Hygienic Observations

Homeopathic Vade mecum by E.H.Ruddock. Vade mecum means a hand book or a guide. In the introduction to this book E.H.Ruddock gave the importance to basic Hygienic and diet. According to him these two things are preserver of health.


In this Veda mecum of homeopathy, E.H.Ruddock wrote that we should know the accurate idea of the nature and severity of the disease we have to treat. He also discussed various well-known diagnostic signs like pulse,temperature, breathing, skin, and urine one should give attention to get the accurate nature of the diseases.


Here E.H.Ruddock gave the list of principle medicines prescribed in his book for several conditions. He has also given the guideline for repetition,alteration and potency.

Homoeopathic Practice

Homeopathic Vade mecum by E.H.Ruddock provides the basic principles and rules to practice Homoeopathy.

General Diseases

In his book Vade mecum of Homeopathy, E.H.Ruddock gave the classification of Diseases. first he grouped them into surgical and non surgical. Then he wrote that every disturbance of health has some effect on the whole. Therefore, in one sense, all disease are general disease. But for convenience of refine diseases that affected certain parts of the body are classified under regional headings.

Nervous diseases

E.H.Ruddock in his book Homeopathic Vade mecum described various diseases of Nervous system like all forms of meningitis, hemiplagia, peraplagia, neurasthenia etc.

Circulatory Diseases

E.H.Ruddock, in his book Vade mecum gave the full description of Diseases related to circulatory system. He gave the definition, cause, treatment and homeopathic therapeutics for various diseases related to heart and circulation.

Respiratory Diseases

Common diseases affecting Respiratory system starting from hay fever, nasal catarrh to asthma, bronchitis and pleurisy had been described with cause, symptoms and homeopathic therapeutics by E.H.Ruddock.

Eye diseases

All types of Eye diseases from conjunctivitis,all types of opthalmias, glaucomas and iritis had been presented with definition, cause, symptoms and homeopathic therapeutics by E.H.Ruddock.

Ear Diseases

All types of Ear Diseases including diseases of external meatus like eczema, furncle, hardened cerumen to all types of otitis media- acute and chronic with their homeopathic therapeutics by E.H.Ruddock.

Nose Diseases

All types of Nose Diseases from foreign body in nasal cavity to ozaena, epistaxis and nasal polyps with homeopathic medicine found to be effective in the treatment.