Asthma worse midnight: Ars-alb.

Asthma, oppression of chest, dyspnoea, bubbling rales and muco- purulent expectoration: patient expectorates less. Constant disposition to take cold: Bacill.

Asthma, out of of breath on going upstairs. Cannot lie, is obliged to jump and catch breath: Borax.

Asthma, difficulty in getting air into lung: Brom.

Asthma, bronchial tubes feel filled with smoke: Brom.

Asthma, catarrhal, mucus not readily raised: Calad-s.

Asthma, oppression of breathing and palpitation, must stand up: Cann-s.

Asthma in aged with blue skin: Carb-veg.

Asthma worse damp weather, Cinch.

Asthma after lying down, preceded by formication: Cist-c.

Asthma when talking: Dros.

Asthma worse in dry cold air, better in damp: Hep-s.

Asthma worse foggy weather and relieved by profuse perspiration: Hyper.

Asthma with changes of weather, better by copious expectoration: Hyper.

Asthma with burning in chest, excessive dyspnoea, nausea, cannot drink, sour expectoration: Kali-nit.

Asthma with yellow expectoration: Kali-s.

Asthma when cough is better lying on stomach: Medor.

Asthma, with intense anxiety, fear and smothering sensation: Moschus.

Asthma, cough ceases, mucus can not be expectorated: Mosch.

Asthma on going upstairs, cough with flow of tears, craves salt, worse forenoon: Nat-m.

Asthma in children as a constitutional remedy: Nat-s.

Asthma, on going up stairs: Nit-ac.

Asthma with fullness in stomach, worse morning or after eating: Nux-vom.

Asthma, worse sitting up, better lying down and keeping arms spread wide apart: Psor.

Asthma, with cramp-like pain in cardiac region: Ptelea.

Asthma with cold expectoration: Saccharum.

Asthma with stomach disorders: Sang.

Asthma in scrofulous patients: Scrophularia N.

Asthma, various forms, profuse, stringy, frothy discharges, worse drafts of air: Sulph.

Asthma worse in a hot room, cold air, and lying with head low: Spong.

Asthma, cough better eating or drinking especially hot drinks: Spong.

Asthma, chronic, in summer, wheezing and rattling: Syph.

Asthma, dyspnoea, with tingling down left arm when lying on left side: Tabac.

Asthma in children: Thuja.

Asthma, spasmodic, convulsive movements of the diaphragm: Valeriana.

Asthma (dyspnoea) during pregnancy, also during hysteria: Viola odorata.

Asthma, dry, throat hot, dry, get hoarse on talking, burning in bronchial tubes: Wyethia.

Asthma relieved when sitting up or bending forward or by rocking (ars) worse from 2 to 4 a.m.; Kali-c.

Asthma: “In chronic asthma Hep. often resembles Nat-s Hep. asthma is worse in dry cold air and better in damp, while Nat-s. is exactly the opposite, like Dul.” Nash.

Asthma, terrible paroxysm, ordinary remedies failed, great dyspnoea, had to sit propped up in bed, chest rattling and wheezing, filled with mucus which she could not raise, face and hands purple Senega O.

Seven drops into one-half glass of water, teaspoonful once an hour until relieved:.

Dose 3 or 4 drops or 7 drops in one-half glass of water. Nash P. 462.

Asthma worse in cold weather: Apis mel.

Asthma, on ascending, in a warm room: Apis mel.

Asthma, he can only breathe when standing up: Cann-sat.

Asthma with redness of the face, eructation and sensation as if the chest where extended: Caps.

Asthma, especially when sitting or lying down: Caust.

Asthma increases (at 3 a.m.) when bending the body backwards, when, coughing, when laughing: Cupr-m.

Asthma, evening in bed, perspiration on sternum every morning: Graph.

Asthma, pulsation in chest, while coughing, or as soon as he begins to talk, relieved by expectoration, offensive breath perceptible to oneself: Hippomane M.

Asthma, worse in room, better in the open air; worse from the least motion; constriction in chest and throat: Ipec.

Asthma from constriction of lower part of thorax: Nux-vom.

Asthma, dyspnoea as from a load on upper part of chest: Rheum.

Asthma, dyspnoea when at rest, when lying on back: Sil.

Asthma, when moving in bed; can only lie on the right side, or lying very high with the head; on raising arm; constriction of chest: Spigelia.

Asthma, dyspnoea with hot, red face while walking: Stront-c.

Asthma: Variol.

Asthma, cannot lie down, must sit up in bed and be fanned, thick white mucus (if yellow and purulent, ammoniacum). Prostration; winter attacks: Ant-t. blueness of face:.

Asthma associated with sensitiveness of spine, worse in a fog: Hyper.

Asthma of fat people, old or young who are sensitive to warm moist atmosphere: Ipec.

Asthma, constriction of throat, weight on chest, fear of suffocation, wheezing and rattling, little expectoration: Ipec.

Asthma worse from sudden cold changes in the weather: Kali-c.

Asthma with expectoration looking like soapsuds: Kali-Iod.

Asthma expectoration difficult, soreness of the walls of the chest; worse lying on right side and in a warm room and in cold weather: Senega.

Asthma, cannot lie down day or night with relief from smoking: Aranea Diad.

Asthma worse inspiration: Aral.

Asthma, cannot lie down, fears suffocation, obliged sit up day and night, least exertion aggravates, better by bending forward, elbows on knees or when leaning forward with head on table or on the back of a chair, frequently with the arms raised and the head resting on the hands: Aralia R.

Asthma threatening suffocation with wheezing, rattling and cyanosis: Ant-t.

Asthma with suffocation, coldness and prostration: Camph.

Asthma occurring at same hours each day: Chin-ars. Chin-sulph. China.

Asthma, night, sleeplessness, delirium: Chloralum.

Asthma has to loosen clothes better open air: Naphthal.

Asthma worse cold air, better eating or drinking: Spong.

Asthma hysterical: Sumbal.

Asthma, great dyspnoea, must lie with head and shoulders high: Eupat-perf.

Asthma, paroxysmal with pain in chest: Lobelia Infla.

Asthma from retrocession of erysipelas: Ptelea-tr.

Asthma in a close room better in open air: Trifolium Pra.,.

Asthma, difficulty of walking even slowly; copious nocturnal sweat upon the chest, frequent and deep inspirations: Agar-m.

Asthma, periodic feeling as if sternum compressed; continuous mucus rales: chest complaints worse after eating: Allium Sat.

Asthma, dyspnoea when seated: Alumina.

Asthma, of old people in cold weather; pain in left side of chest; heaving of chest; anxiety: Ammoniacum.

Asthma principally on going up stairs, in the heat of a room, exertion, palpitation of heart; cough from 2 to 5 a.m. Amm-c.

Asthma, on moving the arms up and down, in open air, at night. Cough when lying with head low, cough after a meal, after cold drink: Amm-mur.

Asthma, fear of suffocation cough with soreness of chest chest extending down to stomach. Surface cold, clammy, pallid or blue: Amygdalae Amarae Aqua.

Asthma with desire to eructate, suffocation: Amylenum Nitrosum.

Asthma, seeks open air, internal heat and anguish, rattling in tracheae when lying on the left side; yawning after coughing: Anacardium orient.

Asthma, cough every p.m. at 3 Oclock; on walking quickly and during an ascent: Angustura Ver.

Asthma, cyanosis, most difficult respiration, seized and clenched the hands of those around him, as if diaphragm had ceased working. Head feels very large: Antifebrium.

Asthma, humid, frequent spells of coughing expectoration of frothy, white, or thick yellowish mucus; skin yellowish: Antim- Iod.

Asthma, with tightness of chest, inability to lie down: Antipyrinum.

Asthma, loud wheezing respiration, coming on immediately on lying down at mid night, inspiration was very loud and more difficult than expiration, cough at 11 p.m. expectoration at the end of the attack, it is salty and feels warm in the mouth: Aralia Rac.

Asthma, face and tongue very red; cramps in feet. Can speak but one one word at a time. Constant dry cough, suffocation constriction and burning: Argent. cyanate.

Asthma, must sit up to breathe, difficult expectoration, short breath: Ars. Iod.

Asthma, from cold; worse at night: violent; Rattling of mucus worse lying at night, suffocation: Arum Draconitum.

Asthma, oppression over whole chest with hot breath, face red during sleep: Arum Maculatum.

Asthma, humid, worse after eating, after smoking, chest pains relieved by bending forward: Asclepias-tub.

Asthma when writing, motion, going up stairs, sit up in bed: Asparagus.

Asthma, anxiety, rattling, cough as he sat down, no cough on walking: Astacus fl.

Asthma with bluish colour of the face: Aurum met.

Asthma worse at night; sensation in larynx as if closed, loud cough, thick yellow expectoration: Aurum mur.

Asthma with inflammatory rheumatism: Benz acid.

Asthma in rainy weather, suffocation, corpulent people, malarial cases: Blatta orient.

Asthma better by sighing: Brachyglottis Repens.

Asthma, rattling, suffocation with fainting; worse ascending; cannot lie in a horizontal position: Cactus g.

Asthma, catarrhal, mucus not readily raised, but giving relief when it comes up: Caladium.

Asthma, alternating with itching burning rash: Calad.

Asthma, all symptoms better after sweat: Calad.

Asthma awakens soon after midnight: Calcarea-ars.

Asthma or cough with hectic fever: Calc-s.

Asthma, in going up a hill, rattling in chest, nausea, constriction of throat, dryness of nose. Burning in urethra: Canth.

Asthma, unable to lie down, gasping for breath continually, wants hands held: Carbolic-acid.

Asthma, breathing difficult, only better by breathing deeply in open air: Carboneum-s.

Asthma, spasmodic, when sitting on lying down, speaking, walking, oppressiveness of clothes on the chest: Caust.

Asthma, regularly every day 10 to 12 Oclock; worse after coitus; after sleep; better by eating: Cedron.

Asthma, stertorous breathing, flapping cheeks, peculiar rattle as of a ball rolling loose in trachea: Chenopodi Anthe.

Asthma, beginning in morning and lasting till noon, better sitting bent forward at open window, worse every other position: Chin- ars.

Asthma, with swelling of abdomen better after making water, worse toward midnight, with swelling of throat: Chin-sulph.

Asthma, sensation of warmth in respiratory organs: Chlorum (whitman recommends chlorine water as an efficient palliative in a fit of asthma 10 drops, 20 drops in little water, Clarke P. 506).

Asthma, feeling as if sternum were compressing the lungs: Cina.

Asthma, with disappearance of pain in face respiration becomes oppressed: Coccinella.

Asthma, relieved by bending forwards: tingling in chest: Colch.

Asthma, fits of asthma at night; better in open air: Colocynth.

Asthma, oppression of chest with desire to draw a long breath, better by yawning: Crocus.

Asthma, respiration short after a stool; worse going up stairs: Croton-tig.

Asthma, feeling of suffocation with fetid breath, must sit up in bed at night; viscid urine: viscid Saliva: Derris Pinnata.

Asthma with feeling of load on chest: constriction of chest; coldness in chest after drinking; worse going upstairs: Elaps.

Asthma, palpitation; disposition to syncope; Electricitas.

Asthma, with accumulation of mucus, better when the mucus is got rid of: Yearba santa (Eriodictyon).

Asthma is debilitated, anaemic subjects, with terrible dyspnoea, the heart sympathising strongly: moist asthma with white, thick, frothy mucus: Eucalyptus.

Asthma, humid, with prostration and restlessness. Euphorbia Pilulifera.

Asthma, 3 A.M., worse lying, better bending backwards: Fluoric acid.

Asthma, breath short, laborious; as if air passages were closed: Oscillation of wings of nose: Gadus Morrhua.

Asthma, oppression of the chest alternating with headache: Glonoinum.

Asthma with dilated heart, awakened by asthmatic attacks, the room seeming too small: Grindelia.

Asthma millari, respiratory symptoms better from putting hand to throat: Guarea.

Asthma and oedema of lungs: Hydrastis.

Asthma, oppression of the chest; sometimes painful; feeling of suffocation with severe pains in chest: Hydro-ac.

Asthma, oppression of breathing, alternating with convulsions; weight on chest. Shortness of breath when walking and cough as soon as one stands still: Ignatia.

Asthma, old asthmatics; feeling of emptiness after coughing, white expectoration: Illicium.

Asthma, can scarcely breathe, accompanied by bloating in epigastric region: Lac. Vacc. Def.

Asthma, straitened respiration, lower chest feels too narrow, arouses from sleep, must sit up, weight on chest, better by yawning and stretching; must double up the body when seated, better on throwing back the shoulders: Lactuca.

Asthma as if lungs were incapable of being sufficiently dilated or as if they were paralyzed: Lauro cerasus.

Asthma when going upstairs: Painful: Ledum.

Asthma, attacks coming on in rainy weather: Lemna Minor.

Asthma from nasal obstruction: Lemna Minor.

Asthma after drinking water: Limulus.

Asthma, bronchial; livid, struggles for breath, as if dying: Linum Usit.

Asthma, dry suffocation, when walking in open air: Magnetis Polus Arc.

Asthma, suffocation, when walking fast, when lying on left side, after a meal, with desire for stretching: Magnolia Grand.

Asthma, chronic, whistling breathing better expectoration: Mancinella.

Asthma, cough better lying down: Manganum.

Asthma, afternoon 5 P.M. cough better lying on Stomach; lump in larynx; breath hot. Cough from sweet things: Medorr.

Asthma, difficult breathing, worse lying down better sitting up: Naja 30.

Asthma, cough with blue or purple face: during cough holds head for pain: Naphthalinum.

Asthma, humid, quick, laboured breathing, cannot lie flat or on left side, constriction of chest especially right side, attacks preceded by sneezing and excessive coryza, burning in throat or chest, expectoration of tough, stringy and frothy mucus. Cough after 6 P.M. Symptoms worse at night; suffocation: Pecten (1 m.c.m.).

Asthma in morning, chest and throat sore: Phosphorus Muriaticus.

Asthma, dry, sits bent forward, worse lifting arms: Populus candi.

Asthma with livid face: Quebracho (1x): (Aspidospermia).

Asthma, breathing laboured, wheezing, had to sit up in bed to get breath: Sambucus can.

Asthma, tightness of chest, strong desire for fresh air: Sang. Nit.

Asthma, worse after supper: Sanicula.

Asthma, pitnitous: Sinapis Nig.

Asthma, fear of trains and close places: Succinum.

Asthma, breathing oppressed, cannot keep lying down; surface of body sensitive to touch. One cheek red, other pale: Zizia.

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