Other Factors

Homeopathic remedies for ailments beginning at puberty and also after exposure to radiation….

A number of items may of value in some cases.

Exposure to radiation if judged to be excessive may call for a trial of X-ray 30 or 200 or Radium bromide 30 or as intercurrent remedies.

Illnesses beginning at puberty suggest a careful look at Pulsatilla and which ill-health after the menopause, Lachesis and others.

D. M. Foubister
Dr. Donald MacDonald Foubister B.Sc., M.B., Ch.B., D.C.H., F.F. Hom. 1902-1988, England
He was the Dean of Faculty of Homeopathy London. D. M. Foubister was Assistant Physician, Diseases of Children, to the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital. Circa 1950’s. He authored the following works:
The Carcinosin Drug Pictures.
Constitutional Effects of Anaesthesia.
Homeopathy and Pediatrics.
Lac caninum.
Significance of Past History in Homoeopathy.
Therapeutic Hints For Students.
Tutorials On Homeopathy.