Treatment of Alcoholism

In the choice of remedies for the homeopathic treatment of alcoholism, note the intellectual and moral symptoms presented by the patient and produced by the drug proved upon the healthy subject….

Some Cases by Dr Dulac

The cases that I am going to report are some purely mental cases or of which the cause is mental: causing troubles at the same time of the body and the mind. I will be as brief as possible adhering strictly to the characteristic symptoms which has led me to essential remedies….

Intelligence development

One can, by the help of medicines, remedy the defective psychic development quantitatively or qualitatively as much as or rather more than the defects of different organs and the systems of the human body….

Alcoholism and Criminality

Having followed these two advices of Hahnemann, I have been able to cure the drunkards of their vice in half of the cases when the vice is not hereditary and this, by giving the medicines to the drunkards without their knowledge….

Psychic Medicines

The homoeopathic doctors who, in their experiments of medicines on healthy man, have noted minutely their psychic properties, should have utilised them for the moral and intellectual amelioration of defects of their clients. …

History of substances

Hahnemann while experimenting on healthy man, was able to recognise their effects on the character and intelligence. Thus he was able to note the psychic indications of medicines, like use of Ignatia for sadness resulting out of concentrated griefs, that of Staphysagria against sadness coexisting with indigestion….

Hahnemann – Psychic Properties of Medicine

Hahnemann could not use the very numerous psychic properties of remedies discovered by himself, for two motives: first, because he has not given the medicine is suitable doses and in the most favourable moment and secondly, because he ignored the importance of psychic symptoms….

Medical treatment of Genital Passion

I am now going to expose here, the treatment of genital passion, which is, after alcoholism, the cause of more crimes. About thirty years ago, I began to make known the treatment of the genital passion in the vol I, of my Causeries cliniques homoeopathiques….