Asthma, loud wheezing respiration, coming on immediately on lying down at mid night, inspiration was very loud and more difficult than expiration, cough at 11 p.m. expectoration at the end of the attack, it is salty and feels warm in the mouth: Aralia Rac.

(From the Homoeopathic literature).

Asthma from active hyperaemia of the lungs and brain with red face and staring eyes. Aco.

Asthma after emotions. Aco.

Asthma after suppression of an acute rash: Aco.

Asthma with yellow or blood streaked sputa after the paroxysm: Aco.

Asthma worse by coughing especially in the morning. Alumina.

Asthma while attempting coition: Ambra.

Asthma accompanied by cardiac symptoms: Ambra.

Asthma with a feeling of a load or lump in left chest: Ambra.

Chronic asthma with disposition to hydrothorax. Ammonium-carb.

Asthma from hives: Apis.

Asthma worse in cold weather: Apis.

Asthma with great dyspnoea as if every breath would be the last: Apis.

Asthma with a desire to be fanned: Apis.

Asthma, throws the collar wide open, cannot bear anything to touch the neck. Apis (Lach).

Asthma, cannot lie down, must sit up: Aralia Rac.

Asthma with constant desire to clear the chest, so that he can breathe easily. ARalia Rac.

Asthma, old cases, with constant chilliness. Aranea Diad.

Nervous asthma worse in a crowded room: Argent Nit.

Asthma, craves the cold wind blowing in his face and lungs: Argent Nit.

Asthma, worse at night when windows are close: Argent Nit.

Asthma with face red, head hot, body cool. Arnica.

Asthma from fatty degeneration of the heart. Arnica.

Asthma with desire to move about. Arnica.

Asthma with emphysema and cardiac affections: Arsenic Alb.

Asthma after suppressed coryza: Ars. A.

Asthma worse about midnight, must incline chest forward, must spring out of bed: Ars. A.

Asthma from suppressed itch. Ars.A.

Asthma from emotions: Ars. A.

Asthma Temporarily relieved by eructations: Asafoetida.

Asthma of scrofulous and hysterical people: Asafoetida.

Humid asthma worse after eating and smoking a little; Asclepias Tub.

Morning asthma with bluish red face (cyanotic face): Aurum.

Asthma after mercury, worse in wet weather and warm air: Aurum.

Asthma with frequent yawning: Bapt.

Asthma of scrofulous children with enlargement of tonsils and cervical glands: Baryta carb.

Asthma followed by frequent and copious urination. Baryta carb.

Asthma with circumscribed redness of cheeks and immovable pupils. Baryta-carb.

Asthma worse touching larynx or turning neck: Bell.

Asthma with unconsciousness with involuntary urination and defaecation: Bell.

Asthma worse in afternoon with sensation of dust in lungs; Bell.

Asthma better bending the head back: Bell.

Asthma with rheumatic complaints. Benzoic acid.

Asthma of sailors as soon as they go ashore: Brom.

Asthma near the seashore: Brom.

Asthma better in recumbent position: Bryonia,.

Asthma with constriction of chest, better after expectoration: Cactus Grant.

Asthma with cold sweat on face: Cactus Grand.

Asthma with frequent eructation and expectoration relieves: Caladium.

Morning asthma with sensation of dust in throat and lungs and frequent need to breathe deeply: Calc-c.

Asthma with involuntary sighing: Calc-Phos.

Asthma with desire to be fanned: Cannabis Ind.

Catarrhal asthma breath during cough, expectoration relieves: Capsicum.

Asthma, Suffocative, with blue and cold skin and great anguish about heart: Carb-veg.

Asthma better eructations and Constant walking. Carb-veg.

Asthma, desires to be fanned. Carb-veg.

Asthma of old or debilitated people: Carbo, Veg.

Nervous asthma of miners: Carduus-m.

Asthma with empty eructations: Carduus-m.

Asthma from anger: Chamo.

Asthma better bending head back: Cham.

Asthma at night with constriction of chest and diaphragmatic region: Chelid.

Asthma looks as if dying during attack, worse night: China.

Asthma, with inability to breathe with the head low: China.

Asthma, worse lying, must rise and open window, fresh air relieves: Cistus can.

Asthma, fears death during attack: Coffea.

Asthma, cheeks, lips and eyelids purple: Colch.

Asthma from mental emotions, after vexations. Cuprum.

Asthma in hysteric persons especially after fright. Cuprum.

Asthma, face gets blue: Cuprum.

Cardiac asthma, quiet horizontal position brings relief. Digitalis.

Asthma during wet weather: Dulc.

Asthma after disappearance of tetters in face and with faceache: Dulc.

Asthma better walking slowly about and talking: Ferrum.

Asthma relieved by uncovering the chest: Ferr.

Asthma after itch: Ferr.

Asthma, worse midnight, jumps out of bed, quickly eats whatever is on hand, eating relieves: Graph.

Asthma better spring and summer. Hecla lava.

Asthma with involuntary urination: Hydroc. acid.

Asthma from a fall: Hypericum.

Asthma before storms: Hyper.

Asthma with every change of weather from clear to damp: Hyper.

Asthma with rigidity of body and bluish redness of face, cold extremities and cold perspiration. Ipec.

Asthma with expectoration of stringy mucus. Kali-bich.

Asthma in winter or in summer when chilly. Kali-bich.

Asthma with tightness of chest when breathing: Kali-brom.

Asthma anxious and peevish during attack: Kali-Carb.

Asthma with pale face: Kali-c. (Ipec).

Asthma with feeling as if there were no air in chest: Kali-c.

Asthma, must lean forward with head on table: Kali-c.

Asthma with expectoration of white mucus, emaciation and sunken eyes. Kali-mur.

Asthma after most moderate use of food. Kali phos (Kali Mur).

Asthma with sallow features, sunken eyes, emaciation: Kali phos.

Asthma worse when lying with head high: Lachesis.

Asthma with black urine: Lach.

Asthma worse from sleep: Lach.

Asthma worse pressure on neck and chest: Lach.

Asthma relieved by expectoration: Lach.

Asthma with nausea and profuse salivation: Lobelia Infl.

Asthma preceded by prickling all over, even to fingers and toes: Lobelia Infla.

Asthma worse from eating especially warm food: Lobelia Infla.

Asthma with marked flatulence: Lyco.

Asthma, worse ascending: Lyco.

Asthma with stiffness of limbs and troublesome flatulence: Mag. Phos.

Asthma, cannot lie on a feather bed: Manganum.

Asthma of drunkards: Mephitis P.

Asthma of consumptives when Dross fails: Mephitis P.

Asthma of inhalation of coal dust: Natr. ars.

Asthma of children and young subjects: Natr, Sulph.

Asthma in damp or rainy weather, from living in basements or cellars, worse 4-5 A.M.: Nat-Sulph.

Asthma, inherited, on a sycotic basis: Natr. Sulph.

Asthma from gastric disturbances: Nux-vom.

Asthma, abdomen distended with flatus, belching relieves: Nux- vom.

Asthma relieved by turning to the other side, by raising the trunk or in recumbent position: Nux-v.

Asthma with fear of suffocation: Phosphorus.

Asthma from inhalation of dust: Pothos foetida.

Asthma relieved after stool: Pothos foetida.

Asthma with hydrothorax: Psor.

Asthma better when lying down: Psor.

Asthma, want of breath in open air: Psor.

Asthma especially in children after suppression of a rash: Puls.

Asthma in hysteria or with suppressed menses: Puls.

Asthma of consumptives, worse 2 A.M.: Rumex.

Asthma with lachrymation and throwing about of arms: Sambucus.

Asthma from odors: Sanguinaria.

Asthma, cheeks and hands livid: Sanguinaria.

Asthma, severe nausea and constant vomiting: Sarsa.

Asthma from emphysema: Sarsa.

Asthma with large quantities of stringy mucus: Sulph (Kali-bich).

Asthma with constant disposition to expectorate: Syphilinum.

Asthma from goitre: Spongia.

Asthma where cough is better by eating and drinking: Spongia.

Asthma with anguish and desire to detach the clothes: Stannum.

Asthma with splitting headache: Sticta.

Asthma of consumptives: Sticta.

Asthma during a thunderstorm: Syphilinum.

Asthma of children: Ant-t.

Asthma Senile: Ant-t.

Asthma, sycotic, with red face, worse nights: Thuja.

Asthma after checked gonorrhoea: Thuja.

Asthma after removal of fissures or condylomata: Thuja.

Asthma in damp cold weather with early morning aggravation” Verat-A.

Asthma with coldness of upper part of body: Verat-A.

Asthma with coldness of nose, ears, and lower extremities; Verat-


Asthma relieved by throwing head back and from motion: Verat-A.

Asthma with facial neuralgia: same hour morning and evening lachrymation: Verbascum.

Asthma with emaciation and fever: Yerba Santa.

Asthma worse when expectoration stops and better when it recommences: Zinc. Met.

Asthma from accumulation of flatus: Zinc. Met.

Asthma where cough increases after eating, particularly sweet things: Zinc. Met.

Asthma of gastric origin: Zingiber.

Asthma caused by suppressed eruptions: Ipec., Puls., Verat., Ars- A., Sulph., Carbo-veg.

Asthma, dry, of aged, worse exhaling: Ambra-gr.

Asthma from using the arms: Ammon Mur.

Asthma, must stand still to get breath: Amm Mur.

Asthma better after raising phlegm: Ant-t.

Asthma, violent at 3 A.M.: Ant-t.

Asthma, wants everything away from the face: Ant-t.

Asthma with vomiting of food and great dyspnoea: Ant-t.

Asthma, sudden attacks: Ant-t.

Asthma, does not desire cold air: Ant-t.

Asthma, caused by sour food: Ant-t.

Asthma on getting warm in bed: Ant-t.

Asthma at 3 A.M. Ant-t.

Asthma at night. Ant-t.

Asthma, violent asthmatic attacks force him to rise and walk slowly about: Argent-nit.

Asthma from fatty heart: Arnica.

Asthma with inclination to move about, looks as if dying: Arnica.

Asthma, emphysema: fatty heart: Ars-A.

Asthma with feeling of dust in the lungs: Bell.

Asthma in hot damp weather, at night: Bell.

Asthma worse from bodily exertion: Camphora.

Chronic asthma in old people, attacks once or twice a month: Carb-veg.

Asthma in morning, wants to move continually Coffea. C.

Asthma with spasm of chest and dyspnoea: Colch.

Asthma of cold people, worse morning and in wet weather: Conium.

Asthma with loose, rattling cough worse in wet weather; Dulc.

Asthma from heart troubles with terrible dyspnoea: Eucalyptus Gl.

Asthmatic attacks, suffocation increased by putting hand to throat: Guarea.

Asthma, frequent throwing of the head backward to relieve the breathing: Hepar. S.

Asthma 3 a.m. must lean forward with head on knees: Kali-C.

Asthma, can not lie with head low, wants to be fanned to keep from suffocating. Kali Nit.

Asthma, drinks a sip at a time for want of breath: Kali Nit.

Asthma, must get up and walk about, worse 10 P.M. Meph.

Asthmatic breathing better from tobacco smoke and in cold air but not in a draft. Merc.

Asthma, with profuse frothy or watery mucus. NAtr. mur.

Asthma, nervous, feels as if air had been exhausted feels as if about to die: Nux-V.

Asthma, short easy inspiration, long, slow, wheezing expiration, no thirst: Sep.

Asthmatic breathing from electrical Storms: Sil.

Asthmatic attacks from suppressed eruptions, especially chronic eruptions: Sulph.

Asthma only at night or after thunderstorms; Syph.

Asthma better lying on affected side: Thuja.

Asthmatic breathing: Trifolium P.

Asthma with milk white sputa: Zinc. Met.

Asthma when chest feels bruised; worse from heat: Apis.

Asthma, must rise and walk: Arg. Nit.

Asthma, agony, thinks of killing himself: Arg. Nit.

Asthma, drinking suffocates: Arg. Nit.

Asthma, cannot talk: Arg. Nit.

Asthma with sweat of whole body: Ars. A.

Asthma with burning pain in chest: Ars. A.

Asthma with feeling hot and cold in turns. Ars. A.

Asthma, great restlessness, anxiety, paroxysms from midnight till daybreak. Ars. A.

Asthma worse afternoon and evening: worse after sleep: Bell.

Asthma in hot damp weather, feeling of dust in lungs: Bell.

Asthma, must open window and breathe fresh air which relieves: Cist-Can.

Asthma, attacks come during sleep, always after mid-night: Carb-


Asthma, must sit up by a table: Carb. Veg.

Asthma, after fright: Cupr. M.

Asthma, attacks after mid-night, driving out of bed: Ferrum.

Asthma, with dry skin, dry stools and puffiness around the eyes: Kali-c.

Asthma worse in the dying: (Op.) Carb. Veg.

Asthma with constant chilliness: Puls.

Asthma worse in the evening. Puls.

Asthma with nausea and vomiting: Puls

Asthma with palpitation of heart: Puls.

Asthma with long, difficult and noisy expiration: Sepia.

Asthma always during thunderstorm: Sil.

Asthma, doors and windows must be opened: Sil.

Asthma, attacks increase and decrease gradually: Stannum.

Asthma, attacks on every eight days: Sulph.

Asthma, with sensation as if something were grown fast in the region of the left lower rib: Thuj.

Asthma of old people when other remedies failed: Pulmo vulpis.

Asthma with great weight and anxiety about the chest: Ipec.

Asthma with great oppression of the chest and a weak sensation in the chest, feeling of a lump, in epigastrium, nausea with salivation: Lobelia Infla.

Asthma, relieved by vomiting: Ipec.

Asthma when the expiration is especially difficult: Ipec.

Asthma, burning pain and soreness in the chest: Ars. A.

Asthma, 5 or 10 drops of the tincture (of Grindelia) every hour during the attack will greatly palliate: Grindelia.

Asthma accompanied by great debility: Ars. A.

Asthma with a constricted feeling at the lower part of the chest: Nux-V.

Asthma relieved by belching wind: Carb. Veg. Nux-vom.

Asthma, worse towards morning, with feeling as if there were no air in chest. Kali-c.

Asthma, moist, great deal of rattling in chest, looseness of bowels after each attack, sycotic taint, Nat-S.

Asthma, must sit up and hold the chest with the hands during the attack. Nat-S.

Asthma, dryness of throat, always worse in foggy weather: Hyper.

Asthma, with sensation that the patient can not get air enough: Ant-t.

Asthma, fine mucus rales throughout the chest, chest full of phlegm with inability to expectorate. Worse 3 a.m. Ant.t.

Asthma with dread of people, great desire to be alone: Ambra Grisea.

Asthma, patient is awakened from a sound sleep with a suffocating sensation of constriction in the wind-pipe, laborious breathing and gasping for breath: Ipec.

Asthma with paleness and coldness of the face; coldness of the feet; living but of face, rigidity of body: Ipec.

Asthma, great exhaustion and anguish, as if at the point of death, with cold perspiration: Ars. A.

Asthma, with inability to recline on the right side or left side, is constrained to lie on the back, worse talking or moving: Bryonia.

Asthma with inability to bear pressure from clothing around chest and waist: Nux-vom.

Asthma better when reclining on back or on changing from one posture to another: Nux-vom.

Asthma with livid hue of face: OP.

Asthma with inability to breathe unless the head and shoulders are propped up with pillow: China.

Asthma with wheezing in the chest during inspiration: China.

Asthma worse in recumbent posture: Sambucus.

Asthma in hysterical females: Puls., Moschus.

Asthma with loss of consciousness: Bell.

Asthma with a disposition to keep the mouth open to breath: Lobelia Infl.

Asthmatic affections resulting from the small pox: Ant-t.

Asthma when there is a feeling of constriction about the chest: Ipec.

Asthma when the patient feels as if the air were full of dust which prevents his breathing: Ipec.

Asthma, the face being pale, and the hands and feet cold: Ipec.

Asthma, the most violent attacks, especially in consequence of suppressed catarrh: Ars-A.

Asthma in persons with weak lungs: Ars-A.

Asthma in old people when walking: Ars-A.

Asthma arising from suppressed or tardy eruptions: Bry. Apis Mel.

Asthma when the patient sighs often or is cold: Bryonia.

Asthma attended by pain in bowels with inclination to evacuate: Bryonia.

Asthma if the neck feels as if it were compressed: Apis.

Asthma if the region about the short ribs reels as if crushed: Apis.

Asthma, if the warm room is unbearable on account of heat and headache: Apis.

Asthma when the patient is forced to sit stooping forward: Nux-v. Lach.

Asthma, when excited by mental exertion, drinking wine or by sedentary habits: Nux-vom.

Asthma when the warmth of the stove is agreeable and relieves: Nux-vom.

Asthma when aggravated by exercise, speaking, or blowing the nose: Arnica.

Asthma with shooting pains in chest: Arnica.

Asthma with inability to breathe unless when lying with the head very high: Cinchona, Sambucus.

Asthma in children with sweat of the throat: Sambucus.

Asthma in consequence of mental emotion: Coffea.

Asthma in timid lachrymose patients: Puls.

Asthma in passionate, fretful persons: Nux-v.

Asthma from mortification or suppressed vexation: Ignatia.

Asthma from violent vexation and anger or quarreling: Chamo. Staphysagria.

Asthma with frequent inclination to cough, without actual coughing: Chamo.

Asthma when the patient cannot perspire: Chamo.

Asthma when the breath seems to be impeded in the lower part of the chest: Puls.

Asthma with palpitation, drowsiness, heat in the chest: Puls.

Asthma when there is very violent laboring of the chest: Puls.

Asthma when there is very violent laboring of the whole chest: Rhus-tox.

Asthma with sensation as of dust in the lungs: Sulph. (Bell. Calc-c.).

Asthma particularly when partial relief is obtained by lying quiet: Verat.A.

Asthma when a cold sweat breaks out: Verat-A.

Asthma when face and limbs become cold: Verat-Alb.

Asthma “Calc-c 200 gave prompt relief at different times in an old man of 77. It is worth trying” Dr. Mill: Calc-c.

Asthma, coughs on laughing: Phos.

Asthma, difficult expiration, inspiration is easy: chlorine (used in the form of chlorine water, Dr. Mill.).

Asthma in children patient must hold chest when coughing: Nat-S.

Asthma paroxysms increase from evening till morning, with a good deal of mucus rattling in the throat: Ant-t. Chin.

Asthma complicated with chronic bronchial catarrh: Ipec. Sulph. Ant-t. Cupr. Puls. Ars-A. Carb-Veg.

Asthma in haemorrhoidal individuals: Nux-v. Sulph.

Asthma after suppression of ulcers or eruptions: Ars-A. Sulph. Bryo. Rhus-tox.

Asthma excited or aggravated by ascending an eminence: Cham. Bry. Ars-A. Staph.

Asthma excited by the least bodily exertion: Ars-a. Calc-c.

Asthma relieved by bending forward : Nux-vom. Lach. Ars-a.

Asthma with fear of death, predicts the day he will die: Aco.

Asthma especially when sleeping with inability to take a deep breath: Aco.

Asthma particularly when ascending an eminence: Ars-alb.

Asthma with anguish, restlessness and fear of death worse night when lying: Ars-alb.

Asthma, wants to be in a warm room: Ars-a.

Asthma of anaemic persons: Ars-a.

Asthma of plethoric persons: Bell.

Asthma, when drinks often but little at a time: Ars-a. (Apis, Chin.).

Asthma, cannot lie down for fear of suffocation: Ars-a.

Asthma in afternoon or evening, better bending head back or when holding breath: Bell.

Asthma with face and eyes, red, head hot: Bell.

Asthma in plethoric individuals and young people with sleepiness but cannot sleep: Belladonna.

Asthma with sensation as if air passages were full of smoke: Brom.

Asthma with constriction of chest, must sit up in bed: Brom.

Asthma with much hot sweat about head and face: Cham.

Asthma with cold perspiration: Ars-a. Verat-a.

Asthma in children, one cheek hot, other pale: Chamo.

Asthma, the patient appears as if dying: China.

Asthma better every other day: China.

Asthma always better when walking slowly: Ferr.

Asthma when with every paroxysm of coughing the face becomes fiery red: Ferr.

Asthma with violent contraction in throat and chest: Ipec.

Asthma, nausea, with a feeling of emptiness in stomach: Ipec.

Asthma worse from least motion: Bry. Ipec.

Asthma, tightness in chest with inclination to vomit: Lach.

Asthma with aggravation after sleeping and during rest: Lach.

Asthma with sensation as of a foreign body in throat: Lobelia Infla.

Asthma with complete loss of voice: Phos.

Asthma especially in old people: Ars.a. Syphilinum.

Asthma, cannot lie down: Spong.

Asthma with constant heat on top of head: Sulph.

Asthma with desire to sit erect: Ars.a. Ant-tart.

Asthma, coldness of surface with clammy perspiration: Ant.t.

Asthma in cold damp weather: Verat-alb.

Asthma, cold sweat on forehead, with great prostration: Verat-a.

Asthma with hot sweat on head: Chamo.

Asthma accompanied with nausea or vomiting: Ipec.

Asthma worse at night especially 1 to 3 A.M.: Ars-a.

Asthma ameliorated by warmth of warm air, or room: Ars-a.

Asthma when the paroxysms are worse or brought on by damp weather: Nat-s Dulc.

Asthma, chronic form: Nat-s. 30th.

Asthma, worst cases, Senega (must be given low, 5 to 7 drops of tincture in half glass of water, several times).

Asthma with a marked sense of emptiness in the stomach, and a sensation of lump pressing up into the throat: Lobelia Infla.

Asthma, symptoms come on after the first sleep: Aralia Race.

Asthma, anaemia with bag-like swelling of upper eyelids: Kali-c.

Asthma with rattling and inability to expectorate, relief follows expectoration: Ant-t.

Asthma, after sleep, cannot bear anything around throat or chest: Lach.

Asthma, cardiac cases: Lach.

Asthma when the attacks of stomach early in the morning: Nux-vom.

Asthma induced by disorders of stomach or indiscretion in eating or drinking: Nux-v.

Asthma induced by exertion with shooting pain in chest: Arnica.

Asthma accompanied with profuse yellow expectoration: Sulph.

Asthma, chronic, after suppressed eruptions: Sulph.

Asthma where patients suffer from skin affections: Sulph.

Asthma, attack excited by dust and odors; the cough causes gagging or vomiting: Ipec.

Asthma, chronic, with bronchitis, emphysema or heart disease: Ars-a.

Asthma with great prostration after the attack: Ars-a.

Asthma with livid countenance, cold sweat, frequent small pulse, palpitation: Ars-alb.

Asthma in gouty or lithaemic subjects: Sulph.

Asthma, humid, with tenacious expectoration and sensation as if something would be torn loose: Ammoniac gummi.

Asthma with looseness of bowels, worse from alcohol: Nat-s.

Asthma, face becomes blue: Stramo.

Asthma with profuse salivation: Lobelia Infla.

Asthma relieved by moving about: Lobelia Infla.

Asthma, he does not see how he can get another breath: Apis Mel.

Asthma from accumulation of gas in stomach: Carb-v.

Asthma worse after hearty meal, must loosen clothing: Nux-vom.

Asthma of gastric origin with no anxiety: Zingiber.

Asthma brought on or made worse from inhalation of dust of any kind: Pothos.

Asthma after change of temperature from warm to cold weather: Aco.

Asthma with a feeling of band around chest: Aco.

Asthma with rigid muscles: Aco.

Asthma, respiration difficult and noisy: Aco.

Asthma after anger: Cham.

Asthma worse in cold weather: Apis.

Asthma after midnight compelling patient to sit up: Ferr.

Asthma after suppression of menses: Puls.

Asthma with pain in middle of chest preventing sleep at night: Bryonia.

Asthma when sitting quiet, as least exertion causes increase” Bryonia.

Asthma when sitting up in bed, causes nausea and fainting: Bryonia.

Asthma at night with difficult breathing” Coloc.

Asthma with blue face and sensation of dust in lungs: Hep-S.

Asthma awakens patient from sleep: Hep-S.

Asthma after suppressed eruption: Hep-S.

Asthma, has to sit up and keep head thrown back: Hep-S.

Asthma cannot lie in horizontal position on account of violent gasping and suffocation: Kali-n.

Asthma with faintness and nausea: Kali-n.

Asthma with dull stitches and burning pain in chest: Kali-n.

Asthma caused by bodily exertion, coition or eating too much: Asaf.

Asthma, hysterical with feeling of lump in throat: Asaf.

Asthma worse when sitting: Psor.

Asthma, chest expands with difficulty: Psor.

Asthma in cold people and in poor exhausted constitutions: Carb- Veg.

Asthma, attacks come during sleep: Carb. Veg.

Asthma, has to sit up: Carb. V.

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