Painful swelling and sensitiveness of the pit of the stomach to tight clothing and to contact. Tension in the hypochondria as from a hoop. Accumulation of flatulence, incarcerated flatulence, the flatulence cannot pass and cases much pain. Gnawing, griping sensation in the region of the stomach. Continuous rumbling in the abdomen. Palpitation of the heart during digestion.


Causes: Bread. Chocolate. Coffee. Beer. Cold drinks. Poisoned mussels. Farinaceous food. Flatulent food. Milk. Pastry. Salt. Spirits. Vegetables. Onions. Cabbage. Beans. Gastric juice scanty. Dietetic indiscretion.

Type: Acid. Atonic. Flatulent. Acute. Chronic. Catarrhal.

Desires: Alcoholic drinks. Cold drinks. Cold food. Oysters. Sweets. Warm drinks. Warm food.

Aversions: Bread. Brown bread. Coffee. food. Cooked food. Warm food. Meat. Solid food. Tobacco. Smoking. Water. Boiled, warm food.

Taste: Acute. Bad. Bitter (night). Fatty, greasy. Metallic. Nausea. Saltish. Slimy. Sour. Sweetish. Food tastes sour.

Appetite: Easy satiety; increased at night; eating increases appetite; appetite after eating; insatiable; ravenous, canine, canine soon after eating; appetite until he begins to eat; appetite wanting.

Loss of appetite. Loss of appetite some times with the first mouthful. Sudden satiety. Immoderate hunger. Bulimia. Wakes at night feeling hungry. Extreme hunger. “Has a great appetite but a small quantity of food fills him up and he feels bloated.” Lippe.

“A feeling of constant satiety.” “A feeling of fullness or distention that comes on while the patient is eating and before he leaves the table.” “Eating ever so little creates fullness.” “Sinking sensation worse at night.” “Excessive appetite, followed by distention of abdomen.” “Excessive appetite, more he eats, more he wants.” “Appetite good, but a small quantity of food fills him up.” A sour taste with its belching.

Thirst: “Sudden satiety, great thirst.” “Little or no thirst.” “Absence of thirst or burning thirst.” Nocturnal thirst”.

Tongue: Foul and coated; involuntary movements of; Stiffness of; vesicles on tip of tongue; soreness of; ulcers on and under tongue; dry; becomes black and cracked; distended; is darted out and oscillates to and fro; fissured; Black; Brown; red tip and edges; red; red at tip. white; yellow.

Nausea: Nausea in morning and when riding in a carriage. Nausea when a room, which disappears in open air, and vice versa. Frequent, continued nausea esp. in morning with bitter taste in mouth. Nausea, caused by the motion of a carriage. Sensation of nausea in stomach in morning.

Nausea in the pharynx and stomach. Nausea before meals. Nausea in the pharynx and stomach. Nausea before meals. Nausea in throat and stomach, even to vomiting after a meal, with accumulation of water in mouth. Nausea and qualmishness before breakfast. Nausea relieved in open air. Constant nausea.

Vomiting: Cannot eat at all; is constantly satiated and without appetite; whatever she eats goes against her, even to nausea or vomiting. Excessive accumulation of flatulence with sour vomiting. Frequent vomiting. Vomiting of sour matter. Vomiting of food and bile; of coagulated blood and matter. Vomiting of food and bile especially at night, or when fasting in the morning. Vomiting of bitter greenish matter. Vomiting after a meal with salivation.

Pyrosis: Especially after a meal. Heartburn while smoking and after smoking. Waterbrash; periodical, every other day.

Eructations: Morning; afternoon; night; alternating with yawning; ameliorates; after dinner; after eating; Ineffectual and incomplete; after milk; after supper; while walking; walking ameliorates; after wine; acrid; bitter (after eating; food comes up; burning;). Empty (after dinner); fluid; Regurgitation bitter; tasting like food, sour (after dinner). Eructations relieve the sense of repletion but not the feeling of illness. Empty and Sour eructations, with sour taste of everything, even sweets, worse from cold drinks better from warm drinks.

Incomplete eructations, burning, rising into pharynx, when they cause burning. Sour eructations, the taste of which does not remain in mouth but the acid gnaws in the stomach. Incomplete burning eructations rise only to pharynx, there burn for hours. Fatty eructations. Burning eructations. Sour eructations. Sour eructations, and gnaws in stomach. Eructations in afternoon. Eructations acrid, incomplete and burning.

Stomach and abdomen: Great deal of noisy flatus in the abdomen or particularly in the right hypochondriac region; there seems to be a constant fermentation in the abdomen, which produces a loud croaking sound. Much rumbling of wind in the left hypochondriac region. Dyspepsia with a loud croaking in the abdomen. Obstructed flatus. Bitter taste or acidity in the mouth after a meal. Immediately after a light meal the abdomen is bloated, full, distended. After each meal pressure in stomach with bitter taste in the mouth.

Painful swelling and sensitiveness of the pit of the stomach to tight clothing and to contact. Tension in the hypochondria as from a hoop. Accumulation of flatulence, incarcerated flatulence, the flatulence cannot pass and cases much pain. Gnawing, griping sensation in the region of the stomach. Continuous rumbling in the abdomen. Palpitation of the heart during digestion.

Full, distended abdomen with cold feet. Spasmodic contraction in the abdomen. Great weakness of digestion. After eating pressure in stomach. Bulimia, with much bloating. Constant sense of fermentation in abdomen like yeast working; upper left side. Pain shooting across lower abdomen from right to left.

“Gastric affections; excessive accumulation of flatulence; constant sensation of satiety; good appetite, but a few mouthfuls fill up to the throat, and he feels bloated; fermentation in abdomen with loud grumbling, croaking, especially lower abdomen; fullness not relieved by belching.” Cannot eat oysters. Brown spots on abdomen. Imperfect expulsion of flatus.

Burning pain in abdomen. Pain above navel on touching the part. Hardness in the abdomen. After a meal: hepatic pains, oppression and fullness in chest and abdomen, nausea, heat in head, redness of face, pulsation and trembling over whole body, hands hot, palpitation of heart, colic etc. Flatulent colic with frequent urging to urinate; when turning on the right side a hard body seems to roll from the navel to that side. Cutting pains from right to left.

Liver: Tongue coated; sour or exceptionally, putrid taste in the mouth on arising. Violent hunger, almost amounting to canine hunger yet a few mouthfuls of food seem to produce fullsomeness, as though the patient were “full upto the throat.” quickly followed by hunger again. Distress in stomach immediately after eating, not some little time after like Nux v. cannot bear pressure of clothing above the waist. The region of liver is very sensitive to touch; feeling of tension there.

Stool: Bowels are usually constipated, however, with ineffectual urging to stool. After stool there is a feeling as of a great quantity remaining unpassed. Stool first hard, then pasty, liquid. Stool cold.

Diarrhoea after suppression of skin eruptions. Diarrhoea, stools thin, brown, or pale fecal, mixed with hard lumps, thin yellow, shaggy, reddish, mucus, undigested. Chilliness in rectum before stool. A sense of insufficient stool after evacuation. Chilliness during stool. Stool cold.

Urine: Clear transparent urine, having a heavy, red, crystallized sediment in the bottom of the chamber. Pain in back relieved by urinating. Foamy urine. Urging to urinate, must wait a long time before it will pass.

Accompaniments: Low spirited, taciturn, melancholy. Angry, irritable, nervous, indifferent, desires to be alone, dread of men. Headache worse from 4 to 8 p. m. better in open air, from cold and when uncovering the head.

The hair becomes gray early. Baldness (vertex, temples). Music and sounds affect the ear painfully. Roaring, buzzing and humming in the ear. Oversensitiveness of the smell. Catarrh of nose with thick yellow discharge. Nose stopped up at the root, breathes with open mouth and protruding tongue especially at night, burning headache when shutting eyes. Bleeding from the nose especially in the afternoon.

Paleness of the face with deep furrows, especially towards evening. Earthy yellow complexion (face) with deep furrows, blue circles around the eyes and blue lips. Soreness of the corners of the mouth. Swelling of the upper lip. Yellow colour of the teeth. The gums bleed violently on being touched. Putrid smell from the mouth especially in the morning when awaking. Impotence (male); penis small, cold, relaxed. Falls asleep during an embrace. Dryness of vagina. Burning in the vagina during coition. Disposition to miscarriages.

Dry cough day and night cough with copious purulent expectoration; gray, salty tasting expectoration; green expectoration. Cough worse from 4 to 8 P. M. Palpitation of the heart worse after eating. Burning as of red-hot coals between the scapulae. The skin of the hand is dry. Burning in the palms of the hand. Cold sweaty feet. Profuse sweat on the feet, they become sore. Great emaciation, great internal debility; upper parts wasted lower limbs swollen. Feet cold. One foot hot the other cold.

Deep furrows on face and forehead. Mouth waters. Painless diarrhoea. Anything running from right to left. Consumption resulting from badly treated pneumonia. Anxious dreams of fatal accidents. Disposition to be very haughty when sick. Memory weak. Loud coughing during sleep; screaming while asleep. Starting when falling asleep. Hunger at night when waking. Unrefreshing sleep. Great desire for the open air or entire aversion to it. Sciatica worse right side, cannot lie on painful side.

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