Cancer it’s Nature and Prevention

Edward Henry S. in his book Cancer its cause, prevention & cure wrote about it’s Nature and Prevention. Within the human body in which the cancer growth is present, the cause must also be present and if this cause has been removed no matter how big the tumour is, it will subside….

CANCER, the great destroyer, has been gazed at by the human eye and peered into by the greatest magnifying microscope, from dark ages to the present day, during which it has taken its human toll, irrespective of all the types, conditions and ages of humanity. During the centuries of the past at the whim of Dictators men have destroyed men, and the Dictators have passed into oblivion and remain only as names on the storied pages of human history, but cancer has destroyed from time immemorial and still sits enthroned as an arch destroyer. Its types, its characteristics, its tragedies have filled volumes, have exercised the minds and tongues of learned men. Cancer is probably the one question about which more has been written and spoken than any single subject which has exercised mankind individually and when gathered together in conventions and councils, because it has remained an ever present destroyer from times beyond modern human appreciation. All religion, all thought of man is woven round man’s mortal life. Man has prayed for and visualized a life beyond death edifices have been built reaching great heights, prayers have been spoken, millions of money on earthly symbols of human power have been spent, to save man from annihilation, the destruction which is alone possible because of ignorance. Man as an individual in constituted communities has no fear of this authority when he knows and keeps its laws. Breaking the law through ignorance cannot prevent the penalty. Though man through ignorance breaks the creative laws of creation, he must pay the penalty of destruction. And only can he be safeguarded against this penalty by knowledge and adherence to the law.

Cancer growth is an abnormal cellular proliferation within a human body. Abnormal because not normally present in the bodies of all mankind. This neoplasm or new growth must fulfil a universal law of cause and effect, of which it is the effect, otherwise there is no such law and such a viewpoint is untenable to the wisdom which man has already attained. Within the human body in which the cancer growth is present, the cause must also be present,, so that although the cancer bearing body is abnormal in comparison to the bodies of the majority of mankind, it is normal under its own circumstances of containing within it the cause of cancer. If the human body had within it the cause of cancer and not the cancer effect of this cause it would be abnormal because it would contravene the universal law of cause and effect. Moreover the most important distinguishing feature of this cancer growth is that its cellular proliferation is continuous, at the dictates of or as the effect of a cause the cancer growth begins, the continuity of this cellular effect is only possible when there is continuance of its cause. Also from human knowledge of the operation of this law of cause and effect the effect has a definite purpose to fulfil in its association as the effect of the cause to which it owes its existence. And as nothing can remain without a purpose, so cancer growth cannot persist when its cause is removed and its purpose no longer remains. But while the cause of and purpose for the cancer cell proliferation remains the cancer growth must be present. No matter how man may endeavour to ablate the effect of any cause, the effect of that cause must return while the cause persists. No matter how radically or often man, by surgery, X-rays or radium, or any other mechanical or medicinal means attempts to remove the cancer cell growth (the effect of the cause) and allows that cause to persist, if the body survives its ordeal, the cancer growth must recur. Again, no matter how large or where located in the body may be the cancer growth, if its cause can be removed, and the body survives the dangers into which it has been led by the growth, the growth must disappear because its cause and purpose have been taken away.

To deny this is to deny a universal law of creation, which being a law can have no exceptions, otherwise as a law it ceases to exist.

Man from the dim ages of the past has, by the resources of his intellect tried to explain the cancer problem. Human energy and money have been poured out without stint but the devastating flames of cancer have only beaten down on humanity with greater and greater strength. Why? Because in operating theatres with all the skill of man’s hands, eyes and intellect, mankind has sought to remove an effect, in direct contravention of a universal law. The cancer growth has brought destruction in compliance with this law and all man’s efforts have proven futile. No man with wisdom would place his hand a second time on the red hot burning hearth which has injured him, because he knows he must again pay the destroying penalty, yet medical science deliberately seeks to save mankind from cancerous destruction while permitting the destroyer to remain. Ignorance of the cause of destruction can never be made an excuse for such controversion of the wisdom which man already owns. To make such an excuse is only to accuse. More over all human endeavour on this pathway of tragic futility is human endeavour removed from the search on the only pathway which can remove futility and gain success. Only by finding the cause of cancer can cancer be prevented. Nothing also in the pure light of man’s present wisdom can prevail against cancer and remove its destruction from mankind. No matter how brilliant may be the surgical operation, no matter how ingenious the X-ray machinery, no matter how thorough the radium implantation cancer growth, as the effect of a cause which is permitted to remain, must conquer all man’s efforts at self preservation. And the tragic history of man’s efforts against this his present greatest mortal forebears testimony to the truth if truth needs any testimony.

The inexorable universal law of cause and effect must be fulfilled and nothing man can do will break this law because it is above his powers. The laws of the state are greater than the powers of its individual members he may escape the breaking for a time, but continued infringement will being its inevitable penalty. The laws of the universe are greater than the powers of men, who owe their powers to a finite knowledge of the infinite wisdom, so salvation can only be gained and maintained when knowledge and adherence thereto replaces ignorance and infringement of the universal law an infringement which brings about the cause and effect of cancer. Only by knowledge which man has of the law of cause and effect, adherence to that law, and a knowledge gained of the cause of cancer, can cancer be removed to become a mute testimony in history that he who disregards the laws of the universe must suffer destruction and all human endeavours in contravention of such laws are futile from their inception. Moreover, all those men individual or organised into institutions who seek to abet a contraction of the law are accessories in human destruction.

The man or institution of men who advises those stricken with the burning cancer scourge to undergo mutilation or radiation, in contravention of the universal law of cause and effect, must suffer as their victims are made to suffer because as man sows so must he reap. Man who sows destruction must reap destruction. Such is Divine Justice. No greater egotist exists in humanity than the man who thinks that he can contravene the law “Blessed are the humble because they shall inherit the earth.” The humble are those who keep the Divine Laws.

Edward Henty Smalpage
Edward Henty Smalpage (1895-1962), was an Australian doctor. He netered medical school at Sydney at age 16. He went into Military service after that. After leaving services on medical grounds (epilepsy), he cleared FRCS from England in 1921. In 1940 he published the book Cancer, it's Cause, Prevention and Cure.