Medical treatment of Genital Passion


A religious man of 40 years, admirable for his chastity, came to tell me: “Since 15 years I am the martyr of chastity. I admit to your frankly that if I had the occasion for it I would have succumbed to the temptation, so much so it is irresistible. I could not resist to it, but by passing every month tow nights in a church the arms crossed before the St. Sacrament”. I replied: “I am going to moderate your temptation so that you will be able to bear it.” To this end I gave him several doses of Causticum 200. During these last years, he had temptations, which he could bear. I gave him Causticum 200 to be taken once at the beginning of each f the 12 attacks per year of excessive temptations which lasted two to three days.

One years after, he came to me and said: “I much better. I had only one attack of temptation probably because I had not your medicine. I gave him again a few doses of Causticum 200. During the last years he had the will power to resist to the temptations which were milder.

If I had not treated this religious person, perhaps he would have become like the abbot Bruneau, guiloined at Laval in the month of August 1824. He began to succumb under erotic temptations.

The preceding cases show well that the medicine may halt the genital passion which is the cause of so many crimes or moral aberrations and even intellectual perversion. These medicines given in time, could have changed from the point of view of religion and politics, the destiny of nations by moderating the vices of their leaders. 13 Thus for example, by suppressing the lubriciousness of Henry the VIII, they would have besides prevented the confiscation of convents which by suppressing the charity, has produced pauperism in this country.

Erasmus said jokingly that the lives of pretended reformers Luther and others, would have ended like the comedies by a marriage. Well! some appropriate medicines could have suppressed the lubriciousness of all these men and thus prevent the heresies the dissensions or wars of religion which during one hundred years have drenched Germany with blood and ruins.

One sees how the discovery of psychic medicine could have contributed to the moral intellectual civilisation of men and prevent numerous wars.


A very active religious person, having good health, came to complain to me to have some very strong temptations and frequent pollutions which may become weakening. I gave him Causticum 200, which he took every 3 to 4 days, say oftener than I recommended him. He however experienced a good effect, because his genital passion was calmed down which lasted for two to three months without any erection and any pollution.

An intelligent observer was mentioning to me some young men equally healthy, who are doing more intellectual work than muscular try maintain their continence, thanks to the assiduous religious practices. Nevertheless because of the use of wine, of coffee and of meat, aphrodisiac substances in some predisposed subjects, which, will relate latter on, they happen to experience a spermatic plethora as they were used to masturbate and when they have caused ejaculation, they recovered their free will.

It is probable that is these young men had taken Causticum or any other anaphrodisiac like the religious persons mentioned above they could have prevented themselves from this practice of masturbation which is more or less irresistible. They would have then like him, preserved their genital calmness and the calmness of their mind and of their free will.

There are some scrupulous men who consider the involuntary pollution as a sin and try to suppress it. It is a great error because it is natural first almost like the menses in women: they are besides, a safety valve, which helps to preserve the genital calmness, the moral and intellectual calmness. Those who wish to close that safety valve fall sometimes in a state of dangerous satyriasis. This is what arrived to the priest Blanchet, curator of Cours, near Reole (Guyenna), which caused so great a scandal in the 18th century. He was to become a priest to satisfy his mother. Later on he made all his efforts to suppress his involuntary pollutions, which he considered as sin. As a consequence there resulted in him a spermatic plethora which caused in him an irritability and a striking sensitiveness. The women seemed to him luminous and resplendant with a light like that of electric sparks; a light seemed to him as incendiary. His eyes were exaltation of his imagination and of all his senses and some hallucinations. He cured this satyriasis by satisfying his passion with some woman.

Winckler related a case almost similar in the Bibliotheque medical de manget.

If these two men would not have suppressed their pollution which was involuntary, which happens generally during sleep, they could have prevented themselves from satyriasis and some anaphrodisiacs could also have saved them from erections and pollutions as was done by the two religious persons of the two preceding cases.

The following remedies are useful against the pollutions specially when they are very frequent and weakening:

Sepia and above all Causticum Sulphur Phospheri acidum Conium Phosphorus China Staphysagria

Against weakening pollutions I have been successful specially by phospheri acidum 6 and Staphysagria 3.

One may be convinced that one can by the help of different medicines, generally moderate at will the impulses of the genitals so as to help man resists while trying with efforts.

Case XIX

One of my correspondants of Paris consulted me for a gentleman whom his professional duty obliged to be a model of morality in every way. He had the mania to become completely naked, which is a diseases seen in some mentally deranged persons, because it can be cured by a medical treatment, as is shown by the following two cases:

I prescribed Hyoscyamus. A 30th dilution was brought from one of the best pharmacies of Paris. It gave some effect but did not cure. Then I prescribed the 200th which was taken from the same pharmacy. That dilution was not authentic because it produced not effect. One should not be astonished that this dilution was not authentic because since 40 years some French, English and German doctors have believed themselves to be great men of progress while retrograding to the time of Hahnemann, and having not been able to find infinitesimal doses, used, according to the law of similars, the massive and ponderable doses. Since then these doctors had the habit to use these remedies in those or in lower dilutions (1,3,6,12 and the highest 30). Consequently many homeopathic pharmacies kept in their store only the lower dilutions for which there were habitually demands. They had n to the high dilutions like 200, 1000, 10,000. This is what happened as regards the above mentioned pharmacy of Paris. But as I was provided with the high dilutions, thanks to the obligingness of my colleague and friends of Paris, the doctors Ozanam, Fredault, Pitet, Charles Dulac and Dr. Lambert of Lyon, I was able to send to my correspondant of Paris Hyociamus 200 which cured immediately and completely that gentleman of his mental disease.

Sometimes afterwards my obliging colleague M. Broailler, who used to keep the register of the cases in my polyclinic of Tuesday morning, cured a similar case by that same dilution 200, in a young girl of 19 years. Following an unhappy marriage she lost her reason and was attacked by the mania of putting herself naked. Perfectly cured she is again married and is now a mother of a family.

I have just made known the medicines that fight against genital passion. I am now going to cite some more which seem to direct it as if to wake up the sense of duty and develop the will to do it.

The useful medicines for deciding the adulterous husbands to leave their mistresses and come back to their wives are:

Staphysagria Lachesis Pulsatilla Causticum Platina Phosphorus. Veratrum

Case XX

A young woman came to my polyclinic and told me:

“I believe that my husband has some mistresses, because he meets me only once every two months. Please give me a medicine so that my husband leaves his mistresses and that he returns to me”.

I gave her some globules of Staphysagria 200. She dissolved the globules in two teaspoonfuls of fresh water, then she poured it in the soup of her husband which her husband took without knowing that he is taking a medicine.

There weeks latter she came back in my polyclinic and said: “I believe that my husband has left the mistresses because he comes to meet me now as he used to come at the beginning of our marriage, two to three times a week.”

I could have cited many other cases where the success was rapid. In one of them, the husband came back to his wife after the first remedy; but, as he was very much ardent I was forced to give him Cantharis 200 in order to make his passion more moderate as his wife desired.

But there are some adulterous husbands who may be cured momentarily. Then, it will be necessary to give from time to time some remedies to prevent them from relapses.

Jean Pierre Gallavardin
Jean Pierre Gallavardin (1825 – 1898) was a French orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to gain international renown. Gallavardin was a Physician at the Homeopathic Hospital in Lyons.
Gallavardin set up a homeopathic Dispensary for the cure of alcoholics, often working in conjunction with priests, and he wrote several books on this subject.
Jean Pierre Gallavardin wrote Psychism and Homeopathy, The Homoeopathic Treatment of Alcoholism, How to Cure Alcoholism the Non-toxic Homoeopathic Way, Repertory of Psychic Medicines with Materia Medica, Plastic Medicine, and articles for The British Journal of Homeopathy, On Phosphoric Paralysis, and he collated the statistics on pneumonia and other cases for the United States Journal of Homeopathy, and he contributed widely to homeopathic publications.