Chapter IV – Medicines & Their Indications

A detail symptom index related to sexual complaints of men and women along with their indicated homeopathic remedies….

Pretty full instructions as to dose and the frequency of its repetition have been given wherever in the preceding pages a medicine has been prescribed. The ordinary preparations, as sold in the drug-stores, and medicines known as homoeopathic have been prescribed, and with regard to the latter, especially, it is important that the exact strength or potency indicated below be used in every case. Where the medicine is ordered in globules those should be of No. 20 size. These are best taken in water, and the proportion usually advised is twelve to the glass half full of pure soft water. Of this solution, a teaspoonful every hour or a tablespoonful once every four or five hours is the usual dose. For a young child, six instead of twelve globules should be dissolved in the water.

In case the medicine is a powder, a solution should be made in the same way, using for a glass half full of water as much of the powder as will lie piled upon a dime–half this quantity for a child. Liquid medicines should be mixed with water in the same way, using six drops to the half glass, or three drops for a child. Special directions, regarding dose, are given when required. In order to drop liquids accurately, it is only necessary to place the middle of the lower surface of the cork against the lip of the vial, so that the liquid may rest against the cork when the vial is tipped–it will run down the cork and drop from its lower edge.

If for any reasons the globules or powders must be taken dry, give of the powders, at one dose, as much as will lie upon an old fashioned three-cent silver piece, and of the globules give two if the dose prescribed be a teaspoonful, and four if it be a tablespoonful. It is better always when practicable to take the dose in water, or to swallow a mouthful or more of water after a dose taken dry.

The medicines should be kept by themselves in a chest or cabinet, in a cool, dry, and clean place; every vial should have its own cork, which should be marked, and always remain in its proper vial. The water with which the doses are mixed should be as pure and soft as possible, and the mixtures should be made fresh daily, throwing away whatever is left over from the preceding day. Keep the glass containing medicine well covered, and use a perfectly clean silver spoon in giving the doses. Never allow the spoon to remain in the medicine, and remember that a tablespoonful is equal to four teaspoonfuls.

Balsam of Peru is a thick, reddish-brown fluid, sticky, and of pleasant odor, which may be had of any druggist. Its external use only is advised in domestic practice, and that as a remedy for itching of the privates of women, or of the back passage. It should be applied with caution, as it may cause an unpleasant irritation of the parts.

Borax is a crystalline powder, sold by all druggists, and useful as a local application in solution, or even in the dry powder, for itching of the privates.

Bryonia alba should be used in globules of the first decimal potency. It is useful for complaints occurring during menstruation, especially for nose-bleed instead of, or with scanty, dark, bad-smelling menses. Headache in the back of the head, worse by every motion, but better by lying quietly, and coming on with the menses, is also cured by it. Patients requiring this medicine are apt to have much thirst, to perspire easily, and especially to be better by keeping still, and worse from every motion.

Calcarea carbonica in globules of the sixth potency with be indicated more by the general condition of the patient than by any special symptoms of disease. Those who lack firmness of flesh or solidity of bone, who are flabby, fair- complexioned, inclined to be fat, and who perspire about the head and have cold, damp-feeling feet, want this medicine when the menses are suppressed, and also when they flow with great profusion, come on too early, and last too long. The latter condition is more likely to affect persons of this type. The medicine also helps such persons when they have a leucorrhoea, especially if the discharge be milky and cause itching and burning.

China must be purchased in globules, made from the mother tincture. It is chiefly required to enable the system to recover from great loss of fluids, as from flooding or excessive menstruation. Dizziness, ringing in the ears, sparks before the eyes, faintness, and other symptoms induced by such losses will be relieved by its use.

Cocculus in globules of the third potency is of use in some forms of difficult menstruation where there is colic with great nervousness, quick jerking motions, darting pains, shuddering and the like. The menses are apt to come too early, and the patient feels week.

Gelsemium should be bought in mother tincture, and that sold by homoeopathic pharmacies is to be preferred. It is indicated when the head seems full of blood, heavy, dizzy, with blurred vision, drooping eye-lids, and, perhaps, double vision. If, with these conditions, we have difficult menstruation, especially if a membrane be discharged, and the urine be very abundant, this medicine will do good. But the dose must be five drops taken in hot water once in three hours.

Ipecacuanha in globules of the third potency will be of great service in profuse flowing of the menses, or of blood from the womb, especially where the blood is bright red in color, and there is pain about the navel, and constant sickness at the stomach which is not relieved by vomiting. All complaints for which this medicine is useful are accompanied by this constant nausea.

Lachesis in globules of the ninth potency is a very useful remedy for women at the “change of life,” and is given especially for the flushes of heat of that period. The patient presents certain marked characteristics when Lachesis is wanted, among which are aggravation after sleep, and the location of pains by preference on the left side of the body, or their commencing on the left side if they afterward pass over to the right.

Nitrate of Silver is mentioned as one means of arresting a troublesome itching of the privates. For this purpose, it should be purchased of any druggist in solution, ten grains to the ounce of water. This medicine is for external, local use only, and care must be taken to keep the bottle in the dark.

Phosphoric Acid in globules of the third decimal potency will be found a useful remedy for a weak condition of the male organs resulting in frequent and debilitating seminal emissions or “wet-dreams”. The patient will seem very much weakened by these emissions, and is likely to be very indifferent to all that goes on about him when this medicine is wanted.

Pulsatilla in globules of the third potency is a very important remedy for sexual disorders in women. In suppressed, delayed or scanty periods, in painful menstruation or diarrhoea with menses, and in “whites” in general, especially with a thick, milky, burning discharge, it is one of the first medicines to consult. It is especially valuable when the trouble is caused by getting the feet wet and the complaints are worse in a close, warm room. The patient wants to get out, and is better in the open air, complains of chilliness and has symptoms which change their character or location in the body frequently. The patient is apt to be sleepless, especially in the early part of the night, although dull and drowsy both morning and evening.

Sabina in globules made from the mother tincture is one of the best medicines to use for flooding, especially in case of miscarriage, or of threatened miscarriage. There is pain through the lower part of the abdomen from the front to the back bone, and the blood is partly fluid and partly in clots as it escapes from the vagina.

Sandal-wood Oil is perhaps the best single medicine known for the clap, especially in men. The crude oil as sold at the drug-stores should be used, but care must be taken to buy a pure article. The taste and smell on the breath are both avoided by having capsules filled with the proper dose, which is ten drops, or the oil may be dropped on a lump of sugar. Repeat the dose four times daily.

Sanguinaria in globules of the third potency will be needed at the “change of life”, for flushes of heat with rush of blood to the head, dizziness, nausea, ringing in the ears, and rheumatic pains, especially in the shoulders.

Silicea in globules of the twelfth potency is one of those important, deep- acting constitutional remedies like Calcarea carb., but its menstrual symptoms are usually those of suppression and delay. The patient complains of backache, pains in the bones, neuralgia, perspiring and bad-smelling feet, and has a tendency to boils and felons. There is also a sense of weakness and desire to lie down much of the time.

Sulphur in globules of the twelfth potency is another deep-acting, constitutional remedy, and one of its most important indications is an itching sensation anywhere anywhere on the skin, hence its value in itching of the privates. It may be used also for profuse but short-lasting menses, with constipation, itching of the parts, flushes of heat, and burning sensation in the soles of the feet.

Viburnum opulus should be purchased in mother tincture, and that prepared by an homoeopathic pharmacist is to be preferred. Taken in doses of ten drops repeated once in two or three hours, in hot water, it is one of the best means of relieving the cramps and colics associated often with difficult menstruation. Where this trouble returns every month the medicine should be taken in doses of two drops morning and evening throughout the interval between the periods.

The following indications are offered as a sort of index to the medicines just mentioned. The symptoms given are those most characteristic of the drugs to which they refer, with regard to their action in the sexual sphere. If a patient present one of the following symptoms, study what is said about the drug mentioned in the preceding pages, and if it then seem appropriate to the case give it in accordance with the directions at the beginning of this chapter. When two or more medicines are named in connection with a symptom, the one usually the best to use, in default of other indications, is printed in italics.

Abortion, bleeding of. Sabin.
Abundant urine, with painful menstruation. Gelsemium
Aggravation after sleeping. Lachesis
Aggravation from motion. Bryonia
Aggravation in warm room. Pulsatilla
Backache with delayed menses. Silicea
Bad odor from sweating feet. Silicea
Better by keeping quiet. Bryonia
Better in open air. Pulsatilla
Bleeding from womb. Sabina.
Bleeding from womb, bright blood, with nausea. Ipecac.
Bleeding instead of menses. Bryonia
Boils and felons, tendency to. Silicea
Bones, pains in, with delayed menses. Silicea
Burning leucorrhoea. Pulsatilla
Burning soles of feet. Sulph.
“Change of life,” see “Climax.”
Changing symptoms. Pulsatilla
Chilliness, with disordered menses. Pulsatilla
“Clap.” Sandal Oil.
“Climax,” disorders of. Lachesis, Sanguinaria
Clots and fluid-blood escape from womb. Sabin.
Cold, damp feet. Calcarea carb.
Colic with menses. Coccul., Vib.
Constipation with menses. Sulph.
“Courses,” see “Menses.”
Cramps with menses. Vib.
Debility. China, Phosphorus ac.
Delayed menses. Puls, Silicea
Diarrhoea with menses. Pulsatilla
Difficult menstruation. Coccul, Gelsemium, Pulsatilla
Difficult menstruation, with colic. Vib.
Disorders of the climax. Lachesis, Sanguinaria
Dizziness. China, Sanguinaria
Dizziness with painful menses. Gelsemium
Dysmenorrhoea. Coccul., Gelsemium, Pulsatilla Vib.
Early and painful menstruation. Coccul.
Early menses, last too long. Calcarea carb.
Ears. ringing in. China., Sanguinaria
Emission of semen. Phosphorus ac.
Excessive menstruation. China.
Faintness. China.
Fat, flabby flesh. Calcarea carb.
Feet, soles of, burn. Sulph.
Feet, wetting of, causes suppressed menses. Pulsatilla
Flooding, China, Sabin.
Flooding, with nausea. Ipecac.
Flushes of heat. Lachesis, Sanguinaria, Sulphur
Foot sweats, offensive. Silicea
Fulness of the head, with painful menses. Gelsemium
Gonorrhoea. Sandal oil.
Headache and nausea. Sanguinaria
Headache with painful menses. Gelsemium
Headache with scanty menses. Bryonia
Head, rush of blood to. Sanguinaria
Heat flushes. Lachesis, Sanguinaria, Sulphur
Haemorrhage from the womb. Sabin.
Hemorrhage from the womb, with nausea, blood bright red. Ipecac.
Indifference. Phosphorus ac.
Issue from privates of men. Sandal oil.
Itching of privates. Balsam of Peru, Borax, Nitrate of Silver, Sulphur
Late menses. Silicea
Left sided pains. Lachesis
Leucorrhoea like milk. Calcarea carb.
Leucorrhoea thick, milky. Pulsatilla
Lie down, constant desire to. Silicea
Long-lasting menses. Calcarea carb.
Membranous dysmenorrhoea. Gelsemium
“Menopause,” see “Climax.”
Menses delayed. Pulsatilla, Silicea
Menses profuse. Calcarea carb., China.
Menses profuse but brief Sulph.
Menses profuse with nausea. Ipecac.
Menses scanty. Pulsatilla
Menses suppressed. Calcarea carb., Pulsatilla, Silicea
Menses too early and last too long. Calcarea carb.
Menses too early, painful. Coccul.
Menses with constipation. Sulph.
Menstrual colic. Vib.
Menstruation, excessive. China.
Menstruation, painful, Coccul., Gelsemium, Pulsatilla
Menstruation, painful, with colic. Vib.
Milky leucorrhoea Calcarea carb., Pulsatilla
Miscarriage. Sabin.
Motion makes all symptoms worse. Bryonia
Nausea with flooding. Ipecac.
Navel, pain near, with nausea and profuse menses. Ipecac.
Nervous dysmenorrhoea. Coccul.
Neuralgia, with delayed menses. Silicea
Nosebleed instead of menses. Bryonia
Odor of feet, bad. Silicea
Painful menses. Coccul., Gelsemium, Pulsatilla
Painful menses, from getting feet wet. Pulsatilla
Painful menses, with colic. Vib.
Pains, chiefly on left side. Lachesis
Pains in abdomen, low down. Sabin.
Pains, rheumatic, at climax. Sanguinaria
“Periods,” see “Menses.”
Perspiration on the feet, of bad odor. Silicea
Perspiration on the head. Calcarea carb.
Privates, itching of, Balsam of Peru, Borax, Nitrate of Silver, Sulphur
Profuse menses. Calcarea carb., China.
Profuse menses, with nausea. Ipecac.
Profuse, short-lasting menses. Sulph.
Profuse urination, with painful menstruation. Gelsemium
Rheumatic pains at climax. Sanguinaria
Ringing in ears. China, Sanguinaria
“Running” from privates of men. Sandal oil.
Rush of blood to the head. Sanguinaria
Rush of blood to the head, with painful menses. Gelsemium
Scanty menses. Pulsatilla
Scanty menses, with nosebleed. Bryonia
Seminal emissions. Phosphorus ac.
Short-lasting menses. Sulph.
Sick stomach, with flooding. Ipecac.
Sight blurred, with painful menses. Gelsemium
Skin, itching of Sulph.
Sleep makes all symptoms worse. Lachesis
Soles of feet burn. Sulph.
Sparks before eyes China.
Spermatorrhoea. Phosphorus ac.
Suppressed menses. Calcarea carb., Pulsatilla, Silicea
Sweat on the head. Calcarea carb.
Symptoms ever changing. Pulsatilla
Tendency to boils and felons. Silicea
Thick, milky leucorrhoea. Pulsatilla
Urethritis. Sandal oil.
Urine abundant, with painful menses. Gelsemium
Vicarious menstruation, Bryonia
Vomiting, with profuse menses. Ipecac.
Weakness of male sexual organs. Phosphorus ac.
Weakness, wants to lie down. Silicea
“Wet dreams.” Phosphorus ac.
Wet feet cause painful or suppressed menses. Pulsatilla
“Whites,” like milk. Calcarea carb.
“Whites,” like milk, thick. Pulsatilla
Worse after sleep. Lachesis
Worse from every motion. Bryonia
Worse in close, warm room. Pulsatilla

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