The author is fully convinced that much of our sexual diseases, as well as of the vice in which it originates, is due to the prevailing ignorance on sexual matters. The work includes homeopathic remedies for male and female sexual health problems….


Member New York State and County Homoeopathic Medical Societies; Formerly Staff- Physician to the College and Wilson Mission Dispensaries; Fellow of the N.Y. Academy of Anthropology; Member American Historical Association, etc., etc.

Carefully Revised by A.H. LAIDLAW, A.M., M.D. Edition: 1983

The following pages form a very important part of the author’s “Modern Domestic Medicine.” They have been put by themselves between separate covers in order that the method of their use in the family might be determined in each case in accordance with the views of the father or mother. A work on domestic medicine to be of any service must be at hand when wanted, and many persons are not willing that such information as these pages contain, should be within easy reach of boys and girls. The plan of publishing the following chapters separately enables such persons to use the author’s “Domestic” with perfect freedom, as a family guide; while it avoids the necessity that would otherwise exist of allowing important omissions in that work.

The present work is, however, an entirely independent one, complete in itself. It contains its own materia medica, with index of symptoms, and also treats of some subjects, such as menstruation, leucorrhoea, and the disorders of the “change of life” in women, which are included in the larger work. With regard to these subjects, although the books will be found consistent with each other, the matter has not been copied, but each book has been written by itself, throughout. The list of medicines used in this book is largely made up from that in the larger work, and those who have the medicines contained in that list will require only the articles marked by a *in the list below, in order to carry out the directions of this book; and, as a matter of course, the author can only be held responsible for his prescriptions when the dose and strength of medicines are those designated in the list which follows this preface and in the materia medica at the end of the book.

In conclusion, the author has no apology to make for the plain and outspoken manner in which he has treated the delicate subjects considered in the following pages. He is fully convinced that much of our disease, as well as of the vice in which it originates, is due to the prevailing ignorance on sexual matters; that much of this ignorance, on the part of young persons at least, is due to a shameful neglect of duty on the part of parents, growing out of false ideas of delicacy, the willful blindness which nurses the flattering delusion that “my child is safe; he is above such thoughts or acts,” or in some cases, perhaps, out of the ignorance of parents themselves as to what is going on in the world and in the bodies of their children, and what they ought to teach. Advising parents to instruct their children on sexual matters is of very little use unless accompanied with information as to what instruction should be given.

A warning that danger to health and morals lies before the young, is to no purpose unless the nature of that danger and the path which leads to it be pointed out. Young ladies do not know that by exposing their persons in evening dress and allowing intimacies and even receiving careness from young gentlemen, they often awaken passions in the latter which send them to the brothels for gratification. Mothers often do not know that the long foreskin nature frequently gives their boys is a source of more or less constant irritation to their sexual organs, and consequent excitation to the animal passions, from which circumcision offers the only escape. They do not know that the well-dressed decent appearing “young lady” whom they pass in the street and who is the picture of decorum while they are within ear-shot, will shamelessly ask their sons to attend her to her chamber, when she chances to meet them alone.

To quote Mr. Emerson: “The preservation of the species was a point of such necessity, that Nature has secured it at all hazards by immensely overloading the passion, at the risk of perpetual crime and disorder.” But St. Paul assures us that “God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that they are able; but will with the temptation make also the way of escape, that they may be able to endure it.” The way of escape must be found by the light of instruction pointing out the danger, the disease, the sin, the shame on the one hand; the straight and narrow path of consecration, self-denial, righteousness, and honor on the other. In the hope of lighting some one in the search for this path, this book has been written.



List of Medicines (viii)


Sexual Health of the Male 1


Sexual Health of the Female 24


Marriage 45


The Medicines and their Indications 56


LIST OF MEDICINES AND ARTICLES REQUIRED N.B. The articles marked *are required in this volume only; the others are included in the list required by the author’s “Modern Domestic Medicine.”

(a) Homoeopathic Preparations
Name @Abbreviation @ Strength @Form
Bryonia alba @Bryonia @1st decimal @No. 20 globules
Calcarea carbonica @Calcarea carb @6th centesimal
China @China @Mothertincture
Cocculus @Coccul. @3d centesimal
Gelsemium @Gelsemium @Mothertincture@Liquid
Ipecacuanha @Ipecac. @3d centesimal @No. 20 globules
Lachesis @Lachesis @9th centesimal
Phosphoric acid @Phosphorus ac. @3d decimal
Pulsatilla @Pulsatilla @3d centesimal
Sabina @Sabin. @Mothertincture
Sanguinaria @Sanguinaria @3d centesimal
Silicea @Silicea @12th
Sulphur @Sulph. @12th
Viburnum opulus @Vib. @Mothertincture@Liquid


(b) Ordinary Drugs and Miscellaneous Articles


Name @ Remarks


@ Balsam of Peru @ Borax @ Fountain Syringe @ Select the largest size of reservoir.
Nitrate of Silver @ Buy in solution–a drachm in six ounces of @ water.
Rubber Sheet @ *Sandal-wood oil @ Buy in capsules, each containing ten drops, @ of which several dozen will be needed.
Spinal Ice-bag @ Should be fifteen or eighteen inches in @ length. ————————————————————————.

Henry Granger Hanchett
HENRY G. HANCHETT, M.D., F.A.A., (1853-1918)
Member New York State and County Homoeopathic Medical Societies ;
Formerly Staff-Physician to the College and Wilson Mission
Dispensaries ; Fellow of the N. Y. Academy of Anthropology ; Member American Historical Association,