Introduction to the book Cancer its cause, prevention & cure By Edward Henry S.The writer in the following pages asks for the co-operation because the history of mankind proves that human progress in all departments of human endeavour has been delayed often for decades by complete misunderstanding.If the fiery cancer conflagration should continue to devastate mankind, it can only be because of misunderstanding….

Cancer its cause, prevention & cure By Edward Henry S.

THE, strength of friendship lies in the fact that one man, who gives his friendship and all that word holds, to another, knows his friend not by hearsay, not by news paper reports, not by mere acquaintance, but by personal knowledge. Friendship is founded on knowledge between two men knowledge of the intrinsic good which out balances the extrinsic frailties, to which all humankind is heir.

Friendship is understanding.

The writer in the following pages asks for the co-operation and understanding of all his readers, be they many or few, be they medical scientists or otherwise because the history of mankind proves that human progress in all departments of human endeavour has been delayed often for decades by complete misunderstanding. If those men to whom all mankind owes its progress from the cave and jungle to the palace and modern civilization had had the understanding of their fellow men, the path of progress would not have been the path of thorns and martyrdom.

It is a strange commentary on human nature that in school, business and all departments of human endeavour from birth to the grave, the child and man endowed with facilities above his fellows is always looked askance at by his mates. This feeling often grows to hatred and the individual is set apart and often subjected to abuse. And yet the child who outstrips his classmates, the man who rises in business above his associates, the scientist who has illumination on any of the ever present but temporarily hidden knowledge of the Universe, has no control whatsoever over the attribute which has made them different to their fellows. Shakespeare was given the gift through which myriads of mankind have benefited; Newton was given illumination which has aided countless numbers of the human race; Pasteur saw the light which when reflected brought life to untold numbers of mankind, yet none of these could take any credit for their accomplishments, because none of these or the other individual members of humanity to whom the world of men owe so much, had any say whatsoever in their gaining the gift without which they could never have attained. The child who surpasses his fellows in the class or examination rooms does so only because the gift with which he has been endowed surpasses what the others have received. ‘No matter what obstacles are placed in his way, the child or man thus endowed must reach the light of accomplishment because the endowment of light has been his gift from a source higher than that of mankind. One man may be endowed with physical prowess through which he excels and no amount of training without this endowment will ever produce excellence.

One man’s endowment produces the writer, another the surgeon, another the leader of men such as Napoleon. Without these great gifts, to which members of the human race have succeeded as treasures from a Divine source, the pages of history the story of mankind could never be written, because that story can only be written round the names of great men and their great attainments resulting from Divine endowments, but, that praise should be given to individual men for their attainments and the benefits which the human race has received therefrom, appears incomprehensible, when realization is given to the fact that none of these individual men could have laid the stepping stones to human progress without that endowment, over which they had no control.

That mankind should treat to dislike, open hostility and persecution these divinely endowed members of humanity, because these have a light which others are denied, is outside all justice. Moreover, such misunderstanding contravenes the basis of all belief in a Divine Omniscience the source of the human attributes given to individual men, for the benefit of all men, and for the furtherance of the Divine purpose for mankind.

A strange fact presents itself in the study of the lives of these men who through Divine endowments, light with their names the history of achievement through which men now live in a world in which they outdistance time, harness the elements for their benefit, ride the skies and understanding of the message which I know beyond all doubts, against all obstacles, outside all prejudices, is my only power the only purpose of my individual existence.

This preface to what I am about to write is necessary, why? because the message concerns an ever increasing army of the human race. What mankind has built up in so called civilization is being taken away from civilized man on the tragic, burning bed of cancer.

Millions of men and women have fought and attained by the gifts Divine providence has given them only to be forced to surrender all on the bed of death at the dictates of malignant disease.

The tide of misery and human torture due to this scourge has now reached the proportions of a flood. One out of eight are caught in its boiling waters and cast into oblivion. It needs no imagination on the part of men who know the facts and are prepared to face those facts to realize that modern civilization, which through Divinely given attributes, mankind has developed through the centuries, is like Sodom and Gomorrah being destroyed by the tragedy of the burning the burning scourge of cancer.

Man has used all the ingenuity of his senses, of the intellect and his mentality, all man’s sources of power have been given without stint to stem the devastating fires but the flames spread the victims increase the toll of human suffering and death shows no abatement. Why? In all humility, cognisant to the very depths of my being of every word I write, I answer, to the best of that ability which is mine as a gift from the source of all wisdom, that question why? That men, maybe the majority of men, will misunderstand what I say and the purpose of its telling is beyond my knowledge or my purpose. That many may seek to destroy what I hope to create, namely the pathway leading away from human misery and the destruction of civilization, is no concern of mine; because that is beyond my power to control. That through me the human race may receive something from the all loving Creator, the source of all knowledge, makes me bow my head in reverence, knowing that the Power of Creation must ever prevail against the forces of destruction. Knowledge alone can save mankind from the fiery destruction of cancer and the only source of knowledge is Omniscience. “Ask and ye shall receive” has been taught by the words of Divine Inspiration.

I have neither asked for riches, music or any other attribute or symbol of human power. In all humility and in all faith I have asked for power for knowledge to stem the tide of cancer. To this one end I have given everything time, energy, prayer, and without human aid, but by Divine aid alone, I know I have received the truth the truth which cannot lie, because it is the truth. And having received the truth the truth whereby mankind can put out the devastating flames of the cancer scourge, trusting alone in the Omnipotent against the human powers which prejudice will let loose against me, as they have been let loose against others in the past, I say “He who has eyes to see let him see, and seeing, understand.”

If the fiery cancer conflagration should continue to devastate mankind, it can only be because of misunderstanding. Only through man’s ignorance can man be destroyed. Only when man has creative knowledge as power can he overcome the power which encompasses his destruction. Men believe, and all thinking men throughout the world must believe, that there is a great power controlling by universal laws. To believe that adherence to those Divine laws can cause destruction is tantamount to believing that the forces of destruction are greater than the forces of creation. Man alone of all creation has the ability to understand the laws which govern all things of creation, so man alone can use those laws to overcome the powers which encompass his destruction. By the use of the finite degree of wisdom to which man has already attained, he has learned to previse himself against many of the agents of his destruction in the past. With increasing wisdom of the Divine laws which maintain life and prevent destruction, the death of man is beyond human reason.

Edward Henty Smalpage
Edward Henty Smalpage (1895-1962), was an Australian doctor. He netered medical school at Sydney at age 16. He went into Military service after that. After leaving services on medical grounds (epilepsy), he cleared FRCS from England in 1921. In 1940 he published the book Cancer, it's Cause, Prevention and Cure.