The region of the stomach becomes very painful when press-upon it, even the bed cover causes pain. Burning in the stomach. Spasms in the stomach immediately after a meal. Stitches or pressing pain in the region of the liver. Stitches in the left side of the abdomen when coughing. Rolling and rumbling in the abdomen. Incarcerated flatulence in the left side of the abdomen with constipation.


Causes: Farinaceous food. Mental exertion. Milk. Acid things. Loss of animal fluids. Brandy. Bread. Coffee. Fat food. Lemonade. Overstudy. Pastry. Sedentary habits. Sexual abuse. Wine. Suppression of acute or chronic eruptions. Abuse of mercury.

Type: Atonic. Nervous. Acid. Catarrhal.

Desires: Alcoholic drinks. Ale. Beer. Brandy. Whisky. Wine. Apples. Coffee. Cold drinks. Fat. Highly seasoned food. Liquid food. Meat. Milk. Pickles: Salt things. Sour, acid things. Sweets. Vinegar. Warm drinks.

Aversions: Beer. Bread. Brown bread. Eggs. Fats and rich food. Fish. Food (after eating a little). Aversion to food with hunger (during supper) Meat. Milk. Sweets. Tobacco. Wine.

Taste: Bad. Bitter (morning: moving on waking) Bread tastes bitter. Bitter taste during eating; after eating. Bitterish-sour taste. Bloody taste. Insipid taste. Metallic taste. Nauseous taste. Pappy taste. Putrid taste. Saltish taste. Food tastes salty. Sour taste. (morning). Sour taste after drinking. Sour taste after milk. Straw-like taste. Sweetish taste (morning; after breakfast). Loss of taste. Sour taste in the mouth all day.

Appetite: No appetite, but constant thirst or canine hunger. Complete loss of, or excessive appetite. Drinks much, eats little. Emptiness at the stomach and canine hunger, causing frequent eating, particularly about 10 or 11 A.M. Voracious appetite. Child grasps everything within reach and thrusts it into his mouth. Hungry but appetite vanishes at sight of food, full in abdomen.

Thirst: Thirst in the morning, in the evening. Mid-night. Burning thirst. Extreme thirst for large quantities; for small quantities, and drinks often, thirst before stool, during stool, after stool, unquenchable thirst. Thirstlessness.

Tongue: Fissured tongue. Brown tongue. Red tongue. Red on edges, and on tip. White tongue. Yellow tongue. Dryness of mouth and tongue. Tongue white with red tip and borders. Tongue brown and dry. Tongue burns, or red and cracked or coated white. Brown, parched and cracked. Dry tongue in the morning. Tongue dry, rough and cracked, or loaded with a white coating or covered with brownish, thick and viscid mucus.

Tongue coated white or yellow which wears off during the day and becomes red and clean in the evening.

Nausea: In the day time; in the morning; in the forenoon; in the noon; at 2 p.m.; in the evening; in the night; during pain in abdomen. Before eating; after eating. On looking at food; at the thought of food; on motion; from music; from odor of his own body; during perspiration; from piano playing; from pressure on stomach; while riding in a carriage or a car; after sleep. During stool; on swallowing saliva; while walking.

Vomiting: In the morning; in the afternoon; at 4 p.m.; in the evening; at night; after beer; on coughing; during diarrhoea; after drinking; after eating; after egg; after milk. Periodic; During perspiration; while riding in a carriage. Vomiting of bile; Bitter vomiting; Black vomiting; of blood; Brownish vomiting. Vomiting of food immediately after eating. Vomiting of undigested food two or three hours after taking food. Sour vomiting. Vomiting of milk; of mucous; of offensive smell; salty matter; sour matter; water.

Waterbrash: In the morning; after eating; before dinner.

Heartburn: In the morning; in the afternoon; in the evening; after dinner; after boiled eggs.

Pyrosis often with burning and tingling in chest. Long-continued sensation of a lump in the throat.

Eructations: Loud eructations as soon as he presses on the stomach or empty eructations.

Continued eructations, principally empty, or with taste of food or acid and burning, bitter or fetid, with taste of rotten eggs especially after a meal or at night.

Eructations ameliorate. Eructations aggravate. Eructations after breakfast. Constant eructations. Eructations after dinner. Eructations after eating; Eructations after farinaceous food; Ineffectual and incomplete eructations. Eructations after milk. Eructations while walking. Eructations while in open air.

Bitter eructations. Eructations like spoiled eggs. Empty eructations in the morning, in the evening, during hiccough, after breakfast, after dinner, Fluid eructations. Eructations of food, in the morning, in the evening, after dinner; too hours after dinner; Eructations tasting like food. Foul eructations. Loud eructations. Putrid eructations. Rancid eructations. Sour eructations during day time, after eating, after milk, after rich food; while walking in open air. Sweetish eructations in the morning.

Stomach and Abdomen: Milk disagrees. Food tastes too salty. Great desire for sweets. Great acidity, sour eructation. Burning painful, weight like pressure. Water fills the patient up. Abdomen very sensitive to pressure. Internal feeling of rawness and soreness. Movements as of something alive in abdomen. Pain and soreness over liver. Colic after drinking. Sour taste in the mouth all day, Aversion to meat. After eating but little he feels full in the stomach. The food rises into the throat.

The region of the stomach becomes very painful when press-upon it, even the bed cover causes pain. Burning in the stomach. Spasms in the stomach immediately after a meal. Stitches or pressing pain in the region of the liver. Stitches in the left side of the abdomen when coughing. Rolling and rumbling in the abdomen. Incarcerated flatulence in the left side of the abdomen with constipation. Colic after drinking and eating, obliging one to bend double. Flatus stinking and frequent discharges of it.

“Strong aversion to meat, sour taste, eructations tasting of eggs, nausea and vomiting, vomiting of sour matter.”.

Sensation of coldness or heat and burning sensation in the stomach. Movements in abdomen as of fist of a child; colic worse from sweet things. Vomiting with cold perspiration on the face. “Colic better by bending forward” (Clarke)” colic better by sitting bent” (Bell.). Cutting in the abdomen. Loins and sacrum, relieved by application of dry heat. Dyspepsia from drinking milk. Indigestion from starchy foods.

A feeling of fullness and an aversion to food as soon as he begins to eat and sour eructations. A feeling of weakness, faintness or goneness in the stomach at 11 A.M. with necessity to eat, cannot wait for lunch, and with relief from this sensation of goneness by eating.

In the abdomen we have distention from wind, sensitiveness to touch externally, with rumbling and gurgling internally and eructations and flatulence smelling like sulphuretted hydrogen.

“In abdominal troubles sulphur follows well after Nux-v. to complete the cure begun by the latter.” Pierce.

“Sensation of tightness or fullness in the abdomen with feeling of repletion after partaking of but a small quantity of food. The liver is congested enlarged and sore on pressure. The bowels are constipated with frequent ineffectual urgent to stool and with haemorrhoids. Constipation frequently alternates with diarrhoea. In these cases the diarrhoea is not apt to be the early morning diarrhoea, of Sulphur.

Gastric ailments arising from suppression of an eruption. Dyspepsia of drunkards after excessive use of brandy and beer. Dyspepsia from farinaceous food. The patient vomits a great deal. He can not take any milk. If he attempts to do so he vomits at once. The vomited matter is sour and mixed with undigested food.

Stool: Diarrhoea: after midnight; painless; driving out of bed early in the morning; as if the bowels were too weak to retain their contents. The smell of the stool follows him all around as if he had soiled himself. Stool undigested, changeable, frothy sour, fetid hot, corrosive, bloody in streaks. Green watery, brown watery. Expulsion sudden and often involuntary. Redness and excoriation about the anus. Worse morning.

Constipation, frequent unsuccessful desire for stool; stool hard, knotty, insufficient. Stool hard and black as if burnt. First effort so painful that patient stops straining.

Painless piles. Haemorrhoids blind or flowing dark blood. Shooting in the rectum stops the breath. Burning piles. Pulsation in anus after stool, that continues all day.

Urine: Violent desire to urinate at night copious urination after midnight. Rose-coloured urine, fetid urine, urine the odor of violets, great quantities of colorless urine.

Accompaniments:Lean stoop-shouldered persons who walk and sit stooping; walk stooping like old men. Standing is the worst position for Sulphur patients, they cannot stand. Every standing position is uncomfortable. Dirty filthy people, prone to skin affections. Aversion to being washed, always worse after a bath. Complaints that are continually relapsing. Sensation of burning.

Constant heat on vertex. Cold feet at day time, burning soles at night, wants to find a cool place for them, puts them out of bed to cool them off. Cramps in calves and soles at night. Bright redness of lips. Happy dreams, wakes up singing. Cat-nap-sleep. Cannot sleep between 2 and 5 A.M. General offensive character of discharges and exhalations.

Sulphur subjects are nearly always irritable, depressed, thin and weak even with good appetite. Pulse more rapid in the morning than in evening. Wants windows open at night. Hot sweaty hands. Sweat in armpits smelling like garlic. Cold feet and hands; cold soles of the feet. Cold sweat on the feet. Talks loudly when asleep. He has to lie on his back. Cold perspiration on the face.

Prabir Kumar