Constitutional Treatment of Psychosomatics

D.m.Foubister obseved that only Constitutional Treatment is effective in any diseases coming from psychosomatic origin whether it is migraine,epilepsy, asthma and enuresis….

Purely spasmodic asthma responds relatively easily to treatment. (It is said that it should respond to psychotherapy alone). When there is lung damage progress is slower and sometimes incomplete. When there is also eczema, there may be even more difficulty, but in all these conditions Homoeopathy can play an effective part in treatment, a wide range of drugs may be required. Medorrhinum is a remedy which is not infrequently indicated in asthma when the child has fewer or no attacks when at the seaside and adopts the knee-elbow position in an attack.

Epilepsy and petit mal are sometimes classified as psychosomatic disorders. As already mentioned, these conditions do not respond as a rule well to homoeopathic treatment. The spasmodic remedies when indicated are worth special consideration. A case of petit mal in a child of eight, diagnosed at a children’s hospital to be the result of encephalitis accompanying whooping cough, cleared up completely on Drosera 30, 200, 1m, but such is the exception rather than the rule.

Migraine responds well to constitutional treatment in adults, and even more readily in children. It is not very common before puberty. Cyclical vomiting and other manifestations of the periodic syndrome which can be regarded as a the equivalent of migraine respond well to homoeopathic treatment, both in an attack and in preventing recurrences. Treatment of the attack has been already mentioned. Commonly indicated constitutional remedies are Phosphorus, Tuberculinum. Calcarea phos. Carcinosin and Dysentery co.

Enuresis calls for a careful examination and a full investigation of psychological and environmental factors. The over-stern father or the big brother reading at night, keeping the small brother awake until he falls into too deep a sleep, for example, must be dealt with. In addition to all other measures, Homoeopathy can play a very definite part in treatment, which should be constitutional, but local applications of Hypericum ointment or lotion if there is local rawness, is sometimes useful. When Tuberculinum is indicated, Bacillinum testium is reputed to be the best preparation. When all other measures have been exhausted, as is sometimes the case, Polyvalent bowel vaccine may help. The effect of treatment in a condition which tends to cure itself is difficult to assess.

D. M. Foubister
Dr. Donald MacDonald Foubister B.Sc., M.B., Ch.B., D.C.H., F.F. Hom. 1902-1988, England
He was the Dean of Faculty of Homeopathy London. D. M. Foubister was Assistant Physician, Diseases of Children, to the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital. Circa 1950’s. He authored the following works:
The Carcinosin Drug Pictures.
Constitutional Effects of Anaesthesia.
Homeopathy and Pediatrics.
Lac caninum.
Significance of Past History in Homoeopathy.
Therapeutic Hints For Students.
Tutorials On Homeopathy.