At long last being repeatedly requested by one of my office friends to consult a homoeopath one fine day I consulted the Doctor who treated me for only 22 days and I am alright quite a new man. My heart-felt gratitude to the executor of this science and to the doctor for his wonderful treatment and gentle behaviour.


Strong tetanic convulsions. Head drawn backwards. Eyes fixed. Eyelids open and shut alternately. Eyelids closed with convulsive motion of eyeballs. Double vision when sight returns. Blue face, white lips. Reddish froth covered mouth and nose. Jaws tightly closed, it is impossible to open mouth, face distorted. Convulsion after swallowing. LImbs rigid and convulsed. Kali Cyanatum.


Immediately before an attack the face of the child becomes pale and he is found heedless to his nearest surroundings; unconsciousness follows soon and convulsions start next. During a fit the jaws remain tightly locked and the fingers tightly clenched with the thumbs inside the fists. This state passes away soon when the child becomes very drowsy.


Feels as if top of head were opening and shutting and as if cerebellum were being lifted. Shocks through brain. Uraemic headache. Throbbing and weight at occiput. Headache with flatulence; involuntary shaking of head. Migraine, headache preceded by unusual excitement with loquacity, dull heavy throbbing pain, through the head with a sensation like a heavy blow on back of head and neck; better by passing flatus, up or downward; by coffee.


Allium Cepa may be useful in violent earache even where pus is discharged. Stitching tearing pain with whoopy cough, laryngitis and coryza. Pain like thick threads drawing from deep within the head. Headaches with congestion and fullness of nose or pain in jaws and face extending to the head. Dull frontal or occipital headache so severe eyes cannot stand the light. Tearing, burning and throbbing in the head.


The region of the stomach becomes very painful when press-upon it, even the bed cover causes pain. Burning in the stomach. Spasms in the stomach immediately after a meal. Stitches or pressing pain in the region of the liver. Stitches in the left side of the abdomen when coughing. Rolling and rumbling in the abdomen. Incarcerated flatulence in the left side of the abdomen with constipation.


This remedy is often of value in ulceration found with cancer of the uterus. In some of these cases there is severe burning in the pelvis, as of red-hot coals, with discharges of clots of foul- smelling blood. Great weakness and prostration. Generally better from warmth. Many symptoms are worse in open air, from getting cold and in cold weather; from washing or bathing with cold water. Aggravated from rest, especially when lying. Kreosote is followed well by Arsenicum, Phosphorus, and Sulphur in cancer and diseases of a malignant tendency.


Typhoid, in the early stage; if there be chilliness on slightest movement; dryness of the front of the mouth and tip of the tongue; intolerance of the impressions on the external senses, all of which seem much exaggerated; great; sensitiveness to the open air; thirst with aversion to water; strong desire to lie down (Bry.), and considerable relief on doing so.