Pupils dilated. Hardness of hearing. Hunger without desire to eat. Blackness of outer parts. Blueness of the whole skin or cyanosis. Blue-black swelling here and there over the body. Hot sweat. Bed feels hot. Drowsiness; deep and heavy sleep with stertorous respiration; with open eyes. Stools of hard round, black balls., Bluish appearance of the face. Face very red, bloated, distorted. Painlessness, complains of nothing, asks for nothing. Ailments accompanied by sopor.


Dullness and fullness of the head with bruised sensation especially in forehead and temples. Feeling as if the head enlarged during stool. With vertigo and weakness. Severe pain in forehead soon after rising worse from stooping. When stepping. Sensation as if the brain moved up and down. Pain in forehead with sense of fullness in stomach as if filled with air. Fullness of head, feels too large.


A surgical operation was considered inevitable, but to prepare the patient the surgeon ordered him to be put on Insulin to make him sugar free, and on Cibazol, 2 tablets three times a day. For the sake of precaution, blood sugar was examined after 3 days of this treatment and was found to be within normal limits. The operation was performed under local anaesthesia, penicillin was dusted into the wound, and every possible care was taken to ensure success.


Asthma, loud wheezing respiration, coming on immediately on lying down at mid night, inspiration was very loud and more difficult than expiration, cough at 11 p.m. expectoration at the end of the attack, it is salty and feels warm in the mouth: Aralia Rac.