Typhoid, in the early stage; if there be chilliness on slightest movement; dryness of the front of the mouth and tip of the tongue; intolerance of the impressions on the external senses, all of which seem much exaggerated; great; sensitiveness to the open air; thirst with aversion to water; strong desire to lie down (Bry.), and considerable relief on doing so.



1. Motion aggravates all complaints and Rest ameliorates.

2. Dryness of mucous membranes.

3. Stitching pains.

4. Sitting up causes nausea, vertigo and faintness.

5. Patient wants to lie quiet; sleeps all the time. Drowsiness.

6. Can lie comfortably on painful side; pressure relieves.

7. Frequent desire to take a long breath.

8. Cough hurts head and chest, holds them with hands.

9. Parched, dry, cracked lips.

10. Delirium, wants to go home; talks of the business of the day.

11. Constant motion of left arm and leg.

12. Chewing motion during sleep.

13. Bryonia patients are irritable.

14. When warm weather sets in after cold days.

15. Effects of cold drinks or ice in hot weather; of getting wet in summer, of chilling when overheated; of cold wind; of suppressions.

16. Kicks the covers off.

Mind: Delirium, wants to go home.

Intolerance of noise (Nux-v.).

Exceedingly irritable and inclined to be angry.

Restlessness with fear of future; fear of death, which he thinks is near.

Despair of recovery.

Delirium at night of the business of the day.

Patient desires to go home.

Great depression and very morose mood.

Anxiety worse in room, better in open air.

Irritable mood, wishes to be alone.

Obstinate and passionate.

Bad effects from violence and anger.

Head: Headache worse by so slight a motion as moving eyelids.

Headache worse stooping.

Confusion of head especially of forehead.

Bursting, splitting headache as if everything would be pressed out; worse from motion, stooping, opening eyes.

Headaches at occiput.

Fullness and heaviness in forehead better from closing eyes.

Tearing in head better rest and pressure.

Heat of head, with dark red face; with coldness of the rest of body.

Oily greasy sour sweat on head.

Greasiness of the hair of the head.

Scalp very tender to touch.

Eyes: Pain in left eye ball with a feeling as if eye become smaller and was retracted within the orbit.

Burning and lachrymation of right eye.

Puffiness of right upper lid.

The eyes feel as if pressed out of the head.

Eyes feel very sore to touch and when moving them.

Face: Hot, bloated red face.

Red face.

Bluish-red face.

Mouth: Constant motion of mouth as if chewing.

Lips dry, swollen, cracked.

Parched dry and cracked lips.

Upper lip red and hot.

Crack in the lower lip.

Lips parched and cracked; he wishes frequently to moisten them.

Lips swollen rough.

Lip swollen, dry, black and cracked.

Tongue: Coated white.

Rough, cracked and often of dark brown colour.

Dryness of tongue; tip moist.

Blisters on tip of tongue.

Coated white or yellow, especially in the middle.

Furred, usually dry and hard with deep cracks.

Dryness of mouth, tongue and throat, with excessive thirst.

Soapy, frothy salivation.

Mouth and lips very dry, only momentarily relieved by drinking.

Dryness in mouth without thirst or with thirst for large quantities of water.

Offensive smell from mouth, with hawking of offensive, tough mucus, sometimes in round cheesy lumps, the size of a pea.

Great desire for oysters and sweets; for coffee.

Great thirst, with longing for wine.

Great thirst, desire for large quantities of cold water; also for warm drinks which relieve.

Does not drink often but much at a time.

Taste sweetish, insipid, flat.

Taste bitter, even of food.

Eats little and often.

Frequent drinking of cold water relieved the bitter taste and inclination to vomit.

Stomach: Nausea on assuming an erect position.

Nausea, must lie quiet.

Vomiting: of solid food, not of drink; of bitter, musty or putrid liquid which leaves a similar taste in the mouth.

Bitter vomiting, vomits first bile, then fluids.

Soreness in pit of stomach when coughing.

Pit of stomach sensitive to touch.

Stool: Constipation, stools too large in size, too hard and dry. Hard, black and dry.

Diarrhoea, bilious acrid stools with soreness of anus.

Stool like dirty water.

Copious pasty evacuations with relief of all symptoms.

Urine: Scanty, hot, red.

Brown like beer.

Deposits white sediment.

White, turbid.

Breathing: Without motion of the ribs: better in cold air and from drinking cold water.

Frequent desire to take a full inspiration.

Continued inclination to draw a long breath.

Cough: With sneezing.

With red face.

With involuntary urination.

Holds chest with hands.

Must sit up with cough.

Worse in warm room; worse motion.

Sensation as if head and chest would fly to pieces on coughing.

Limbs: Pain in nape of back.

Neck stiff and painful.

Pain in the small of the back, as if bruised, when lying on it. Legs weak.

Great weariness in thighs.

Painfulness of right thigh.

Heaviness in limbs; seem like lead.

Weariness and stiffness of limbs, especially the lower.

Weakness of the limbs.

Sudden startings of the body.

Stitching pains in chest.

Pressure as of a weight in the middle of sternum.

Great lassitude and weakness, wants to be quiet.

Pains in all limbs when moving.

Peculiar sour smell of body with or without sweat.

Sleep: Sleeplessness, sleepless before midnight.

Lying on the back during sleep.

Drowsiness with half closed eyes.

Delirium as soon he awakes.

Night very restless, disturbed by frightful dreams; frequent waking:.

Starts in a fright before falling asleep.

Motion of the lower jaw during sleep as in masticating.

Dreams about household affairs; about business of the day.

Sweat: Sour or oily; only on single parts in short spells.

Skin: Every spot in the body is painful to pressure worse mornings.

Drawing rheumatic pains in various parts of the body.

Pain relieved by hard pressure.

Pulse: Full, hard, rapid and tense.

At times intermittent.

Hard, usually quick.

Special indications: from Raue and Lilienthal.

1. “In any stage when there is delirium especially at night, about the affairs of the previous day or business matters.

2. Visions, especially when shutting the eyes.

3. Irritableness, peevishness, easily offended.

4. Hasty speech.

5. Headache: dull: pressure or stitching, tearing pains worse from motion and opening the eyes.

6. Eyes dull, watery.

7. Hardness of hearing.

8. Dryness of nose.

9. Lips dry, brown, cracked.

10. Tongue coated thick, white, or yellowish, later brown and dry.

11. Dry feeling in mouth without any thirst or with great thirst with drinking large quantities at a time.

12. Bitter taste in the mouth.

13. Nausea, retching.

14. Great soreness in the pit of the stomach to touch or motion.

15. Hard cough with stitching pain in the chest and region of the liver.

16. Great lassitude and weakness.

17. Wants to lie quiet (Nux-v).

18. Pain in all limbs when moving.

19. Restless sleep with groaning and moaning and frequent movements of the mouth, like chewing.

20. Sighing, groaning and moaning and a peculiar sour smell of body with or without sweat.

21. Eruption of white miliary rash.”.

22. Confusion of mind and mild delirium.

23. On closing eyes for sleep he sees persons who are not present but rectifies his mistake on opening them.

24. Desire to get out of bed and go home.

25. Sensation in bed as if sinking down and in the morning dizziness, as if the head were whirling in a circle.

26. Constant nausea.

27. Rumbling and gurgling in abdomen especially inguinal region.

28. Second or third weak; stupor, frontal headache, face flushed, of a deep red colour, better by nosebleed usually towards morning.

29. Involuntary defecation and urination.

30. Heat intense and almost continuous.

31. Wants to sleep all the time.

32. Coma, with anxious delirium, cold sweat on forehead, followed by weakness.

33. Somnolence during day, agitated at night.”.

“Typhoid great soreness over body, tired feeling; every exertion fatigues; dread of all motion; splitting, agonizing frontal headache, worse motion; face gets red towards evening, fullness of the head in morning followed by nose-bleed; sleep is troubled and patient dreams of business; delirium, imagines he is away from home, wants to go home; drinks large quantities at long intervals; soft mushy stools; Heaviness of limbs, headache, white coated tongue, loss of appetite; usually constipation (usually diarrhoea Rhus. Bapt.)”.

“Great lassitude or weakness; pains in head, back and limbs, worse motion; white coated tongue; dry parched lips and mouth without or with thirst for water in large quantities at a time: loss of appetite; empty eructations; constipation; restless sleep; dreams of business; does not want to move; all bad feelings worse by motion; patient gets sick and faint when rising up from lying down.”.

“Great and general weakness on waking from sleep; with sluggishness, lassitude, and drowsiness; he feels better when lying down; loss of strength on the least exertion, especially after rising from sitting and at the beginning of walking, and with want of firmness in all the joint. Weariness and heaviness in all the limbs, especially the legs and on rising from sitting.

Great sleepiness through the whole day; he must sleep all the time (Nux-v); comatose sleep with anxious delirium, or with dry heat; jerkings of the face, and involuntary stools. At night in bed, he lies without consciousness, with groans, cold sweat on the forehead, followed by weakness; thirst with frequent drinking; delirium on walking from sleep. In sleep, whimpering at three Oclock a.m. distortion of the mouth or movements like chewing.

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