Every conceivable treatment by drug had been used to try and alleviate the asthma, without result. The man had become a chronic asthma invalid. I reasoned thus : The head cyst had been a blood carbonate trap or reservoir while it could enlarge, but when through mechanical skin tension further carbonate deposition in it from the blood could not occur, the carbonates were retain ed in the circulation and were the cause of the asthma.

Cancer it’s Nature and Prevention

Edward Henry S. in his book Cancer its cause, prevention & cure wrote about it’s Nature and Prevention. Within the human body in which the cancer growth is present, the cause must also be present and if this cause has been removed no matter how big the tumour is, it will subside….


Introduction to the book Cancer its cause, prevention & cure By Edward Henry S.The writer in the following pages asks for the co-operation because the history of mankind proves that human progress in all departments of human endeavour has been delayed often for decades by complete misunderstanding.If the fiery cancer conflagration should continue to devastate mankind, it can only be because of misunderstanding….

A Note from Mrs Smalpage

A Note from Mrs Smalpage in the book Cancer its cause, prevention & cure By Edward Henry S….

Cancer Great of Modern Civilisation

Edward Henry S. in his book Cancer its cause, prevention & cure wrote that The greatest obstacle held in the progress of man today is cancer a devastating scourge, this must be removed before man can progress further. Until knowledge wipes out this barrier, ignorance sits enthroned….

Cancer Localisation and it’s Causes

Edward Henry S. in his book Cancer its cause, prevention & cure wrote gave some clues and specific cause for particular location for cancer cells to grow….

Is Cancer Hereditary?

Edward Henry S. in his book Cancer its cause, prevention & cure tried to give the answer to the question “Is Cancer Hereditary?” and concluded that No morbid condition of the body has received its fullest consideration unless the influence of the malignant inheritance has been duly weighed….

Surgery, X-rays, Radium in Treatment of Cancer

Edward Henry S. in his book Cancer its cause, prevention & cure gave his opinion about Surgery, x-rays, Radium in Treatment of Cancer. He wrote that The mortality associated with cancer cannot be prevented by local cancer growth ablations….

Is Cancer Curable

The cause of the cancer growth is localized to the site of the cancer cell evolution, but its source is a constitutional one being contained in the circulating blood and tissue fluids and cure or return to health does not only involve the removal or disappearance of the cancer growth but the removal of the constitutional morbid states,…

The Buffer Salts of Blood

The Buffer Salts of Blood has protective action against injury.In their absence or deficiency,new cells with specialized metabolism to produce a new buffer acid radicals are evolved. These new cells are the cancer cells….

The Law of Cure

The Law of Cure. “Every individual has within himself the creative power of God.”

ALL natural forces are based upon law. These laws do not operate in a li…

Man, Wisdom and Immortality

Man, Wisdom and Immortality. MANKIND has at present a mortal beginning at conception and a final climax in death. Between the alpha and omega the human body is subjected…

The Remedy

The Remedy. MAN will continue to cook his meats, vegetables, etc., and deprive them of their protective acid-radicals-his palate will continue to overri…

Case Records

Record the innumerable clinical cases which have passed through my hands in the past years, which corroborate the chemical conception of pathologies set out in this treatise….

Miscellaneous Human Maladies

Miscellaneous Human Maladies. THE causative chemical blood association between such pathologies as cysts, localized fibrosis (whether in the uterus or the optic lens), ca…

Nasal Catarrh

A useful article about Nasal Catarrh.Full details about Nasal Catarrh…

A Review

A Review. THE review of a pamphlet or book is usually left to an independent person, but in keeping with the unorthodox views and the method of their …

X-rays, Radium and Cancer

X-rays, Radium and Cancer. RADIO sensitivity has been put forward to explain the action of the X-rays and radium on cancer growths. It has been said, and this saying h…

Modern Diet

Modern Diet. THE agriculturist, poultry farmer and stock-keeper have come to recognize by bitter economic experience that the ground and stock are only a…

The Sodium Habit of Mankind

The Sodium Habit of Mankind. I HAVE briefly touched upon meat as a rational diet for man- a carnivorous animal. 1. have pointed out that the. chemical combinations prese…