Medical treatment of Genital Passion

Having not been able to find the 30th or the 200th dilutions of this remedy, I use it in the 4th dilution. I recommend to dissolve five to six globules of that dilution in a tumbler containing four spoonfuls of clear water, and the young masturbator takes out of it a spoonful every two days a quarter of an hour before meals i.e. 4 teaspoonful in the following eight days. Then after an interval of eight days, if the cure is not complete he is given the same medicine still four times in eight days.

If it becomes necessary, one may give the remedy without the knowledge of the subject, and that by putting one teaspoonful of the remedy in his dinner, soup, milk, chocolate etc. the remedy if often useful, sometimes very rapid as in the following case.

Case III

A priest on the south of France asked me for a remedy for one of his penitents who, although aged 29 years, continued to masturbate and this inspite of assiduous religious practices. I sent him Origanum 4 to be taken four times in eight days and the cure was complete and definitive.

However, Origanum does not work always against masturbation, I therefore treat it by:

China Coffea Pulsatilla and above all Staphisagria Nux vomica and Causticum. Sulphur

These medicines are given in the 30th dilution, five to six globules put on the tongue and chewed well, and this only once every six, eight, ten or fifteen days. When the subjects are adult and vigorous, I give the 200th dilution of these remedies which has deeper action and more lasting, but it will be very strong in young and weak subjects who will not have sufficient vitality to react. The 200 dilution is given once, at spaced intervals, i.e. every seven, ten, twenty days.

Case IV

In a child of 10 years who masturbated from time to time, I prescribed Origanum 4 without success, then Causticum 30, 5 to 6 globules on the tongue every eight or ten days. But this medicine to which he was exceptionally sensitive produced in him an over excitation of the nerves, Since then the medicine was given to him only during the period when he masturbated, but a single dose and was left to act up to the following period of masturbation. Given in this way this medicine acted very well as curative and preventive.

This example shows well that there is the necessity of changing the medicine, as regards it dose and repetition according to the subjects.

In order to select from the seven remedies mentioned above the most useful in such and such a masturbater, one should look for the somatic, psychic, moral and intellectual symptoms existing in the person treated. To this end one may consult the Manuel Homoeopathique de Jahr, the first part in 2 volumes in 12 containing the Materia Medica. For the selection the doctor should be always superior to the laique, because his clinical experience will help him to recognise the symptoms which are characteristics of each medicine. The following example goes to prove it:

Case V

A woman, who gave herself up to the practice of masturbation before and even after her marriage, and even she masturbated when she became a widow. As she had much restlessness and sleeplessness at the night Dr. Servan, of Lyon, prescribed her Coffea 6 which was sufficient to cure the restlessness, insomnia and her vice.

To be sure the six remedies mentioned above have in their pathogenesis, i.e. to say in their experimentation on healthy man more or less the symptoms, restlessness and insomnia, but none as much as that of Coffea; this is what decided this doctor to prescribe this remedy to the window.

Case VI

A young woman came to consult me for herself, her husband and her father-in-law. She has become more and more passionate because her husband could not satisfy her, as a result she indulged in masturbation and sheds hot tears after it. I gave her three times a dose of Pulsatilla 200 which calmed down her overexcitation and checked her from masturbating.

Her husband used to meet her only once in nine months i.e. to say he met her 40 to 60 times less in one year, which he should have done at his age (40) and on bed the used to live with his back turned towards her wife which was not a sign of love. I gave him without his knowledge a medicine in 200 dilution, which caused him to meet her wife twice a month and he no more turned his back towards his wife.

The father-in-law of that young woman was an old lewd persons who wanted to have her as his mistress and did without success many attempts for this end. It is not without difficulty I was able to calm down his lewdness by giving him without his knowledge successively Causticum 200, Cantharis 200, Phosphorus 200.

If a competent doctor did to intervene in the affairs of that family what would have happened? Perhaps the priest would have a happy influence on the young woman who was pious and wished, inspite of her beauty, to guard her conjugal fidelity. But if carried away by her irresistible passion she would have yielded to the obsession of her father-in-law, or to a younger suitor, there would have resulted out of it adultery, separation of the couple, divorce, shooting, poisoning, in short one of those family dramas which are related in the Gazette des tribunaux.

The religion could have, I repeat, a happy influence on the young woman. But how could it act against her husband and her father-in-law who were nor religious?

This triple observation shows well the importance that the homoeopathic treatment may have, which the religion could not do, from the moral and social point of view.

Case VII

One may presume from the preceding case and with reason that the question of conjugal relation between husband and wife may be a cause of union or discord or divorce and adultery. In fact, the woman cited above could complain like many others, of the sexual frigidity of her husband, which might have led to adultery if she had not taken recourse successively to religion and medicine. But on the contrary there are many women who have ground enough to complain of the too much ardour of their husbands. Thus the conjugal duty is fulfilled every day, three, four and five times by some: eight times by a husband of 34 years of age since six years; eleven times by a husband of forty years; fourteen times by a husband of thirty-two years, who had besides a mistress.

The 40 years old husband had several mistresses, when his wife refused to fulfil her sexual duty, in whom the very frequent sexual relation caused insomnia, weakness and the diseases and the diseases of the uterus. This woman consulted me for a remedy for the lubriciousness of her husband and for his immorality. She gave her Causticum 200 without his knowledge and she wrote to me that he used to meet her only twice a week instead of seven into seven times. I thus cured the frequent adulteries of that husband by the help of different medicines given during several months. In the husband of 32 years, I was able not without difficulty to bring down to zero his extraordinary and frequent relations. I also helped to save himself from adultery, to give rest to his organism and to earn well his bread by work of a daily labour.

Origanum which is so often useful against the masturbation, is also useful against very violent genital passion. This is what show the following three cases:


A married woman was forced to live separately from her husband who worked on a ship, had neither rest nor peace because of the exaltation of sexual desire. The Canon of Cresoles gave her once Origanum 30 which stopped her torments. She was calm as if she had never any relation with a man.

A month later, being anew in the prey of the genital passion she was delivered from it by the same remedy (Revue Homoeopathique du Midi, pub.Marseille, v.1, p.616).

Case IX

A young girl, who was in prey of violent genital impulse, experienced besides, the following symptoms:

“Deep sorrow, with the fixed idea that she was lot, that she was punished. When she comes out of the virtual state of stupor in which she was absorbed by her bad ideas, she used to weep and cry that the devil is approaching her; she believed to be in flames: felt herself chained; she though that she has become mad and “I was afraid that she will really become mad” said the canon of Cresoles. During the first day when she was more calm, when she was deep in that profound sadness, she confided to me her troubles and had sometimes the idea of suicide.”

The Canon of Cresoles gave her successively and without success, Pulsatilla 30, Pulsatilla 6, the mother tincture of Pulsatilla and then Arsenicum. It was Origanum which made her calm and tranquil.

I have in my Repertory many remedies, Pulsatilla, Natrum muriaticum, Belladonna, which are useful in men who believe themselves to be condemned. Also I was astonished that woman was not cured by pulsatilla.

Case X

Because, with a single dose of Pulsatilla 30, given without her knowledge in a cup of chocolate, I have cured within ten days a young girl of 24 who, since several months believed herself condemned and imagined to see the flames of hell, smelt the smell of sulphur and used to pay at 6 o’clock in the morning.

Jean Pierre Gallavardin
Jean Pierre Gallavardin (1825 – 1898) was a French orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to gain international renown. Gallavardin was a Physician at the Homeopathic Hospital in Lyons.
Gallavardin set up a homeopathic Dispensary for the cure of alcoholics, often working in conjunction with priests, and he wrote several books on this subject.
Jean Pierre Gallavardin wrote Psychism and Homeopathy, The Homoeopathic Treatment of Alcoholism, How to Cure Alcoholism the Non-toxic Homoeopathic Way, Repertory of Psychic Medicines with Materia Medica, Plastic Medicine, and articles for The British Journal of Homeopathy, On Phosphoric Paralysis, and he collated the statistics on pneumonia and other cases for the United States Journal of Homeopathy, and he contributed widely to homeopathic publications.