Surgery, X-rays, Radium in Treatment of Cancer

Edward Henry S. in his book Cancer its cause, prevention & cure gave his opinion about Surgery, x-rays, Radium in Treatment of Cancer. He wrote that The mortality associated with cancer cannot be prevented by local cancer growth ablations….

Two diverse opinions have been held by medical scientists as to the cause of cancer and its localization. The surgeon, X-ray and radium therapeutists have adhered to the view that cancer growth is entirely local in cause and effect, and that its complete removal is the way to cancer cure.

The knowledge of the chain of chemical links, ending in the localized formation of the carcinogenic caustic mineral salt, substantiates the view that the cancer cause and its cellular growth effect are purely local, but reveals the fact why purely local therapies by surgical, ray or radium ablations can rarely if ever cure cancer. Even if the recurrence after these measures is long delayed a knowledge of the pre-carcinogenic blood condition, if not the tragic experiences of the past, shows that no measures aimed at cancer cure can be anything but haphazard and temporary, unless the pre-carcinogenic blood state is fully recognized and removed.

Some surgical ablations, although by no means the majority, may persist as apparent cures without recurrences for many years, but no definite knowledge is available in the individual victim of cancer as to how long it took to evolve the primary growth when the pre-carcinogenic blood condition was present, and it is impossible to gauge how long will be required for the evolution of the recurrence through the persistence of the pre-carcinogenic blood state after the ablation of the primary growth.

Moreover, mortality even with the presence of a cancer growth is rarely due directly to the growth, but is brought about by interference with functions of vital organs, such as the myocardium due to the unbalanced mineral state of the blood, which blood state is directly due to the presence of the pre-carcinogenic condition and the pre-carcinogenic agent in the circulating plasma.

Cancer growth does not cause mortality as a result of its intrinsic cellular nature, but only owing to its physical interference with vital functions through mechanical pressure or hemorrhages. The causes of cancer mortality in the large percentage of cases are constitutional due to a constitutionally acting blood state and not local, due to a locally acting neoplasm or cellular proliferation.

The mortality associated with cancer cannot be prevented by local cancer growth ablations, although when life is in jeopardy from the local mechanical action of the growth, it may be prolonged by such measures. But when such local dangers are not present, measures designed for and successful in removing the pre- carcinogenic blood condition must result in complete cure of the constitutional and local growth condition of cancer, as a constitutional disease with local manifestation, as with the removal of this constitutional blood state the cause of the systematic morbidity and the source of the cause of the local cancer growth are both removed. With their causes removed the constitutional an4 local pathologies cannot persist. Moreover, the removal of the systemic source of the cause of cancer growth entirely removes all dangers of its recurrence.

Edward Henty Smalpage
Edward Henty Smalpage (1895-1962), was an Australian doctor. He netered medical school at Sydney at age 16. He went into Military service after that. After leaving services on medical grounds (epilepsy), he cleared FRCS from England in 1921. In 1940 he published the book Cancer, it's Cause, Prevention and Cure.