Asthma chest feels as if walled up: Carb. Veg.

Asthma coming on during sleep with tightness across chest and feeling as of dust in air passages: Sulph.

Asthma, worse by breathing a smoky atmosphere: Sulph.

Asthma after suppressed eruptions especially itch: Sulph.

Asthma from suppression of chronic discharges: Sulph.

Asthma, constant rattling but without cough or expectoration, better from tobacco smoke or cold air: Merc.

Asthma during coition: Ambr.

Asthma, early in morning with sensation of dust in air passages: Calc-c.

Asthma with constriction in chest and region of diaphragm: Chelid.

Asthma, face alternately red and pale: Caps.

Asthma following rose cold, worse from odors: Sang.

Asthma in autumn and during damp weather: China.

Asthma in children, dwarfish persons and old people: Bar-c.

Asthma in evening on lying down: Graph.

Asthma in hot damp weather: Bell.

Asthma with sensation of dust in lungs: Bell.

Asthma in morning: Aur.

Asthma in wet weather or warm air: Aur.

Asthma in morning, want to move constantly: Coffea.

Asthma, a cup of hot coffee will often arrest paroxysms: Coff.

Asthma in old people and children: Ambra gr.

Asthma in wet weather with hard dry spasmodic cough: Coni.

Asthma with old people with tickling cough: Coni.

Asthma of old people who are subject to morning diarrhoea, rheumatism and scanty urine: Ars-A.

Asthma worse after coughing: Ars-A.

Asthma relieved by sitting erect and bending forward: Ars. A.

Asthma with feeling of a lump in chest: Asaf.

Asthma, cannot breathe in warm room: Am-c.

Asthma relieved by rocking: Kali-c.

Asthma, nausea with feeling of emptiness in stomach: Ipec.

Asthma better at sea: Brom.

Asthma with tightness of chest: Brom.

Asthma, unable to walk rapidly: Brom.

Asthma on ascending steps: Brom.

Asthma forcing patient to sit up at night: Brom.

Asthma with greenish purulent expectoration: Nat-S.

Asthma with stiff neck: Caps.

Asthma when sitting or lying: Caust.

Asthma with affection of kidneys and turbid urine: Cocc-c.

Asthma with anxious dreams: Nux-V.

Asthma with constriction in throat at every word spoken: Dros.

Asthma with fatty degeneration of heart: Arn.

Asthma, with great agitation, must sit or stand by open window leaning forward: Can-sat.

Asthma with great anguish, restlessness and fear of death Ars-A.

Asthma with feeling as if clothes were too tight: Stann.

Asthma in young people before puberty: Kali-Iod.

Asthma with rheumatic pains in chest and sleeplessness: Kali-Iod.

Asthma with sensation as from inhaling sulphur fumes: Meph.

Asthma with pulsation of chest and spasm of larynx. Sil.

Asthma worse about three Oclock in morning: Kali-c.

Asthma after Hydrothorax. Psor.

Asthma in afternoon and evening. Bell.

Asthma, cannot bear a draught of air in back of neck: Sil.

Asthma better in cold air: Carb. Veg.

Asthma with loss of appetite: Kali-c.

Asthma from fumes of Arsenic, better from tobacco smoke and in cold air. Merc.

Asthma from incarceration of flatulence: Carb.Veg. Cham, Chin. Lyc. Mag. P. Nux-V. OP. Phos. Sul. Zinc.

Asthma better bending head back in cold air, from cold, water, worse in dry weather from warm diet: Cham.

Asthma bronchial, worse after catching cold: Pod.

Asthma only at night after lying down or during thunder storm, no sleep for and nights: Syph.

Asthma, catarrhal, from suppressed catarrh. Ars. A. Ipec. Nux.Vom.

Asthma with felling of band around chest: Aco.

Asthma with congestion of chest; Aco. Aur, Bell. Merc. Nux.V. Phos. Puls spong. sulph.

Asthma, where chest feels distended; Caps.

Asthma, with feeling in chest as though something should expand: Bry.

Asthma with, feeling as if he would die, precursor of hydrothorax: Psor.

Asthma with chronic tendency to hydrothorax. Am.c.

Asthma where chest muscles are rigid: Aco.

Asthma where chest muscles are not rigid; Calc-c.

Asthma with oppression of chest: Lobelia Infla.

Asthma with pulsations on chest: Sil.

Asthma with pain and palpitation: Puls.

Asthma, with pain in middle of chest preventing sleep: Bryonia.

Asthma with sibilant ronchi: Spong.

Asthma with sensation as if sternum were being gradually drawn towards dorsal vertebrae: Syph.

Asthma with tension and constriction in chest: Puls.

Asthma with stricture around chest, like a band of iron, with frequent attack: Cact.

Asthma, especially when it returns or increases during the cold season and only abates on return of warm weather: Phell.

Asthma attacks for years: Nat-S.

Asthma on attempting coition or caused by coition: Amb.

Asthma from cold, cannot lie down: Spong.

Asthma from cold in midsummer: Ars-a.

Asthma worse lying on back or on falling asleep: Phos.

Asthma, blood rushes to head and chest: Spong.

Asthma, in irritable lively blondes: Phos.

Asthma in emphysematous subjects: Ipec.

Asthma in hysterical individuals and children: Mosch.

Asthma in light-haired persons: Aur-met.

Asthma in scrofulous persons: Asaf.

Asthma in young people with rheumatic symptoms about chest: Kali- Iod.

Asthma alternates with nightly diarrhoea: Kali-c.

Asthma from suppressed chronic discharges: Sulph.

ASthma worse from drinking ice-water or wine: Meph.

Asthma of drunkards: Ars-a. Meph.

Asthma from vapors of arsenic or copper: Hep-s Ipec. Merc.

Asthma, dry: Amb.

Asthma worse lying on right side: Squilla:.

Asthma, must rise and walk: Arg-nit.

Asthma, as if inhaling dust: Ars-a.

Asthma, with sensation of dust in throat and lungs: Calc-c.

Asthma from inhaling dust (stone cutters): Ars-a. Bell. Calc-c. Cinch. Hep-s. Ipec. Nux-v. Phos. Sil. Sulph.

Asthma from coal dust (miners): Nat-ars.

Asthma after eating: Sars.

Asthma after a hearty meal: Asaf.

Asthma after moderate use of food: Kali-ph.

Asthma brought on by satisfying meal: Asaf.

Asthma worse after eating: Lach.

Asthma better after eating Graph. Iod.

Asthma with bloating of epigastrium: Lac-def.

Asthma with pressure on epigastrium: Kali-c.

Asthma with weakness and oppression on epigastrium: Lobelia Infla.

Asthma with eructation: Caps.

Asthma, hands and arms covered with bluish red places like ecchymoses: Kali-c.

Asthma from suppressed eczema after vaccination: Ammoniac.

Asthma from retrocession of erysipelas: Ptel.

Asthma from suppressed itch: Ars-a. Ferr. Sul.

Asthma alternates with Psoriasis: Sulph.

Asthma when rash on forearm disappeared: Calad.

Asthma after suppression of acute rash: Aco.

Asthma after suppression of rash in children: Puls.

Asthma after suppressed eruptions, in general: Ars-a Carb-v. Ipec. Puls. Sul. Ver.

Asthma after disappearance of tetters in face: Dulc.

Asthma from suppressed urticaria: Apis. Puls.

Asthma in evening: Sulph.

Asthma. chronic, passing off at day break: Syph.

Asthma in evening, after eating, from flatus, with increase of dyspnoea when expectoration stops, decreasing when it recommence: Zinc. Met.

Asthma in evening after lying down and at night: Cist.

Asthma in evening especially after a meal: Puls.

Asthma worse exertion: Ars-a. Camph.

Asthma worse ascending, walking: Caps.

Asthma cause by exertion: Asaf.

Asthma worse from exertion or walking, returns every two or three hours especially evening and night; Kali-c.

Asthma when fatigued, as from anguish: Ars-alb.

Asthma from motion, going up stairs: Arg-nit.

Asthma worse riding horseback: Meph.

Asthma, particularly when talking: Dros.

Asthma worse after talking: Lach.

Asthma when turning over in bed: Sulph.

Asthma, worse when walking, painful: Dig.

Asthma, sudden attack when working, every attempts to work brought on paroxysm, better when keeping quiet: Nux-vom.

Asthma with profuse, frothy or watery mucus: Nat-mur.

Asthma with profuse purulent expectoration: Sil.

Asthma with tough mucus: Rumex.

Asthma after disappearance of aching tetters of face: Dulc.

Asthma worse covering mouth or nose: Lach.

Asthma, look as if drying: Cinch.

Asthma with red face: Caps.

Asthma with sallow, sunken eyes, emaciated face: Kali-ph.

Asthma with fever: Stram.

Asthma with hectic fever: Calc-s.

Asthma, death seemed imminent (typhoid): Lach.

Asthma in consequence of goitre: Spong.

Asthma alternates with gout: Sulph.

Asthma must throw head back: Bell. Chamo. Spong. Ver.

Asthma with headache: Kali-c.

Asthma with cardiac disease: Crotal.

Asthma, particularly if dependent upon heart disease: Dig.

Asthma with pressure in region of heart: Variol.

Asthma with organic disease of heart: Spong.

Asthma with heat in face: Spong.

Asthma worse in a warm room where he becomes deathly pale and can do nothing but sit quiet: Amm-c.

Asthma with haemorrhoids: Agar. Arg-nit. Sulph.

Asthma preceded by hiccough: Cupr-m.

Asthma with sensation as if something were growing fast in region of left lower ribs: Thuj.

Asthma, hysteric, caused by every little excitement: Ars-a.

Asthma caused by lesion of spinal cord, by a fall (injury): Hyper.

Asthma caused by increased irritability of respiratory organs, as after inflammation, etc: Phos.

Asthma complicated with affection of kidney and turbid urine: Coccus.

Asthma laryngeal, caused by spasms of larynx: Sil.

Asthma with hyperaemia of liver: Ver.

Asthma in consumption worse 2 a.m.: Rumex.

Asthma with pulmonic irritation from effused serum: Lobelia Infla,.

Asthma worse lying down: Ars.a Ars-i. Asaf. Bapt. Brom. Cact. Carb-v. Cist. Kali-bi. Kali-c. Kali-n. Lach. Naja. Samb. Sarsa. Sil. Spong, Syph.

Asthma worse lying on back: Hyper.

Asthma worse lying on left side: Cann-i.

Asthma better in horizontal position: Bryonia. Dig. Nux-v. Psor.

Asthma could not lie down: Stann.

Asthma, has to get out of bed and sit by table: Carb-veg.

Asthma worse lying with head low: Cinch. Colch. Eup. perf. Hep-s. Nitr. Puls.

Asthma, chronic, after measles (Thuj), worse walking and ascending: Brom.

Asthma after menses: Spong.

Asthma during menses: Kali-c.

Asthma due to suppressed menses: Puls.

Asthma caused by deranged menses: Bell. Caulo. Coccul. Cup-m. Merc. Nux-vom. Phos. Puls. Sep. Sul.

Asthma after a fit of anger: Cham.

Asthma from anxious mental condition: Spong. Ant-t. Ars-a.

Asthma after emotions: Aco. Cham. Coff. Cup-m. Gels. Ign. Nux-v. Puls. Ver.

Asthma, fears she will die of suffocation: Ars.a. Phos. Spong.

Asthma in morning when awaking: Con.

Asthma in early morning: Calc-c. Ver.

Asthma in morning, in lighthaired persons, worse after Mercury, in wet weather and in warm air: Aur. Met.

Asthma, wants to move continually: Coff.

Asthma worse in morning: Carb-v.

Asthma, worse for two hours in morning: Zing.

Asthma worse on moving arms: LAch.

Asthma with inclination to move about: Arn. Ver.

Asthma when going upstairs: Kali-ph.

Asthma, after every slight motion loses her breath and becomes faint: Spong.

Asthma, better walking and talking or by constant reading or writing, worse sitting still, most violent lying down, especially in evening. Ferr.

Asthma worse after bodily exertion: Amm-c Ars-a Bov. Nat-m. Nitr- ac. Sil.

Asthma with nausea: Ant-t. Ipec. Kali-c.

Asthma, nervous, in wet weather: Con.

Asthma, nervous, chronic, caused by repelled foot sweat: Ol-an.

Asthma, nervous, with depression: Kali-ph.

Asthma, nervous, from primary irritation of affected nerves: Mag. Phos.

Asthma in night: Ars-a. Arum. D. Chel. Coffea. Kali-c. Sulph.

Asthma in night with stitches in abdomen: Bryonia.

Asthma, awakes about midnight: Arum-I.

Asthma, very severe at night, bent forward, can hardly catch breath: Chloral.

Asthma at night, with slow difficult breathing, which provokes cough: Coloc.

Asthma at night paroxysm wakes at daybreak: Meph.

Asthma at night, with wheezing and rattling during expiration, which is long and attended with retraction of epigastric region:


Asthma, attacks come later each night: Calc-c.

Asthma paroxysms about 2 a.m. Ars-a.

Asthma, terrible attacks, worse 3 a.m.: Kali-c.

Asthma sets in 4 to 5 a.m. increases and decreases gradually: Stann.

Asthma, at night, about 4 or 5 a.m. with cough and raising of glairy slime, and vomiting after eating, always worse in damp, rainy weather: Nat-s.

Asthma worse after midnight, must sit up, better walking slowly and talking, better uncovering chest: Ferr.

Asthma, night, several attacks followed by palpitation: Sulph.

Asthma, night, from phthisis: Ars.i.

Asthma, sudden attack at night, patient propped up in bed, afraid to move or speak: Dig.

Asthma as from vapours of Sulphur: Puls.

Asthma worse night: Brom.

Asthma, worse at night with red face: Thuj.

Asthma, inveterate cases worse early morning, better in cold air: Carb-veg.

Asthma, every day: Chel.

Asthma, every eight days: Sulph.

Asthma, in longer and shorter intervals and at different times of the day: Thuj.

Asthma, first of May for several years better in open air: Nux- vom.

Asthma, chronic, once or twice monthly: Carb-veg.

Asthma, every morning (catarrhal) from 10 to 11, Ferr. (Nat-m).

Asthma preceded by prickling all over, even to fingers and toes: Lobelia Infla.

Asthma with restlessness: Aco. Ars-a. Gels. Rhus-t. Calc-a. (morning).

Asthma when sitting bent forward: Chloral.

Asthma better sitting bent forward: Lach.

Asthma, must sit: Cann-s.

Asthma, must sit up in bed: Zing.

Asthma, must lean forward with head on knees, worse in morning: Kali-c.

Asthma worse sitting in stooping posture: Sulph.

Asthma arouse from sleep: Kali-c.

Asthma, arouse suddenly from deep sleep: Sep.

Asthma, awakes with: Nat-s.

Asthma awakens, better from smoking and throwing head back: Hep-


Asthma worse on awaking: Lach.

Asthma worse during sleep: Meph. Sulph.

Asthma, during sleep, after midnight or in afternoon sleep: carb-


Asthma with restless sleep: Kali-c.

Asthma, spasmodic in hysterical or hypochondriacal subjects with anxious dreams: Nux-vom.

Asthma, spasmodic, after suppressed miliary eruption: Ipec.

Asthma, spasmodic, better by copious expectoration from bronchial tubes: Hyper.

Asthma, spasmodic, from earliest youth worse at beginning of fall, gradually better as spring sets in, increasing in severity each year: Nux-vom.

Asthma, spasmodic, at end of attack tingling in left fingers, becomes tearing as it extends up arm: Sep.

Asthma, spasmodic, flatulent: Sal-ac.

Asthma, spasmodic, with organic diseases of heart: Spong.

Asthma, spasmodic, in hysterical subjects: Ipec.

Asthma, spasmodic, cannot lie upon back for any length of time: Hyper.

Asthma, spasmodic, must rise and walk: Arg-m.

Asthma, spasmodic, after lesion of spinal cord by a gall years before: Hyper.

Asthma, spasmodic, with changes of weather from clear to damp, or before storms: Hyper.

Asthma has to stand by open window, leaning forward: Cann-s.

Asthma from fullness of stomach, better after belching: Nux-vom.

Asthma, sudden, attacks come and go suddenly: Cup-m.

Asthma, as if he had inhaled fumes of sulphur: Lyc. Puls.

Asthma from vapors of sulphur: Cham. Meph. Puls.

Asthma, better summer: Carb. Veg.

Asthma with cold sweat of upper part of body: Ver.

Asthma with profuse oily sweat after paroxysms: Thuja.

Asthma with sensation as of a lump in pit of throat, above sternum. Lobelia Infla.

Asthma with stitches in throat before attack: Bov.

Asthma worse touching throat: Lach.

Asthma preceded by cutting in tongue: Bov.

Asthma after vaccination, paroxysms day or night, with whistling respiration, last two hours: Thuja.

Asthma, veta: Coca.

Asthma in damp cold weather: Ver.

Asthma, change from clear to damp or before storms: Hyper.

Asthma, worse in dry weather: Chamo.

Asthma in hot damp weather, worse after sleep: Bell.

Asthma, chronic, in summer, especially when warm and damp: Syph.

Asthma in wet weather: Con. Aur-m. Dul.

Asthma worse in autumn, wet weather, or after depletion: Cinch.

Asthma, worse by long continued walking against wind: Cup-m.

Asthma worse at noon: Lobelia Infla.

Asthma worse at 9 P.M.: Bryonia.

Asthma at 11 P.M. When urinating: Chel.

Asthma better open air: Am-c.

Asthma in autumn: China.

Asthma in summer: Ars-A.

Asthma better cold air: Bry. Carb-v. Cham Mrc.

Asthma worse after dinner: Thuj.

Asthma ameliorated by expectoration: Hyper.

Asthma leaning backwards: Psor.

Asthma after mercury: Aur.

Asthma worse music: Amb-r.

Asthma better rocking: Kali-c.

Asthma better stool: Poth.

Asthma in winter: Carb-v. Nux-v. Phel.

Asthma with loud, strong, noisy breathing with open mouth: Aco.

Asthma with yellow or blood streaked sputum: Aco.

Asthma with dark scanty urine, Aco,.

Asthma, rattling breathing worse coughing Alumina.

Asthma, worse when sitting stooped better straightening up or walking in open air. Alumina.

Asthma, breathing arrested by copious thick, tenacious saltish mucus, cough on talking or singing: Alumina.

Asthma of old people and children: Tightness of chest, cannot take a deep breath or yawn fully: Ambra.

Asthma, can not bear anything about throat, worse ascending, warm room, bending forward or backwards, worse lying on left side: Apis.

Asthma, on awaking, after a light meal, irresistible disposition to sigh: Apocy. can.

Asthma sense of suffocation, whistling during inspiration, must sit up, sputum warm and saltish: Aralia Rac.

Asthma on motion, going upstairs or bodily exertion, face congested, palpitation, deep sighs, worse in a crowded room, upper abdominal walls drawn in during inspiration. Inclined to take a deep breath but the effort causes asthma. Arg. Nit.

Asthma, morning, face cyanotic, when walking in open air, face bluish red, palpitation. Falls down unconscious: deep breaths. Aur. Met.

Asthma, oppression with anguish, in the evening must loosen her dress; feeling as if inhaling smoke or pitch, worse ascending: Bar-c.

Asthma with inflammatory rheumatic complaints, expectoration of green mucus. Suppression of gonorrhoea: Benzoic acid.

Asthma, when going upstairs, when raising the arm, stitching between shoulders from the back through the chest with inhalation: Berberis.

Asthma from every exertion with the hands. Oppression of chest, desires to loosen the clothes: spasmodic laughing and crying, with asthma, face dark red: Bov.

Asthma, with sensation as it air passages were full of smoke: Brom.

Asthma, no motion of the ribs, better in cold air and from drinking cold water: Bryonia.

Asthma, on going upstairs, great weight on chest, ironband feeling around chest, thick yellow sputa like boiled starch: Cact. Gr.

Asthma, feeling of suffocation, but without anxiety; worse after eating or after siesta: Caladium.

Asthma when the rash on the forearm disappears: Calad.

Asthma in alternation with rash on chest; pain in chest better lying on right, worse lying on left side: Calad,.

Asthma worse ascending, feels suffocated, has to be fanned: Cann- Ind.

Asthma, pain in middle of sternum, sore to touch, must sit most of the time, green viscid expectoration; cool, salty fluid deep in throat: Cann-s.

Asthma, red face; face alternately red and pale: Caps.

Asthma with eructations, chest feels distended: Caps.

Asthma with stiff back: Caps.

Asthma worse moving about, ascending or walking: Caps.

Asthma, oppression in the morning and after eating: Carb-a.

Asthma, desires to be fanned: cold hands and feet: Carb-veg.

Asthma, arrest breathing when, talking or walking rapidly, cough relieved by a swallow of cold water: Caust.

Asthma, from accumulation of flatus, better from bending head backwards in cold air and from drinking cold water; worse in dry weather and from warm diet: Chamo.

Asthma, cannot breathe with head low: Cinch.

Asthma with loud wheezing, evening and night, with sensation as if trachea had not space enough: Cist-c.

Asthma when ascending a hill or walking over an uneven road: Clematis.

Asthma with bluish-red face in wet weather: Coni.

Asthma, painful, when walking; early in morning especially in cold weather: Dig.

Asthma, oppression, with every word he speaks the throat contracts, not so when walking, difficult breathing worse after midnight: Dros.

Asthma with faceache after disappearance of tetters in face; worse during wet weather, loose rattling cough: Dul.

Asthma, must lie with head and shoulders high: perspiration, anxious countenance, sleepiness: Eupat. perf.

Asthma, worse after 12 p.m. must sit up; better walking slowly about and talking, better uncovering chest: Ferr.

Asthma after itch: Ferr.

Asthma, afternoon and evening; better when bending backwards: Flouric acid.

Asthma, must bend the head back and sit up: Hep-s.

Asthma, old asthmatics, after coughing feeling of emptiness, whitish expectoration: Illicium-ani.

Asthma, gasps for air at open window face pale, worse motion: Ipec.

Asthma during scabies, if the itching ceases: Lach.

Asthma, worse walking in open air, worse when lying on back, loud rattling: Lycop.

Asthma, whistling breathing, rattling in left, chest, loud rumbling in abdomen: severe pain in middle of sternum worse pressure, expectoration relieves: Mancinella.

Asthma with loud rumbling in abdomen: Mancinella.

Asthma, catarrhal, especially in the aged: Marum verum.

Asthma, on walking fat, better in open air and when exercising arms: Nat-m.

Asthma, cannot drink for want of breath, has to take drink in little sips: Nitrum.

Asthma cannot lie in horizontal position: Nitrum.

Asthma, terrible attacks, with violent gasping and suffocation: Nitrum.

Asthma, evening and night less in morning: worse ascending stairs: Nitrum.

Asthma worse from cold air or exercise: Nux-vom.

Asthma worse from smoking and wine, better from cold air and bending forward: Op.

Asthma with fear of suffocation: Phos.

Asthma with hydrothorax, worse sitting up to write. better lying; worse the nearer the arms are brought to the body: Psor.

Asthma with frequent feeling as if she could not get another breath, despair, prostrate; tearful after attack: Rumex-c.

Asthma after “rose-cold”,; from odors, cheeks and hands livid: Sanguinaria c.

Asthma (heart disease) when talking with red cheeks and lips; when moving in bed or raising arms; must lie on right side or with head high: Spigelia.

Asthma, from taking cold, cannot lie down: Spong.

Asthma after menses: Spong.

Asthma, rattling in chest, worse after expectoration: Sulph.

Asthma, suffocation, wants doors and windows open: sulph.

Asthma on bending arms backwards: Sulph.

Asthma worse from motion: Tereb.

Asthma worse at night with red face: Thuja.

Asthma worse from cold drinks: Verat-alb.

Asthma with cold sweat on upper part of body: Verat-alb.

Asthma with inclination for motion: Verat-alb.

Asthma better throwing head back: Verat-alb.

Asthma in damp cold weather and in early, morning: Verat-alb.

Asthma as if a stone were lying on chest: Viola odorata.

Asthma must sit up in bed; worse 2 or 3 a.m.: Zingiber.

Asthma from moving the arms with force: Ammon. mur.

Asthma, moving the arms with force or even stooping, excites asthma: Ammon-mur.

Asthma, in the difficulty of breathing the face may be pale, dark red, blue lips, hot and sweaty head, muscular twitching: Ant-t.

Asthma, gasping for breath at the beginning of every coughing spell: Ant-t.

Asthma, has to sit in a chair and lean his head on a table: Ant-t.

Asthma of different kinds: Asafoetida.

Asthma alternates with eruptions: Calad, Caust. Rhus-t. Sulphur.

Asthma alternates with vomiting: Cupr-m. Ipec.

Asthma from suppressed foot sweat: Ol-an.

Asthma, senile cases: Bar-m.

Asthma with burning in throat and chest: Aral.

Asthma with every fresh cold: Nat-s.

Asthma, excessive dyspnoea worse eating and lying down: Ant-ars.

Asthma on lying down at night with spasmodic cough, worse after first sleep, with tickling in throat: Aral.

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