These lines are humble acknowledgment of gratitude…

These lines are humble acknowledgment of gratitude from the undersigned to the Doctor who saved my life.

In Chaitra 1356 B.S. I became a victim to Barbers itch. My Office Doctor sent me to Tropical School of Medicine and after a month of regular treatment the ailment did not show any sign of cure. Then being thoroughly disgusted I placed myself under the treatment of Dr. B.N. Banerjee of Carmichael Medical College who tried Penicillin Ointment on me without any result, rather the disease aggravated.

He then gave me an ointment of his own make. It also bore no fruit but I continued consulting him at regular interval. I was also suffering from fistula and the pain was intense and severe. So I got admitted into the Carmichael Medical College and was under the treatment of Dr. A.K. Sen. He also tried penicillin without any success but I lost about Rs. 300/- in that way of treatment. Since the sores were there no surgical operation could take place and as a result of which I was discharged from the college.

At long last being repeatedly requested by one of my office friends to consult a homoeopath one fine day I consulted the Doctor who treated me for only 22 days and I am alright quite a new man. My heart-felt gratitude to the executor of this science and to the doctor for his wonderful treatment and gentle behaviour. The total expenses in this treatment was only Rs. 6/-.

Debi Das Chatterjee

25 Bhawan Chatterjee Lane

Kadamtala, Howrah.

The above case came under my treatment on 2nd week of May. After taking up the case I prescribed Psorinum 200. 1 dose followed by Sulphur Iod. 30. On the 14th day the improvement seemed stationery when Psorinum 1000. 1 Dose followed by Sulphur Iod 3x trituration completely cured the patient.

Sukumar Bose