Asthma, loud wheezing respiration, coming on immediately on lying down at mid night, inspiration was very loud and more difficult than expiration, cough at 11 p.m. expectoration at the end of the attack, it is salty and feels warm in the mouth: Aralia Rac.

(From the Homoeopathic literature).

Asthma from active hyperaemia of the lungs and brain with red face and staring eyes. Aco.

Asthma after emotions. Aco.

Asthma after suppression of an acute rash: Aco.

Asthma with yellow or blood streaked sputa after the paroxysm: Aco.

Asthma worse by coughing especially in the morning. Alumina.

Asthma while attempting coition: Ambra.

Asthma accompanied by cardiac symptoms: Ambra.

Asthma with a feeling of a load or lump in left chest: Ambra.

Chronic asthma with disposition to hydrothorax. Ammonium-carb.

Asthma from hives: Apis.

Asthma worse in cold weather: Apis.

Asthma with great dyspnoea as if every breath would be the last: Apis.

Asthma with a desire to be fanned: Apis.

Asthma, throws the collar wide open, cannot bear anything to touch the neck. Apis (Lach).

Asthma, cannot lie down, must sit up: Aralia Rac.

Asthma with constant desire to clear the chest, so that he can breathe easily. ARalia Rac.

Asthma, old cases, with constant chilliness. Aranea Diad.

Nervous asthma worse in a crowded room: Argent Nit.

Asthma, craves the cold wind blowing in his face and lungs: Argent Nit.

Asthma, worse at night when windows are close: Argent Nit.

Asthma with face red, head hot, body cool. Arnica.

Asthma from fatty degeneration of the heart. Arnica.

Asthma with desire to move about. Arnica.

Asthma with emphysema and cardiac affections: Arsenic Alb.

Asthma after suppressed coryza: Ars. A.

Asthma worse about midnight, must incline chest forward, must spring out of bed: Ars. A.

Asthma from suppressed itch. Ars.A.

Asthma from emotions: Ars. A.

Asthma Temporarily relieved by eructations: Asafoetida.

Asthma of scrofulous and hysterical people: Asafoetida.

Humid asthma worse after eating and smoking a little; Asclepias Tub.

Morning asthma with bluish red face (cyanotic face): Aurum.

Asthma after mercury, worse in wet weather and warm air: Aurum.

Asthma with frequent yawning: Bapt.

Asthma of scrofulous children with enlargement of tonsils and cervical glands: Baryta carb.

Asthma followed by frequent and copious urination. Baryta carb.

Asthma with circumscribed redness of cheeks and immovable pupils. Baryta-carb.

Asthma worse touching larynx or turning neck: Bell.

Asthma with unconsciousness with involuntary urination and defaecation: Bell.

Asthma worse in afternoon with sensation of dust in lungs; Bell.

Asthma better bending the head back: Bell.

Asthma with rheumatic complaints. Benzoic acid.

Asthma of sailors as soon as they go ashore: Brom.

Asthma near the seashore: Brom.

Asthma better in recumbent position: Bryonia,.

Asthma with constriction of chest, better after expectoration: Cactus Grant.

Asthma with cold sweat on face: Cactus Grand.

Asthma with frequent eructation and expectoration relieves: Caladium.

Morning asthma with sensation of dust in throat and lungs and frequent need to breathe deeply: Calc-c.

Asthma with involuntary sighing: Calc-Phos.

Asthma with desire to be fanned: Cannabis Ind.

Catarrhal asthma breath during cough, expectoration relieves: Capsicum.

Asthma, Suffocative, with blue and cold skin and great anguish about heart: Carb-veg.

Asthma better eructations and Constant walking. Carb-veg.

Asthma, desires to be fanned. Carb-veg.

Asthma of old or debilitated people: Carbo, Veg.

Nervous asthma of miners: Carduus-m.

Asthma with empty eructations: Carduus-m.

Asthma from anger: Chamo.

Asthma better bending head back: Cham.

Asthma at night with constriction of chest and diaphragmatic region: Chelid.

Asthma looks as if dying during attack, worse night: China.

Asthma, with inability to breathe with the head low: China.

Asthma, worse lying, must rise and open window, fresh air relieves: Cistus can.

Asthma, fears death during attack: Coffea.

Asthma, cheeks, lips and eyelids purple: Colch.

Asthma from mental emotions, after vexations. Cuprum.

Asthma in hysteric persons especially after fright. Cuprum.

Asthma, face gets blue: Cuprum.

Cardiac asthma, quiet horizontal position brings relief. Digitalis.

Asthma during wet weather: Dulc.

Asthma after disappearance of tetters in face and with faceache: Dulc.

Asthma better walking slowly about and talking: Ferrum.

Asthma relieved by uncovering the chest: Ferr.

Asthma after itch: Ferr.

Asthma, worse midnight, jumps out of bed, quickly eats whatever is on hand, eating relieves: Graph.

Asthma better spring and summer. Hecla lava.

Asthma with involuntary urination: Hydroc. acid.

Asthma from a fall: Hypericum.

Asthma before storms: Hyper.

Asthma with every change of weather from clear to damp: Hyper.

Asthma with rigidity of body and bluish redness of face, cold extremities and cold perspiration. Ipec.

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