The author is fully convinced that much of our sexual diseases, as well as of the vice in which it originates, is due to the prevailing ignorance on sexual matters. The work includes homeopathic remedies for male and female sexual health problems….

Chapter I – Sexual Health of the Male

The diseases of the sexual organs to which men are specially liable are Gonorrhoea, which in popular language is designated Clap; Syphilis, which is limited to the sexual organs only in its first stage, and may even enter the system through other channels, and which is popularly known as the Chancroids or Venereal Sores….

Chapter II – Sexual Health of the Female

Sexual Health of the Female. If a medicine be required for delayed or suppressed menstrual flow, either at its first establishment or later in life, Silicea, or Pulsatilla will be most likely to be indicated. …

Chapter III – Marriage

Health, happiness, and usefulness await those who enter into marriage from pure motives, accept its responsibilities, live up to its duties, and share its joys in moderation, and with due regard to that proportionate exercise of all the bodily, mental, and spiritual powers and faculties which alone can result in perfect health….