Feels as if top of head were opening and shutting and as if cerebellum were being lifted. Shocks through brain. Uraemic headache. Throbbing and weight at occiput. Headache with flatulence; involuntary shaking of head. Migraine, headache preceded by unusual excitement with loquacity, dull heavy throbbing pain, through the head with a sensation like a heavy blow on back of head and neck; better by passing flatus, up or downward; by coffee.


Location: Forehead. Over eyes. Occiput. One side of head. Temples. Vertex.

Character of pain: Boring, digging, drawing, pressing, sore, bruised, stitching, tearing. throbbing, pulsating.

Aggravation: Morning; evening; night; after epistaxis; light; before menses; during menses; noise; reading; shaking head; stooping; straining eyes; touch; walking in open air; wrapping up head; day and night; 10 A.M.

Attending Symptoms: Trembling of the whole body.



Stinging in left ear well as in right.

Symptoms: Headache worse after epistaxis; in forehead with stinging in left ear, changing at times to right.

Throbbing in temples or occiput and dullness of whole head.

Headache with nausea and trembling of the whole body.

Aching and drawing pains in the forehead and as far as the root of nose and the nape of the neck; worse by writing, reading, stooping.

N.B. Oppressive headache above eyes disappearing when walking in open air.


Type: Menstrual.

Location: Brain. Both sides. Centre of brain. Forehead. Vertex. Right side of head. Left side of head. Right side of forehead. Left side of forehead. Over eyes. Occiput.

Character of pain: Boring, stupefying, pressing inward, aching, throbbing, distentive, dull, sore, bruised, crushing, drawing, stitching, stunning, tearing.

Aggravation: Morning; evening; after midnight; on raising head; from sitting up; pressure; during menstruation; on waking after sleep; night, early morning; open air; lying; 8 A.M.; noon; afternoon; 3 A.M. cold air; coition; after eating; before menses; motion; reading; up right erect position; excessive pollution; after siesta; touch; walking in open air; warm room.

Amelioration: Open air; after breakfast; during eating; after perspiration; walking in open air; warm room.

Attending Symptoms: Vertigo preceding and following headache.

Sensation of enlargement and swelling of head.

Symptoms: Sensation as if head were much enlarged and swelling up to a great size, headache deep in, brain feels bruised.

Vertigo preceding and following headache.

Stupefying pain, particularly in forehead and vertex, right side morning, left side evening, worse after midnight, on raising head, from sitting up or pressure.

Menstrual headache; on awaking headache as from too much sleep, worse pressure, sitting up.

Pain in centre of the brain with a sensation as if the head were enlarged.

Pains in head pressing inward.

Pains from side to side pressing outward.

As if both sides were pressed toward each other.

Nocturnal headache with insupportable pain on raising the head.

Aching pain in head with throbbing as in an abscess.

Compressive cephalalgia.

Sensation as if head were enlarging especially occiput.

Distentive headache; worse early morning, open air, lying.

Dull bruised pain in brain.


Type: Migraine. Menstrual.

Location: Forehead. Right side of forehead. Over eyes. Over left eye. Occiput. Left side of head. Temples. Left temples. Vertex.

Character of pain: Boring, bursting, drawing, pressing, stitching, tearing, hammering, throbbing, pulsating, beating.

Extension: Forehead to base of brain.

Aggravation: 3-4 p.m. evening; coughing; during an inspiration; while lying on right side; before menses; during menses; at the commencement of menses; exposure to sun; dampness; stooping; drinking milk; in sun; rapid motion.

Amelioration: Darkness; leaning against something; while lying on right side in shade; nose bleed.

Attending Symptoms: Palpitation.

Dizzy when crossing stream of water.

Pulse increased in frequency and volume.

Symptoms: Headache all week, hammering on top of head.

Throbbing pain in left temple, worse before menses, during menses, dampness; stooping; after drinking milk.

Left sided hemicrania from forehead to base of brain with pulse increased in frequency and volume; worse in sun; better in shade; nosebleed.

Migraine of left side; worse stooping, after drinking milk.

Headache, worse by heat of sun, by rapid motion.

Dizzy when crossing stream of water.

Headache deep in crown with palpitation; over left eye; worse from stooping, from drinking milk.


Type: Congestive. Menstrual.

Location: Forehead. Right side of forehead. One side of head. Right side of head. Vertex.

Character of pain: Boring. Lancination. Pressive. constrictive. Hammering.

Aggravation: Morning on walking; afternoon; 5 p.m.; night; after midnight; after breakfast; after eating; light; before menses; during menses; motion; noise; sitting; spirituous liquors.

Amelioration: Night; cold air; cold application; after epistaxis; lying; spirituous liquors; nose-bleed.

Attending Symptoms: Cold feet.



Profuse sweat on head.

Symptoms: Headache worse light, noise, with cold feet, palpitation.

Vertigo as if the house were turned upside down.

Lancinating pains from interior of brain to eyes.

Pressure like two iron hands holding temples, (constricting around head, heart and chest).

Hammering from eyebrows to cerebellum.

Congestive headache worse after breakfast, better nose-bleed.

Profuse sweat on head.

Numbness of brain before attack.

Pressure like two iron hands holding temples.

Headache after breakfast; one sided; better nosebleed.

Congestive headache worse light, noise.

Sensation as if hot vapour rose to top of head.


Type: Rheumatic. Nervous. Neuralgic. Congestive. Periodical.

Location: Forehead. Left side of forehead. Occiput. One side of head. Right side of head. Right temple. Vertex.

Character of pain: Bursting. Drawing. Pressing. Pulsating: Throbbing. Beating.

Causes: Menorrhagia.

Aggravation: Morning: 11 p.m.; night; coughing; delayed dinner; excitement of emotion; exertion of body; if hunger is not appeared at once; light; during menses; motion; music; noise; raising head; every other day; from straining eyes; talking; rheumatism; eating; any sudden motion or deep inspiration; sound; strong light; wine; late dinners; menopause; menorrhagia; attending opera.

Amelioration: when bending head backward; while lying quiet; pressure; copious epistaxis.

Attending Symptoms: Constant dry nose.

Blood vessels of head distended;.


Inclination to weep.


Symptoms: Headache commencing in the morning and growing worse as the day advances with vomiting, better by lying quiet.

Headache from sanguinous congestion or rheumatism, worse by eating, any sudden motion or deep inspiration.

Feeling as if the head or heart were compressed in a vise and it would burst open from the severity of the pain.

Heavy pain, like a weight on vertex, better by pressure and by copious epistaxis, worse from excitement, from sounds, hearing, talking or strong light, from wine, late dinners.

Right sided headaches and neuralgias.

Periodic pulsating and throbbing with prostration and weariness from its severity.

Pressive headache in vertex during menopause or as a result of menorrhagia.

Sadness and inclination to weep.

Headache, pressing like a heavy weight on vertex climacteric.

Headache and neuralgia, congestive, periodic.

Right sided, severe, throbbing pulsating pain.

Headache if obliged to pass dinner hour.

Sensation as if a weight on vertex.

Right sided pulsating pains.

Congestive headaches; periodical, threatening apoplexy.

Blood vessels of head distended.

Feels as if the head were compressed in a vice.

Pain in right temple by spell, brought on often by a glass of wine, by attending opera, getting his dinner at too late an hour.

It commences in the morning and increases as the day advances to an awful height with vomiting.

He must lie perfectly quiet, any attempt to keep up, any noise, light or exertion increase the suffering terribly.

Constant dry nose.


Type: Megrin.

Location: One side. Right side.

Attending Symptoms: Sour taste in mouth.

Sour eructations.

Sensation of coldness on head and of emptiness.

Right eye red.,.

Lachrymation, gastric acidity.

Symptoms: Pain one sided, affecting right eye which was red causing lachrymation.

Migraine with feeling of great coldness in head and gastric acidity.


Constriction, stitches, pulsation; hammering in the head, preceding vomiting.

Headache with restlessness, icy coldness of body, epistaxis, constriction in throat, thirst, nausea, vomiting mostly present when walking in open air, from draught of air, in sun; worse from any motion.

Attending Symptoms: Restless.

Icy cold body.


Constriction of throat, thirst, nausea, vomiting.


Location: Around ears. Over right eye. Left half of head. Forehead. Top of head. Occiput.

Character of pain: Pressing, benumbing, digging beating.

Aggravation: Noon; afternoon; stooping; going out of doors; mental exertion; on side not lain on every week.

Amelioration: Bry lying on painful side; mental exertion.

Symptoms: Headache commences very slightly and gradually increases to great severity, mostly in forehead as if it would split the head and had tear it to pieces.

Each beat of heart is felt in head as if it were striking against a wedge; worse by stooping, going out of doors.

Mental exertion lessens headache at first but makes it much aggravated afterwards.

Pressing heaviness, first on top of head, then in occiput.

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