Lilium Tigrinum

Lilium Tigrinum homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe….

  Common name, Tiger Lily.


Lilium tigrinum, H. K. Natural order: Liliaceae. Preparation: Tincture of the flowers only (provings Nos. 2 and 3), or tinct. of stalks, leaves, and flowers, gathered in August (subsequent provings).


Emotional. The most marked effect was exhibited by the mental and reproductive organs. Excitement, weeping, feeling as if she were two persons, at night (sixty-fifth day). A sense as if “she were going to be crazy, if she did not hang on to herself, and hold tight”. Slight delirium and startings (third day). Aversion to being alone, and yet no dread felt; tranquil, but liked to see others and hear them talk (twenty-third day). Taciturn and reticent, during the day (third day). Depression (forty-second day). Depression of spirits, disposition to weep (tenth and twelfth days). Depression of spirits; constant inclination to weep, with fearfulness, and apprehension of suffering from some terrible internal disease, already seated (very marked symptom observed by two provers), (after forty three days). Profound mental depression; to the prover “the heavens seemed brass and the earth iron;” an apprehension of moral obliquity weighed grievously upon her, for about ten days after the sexual excitement, and continuing in alternation with the sexual excitement for more than four months after the proving. Depressed (forty-second day). Despondency, with aggravation at night and diarrhoea in the morning, and great feeling of slowness and inability to get at her work (sixty-fifth day). Low-spirited (sixth day). Low-spirited, and not relieved by work (eighth day). Low- spirited; can hardly keep from crying frequently, which is the opposite of her natural disposition. Worse on going to bed; can`t go to sleep; wild feeling in the head as though I should go crazy and no one would take care of me; thoughts of suicide; how much Opium would put me to sleep forever, and who would find my body, and who would care; a new train of thought for her (eighth night). A good deal of mental anxiety throughout the proving; despondent; gloomy; difficult in expressing her thoughts; of recollecting; of selecting words; and expressed to her sister great fear of insanity. Constantly troubled in mind (thirty-first night). Apprehension of some calamity or serious disease very much increased. Awoke in the morning, irritable (fourteenth day). Irritable, in the evening (first day). Irritable, depressed in body and mind, and unfit to work, in the evening (seventh day). Irritable impatient (twenty-ninth day). She wants somebody to talk to her and entertain her (a feeling quite unusual with her); feels quite nervous; wants to cry from a feeling of irritation and of something wrong in the abdomen and pelvic organs; feels hurried and yet incapable, as if she had a great deal to do and cannot do it (twenty-second day). While attending a lecture, desire to hit the lecture, and in the evening desirous of swearing and damning the fire and things generally, and to think and speak obscene things; disposed to strike and hit persons; as these feelings came, the uterine pains passed away (forty-third day). Cross, having no patience with anything or anybody (thirty-third to forty-fourth day). Symptoms came down on her like a sudden cloud, when she was feeling quite well (thirty-sixth day); she lost vigor and snap, and could sit down and cry, or be impatient with herself and tear about, but feels hurried; could walk or run aimlessly for indefinite time; with all this depression comes a desire for fine things of all kinds; she is dissatisfied with what she has and is envious of others (thirty-sixth day). Vexed feeling towards everybody; don’t want to be spoken to (eleventh night). Do not want to be pleased; don’t care to talk or read (sixth day). Intellectual. Constant hurried feeling as of imperative duties and utter inability to perform them; during the sexual excitement. Stupid feeling (fourth day). Perceptive and reflective faculties seem benumbed, whereas at first she was overactive and seemed to be two individuals (twenty-fifth day). Wits and intuitions dull and languid (thirty-second day). Obtuseness; cannot find the right word; forget what I want to say; in the afternoon (fifth day). Disinclination to work (seventh day). Disposition to muse and dream; is awake, yet seems asleep and afar off; not disposed to mental or bodily work (twenty-fifth day). Inability to apply the mind, depression, disposition to weep (third day). Inability to apply the mind to any subject steadily; could not think clearly, could not readily recall facts perfectly familiar (one hour after second dose, second day). Want to be let alone; don’t want the trouble to answer questions (second day). Feel like sitting quietly in chair, without speaking or being spoken to, or compelled to think; I can see around me any number of things I must do, but cannot force myself to do anything. Great difficulty in keeping my mind fixed upon the subject of my lecture; could not think of the right words to express my ideas (twenty-fourth day). She came to me to state her symptoms, her mind being in such a state that she could not herself record them (twenty-second day). She cannot record her symptoms; don’t want to complain, and yet don’t avoid people (twenty-second day). Don’t want to read (sixty-ninth day). She can’t think; acts without thought; keeps waking fast as though by instinct; feels hurried, but don’t know why; is forgetful; can’t decide for herself, must depend on others (twenty-eight day). Impossibility to get a clear idea, at 8 A.M. (seventh day). Everything seems unreal to me. During the whole day make mistakes in speaking, using wrong words (fifteenth day). She dreads saying anything to anybody, lest she should say something wrong, and yet she wants to talk (forty-second day).


Confusion and Vertigo. Slightly confused feeling in head, with little pain; had been reading and writing (after one hour); confused feeling increased, after going to bed (first night). At times slightly confused, then almost crazed feeling in the head. Head so muddled that I feared to lecture, nevertheless the more I spoke the better I was able to concentrate my mind upon the subject of my lecture (seventh day). The head grows wild after she has been quiet for a short time (tenth day). Dizziness, continuing very severe for about two hours, and gradually subsiding (twenty-fourth day). Dizziness and faint feeling all over; blur before the eyes; fear of falling, aggravated in a close hot room, and ameliorated when the fresh air strikes the uncovered head and face, although the cool air produces a feeling of chilliness; better also when walking in the street; these symptoms continued very severe for about two hours, then gradually diminished (twenty-fourth day). Reeling and staggering when walking, with inclination to fall forward (first day). Feel as if intoxicated, staggering forward, the whole afternoon (fifth day). General Head. Absence of feeling in the head (twenty-eight day). Dulness in the head, in the afternoon (fifth day). Dulness of head, a kind of dizziness, more in the eyes at 8 A.M. (seventh day). Heavy feeling in the head,; (twenty-third day). Continued heavy feeling in the head (after nine-hours three quarters, first night). Dull heavy feeling in my head, as though it would weigh too much. Pain in the head (eleventh night). Head very hot (thirty-first day). Severe hot pain through the whole head, continuing about two hours, then almost wholly relieved by frequent sneezing, which came on about 10 p. m.; the head suddenly became quite clear (twenty sixth day). Headache (third day). Trifling headache every evening for three evenings (fourteenth day). Dull headache, early in the morning (twenty-first day). Dull headache, on waking (sixteenth day). Dull headache, beginning in the forehead, going all through the head, worse on the left side (second day); the same headache, mostly confined to the forehead (third day); same headache, stupid feeling (fourth day); same headache (fifth day). Dull headache; the pain moves continually from the sinciput to the occiput, left side, and concentrates in the left temple (fifteenth day). Head feels full, especially over the eyes (first day). Fulness in head and passing from within outward, as though the contents would issue thorough every aperture (eyes, ears, etc)., (seventh and ninth days after 12 drops). Headache; heaviness, as if the head were too full of blood; congestion; blood would issue when blowing the nose; pains in the head all over; heaviness; wants to support the head with her hands, relieved only at sunset; worse when walking in open air; continuing for two days (after more than three months). A crowded feeling of the head and face. Rushing as of some fluid through the head, generally from right to left. Peculiar pressing headache (fourteenth day). Darting pains in different parts of the head (after a few hour seventh day). (I am subject to sick headache, but had none while under the influence of the drug). Forehead. Pain in the forehead above the eyes, severe for more than an hour, then gradually abating (after two hours, fourteenth day). Between 5 and 6 P. M. an intense blinding headache came on, confined to the forehead, lasting about two hours (after nine hours); then changed to the back of the head, and extended down the neck, leaving a strange muddled feeling about the head, with general weakness and desire to lie down (eleventh day). Heat and pain in forehead over eyebrows, extending to eyes (first to eighth night). Hot pain about the forehead and eyes, in the evening (thirtieth day). Severe hot pain in the forehead, with prostration, coming on between 6 and 8 P. M. (fourteenth day). Burning headache through the front part of the head (after six hours, fifteenth day); continuing into the night, but not so acute as after previous doses (fifteenth night). Wakened this morning unrefreshed, with fulness and heaviness in the forehead, especially the left side (fifteenth day). Outward pressure in the whole forehead (first day). Dull pain in forehead, continuing about two hours (after one hour, tenth day). Dull pain in the forehead over the eyes (sixth day). Dull pain through the forehead in the morning and evening (twelfth day); headache, which had been moderate through the night (twelfth night), increased at about 5 o`clock in the morning, and continued till 9 o`clock, leaving a heavy dull feeling in the head (thirteenth day). Dull frontal headache all day (first day). Dull frontal headache, more on the left side, came on in the afternoon, increasing in the evening, with lachrymation in the left eye (ninth day); in the evening (tenth day). Tight painful drawing through the forehead and eyes (twenty-sixth day). Pressing pain and heat in the forehead, lasting for several hours (after six hours, twenty-third day). Pressing pains at the angle between the forehead and left temple, digging down into the orbit, making me wink, an hour after rising in the morning; the pains spread over the whole left hemisphere of the brain (eighth day). Increase of headache, in the morning; it took a severe turn towards noon, passing from forehead and temples to the protuberances of the occiput; the pain is dull, pressive, and heavy, continuing the whole evening and through the night (fourteenth day). Sensation as if a rubber band were stretched tightly from temple with the old pricking sensation in the forehead, in the evening in a warm room (sixth day). Burning in the forehead, with burning- pressing pains, especially over left eye, in the evening (second day); the burning-pressing headache returns between 5 and 6 P. M. more in the right side of forehead, increasing in strength as the evening passes on, though it dose not reach its former severity (third day); old headache returned, with some lachrymation, in the evening in a warm room (sixth day). Headache becomes worse in the fresh air, at 8 A.M. (seventh day). Frontal burning stinging headache, with the feeling of an elastic band stretched over it (seventh day). Sore pain through the forehead and eyes, a feeling as if the parts had been beaten (twenty-fourth day). Temples. Pain in the temples increased by pressure (seventh and ninth days after 12 drops). Pressing sense of fulness in the temporal and frontal region of the brain, a bursting as it were, which was relieved by pressure. Pressing sense of fulness in the temporal and frontal region of the brain, a bursting as it were, which was relieved by pressure; my ears and the region surrounding them felt as though something must be pressed out from within. Dull pain in left temple, extending thence to the forehead, with vertigo, especially when walking, in the forenoon (fifth day). Dull pain in left temple, on rising in the morning, changing to right temple, and alternating between the two; headache worse towards evening (seventeenth day). Momentary twitches in left temple, during the day (sixteenth day. Shooting pain in the right temple, passing over to the left, affecting the whole front part of the head by a dull heavy sensation (after eleven hours, twenty-fifth day). Vertex. Pressure and a crazy feeling upon the top of the head, so that she cannot write her symptoms (twentieth day). Parietals. Dullness of the right side of the head increasing to a sensation of pressure, inclining the head over to the left side. Grumbling pain in right side of head and teeth (twenty-second day). Old pain in left side of head, temple, and parietal bone, and malar bone, when sitting and not at work; relieved by motion and occupation; followed by diarrhoea and pressure on the bladder (sixty-first day). Severe left-sided headache, continuing about two hours and gradually subsiding, in the afternoon (twenty fourth day). Dull pressing-aching from the left temple over the ear to the occiput in paroxysms, with steady, dull, frontal headache, especially over the left eye (first day). Shooting in the right side of the head (forty-second day). Occiput. Headache in occiput and over eyes (twenty-fifth day). Screwing pain in protuberance of left occiput, with drawing pain on left side of nucha; after going to bed the pain in neck increased to a burning sensation, as from applied electricity; the whole neck feels lame and tired (fifteenth day). External Head. Some tenderness felt in left side of head, forehead, and temple; this is the place where the excessive heat of the sun produced congestion, still I never suffered from it before in winter (it is now December 1st), (after one month).

TF Allen
Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)

Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.