Wonders Of Homoeopathy

The temperature was less but the patient was not conscious. She was rolling her head on the pillow. She was also muttering. Her look was very unnatural. Pneumonia was present. I wanted Dr. Bose to give me only 24 hours for the action of my medicine. I promised to leave the patient under his treatment if I could not show further favourable changes in her condition. He agreed with a look of unwillingness on his face.


(1) Panchanon Mondols sister-in-law, 9 years old, (Timurpur Delhi) got an attack of continued fever which was first mistaken for Malaria. She received quinine treatment (Dr. N.K. Mukherjee, M.B.B.S. Timurpur Hospital). On the 14 th. day of the fever her condition grew worse and she was examined by Dr. S.K. Sen B.SC. M.B. who diagnosed it Typhoid fever complicated with Pneumonia and Meningitis. He found the patient in dangerous condition and said that it was useless to give her medicine. Moreover the patients guardian was a poor man and was not able to bear the high cost of allopathic treatment. I was called to see her and noted the following symptoms:

Temp. 104*-105*. Pneumonia on both sides. Meningitis Unconsciousness. Constipation and no desire for stool. Does not open eyes. Does not want anything. Rolling of head. Lips red. Skin dry and very hot. Urine scanty.

I tried Bryonia, China, Sulph. Phos. but no change was noticed. At last one afternoon, probably it was the 6th day of my treatment, I visited the patient and found her in a very serious rather hopeless condition. I took no medicine with me and I did not understand what medicine she then required. I was very sorry and nervous too. I found tears in the eyes of the members of the family.

Neighbours gathered there and began to talk of the approaching end of the poor girl. I noticed despair and death. I asked, however, the guardian of the patient to come to my office for medicine but he only wept and gave no reply. I asked the neighbours to come to me but none agreed. All of them said it would be of no use to go to New Delhi for medicine as the girl was going to die within an hour or two. I then came out of the sick room and was about to leave the place when storm and rain came. I re-entered the room and noticed.

The patient, though unconscious, grew restless as soon as the wind began to blow hard. She, it appeared, could not bear the wind. I took out the covering of her body and she was left naked on bed. Her restlessness increased very much. I again covered her body and closed all the doors and windows and found her quiet. I then sat there for about two hours to get more symptoms. After some time I found she was somewhat uneasy with little straining for stool, but she passed no stool.

I at once put her to Nux-vom 200 which acted immediately; within two hours of this medicine she passed a large hard tool in considerably quantity and her temperature which was 104* in the afternoon came down to 99* in the morning. People thought it was a collapse and they at once called Dr. K.N. Bose, B.A.M.B. Fatehpuri, Delhi and sent one man to me also. Dr. Bose examined the patient before I reached the place and he felt the need of Lumbar puncture as it was a case f cerebro-spinal meningitis according to him. As soon as I came there Dr. Bose impressed me with the need of Lumbar puncture which he said was absolutely necessary for the safety of the patient.

The temperature was less but the patient was not conscious. She was rolling her head on the pillow. She was also muttering. Her look was very unnatural. Pneumonia was present. I wanted Dr. Bose to give me only 24 hours for the action of my medicine. I promised to leave the patient under his treatment if I could not show further favourable changes in her condition. He agreed with a look of unwillingness on his face. However, I gave no other medicine to the patient on that day.

Next day I found that she had an increase in her fever but her mind was somewhat better. Muttering and rolling of head were almost gone. Pneumonia symptoms much less. Sac. Lac. was given. Next day I again saw her and I found her decidedly better in all respects. She wanted food, she said she was hungry. I was pleased. I phoned to Dr. Bose who at once came to see my patient. He examined her and admired my medicine. A single dose of Nux vom. 200 cured this most complicated fever. It was a wonderful cure and I remember it with pride.

(2) Mr. Asarfi Lall, Timurpur, Delhi, was a clerk in the government salt department. His wife was suffering from an eruption appearing all over her body. She received allopathic Homoeopathic and Kaviraj treatments without any benefit. Within two years she became confined to bed and it was difficult for her even to move away from her bed. It was leprosy, they said.

He then wanted to marry a second wife and to leave the first wife with her father. He took it for granted that her disease was incurable and so he sent an application to his officer praying for a long leave for six months. Personally he met the officer in his house and narrated his troubles to him. His officer advised him to try my medicine for one month for his wife. He agreed to grant him leave if my medicine failed to cure his wife. I was called to examine her. I saw the patient and noted the following symptoms:

The room was full of offensive smell, I could stand there hardly for two minutes. Her eruptions were so offensive. They were black in colour and they covered the entire body. She looked like a patient of small-pox. Fever, about 99*-100*, always worse in the noon. Very weak, fetid discharge from the eruptions, Ars. Alb. 1000 one power. Within 8 days all the eruptions dried up, fever became normal and the patient could walk in the room. No further medicine was given. She was cured with that one dose and the contemplated marriage was ultimately cancelled.

(3) Tapan Kumar 24 years old, consulted me (1946) at 26 Strand Road, Calcutta for his skin symptoms which lasted for 8 years and made him invalid. Eruptions on legs and thighs; also on hands and fingers. Eruptions very painful; itching.

Scratching is painful. Lips red. Burning in palms. Leprosy was suspected. Tired allopathic and homoeopathic medicines in Calcutta for 8 years without effect. Local applications were made, injections were given. I gave him a dose of Sulphur 1000. He saw me after two weeks when I found him completely cured. After two months and a half he noticed little sign of return of the disease. Now on the strength of his stomach symptoms I gave him a dose of Lycop. 1000. It was his last medicine. He is now working in some office and is quite free from the disease.

(4) Satendra Nath Chakraberty, Kasharipara, behind 31 Vivekananda Road, Calcutta called me to examine his two sons who

had moist eruptions on their legs and thighs. It was impossible for them to stand as they had painful eruptions even on the soles. They were lying on bed (1940) for about two years. Both allopathy and Homoeopathy failed. They were youngmen (about 20 years of age). Their father was always sorry to see the miserable condition of his sons. I examined the patients in the presence of Dr. Hira Lall Chatterjee L.M.S. of Badurbagan and Mr. Ram Chandra Chakraberty, M.A. B.T., Headmaster Shambazar H.E. School. The eruptions were blackish, fetid, moist painful in noon and night. Fever about the middle of the night. Weak feeling. Ars. Alb. 1000 cured them within a mouth. The anxiety of the house was removed.

(5) Mr. A.C. Chowdhuri 14 Dalhousie Square, New Delhi (1936) consulted me for his son who had appendicitis. Dr. J.K. Sen L.M.S. of Delhi examined the boy (about 10years old) and wanted to send him to Hospital for operation. I found the following symptoms:-

Colic and diarrhoea worse at night. Fever also increases during night. Merc. Sol. 200 cured: No relapse uptil now. He is now at 69A Pratapaditya Road, Tallygung, Calcutta.

(6) Mr. Haribushan Mitra M.A. B.L. a pleader in Howrah Count, (1946) gave me the following symptoms at 1 in the night: Nephew, 7 years of age, vomiting, diarrhoea. thirst, restlessness, unbearable pain in abdomen about navel: Ars. A. 200, 4 powders. I examined him next day at noon and found: No pain. No diarrhoea, No vomiting. Patient in sleep. Temperature 102* cannot move or allow any one to touch abdomen. Hard lump, abdomen oversensitive to touch. Appendicitis: No medicine: cured in two days. Relapsed after a year and died in the Medical College, Calcutta.

N C Das
N C Das