Medical treatment of Genital Passion

Case XI

A lady of 65 years, widow, having haemorrhoid and hysteric, was suffering since one year or two from overexcitation of her genitals. These overexcitations were rapidly cured by Origanum 4 (Causeries cliniques homoeopathiques, 1868, v.1, p.240) which was given to her by a doctor of Lyon.


Here are the principal remedies which may cure men and women from libertinism or can prevent them from it:

Alumina Origanum Belladonna Phosphori acidum Calcarea carbonica Pulsatilla Carbo vegetabilis Staphysagria China Stramonium Conium maculatum Sulphur Hyoscyamus niger Veratrum and specially Causticum Lycopodium Causticum Mercurius vivus Cantharis Aurum muriaticum Phosphorus Nux Vomica Platina

In order to know which one among these 22 remedies, is the best indicated by the somatic and paychic symptoms, the Manual of Jahr is to be consulted, as I have said it above.

The following three remedies help continence and develop reason:

Alumina, Causticum, Conium.

For curing the lewdness by imagination which is the most difficult to calm down, one of the following remedies should be used:

Conium, China, platina, Nux vomica, Lycopodium.

To cure lubriciousness by the senses, one should select one of the following remedies:

Causticum, phosphorus, Cantharis, Belladonna, platina, Veratrum, Stramonium.

The following remedies are indicated in lewd men who looks for young girls:

Platina, Veratrum, Phosphorus, Causticum.

Medicines indicated in husband who use in their wives some obscene practices, even anal coition, with sometimes different sexes, called sodomy.

Causticum, platina.

Medicines indicated in homosexuals who practice coition between man:

Calcarea carbonica and specially platina.

The same two remedies are indicated in women who are perverts who try to practice coition between themselves and use the other try to practice between themselves and use the other methods, sapphism of the Greeks.

Medicines indicated in men who have the impulse to be naked while sleeping:

Sulphur and probably Mercurius vivus and pulsatilla.

Medicines indicated in men who have an impulse to be naked when they are awake:

Phosphorus and specially Hyoscyamus.

Medicines indicated in men who has not the sense of shame:

Hyoscyamus, Belladonna, Phosphorus.

I am going to cite here some cases showing how one may cure these impulses which are vicious and more or less irresistible.

Case XII

A mother of a family came to consult me for her son, aged sixteen, who has already begun to sleep out. I gave her 6 to 7 globules of Causticum 200 that she dissolved in two teaspoonfuls a clear water then she gave in to him without his knowledge, pouring it down in his soup. Three weeks later, that mother informed me that her son no more sleeps out and even does not look at young girls.


A mother of a family came to consult me for her son, aged sixteen, who has already begun to sleep out. I gave her 6 to 7 globules of Causticum 200 that she dissolved in two teaspoonful of clear water then she gave it to him without his knowledge, pouring it down in his soup. There weeks later, that mother informed me that her son no more sleeps out and even does not look at young girls.


A young man of 25, given up to libertinism but wishing to have a good conduct said to me: “Coming out of the church where I go to communicate, if I meet a woman who is pleasing to me, I follow her, so strong is my passion, or so weak my will power”. About a period of every 3 weeks I put on his tongue some globules of Alumina 200, or of Conium 600 or of Causticum 200. Sometimes after he informed me: “Since the time you treat me this, I am virtuous without effort because I was not more tempted.”

In this young man, I wished to suppress the role of genital functions up to the time of his marriage, but not to suppress them completely which is against nature, because in this way one would suppress the reproduction of human species. In this regard I am of the same opinion of Mgr Faurie, Bishop of China, to whom one of his neophites asked for a remedy which would make him a christian with continence for his whole life- “These remedies will they make them impotent”?-Yes. “So I do not want them” replied the about with reason.

The remedies that I gave to the young man had not in the least weakened his genital potency, because he is to-day married, a father of a family and may give some exceptional proofs of his potency. He has preserved it, thanks to the momentary rest of that function, which imposed upon him the remedies administered before his marriage.

There are some young men and even adolescents, who have the erections persisting for two, three and four hours a day. They could have checked it by taking at that time a dose of phosphorus or of Causticum or of Cantharis.

It happens sometimes lewdness by senses, or lewdness by imagination in olds who are attaches with obsession, i.e. to say these men who, according to the significative expression, are men of the world, who fall in the stage of infancy, as if they have retrograded in the stage of infancy. Since twenty years my experience has shown to me that one may always prevent or cure completely the from the obsession, on condition of treating from the very beginning of the disease. At the same time one may prevent them from lubriciousness which is not easy to dissipate during the course of that disease. I have recently 4 old men of 74, 81, 83 and 91 years old completely cured of their obsession. The last one a woman, has just dies, having recovered all he intelligence and even her memory.

Case XIV

A young girl of 25, very much excitable and sensitive came to me tell her symptoms: unsatisfiable desire and very much disposed of abandoning herself, voluptuous tingling of the region of the uterus; restlessness and insomnia; she is alternately gay and sad; she weeps easily. Since one year she is almost always in that state every month for15 to 16 days and her menses flow abundantly for six to eight days.

She takes a dose of platina 3 at 9 in the morning. One hour after she begins to weep and sob for two hours continually; in the evening the sleep is restless; she did not like sexual connection; becomes calm the following day, the sexual desire is very moderate. The following period seemed late and less copious (Rueckert’s Klinische Erfahrungen, v. II, P.63).

If this young girl, evidently hysteric, had not been treated, she would have, if she found occasion, given herself up to her passion. Once the first step is crossed, she would have fallen into a life of debauchery. Similar thing might have arrived to the following woman, who was not at all hysteric if she were not treated in time.

Case XV

A woman of 40 years, of phelgmatic temperament, felt not the least sexual desire, mother of many children, robust and had a good health, suddenly experiencing the excitation of the sexual desire which in this regard has completely changed her temperament. She was trying for satisfying incessantly her desire of which the violence seemed to choke in her all the other sentiments. Although she fulfils her conjugal duty as much as possible she was nevertheless unsatisfied. In her dreams she sees lascivious scenes and when she is awake she used to speak similar things.

Fortunately she took, at that time, an excellent homoeopathic remedy, platina 3, and at the end of 30 hours there was not even any trace of genital desire (loc cit.).

Here is a good mother of family, rather cold, who at the age of 40, is suddenly attacked by an excess of erotomania although she fulfilled her sexual duties. How many husbands after having read this case, will tremble thinking that such a thing may happen to their wives inspite of their former good conduct. One understands why there are some women, up till then honest, become suddenly adulterous. This case shows how much the learned doctor Louis Veuillot was reasonable when he said to us: “One has the need of medicine every instant of our lives: for many moral tendencies it is also necessary than the moral or religious advices. The medicine is as necessary as food.”

The medicine is then very useful, as show the previous cases, when it is perfectly studied like a homoeopath who experiments it at first on human being being in health, then on a patient.

Case XVI

Out of 900,000 drunkards which furnish the 460,000 cabarets of France, there are are at least 200,000 who want to see their wives when they are drunk. At that time they are very long to do it, very long and cause fatigue in their wives in whom they cause insomnia, weakness and sometimes diseases of the matrix. And if, unfortunately, they procreate at that time, they have some children who are vicious, mentally deranged, idiots. I have found four remedies which are useful, which will check coition only when one is drunk:

Conium, Nux vomica and Calcarea carbonica specially Causticum.

I have even remarked that when I give them without their knowledge by their wives, Causticum 200 they do not meet their wives during intoxication, and then their ejaculation is more abundant that it is ordinarily; this proves that this treatment does not weaken them.

Jean Pierre Gallavardin
Jean Pierre Gallavardin (1825 – 1898) was a French orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to gain international renown. Gallavardin was a Physician at the Homeopathic Hospital in Lyons.
Gallavardin set up a homeopathic Dispensary for the cure of alcoholics, often working in conjunction with priests, and he wrote several books on this subject.
Jean Pierre Gallavardin wrote Psychism and Homeopathy, The Homoeopathic Treatment of Alcoholism, How to Cure Alcoholism the Non-toxic Homoeopathic Way, Repertory of Psychic Medicines with Materia Medica, Plastic Medicine, and articles for The British Journal of Homeopathy, On Phosphoric Paralysis, and he collated the statistics on pneumonia and other cases for the United States Journal of Homeopathy, and he contributed widely to homeopathic publications.