C. or Rob. (chronic acidity). (F. 61.) See also Dyspepsia.

Acne (Pimples): Belladonna (in the plethoric); Ac. Phosphorus; Bary. Carb., Calcarea C.; K.Bromium, K. Hydriod., Jug. C., Arsenicum, K. Bromium, Carb. An., Calcarea C., Lappa 3x, Pic. ac. 3 (during menstruation), Sepia Rumex O int., and Rumex and Sulph. ointment ext. (F. 56); Borax, Sulphur, int., and ext. (Sulphur. sometimes aggravates).

ROSACEA – Ant. C., Rhus Rad., Arsenicum, Apis, Carbo An.; Agaricus int. and ext., Nux V. or Opi (if from spirit drinking);Rhus, Mercurius (Young persons); Rhus, Mercurius (young persons); Belladonna, Arsenicum (severe and chronic cases); locally Hypochlorite of Sulph. (F. 58.)

After pains: see Labour.

Ague: China, or Sulph. Quin. IX trit.; Arsenicum (chronic and undefined cases); Cedr.,?Nat. Mur. (after abuse of Quinine), Carbo vegetabilis: Ipecac. (much gastric disturbance, with nausea); Nux V., Verbascum Alb. (chill predominating); Verbascum Alb. (severe and obstinate cases); Bryonia (chill stage); Gelsemium (hot stage); Sulph. Quin., Arsenicum (in the apyrexia), Cit. of Iron and Quin. gr. j. thrice daily (enlarged spleen following Ague); Acid Phosphorus, Terebintha

Albuminuria: see Bright’s Disease.

Alcohol: EFFECTS OF – Nux V., V., Belladonna, Caps. (large doses given in sugar water), Agaricus, Opi., Arsenicum; Digitalis, K. Bromium, Strych., Sulphur Quin. (with tremors); Ant. T. (gastric irritation).

See Delirium Tremens in Chap. on POISONS.

Alopecia (Loss of hair); see Hair.

Amblyopia (impaired vision from any cause except that of optical defect; incipient Amaurosis): Ac. Phosphorus, China, Ferrum, Arsenicum, Anacardium, Phosphorus (from debilitating causes); Aconite, Arnica, Ruta. Nux V. IX, Gelsemium IX, Macrot. IX trit (from over – use of the eyes); Cimic. (aching in eyeballs); Spigelia Coloc. (great pain in the eyes); Belladonna or Spigelia (congested appearance of the eyes); Cact. (hyperaemia of the optic nerve); Lithium carb. (partial or threatened Hemiopia). Warm fomentation at night relieve the discomfort in and about the eyes. Further, a nourishing diet and sufficient rest and sleep should also be prescribed.

see also Sight, and Eyes.

Amenorrhoea (delayed, suppressed, or deficient menstruation): see Menstruation).

Anaemia:Ferrum Red., Ferrum Pyro – Phosphorus, China (from haemorrhage); Helonias IX, Ac – Phosphorus, Arsenicum, Iodium, Mercurius, Macrot., Nat – mur., Silicea, Arg – Nit. Cold sponging with great caution.

Anasarca: see dropsy: GENERAL. Aneurism: Barayta carbonica, K – Hydride, in large doses, Calcarea, Phosphorus, Iodium, Lycopodium; Aconite, Ver – Vir. (for arterial excitement); Surgical treatment is often necessary.

Anger: EFFECTS OF – Aconite (Palpitation and arterial excitement); Chamomilla (bilious derangement); Bryonia(headache); Belladonna or Hyoscyamus (brain disturbance); Nux V., Staphysagria

Dr. Nankivell, of York communicated to us a case of partial Paralysis of the tongue, with thick speech and slow utterance, the effect of anger, rapidly cured by Aconite

Angina: see Throat, Croup. etc.

Angina Pectoris: Arsenicum, Cact., Digitalis, Ver – Vir., Ver – Alb., Hep – S., Iodium, Strych., Naja, China, puls., Aurum, Strophanth.

PAROXYSM OF – Digitalis (very slow, labouring pulse); Chloric Ether, Ac — Hydrocy.; Aconite, Cimic., Spig, Nitrite of Amyl, inhalation of 3 to 5 drops. Brandy should not be forgotten

Ankles: SPRAINED: See Sprain.

SWOLLEN- Apis, Arsenicum, Pulsatilla, Ferrum, China. Also REST in the horizontal position.

WEAK- Calc-Phosphorus almost specific. Calc-Iod, Calc-c., Phosphorus, Sulphur, Thuja, Nat-carb.

Antigalactics (medicines for diminishing the secretion of milk); Cal-c., Bryonia, Belladonna, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla

Anus: CONSTRICTED NUX V. )spasmodic closure of the sphincter ani); modic closure of the sphincter ani); Plumb., Belladonna, Graphites, nitricum acidum Dilatation may be necessary.

FISSURED AND SORE- Graphites, Acid nitricum, Aescul., K-Hydriod. Paeonia. Glycerole of Hydras, or Calendula locally (F.66 04 11).

FISTULA OF- Silicea, Causticum, Graphites, nitricum acidum, Sulphur, Calc-C.; Ac- Nit., Hamamelis With Glyc. (F. 5) ext.; Injection of Hamamelis lotion (F. 40) (associated with Glycerole of Starch medicated with the same (F.3).

ITCHING OF- Sulph., Ac-Nit., Ignatia, Thuja, Arsenicum, Ambra. Also for ext., use to be applied three or four times daily (F.I, 10, 39, or 50).

ITCHING OF, FROM WORMS- Cin., Ignatia, 6, Teuc. See also Worms.

PAIN IN Aescul.

PROLAPSED- Podoph. (at each stool with squirting Diarrhoea); Ruta. Nux V. (with Constipation); Graphites (with Constipation and piles); Aloes (with piles and great irritation); Ignatia )in children); Lycopodium (in children); Mercurius, Ac-Nit., Aescul., Hamamelis, extract with Glyc.and water (F.5) as an injection, or phyto. int. and Phyto. O 3j. and Glyc. of Starch (F.2).. Dr. H. Wheeler uses an injection of Ferr-Mur. 3j ad aq. 3zviij.

Anxiety, care, Grief, etc: EFFECTS OF- Ignatia, Ac-phos., Anacardium, China, Aconite, Gelsemium, Nux V.

Aphasia: see Aphonia.

Aphonia: Causticum, K-Hydriod. (syphilitic); Phyto. (complete or partial loss of voice); Aconite, Belladonna, Mercurius, Gloninum, Carbo V. (catarrhal); Ant-T. (from cold, with bronchial rales); Ignatia or Nux V. (nervous and hysterical); Galvanism.

CHRONIC-Phosphorus, Carbo V., K-Bich., Hep-S )wheezing).

FROM OVER-USE OF THEE VOICE- Causticum (high voice). K-Bich., Phosphorus, Arnica, Bary-Carb.

Aphthae: Mercurius, Box., K-Chlorum, Ant-T. (with vomiting of milk after nursing); Arsenicum (ulcerous); Ac-Sulphs. Ix (ulcerous in adults); Borax, Hydras., Ac-Carbol. IX or Sanguinaria, one part of any, to about twelve to fifteen parts of water, as a wash; or (F.4); Sulphurous Acid Spray; or (F.7) (ulcerating Aphthae).

Apoplexy: EARLY SYMPTOMS- Aconite alt. Belladonna every hour, and fomentations to the head of hot water every two hours; Gloninum (throbbing headache in temples and full sensation). Amyl-Nit., Aconite, Nux V., Belladonna, Gelsemium, Aster-rub.

FIT OR-Aconite (full quick strong pulse); Belladonna (great redness of the face, and convulsive movements); Opi (bloated, dusky-red face, stupor, and stertor); Phosphorus, Cocc., Rhus., Lycopodium, Arnica (after-effects).

PREVENTIVES-NUX V., Aconite, Phosphorus, Mercurius; Also. Avoidance of stimulating food and drink (especially beer), over-eating, excitement, haste, exposure to the hot sun, heated rooms, etc.

Appendicitis: Obtain a surgeon’s opinion. Locally Glyc. of Belladonna or Ver-Vir. applied in compress, 3i. to 3ziv. Internally. Belladonna, Mercurius Corr., Lachesis, Arsen., Bryonia Crot. H. For recurrent attacks consider the advisability of operation. Iris Tenax is sometimes of great service for pains in appendix region after an attack of appendicitis; also Iodine and Graphites.

Appetite: DEPRAVED-Arsenicum, China, Calcarea, C., Ferrum, Nux V., Ac- Nit.

EXCESSIVE–Cin. (from worms); Iodium, China, or Ac-Phosphorus (after illness); Mercurius, Sil-C., Gelsemium, Ignatia Patients with excessive appetite should eat slowly.

LOST OR DEFICIENT-China, Ferrum, Macrot. IX trit., Ac-Phosphorus, Still. IX trit., Nux V. IX, Arsenicum, Mercurius, Pulsatilla, Nit-Uran, Pru-S. The cause should be removed.

VARIABLE-Cin., China, Iodium, Calcarea, C.

ARTERIES: DISEASE OR-Baryta carb., Phos-Lycopodium

Arthritis: see Gout.

Articular Rheumatism: see Rheumatism.

Ascarides: see Worms.

Ascites: Apocynum, Stroph. O or IX, Digitaline IX with caution, Apis, Arsenicum, Eup-Pur as an infusion; infusion of Digitalis in 3ss doses; Nux V., China, Lycopodium Croton tig. is the most reliable remedy in Ascites from Cirrhosis of the liver.

Asiatic Cholera: see Cholera: ASIATIC.

Asthenopia: (weak-sightedness from muscular fatigue: temporary Asthenopia may occur after severe fever or other exhausting disease). The use of proper glasses Good air and food, cold water douche, frequent rest of the eyes, and one or more of the remedies prescribed under Amblyopia, if from exhausting causes.

Asthma: Ipecac., Arsenicum, Gelsemium, Plumb., Cact., Lobelia, Cup-Acet., Nux V., Carbo V. (with dyspepsia, flatulence, etc., Nit-Sulph. (with Diarrhoea), Thuja,

PAROXYSM Of-Aconite (arterial excitement; and when arising form cold); Ver-Vir. (laboured breathing, with cold sweat on the face); Ipecac. O gtt. j. every half-hour (spasmodic with retching); Belladonna nightly spasm); Phosphorus, Ac.Dil. gtt. v. in aq. 3zj. every hour or two. Cup-Acet., Ac-Hydrocy., Lobelia., Nux.V. or Arsenicum (between the attacks), Thuja, Nat-Sulph.

CHRONIC-Arsenicum, Sulphur, Plumb., Nux V., K-Hydriod., Thuja.

CHILDREN’S- Sambucus (profuse perspiration); Ipecac. (retching or sickness); Ant-T., Arsenicum

Atrophy: GENERAL- Arsenicum, Iodium, Calc-C., Silicea, Phosphorus, Sulphur Cod- liver oil. Also frictions and exercise alternated with perfect rest.

Back: ACHING OF- Arnica (from over exertion); Rhus. Bryonia, Nux V., Gelsemium

PAIN IN- Cimic. (crick-in-the-back); Macrotin; Ant-t., Aconite, Cantharis, Terebintha (with disease of kidneys); Hamamelis, Aconite, Nux V., Aescul. (from Piles).

See also Lumbago and Menstruation: PAINFUL.

WEAKNESS OF- Sill., Rhus., Phosphorus, Ignatia, China(From nervous exhaustion).

Baker’s Itch: see Lichen.

Balanitis (Inflammation of the glans and lining of the prepuce, with muco purulent discharge); Merc-Cor., Calendula ext.

Baldness: See Hair: FALLING OFF OF.

Barber’s Itch: see Beard:ACNE OF(>)

Bead: ACNE OF_ Lycopodium, Graphites, Merc-S., Ant-T., Merc-Iodium, Sulph- Iodium, or Sulph. int. and as an ointment or lotion (F. 34, 43, 56).

Bed-sores: Hypericum oil is the remedy where gangrene is threatened or has actually commenced. It may be applied to the part and (if the skin be broken) covered with lint on which Boracic ointment is spread. Glycerin-cream, or Calend-lotion; Calend- or Arnica plaster for protection. Ung. Zinci (B.P.). The use of a water or air bed, if possible, is a greet help towards prevention.

PREVENTION OF- Frequent washing the parts exposed to pressure with soap and water; and, after drying with a soft towel, a little Glycerine or Glycerine of Starch (F.2) should be gently rubbed over the parts. If redness of the skin appears, the parts should be moistened with brandy or some other proof spirit, to harden the skin. Spirit of proof strength is better than the usual prescription of brandy and water.

Belching: see Eructations.

Biliousness: Lept., Nux V., Mercurius Bryonia, Mag-Mur., Podoph.,?Hep- S., Ipecac., Iris.

ATTACK OF- Bryonia, Pulsatilla (from indigestible food: vomiting of bile and mucus); Aconite (from cold or excitement); Chamomilla (from worry or passion); Ver-Alb., Iris (“sick headache,” with vomiting or diarrhoea); Nux V. (from stimulants, over-feeding, etc., with constipation).

See also Liver, Constipation, Diarrhoea, etc.

Bites of Insects, etc: see Stings.

Black- eye: Tinct. Arnica IX int. and ext. (if the lotion can be applied immediately); Hamamelis (broken skin, and if discoloration has taken place).

Bladder: CATARRHAL INFLAMMATION OF- Aconite Cantharis (from cold); Dulc, Uva IX, also decoction 3zj. 4tis horis (from damp); Cann., Cantharis, Apis. K-Hydriod., Chim.(with much mucous or albuminous discharge); Eup-Pur, Ammon-Mur., Ant-C, Pulsatilla, Terebintha, Zincum met., Eryng-Aquat., Sulphur

IRRITABILITY OF- Ferrum (diurnal); Belladonna, Cantharis, Sulphur (nocturnal); Nux V., (with spasm and in gouty persons); Lycopodium (with gravel); Ac-Benz. (strongly scented, high coloured urine). For irritability with pain at neck of bladder, a full bath, 97 degree for ten minutes, followed or not by a douche of cold water.

PARALYSIS OF- Cann-Sat., Belladonna, Bary-Carb., Aconite, Nux V.

See also Calculus, Haemorrhage, Strangury, Urine, etc.

Bleeding: see Haemorrhage.

Blindness: see Amaurosis, Amblyopia, Sight, etc.

Blister: see Burns and Scalds.

Blood: SPITTING OF- see Haemoptysis. VOMITING OF- see Haematemesis.

Blotches: Ant-C., Graphites, Lycopodium, Clem. Arsenicum, Apis.

Boils: Belladonna or Arnica alt. Aconite (when forming); Sulph., Belladonna, Ac.Sulph; and hot poultices (when formed); Silicea, Hep-S. (when suppuration has occurred, but is torpid); Muriate of Calcarea lotion (F.38) (when very painful). Carrot poultice: Sovereign remedy remedy (Dr. Stokes).

TENDENCY TO- Sulph., Hep-S., K-Brown., China. Sulph.

Bone: CONTUSION OF- Ruta and Ruta lotion ext.

EXOSTOSIS- Aur-Mur., Merc-Iodium, Silicea

INFLAMMATION AND CARIES OR ULCERATION OF- Asafoetida 12, Mercurius Aurum, Arg-Met., Ac-Fluor., Silicea, Ac.Phosphorus; also Phyto.

NECROSIS- Merc-Prot-Iodium, Ars-Iodium, Silicea, Ac-Fluor., Symphytum, Phosphorus, Arsenicum, Asafoetida

NODES- Silicea, K-Hydriod., K-Bich. (cranial); Merc-Cor. 6x (tibial); Staphysagria, Rhus (soft nodes); Aur-Mur. (hard nodes).

PAIN IN- Aurum, Asafoetida, Mercurius, Ruta, Ac-Nit., Ac-Fluor., Ac-Phosphorus, Staphysagria, Phyto.; Eup-Perf. (Influenza, bone-pains).

PERIOSTITIS- Silicea, Aur-Mur., Mez., K-Hydriod.

SOFTENING OF- Calc-C., Silicea, Ac-Phosphorus, Calc-Phosphorus, Phosphorus, Mercurius, Sulphur

Bowels: see Constipation, Diarrhoea, Hernia, Anus, Enteritis, etc.

CONSUMPTION OF- see Tabes Mesenterica.

PAIN IN- Camph. (severe, with chilliness); Aconite (feverishness or excitement); Belladonna X, Coloc. 2x.

see also Colic.

Brain: CONCUSSION OF- Arnica alt. Aconite or Belladonna, Cicuta

CONGESTION OF- Bell or Atropiae Sulph. 3x Belladonna Should be given first, then if necessary Atrop-S. If these fail, Apis Opi., Gelsemium, (cerebral depression) or Gloninum (cerebral exaltation); Ver- Vir. (children with gastric irritation); Aconite, Nux V., Bryonia; Gelsemium, Sulph-Quin. (intermittent), bacil. (Tubercular cases). In congestion from tubercular disease or from teething, with convulsions speedy relief may be obtained applying to the head flannels wrung out of hot water. The fomentations should be continues for half an hour or more according to the severity of the case, and most frequently the child falls into a quite sleep during the process.

MENINGITIS- Aconite Belladonna, Bryonia; Stramonium, Bacil.(from tubercular deposit with convulsions); Calcarea Carb., Helleborus Apis., Ver-Vior., Gelsemium, Sulphur In cerebral Congestion, with much mental excitement, flushed face, etc, great and speedy relief may frequently be given by packing the legs (from the loins to thee feet inclusive) in large towels wrung tightly out of mustard (“mustard bran”) and hot water for twenty to thirty minutes, the bowels well covered with blankets. Plenty of mustard should be used, and after the pack, the parts should be quickly wiped down with tepid damp towels (Dr. Dalzell). Hot fomentations to the head, as just recommended for Congestion, are also applicable for Inflammation.

SOFTENING OF- Mercurius alt.Belladonna; Bary-Carb., Ac-Phosphorus, Nux V., Zincum met., Arsenicum, Phosphorus, Zinc-Phosphorus IX; Hypericum (Pain and other nerve symptoms).

Brain-fag: Nux V., Ac-Phosphorus Ac-pl., Gelsemium, Gloninum, Strych-Phosphorus 1/200 Calc-C., Silicea, Anacardium, Staphysagria, Zincum met., Asar-Europ., Iris.

Brain-fever: see Typhus-Fever.

Branny-Tetter: Arsenicum, Graphites, Lycopodium, Sulphur

Breast: ABSCESS OF- Bryonia (earliest symptoms); Belladonna (shining red and swollen); Phosphorus (during formation); Phyto. IX int. and (F.9). also spongio-piline over the breast, if Bryonia and Phosphorus fail; Silicea or Hep-S. (torpidity, or imperfect suppuration); Phyto. or Hydras., Chronic lobular mastitis.


EXCORIATION OF- Sulph.; Hydras. or Calendula ext. Glycerole of Starch (F.2) and Phyto (F.9) are also recommended.

INFLAMMATION, HARDNESS, PAINFULNESS, or SWELLING OF- Bryonia; Belladonna (shining red swelling).

Breast: Tumours of, Calc-Phosphorus, Cundurango, Coni., Lappa Maj., Hydras., Aster. Rub., Phosphorus, Scrophularia Nod. O unit doses.

Breast-Pang: see Angina Pectoris.

Breath: FOETID- Mercurius, Carbo V., Chin-Sulph., Ant-C., Aurum, Ac- Nit., Aconite, Ac-Carbol., Caps.

Breathing: SHORT OR DIFFICULT- Aconite, Ac-Hydrocy.; Arsenicum (tightness and debility); Ipecac. (wheezing, (dry) and with nausea); Ant-T. rattling (most); Iodium (emaciation); Ferrum (anaemia); Hep-S., Cuprum, Scill., Spongia Friction over the chest with cod-liver oil, or with Glycerine, often relieves difficult breathing.

Bright’s Disease: Arsenicum, Phosphorus, Cantharis; Mercurius, Phosphorus, Kress., Nux V., Ac-Phosphorus, Terebintha, Apis-M., Ferr-M. Hot-air baths. Many Striking cases of cure have been recorded from an exclusive milk diet, not boiled, no medicine, whatever having been prescribed. The question of a salt-free diet must also be considered. See also Kidneys: INFLAMMATION OF, and Nephritis.

Bronchial Catarrh )” Cold on the chest”): Bryonia, Preceded by a few doses of Aconite, Arsenicum, or K-Hydriod.; Camph. or Kreas. (at the outset).

Bronchitis: ACUTE- Aconite, Ant-T., K-Bich., Bryonia, Ipecac., Phosphorus 3 (cough, expectoration of stringy mucus. Bronchorrhoea). Hot linseed poultice to the chest is of great service.

IN CHILDREN- Aconite,Ant-T., Phosphorus, Ipecac., Ver-Vir., Lobel.

IN OLD PERSONS- An-T., Ammon-Carb. (difficult expulsion of mucus); Coni, Carbo V., Phosphorus, Hydras., K-Bich., Seneg.

CHRONIC- Ant–T., K-Bich., Arsenicum, Mercurius, Hydras., Phosphorus, Scill., Stann., Seneg., Sulphur, K-Hydriod. Ant-T. (gouty Bronchitis); Lobel )obstinate bronchial cough with dyspnoea).

See also Cough

Bronchocele: see Goitre.

Brow- Ague: Sulph-Quin., Gloninum, Belladonna, Nux V., Chelidonium, Arsenicum, Thuja.

Bruise: see Contusion.

Bubo: Mercurius, Ac-Nit., Merc-Bin., Aur-Mur., Phyto. int. and ext. Calendula on poultices.

Bunion: Arnica, Benz. ac., Ruta., Rhododendron; Ver-Vir. externally (if inflamed); Hepar S., Silicea; and calend. or Ac-Acet. lot. ext. (if suppurating).

Burns and scalds: Cotton-wool saturated with lotions of Urt-U. (simple injury); Cantharis (blisters), or Kreas. Olive Oil and Carbolic Acid or (F..32) to be applied on layers of cotton wool. On renewing the application, the lowest layer should not be removed, but re-soaked. “In treating burns by means of Ac- Carbol., the pain is much more speedily relieved by leaving the injured surface exposed to the air, and applying the Carbol. Oil with a feather or camel, s hair pencil, at longer or shorter intervals as required” (Dr. Dalzell). When the ulcerative process has well begun, Calendula Cerate, thinned with Ol. Ol. The oil alone is. however, very soothing and comforting. Dr. Holland, from extensive experience in the treatment of burns, strongly recommends the Lin. Calcis (F.244). A thick lather made with soft water and Castile soap, often applied, is excellent.

ULCERS FROM- Calendula, Cerate, or Urt-U. (F.27), ext., and Kali- Bich., Sulphur, Phosphorus, or Arsenicum, int., Lachesis, Arsenicum

Calculus: BILIARY- Ac-Phosphorus, Lycopodium, Berberis O, Canth; Podoph., Dioscor.

SPASM WHILST PASSING- Nux V., Dioscor., Gelsemium, Aconite, Chamomilla, Calcarea C., Ocimum Can., Belladonna Hot hip-baths or fomentations. Atropine or Morphia by hypodermic injection is also recommended.

VESICAL- Lycopodium, cann. Sat., Cantharis, Mercurius )(early symptoms). Surgical measures.

see also Gravel.

Cancer: Arsenicum, Hydras. large doses, phyto., Coni, Scroph. No. (of the breast); Phosphorus, Ornithogalum (of the stomach); Thuja, Radium X-Ray (epithelial); Symphytum (of bone), Ruta (of rectum). Condurango., Cicuta., Kreas., Aster Rub. Lobelia Erinus. Hydras., cold infusion 3zj. to water Oj. locally. Several cases of Cancer of the lip have been cured by Hydras. ext. with Arsenicum int. at the same time. Arnica (from injuries). Lapis Albus. Ruta ointment (an extract of Ruta in warm Vaseline).

PALLIATIVES IN- Aconite (from root) O int. and ext., Arsenicum (for pain); Dulcamara, Opium. Coni. ext., Ver-Vir. int. and ext., Carbo., Ac-Carbol., Condy’s Fluid, Charcoal, (as deodorisers).

see also scrirrhus.

Cancrum Oris: see Mouth: CANKER OF.

Carbuncle: Belladonna Hep-S. (forming stage and simple cases); Apis Anthrac. (much erysipelatoid swelling); Sil (indolent); Arsenicum or Lachesis (severe or malignant). Linseed or yeast poultices.

Carcinoma: see Cancer.

Cardialgia (Mordens); see Heartburn. Caries (unhealthy inflammation of bone, with softening and disintegration, from Tubercle, Syphilis, Mercury, etc.).

see Bone, Teeth, Jaw, etc.

Catalepsy: Cann-Iodium, Opi., Cup-Acet., Cicuta, Mosch., cold douche.

Cataract: Belladonna (from inflammation); Calc-C. (in the tubercular); Silicea, Coni., Euphr., Phosphorus, Sulphur; Digitalis, Bary-C., Sanguinaria may relieve senile Cataract. Consult surgeon.

Catarrh: see Cold.

Chafing: see Excoriation.

Chancre: Mercurius, Ac-Ait., Hep-S., K-Hydriod., Phyto. Calomel, Phyto. or Iodoform locally.

Change of Life: see Menstruation: CESSATION OF.

Chapped-hands: see Hands.

Chapped Nostrils: Calendula Cerate. See also Nose: SORENESS OF.

Chest: ACHING, BURNING, OR WEAKNESS OF- Arsenicum, Phosphorus, Ac-phos., Sulphur, Bryonia

PLEURAL EFFUSION= Bryonia, Apis, Arnica, Hepar or Arsenicum, Iodium, K- Hydriod. (in the tubercular); Digitalis, Apocynum (consequent on heart disease).

PAINS IN- Arnica (Stitch in the side when walking); Bryonia, Cantharis (pain catching the breath); Phosphorus (slight wandering pains); Aconite (shooting and severe); Pulsatilla, Sepia, Cimic. (under left breast in women, and intercostal Rheumatism).

SORENESS, RAWNESS, OR EXCORIATION IN- Arsenicum, Phosphorus, Bryonia, Hep- S.(rawness); Sulph., K-Hydriod.

TIGHTNESS, OPPRESSION, OR WEIGHT – Arsenicum, Aconite, Crot., Ignatia, Phosphorus, Bryonia, Cact., Ipecac., Sulphur, Camph.

See also Lungs, Heart, Pleurisy, Breathing, Cough, etc.

Chicken-Pox: Aconite, Rhus; Belladonna (head-symptoms; Apis (excessive itching); Cantharis, Ant-t., Merc Inunction with camphorated oil relieves itching and inflammation.

Chilblain: SIMPLE- Agaricus, Tamus., Rhus, Arnica, Pulsatilla int. and ext. Glycerole of Ac-Sulphs.; Hamamelis lotion; or Ac-Carbol. ext.

INFLAMED- Belladonna, Ver-Vir., Rhus, int. and ext.

BROKEN- Petrol., Agaricus, Rhus; Calendula ext., Glycerole of Starch and Calendula

ULCERATED- Arsenicum, Petrol., Phosphorus, Kress., Ac.-Nit. A cerate or lotion of Calendula, Rhus, Petrol., or Glycer., is a beneficial adjunct.

TENDENCY TO- Sulphur, Calc-C., Phosphorus

Child-bed Fever: see Puerperal Fever.

Child-Crowing: see Croup.

Chilliness and Coldness: FITS OF Camph., Aconite, Bryonia

CONSTANT- China, Mercurius, Sepia

see also Shiverings.

Chlorosis: Ferr-Red., Ferr-Iodium, Pulsatilla Calc-C., Sepia, NAt-Mur., Helonias, China, Petrol.

see also Menstruation: SCANTY.

Cholera: SIMPLE, ENGLISH, OR SPORADIC- Camph. (Strong chills); China (simple with griping); Ver-Alb., Aconite O, Arsenicum (sudden and violent vomiting and purging); Iris (bilious motions and colicky pains); Cup-M., Ver-Alb. (cramps and blueness); Aconite, Arsenicum (collapse). Dioscorea

ASIATIC, MALIGNANT or CHOLERA MORBUS- Rubini’s Camph. (early stage), or Aconite in drop-doses of the strong tincture; Arsenicum (when developed); Ver-Alb.. (vomiting and diarrhoea predominant); Cup- M. (severe cramps); Phosphorus, Arsenicum, Carbo V. (typhoid conditions); China, Ac-Phosphorus (convalescence); Aconite, Arsenicum, Ver-Alb. (collapse), Ac-Hydrocy.

INFANTUM- Apocynum, Arsenicum, Podophyllum, Ver-A.

Edward Harris Ruddock
Ruddock, E. H. (Edward Harris), 1822-1875. M.D.

Author of "The Stepping Stone to Homeopathy and Health,"
"Manual of Homoeopathic Treatment". Editor of "The Homoeopathic World."