HOMOEOPATHIC PRESCRIBING IN CHILDHOOD. From a study of the symptomatology associated with specific states of the intestinal flora drug pictures have been evolved. The bowel nosodes are specially valuable in childhood. Morgan co., and Morgan pure (Paterson) are the “skin nosodes” and are often required in infantile eczema. Dysentery co., has a specific action on the pylorus, and has a clinical record in pyloro-spasm and in congenital pyloric stenosis.

Homoeopathy and Surgery

Role of Homoeopathic medicine pre and post operative has been found to be effective by D.M.Foubister in his book Homeopathy and paediatrics….

Homoeopathy and Children

Homoeopathy and emotional and behavioural problems of Children discussed by D.M.Foubister….

Introduction to Homeopathy and Paediatrics

Introduction to the book Homeopathy and Paediatrics by D.m.Foubister. He discussed various aspect of children diseases to understanding of the place of Homoeopathy in paediatrics as in other branches of medicine,…

Discovery of Homoeopathy

The concept of like cures like was two thousand year old but Hahnemann was the first who proved it scientifically by experimenting on himself and gave the world a new system of medicine known as Homeopathy. Discovery of Homoeopathy had been narrated by D.M Foubister….

Homoeopathy and Chemotherapy

Difference between Homoeopathy and Chemotherapy is this that homeopathic treatment make the body more resistance for various infection and in chemotherapy only focus is to destroy the micro-organisms that will not help body to improve resistance….

Homoeopathy in Trauma

Dr. C.V. Pink, who has had thirty years experience of obstetrics, considers that Arnica 30 or 200 given to mother and child after parturition, sometimes with Hypericum in the same potency, is of service in helping mother and child to overcome the effects of trauma. …

Case Taking in Infancy

Case Taking in Infancy includes family history and emotional condition, cravings aversions of mother during pregnancy by D.m.Foubister in his book Homeopathy and Paediatrics….

Tonsils and Adenoids

A common problem in children is frequent colds, often associated with chronically infected tonsils and adenoids and Kent advocated Tuberculinum for chronically infected tonsils and adenoids, and a strong indication for Tuberculinum bov. is very large tonsillar or other cervical glands….

Constitutional Treatment of Psychosomatics

D.m.Foubister obseved that only Constitutional Treatment is effective in any diseases coming from psychosomatic origin whether it is migraine,epilepsy, asthma and enuresis….

Chronic Indigestion

A specially important feature of aluminium is weakness of the rectal muscles so that straining is necessary for the evacuation of a stool of normal consistency. Hence we should not cook food in Aluminium utensils….

Disorders of Personality

Disorders of Personality in children and their treatment with homeopathy. Silica is the most commonly indicated remedy for children who cannot hold their own with the other children, Phosphorus probably comes next. …

Backward Children

Nearly all mongols and mentally retarded or autistic children benefit definitely by receiving constitutional homoeopathic treatment. Medorrhinum is a near specific, Carcinosin, Sepia, Baryta carb, and other remedies may be required….

Acute Manifestations of Psychosomatic disease

In Acute Manifestations of Psychosomatic disease, the homoeopathic approach in acute is to give the patient a drug, the effects of which in health closely correspond with the pattern of symptoms reflecting the patient’s attempt to get well and thereby enhancing the natural tendency to recovery….



Pathology and Prognosis

As homeopathy is a different system of medicine so asessing the prognonsis is quite different for example vitamin resistant rickets can respond to homoeopathic treatment….

Prescribing in Chronic Disease

Prescribing in Chronic Disease is based on constitutional treatment.There is a remarkable resemblance between the effects of drugs and human personality which makes constitutional treatment possible….


The period of gestation is regarded in homoeopathic practice as a time specially suitable for constitutional treatment of the mother given by D.M.Foubister….

Infant feeding

Breast feeding is important to raise the immunity of the infant. Homoeopathy has a great deal to offer in conjunction with other measures such as pre- natal preparation of nipple and to enhance the milk by D.M.Foubister….

Psychic Factors

Sometimes there is a clear history of a complaint starting after grief, fear or other emotional upset. The lists of remedies clinically associated with such precipitating causes found in Kent’s Repertory and elsewhere may be valuable in giving confirmation to an individually chosen remedy. …


Drugs like Pethidine, Chloroform, Sulphapyredine etc can be effectively used as homeopathic drugs based on the symptom similarity….

Other Factors

Homeopathic remedies for ailments beginning at puberty and also after exposure to radiation….

Family History

Recent studies of Carcinosin suggest that if may be a useful remedy when one or more of a group of diseases are strongly represented in the family history-carcinoma, leukaemia, tuberculosis and diabetes….


There are different bases of similarity and there is no reason why different approaches to homoeopathic prescribing should not be appropriately utilized….

Constitutional Treatment

Constitutional homoeopathic treatment consists mainly of prescribing on the psychosomatic or mental make-up of the patient and of the past history….

Observations on Materia Medica

The object of this paper is rather to draw attention to the value sometimes obtainable from the patient’s past history, and to justify the administration of unproved potentized medicines in certain specified circumstances….

Not well since an infection

It is often possible by constitutional prescribing to raise the patient’s vitality to the extent that functional disorders and diseases with reversible pathological changes may be cured…

Acute infection

Acute infections are treated effectively with homeopathy. When a patient is slow in recovering from any acute infection certain remedies, such as Sulphur, Psorinum and Carbo veg., suggest themselves, but the prescription must be selected individually….

Chronic Infection

Nosodes tend to be neglected in homoeopathic practice because of the influence of Hahnemann’s theory of chronic disease and Kent’s powerful endorsement of much of it….