Docterine of the mineral medicinal substances by Otto Leeser in The Text book of Homeopathic Materia Medica….

Let us cast a glance back over the doctrine of the mineral medicinal substances!

We have considered only a part of the elements existing in the cosmos and a still smaller part of their compounds. The gaps in our knowledge regarding the use of many substances for curative purposes are still great. But the refinement of experimental methodology which homoeopathy brings to therapeutics shows, however, that many substances can be estimated in an entirely new, different and much broader extent as internal remedies and at the same time gives the factual material some finish. In both respects it can certainly be shaped better by others and in the future.

But on the whole it is necessary in medicine to remain with these structures already so complicated such as atoms, ions, molecules. In this respect the scientific analysis has arrived at elementary quantities of radiant energy. For the introduction of healing energy into the sick organism partially, or at least in all theoretic explanations, should we not go back to radiant energy? Certainly both, as far as we are able at present.

Our description is arranged theoretically on a basis of radiant energy. But if it involves comprehension of the material elements in their individuality, not only for reasons of mental economy, but we are actually compelled to go to a unity of higher order, to atoms, because the number and structure of charges, the next higher unity, in actuality cannot be advanced as long as we do not know the organization for each single type of atom, to say nothing of the government. And in the same way we cannot dispense with the other chemical organization units for the difference between the chemical and physical action often disappears.

Likewise we practically encounter radiation at the beginning and at the end of this part of the materia medica: in potassium incidentally although we are unable to explain satisfactorily its display of energy in the organism through beta radiation; in uranium and radium on the other hand the emission of radiant energy is the prevailing, the most comprehensible property and therefore to some extent is available for explanation and use of the actions. Precisely here because the radiation gains independence from special material, we must also assign its actions on the organism as a special field, prospectively rich, outside of the doctrine of material medica.

It is very tempting in the flow of thoughts to disregard the infinite diversity of natural things, to run down or up to some final mutual feature, the ultimate unity of energy attainable, the radiation quanta, to bring it into accord with the energetics of the living. But the actuality, action on the given thing, must keep its individuality; we conceive it not on a mutual basis but only in the characteristic of that structure; we must grasp the points where they are known to us and are controllable, if we are to work with them.

The regard for natural things as they are and act individually, as their actions are differentiated in detail, need never be lost. Only the laborious and true determination of actuality can yield the conception of things in the world that we discover behind the resonance of electromagnetic oscillations, the affinities of substances, the adaptation of the living to each concordance in nature, which comes out of the common ground between the formations of various steps and acts.

Otto Leeser
Otto Leeser 1888 – 1964 MD, PHd was a German Jewish homeopath who had to leave Germany due to Nazi persecution during World War II, and he escaped to England via Holland.
Leeser, a Consultant Physician at the Stuttgart Homeopathic Hospital and a member of the German Central Society of Homeopathic Physicians, fled Germany in 1933 after being expelled by the German Medical Association. In England Otto Leeser joined the staff of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. He returned to Germany in the 1950s to run the Robert Bosch Homeopathic Hospital in Stuttgart, but died shortly after.
Otto Leeser wrote Textbook of Homeopathic Materia Medica, Leesers Lehrbuch der Homöopathie, Actionsand Medicinal use of Snake Venoms, Solanaceae, The Contribution of Homeopathy to the Development of Medicine, Homeopathy and chemotherapy, and many articles submitted to The British Homeopathic Journal,